Yan Fei looked at Jing Lin and saw that he did not speak. he said to Ma Chunjian, "it is no problem to enter the mountain. the problem is that many species have mutated. you can't guarantee that the wild mountain fungus you find will be edible."

This Ma Chunjian did not care: "Mimi is not very good at distinguishing the role of plants, then take it out and ask it." In fact, Ma Chunjian's purpose is not to enter the mountain and wild fungus at all. He still wants to fight some animals back. If only he could meet a group of rabbits like last time.

"Well, then, when the rain stops and the mountain road is easier to walk, let's go." Yan Fei said.

Ma Chunjian several saw Yan Fei agreed, then although Jing Lin did not speak, they will certainly go, afraid that they might go back on their word. He stood up and said, "You will have a good rest before the rain stops, and we will go first."

Sending three brothers from Zouma's family, Yan Fei closed the door and when he returned to the living room, Jing Lin had already finished drawing a vanity defense symbol quickly.

Yan Fei asked, "This time they may go further inside." The big mullet has Rowen. When he came forward to catch rabbits for them, he alerted other animals in the mountain. Those with long legs who could run all ran away. Yan Fei could not know this. After the meat in the family had been eaten, Jing Lin wanted the big mullet to catch two pheasants and come back to Lele to mend his body. The big mullet whined. After that, duck and duck came to the mountain to catch prey.

Although the Ma brothers didn't say it, Yan Fei understood their purpose, saying it was to turn around at the edge of the mountain, but they couldn't find any prey at that time and would definitely try to walk into the mountain.

Jing Lin's finger, while drawing a sign, said: "It is better to walk inside and practice courage." At that time, due to the sudden power failure, the money stored in the bank could not be taken out, and many people in the village did not have much cash in their homes. The things they bought were almost used up in a few months. If they want to find ways to collect them again, they must go out. Now practice courage a little, emergency response ability is better, and it is safer to go out.

That night, Jing Lin slept until midnight to notice the difference, heard the sound of Yan Fei opening the door, and lit the lamp.

Yan Fei watched Jing Lin come out and whispered, "I heard voices in the debris room."

Jing Lin looked at it with divine knowledge and said, "It's the mother rabbit that gave birth."

The two entered the debris room. As Jing Lin said, the mother rabbit, who had been at his house for more than a month, finally gave birth to her baby. Her bulging stomach was flat at the moment.

However, the situation is not quite right. I saw two rabbits, male and female, crowding together in the rabbit's nest. They were kicking the little rabbits born in the nest outward. At that angle, the strength looked as if they were not their own. Some of their young were kicked to death by them. Even before they came, some had been killed by the mother rabbits.

The rabbit's nest was padded with old clothes and separated from the chill of the floor. The 20-odd newborn rabbits were all lying on the ground at the moment, their eyes still not open. It was still very cold in the early spring night. The young rabbit cubs were still hairless and red all over. If they were allowed to lie down for a while, they would probably freeze to death. Jing Lin couldn't stand watching the cubs lying on the ground like this. He tried to put the cubs back into the rabbit nest, and the result was immediately welcomed by the two rabbits. He hurriedly took the cubs on his hands to duck.

Is this a shock? I don't even recognize my baby.

Jing Lin had no choice but to find a cardboard box and put all the bunnies into the room. Both of them were in trouble. Looking at the dirty cubs huddled together, Jing Lin said, "How can a mother rabbit feed her babies without them?"

Jing Lin has no experience in raising rabbits. Before, he thought that rabbits were naturally brought up by female rabbits. He just had to feed some grass directly. He didn't think this would happen.

Yan Fei thought for a moment and said, "Go find an old clothes you don't need. I'll catch the mother rabbit and hold it down for the little rabbits to eat."

"good." Jing Lin said that he ran a few steps upstairs, turned over two old school uniforms from his high school, and spread them on the floor of the living room.

In a short time, Yan Fei came in with his arms around the mother rabbit. when he came in, the mother rabbit was still very docile and motionless. however, when he saw the little rabbits, he became irritable and seemed to reject feeding the little rabbits. Yan Fei struggled hard under Yan Fei as soon as he brought them down. after all, the strength of the mutant animal was not small. Yan Fei took a lot of trouble to get it to move. it was only with his hands and feet that he was able to successfully press it on the ground.

Jing Lin took out the little rabbit that was still alive and carefully placed it beside the mother rabbit's belly so that the little rabbits could feed themselves. During the feeding period, the mother rabbit's throat was still making a threatening sound of "goo goo" and the forced feeding made it very hot.

After a long night's ordeal, Yan Fei and Jing Lin were exhausted. only 15 rabbits survived. the others were frozen to death except the ones that were killed and kicked. The rabbit born from the mutant mother is also so fragile, I don't know if this is the reason why the mother abandoned the rabbit.

In order to prevent the rabbit from freezing to death again, Jing Lin went to turn over the box where the old clothes were put, and found out two pieces of old cotton-padded clothes that could not be worn and took them to the rabbit's nest. The next two days, the rain stopped. Yan Fei and Jing Lin fed the bunny the same way. the bunnies were very affectionate to the mother rabbit. the mother rabbit still rejected them and tried to kick the bunny away with their hind legs a little looser.

After the road surface in the field was completely dry, they