The size of the mutant raspberry has become larger, but its appearance has not changed. The darker one should be mature for a long time. When picking it, it is very soft to hold in your hand. If the strength is slightly larger, it will be crushed and the juice will flow out.

"It's quite fragrant." Zhang Kai accidentally broke one and smelled the juice. He was in a good mood. If it weren't for the fear of poisoning, he would have licked it.

Li Feiyu gulped and gulped saliva. Once upon a time, he had a general feeling about fruits, but now when he asked about the fragrance, he felt he could eat ten at a time.

Jing Lin's movements were not slow either. He didn't pay attention when he first saw them. It was not until he came near that he found that these mutant raspberries were emitting a slight aura. If this fruit can be eaten, it is very good for the body.

There was a big bush, and even if a dozen of them filled the basket with fruit, they could not finish picking it, because they wanted to find something else, so they basically only picked the ripe and soft ones and picked less than half of the pockets.

Zhao Shaogan lifted his foot and saw many rotten raspberries falling on the ground. It was a pity that he said, "This fruit will fall to the ground when it is ripe. There are still so many fruits left on the ground and they will be wasted. When you go back, inform the villagers to pick them."

"yes." Everyone has no problem. Many people in the village didn't want to run into the mountains unless necessary. A dozen of them came out this time and the villagers knew it, so the movement back was not small. Those people would certainly come to see what they found. The mushrooms were fine and the fruits were certainly not hidden. Rather than let others ask, it was better to take the initiative to tell them so as not to be told by those people that they wanted to eat alone.

When the fruit was picked, everyone carried the basket on their backs and was ready to move on. Suddenly there was a sound of "rattle" in the forest. The crowd stood warily for a moment. Then they saw a group of gray birds flying overhead. They were a little big and looked like eagles.

"Isn't that an eagle?"Some people wondered, "I haven't seen eagles in droves for such a long time."

Li Feiyu has good eyesight and can see more clearly than others. He shook his head and said, "Not an eagle, but a sparrow."

"Such a big sparrow, there must be a lot of meat on it."

Ma Chunkang looked at his younger brother and said, "It's a pity that we don't have a net, and they fly so high that we can't catch them."

I finally saw the living things. Ma Chunjian looked a lot better. I believe that as long as we go forward, there will be more traces of animal activities.

Sure enough, as long as out of the scope of the big black-bone fish's divine knowledge, it wasn't long before they walked further in, there were birds chirping and insects chirping around, and they also saw gray rabbits, but those rabbits ran too fast, and they couldn't catch them at all.

They are all people who have never hunted before. The first reaction when they saw the hare was to chase it. Unfortunately, the mountain was thickly covered with vegetation. They didn't take two steps. The hare didn't catch up and said nothing. It also fell and gnawed at it.

Zhao Zhiwen sighed: "It seems that we can only look at the rabbit and sigh!"

"That is not necessarily the case." Jing Lin said that he buckled the rope on the ground for a while, then picked up a handful of small clods and held them in his hand.

Just then, another hare ran out of the grass. Jing Lin's eyebrow eye was still sharp. His right hand threw a clod in that direction. After listening to a dull crash, the hare, which had been running fast, suddenly fell to the ground.

The rest of the people stare big eyes looked at the scene in, Yan Fei rushed scene in silently than a thumb.

Jing Lin chuckled and smiled.

"That's great!"Li Feiyu said, looking at Jing Lin like an alien, walked beside him and took a look at his hand. He strongly doubted whether he was dazzled just now, and someone killed a rabbit at such a casual shot.

Li Feiyu is the youngest among a group of people. He has just entered senior three and his body has not stopped growing. In the past half a year, he is thinner than when he just returned from school. Jing Lin drew his hand back and said to him, "Go and pick it up. The rabbit is yours."

Li Feiyu leng, turned and ran to the wild rabbit up. This rabbit has no variation and is the same size as the previous rabbit. However, it may have good food in the mountain forest and a large size among rabbits. It is still a little heavy to carry in hand. There is no wound on the rabbit. It should only be knocked unconscious by Jing Lin.

"then I'm not at all polite to elder brother Ah Lin." Li Feiyu walked back happily and put the wild rabbit into another bag and into the basket in the envious eyes of others.

Ma Chunjian leaned in."I didn't expect Jing Lin to have this skill!"When I first learned that Jing Lin would fight, the villagers felt that he was hiding it. I didn't expect this clod to be thrown with such accuracy.

The eyes of everyone watching Jing Lin are very hot.

"I used to play darts at school." Jing Lin made an excuse at random."There must be a lot of rabbits in the mountains. Let's keep going." Said, and one after another picked up a few stones in his hand.

Others followed suit, Yan Fei, brother and sister, and Zhao Zhiwen, thinking of trying on their own. Although Ma Chunjian and others followed and picked up the stones, they knew they could not beat the rabbit with the stones, but Jing Lin could. He decorated the stones more in his body. He handed them up when he needed them and beat the rabbit later. How do you say he also had a copy?

As a result, there were more and more wild rabbits and many pheasants. There were snakes too. Yan Lu was so frightened that she trampled a snake at her feet to death. When she carried it back, she could eat another meal of snake meat.

This way, can use clods to hunt pheasants and hares, in addition to the scene in only Yan Fei, Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen try half a day always missed the mark, not to mention others, prey ran away clods to throw out, always a beat slower. As for the reason for this, nature is also related to the practice of small heaven art science, like Jing Lin and Yan Fei two people have given birth to god, can be more clearly than others found prey running route, moves more accurately.

Once upon a time there were so many pheasants and hares on the mountain. One or two pheasants and hares could be found on a round trip up the mountain. It seems that the variation of animals and plants in the mountain forests has given them a living environment more conducive to reproduction than before.

In the end, everyone can divide at least two prey by relying only on Jing Lin and Yan Lu.

Everyone was very embarrassed when they got Jing Lin's game for nothing, so they all told Jing Lin to throw stones at ease. They would pick some mushrooms for him when they saw them. They also found a large area of wild medlar on the road. This season's medlar head is fresh and tender to pick, and it tastes good whether it is boiled soup, cold mix or fried.

Although everyone has no worries about food in the family, medlar head has medicinal effects. Most people in the family can eat it and it is wild. No one will abandon this kind of thing which is equivalent to white.

So a group of people were busy at once. These medlar bushes grew so high that they didn't have to bend over at all when picking. After picking for more than an hour, they only picked less than half of them.

"It's about time, let's go home." Jing Lin said that while the others were picking medlar heads, he and Yan Fei were watching them pick, and several pheasants were caught during the picking. They've been out for most of the day, picking mushrooms and wild fruits. It's time to go back now.

"Yes, go back first, and then come out after we notify the villagers in the afternoon." So many Chinese wolfberry grow here can't run, also don't worry about this for a while.

When I came, the basket was empty. When I went back, the basket was full and I carried a lot. When they came all the way in, they all made signs, so it was time to go back, much faster than when they came.

After they entered the mountain, some people would have visited the foot of the mountain from time to time, so many people in the village knew the scene as soon as they appeared at the foot of the mountain. Seeing how they returned safely with full load, they all rushed up to ask what they had found.

Many people can't wait to grab their basket bags and look inside.

Mushrooms are all right. When they saw the raspberries, many people regretted not having gone. When they saw the pheasant hares in their hands, they regretted even more. If you are impatient, then ask them whether they are ready to go or not, and when to go, you must call him.

The big guy didn't give a sound.

When they came back, they discussed it on the way. Although they said that they would let other people in the village enter the mountain with them, they, as the leaders, had to bear certain risks, which had to be taken into account. They are all from the same village. They don't want to offend others, but they don't want to be so cheap. So they came up with a compromise. They want to continue eating meat and soup. Yes, they can take you in. But the things that are picked back, score them a layer.

This matter was naturally handed over to the three brothers of the Ma family. They went to talk to Ma Renshan and called a meeting after dinner. If they wanted to, they would go with them. If they didn't want to, they wouldn't even have soup dregs.

"I'll leave it to you." Yan Fei patted Chun Zheng on the shoulder.

Ma Chunzheng was propping up his chest and promised: "You can rest assured that no one in the village will disagree with this."

Tang Hao didn't go out this time because of Mimi and kittens giving meat from time to time. If you want to know if you can eat the mushrooms, you have to ask Mimi.

When they entered the mountain this time, they wanted to call Mimi, but Mimi and her kittens did not stay at home at any time. They took some kittens out and didn't come back before the rain. This is also the reason why many people in the village are not willing to follow them. They always feel insecure without Mimi.

When a line of people arrived at Tang Hao's house, Mimi was there. Tang Hao said that it was not long after they had just returned. It rained and waved outside for several days. Their fur was all dirty. The family was burning hot water to bathe them in the backyard.

Jing Lin brought a pink raspberry to Mimi and whispered, "Come on, Mimi eats fruit."

Mimi sniffed, ao Wu gulped down the fruit in one bite. the three kittens beside it also crowded up one by one. Jing Lin fed them one by one. seeing that they still wanted to eat after eating, Jing Lin took a dozen out of the bag and asked Tang Hao to take over and feed them. Then, Mimi looked at all the mushroom medlar heads collected by everyone. There was no problem with medlar heads. Instead, Mimi picked several poisonous mushrooms and dragged them aside with her claws.

Jing Lin touched Mimi's head, because of the relationship between duck and Quack in his family, he was always closer to Mimi than other people in the village.

When everyone left, they all left fruit. A dozen people left a little and a lot.

After all the others were gone, Sweet Tang scratched Mimi's chin and praised: "We Mimi are really capable. We all have food at home."

Mimi intimate ceng ceng Sweet Tang's hand, enjoy snoring.

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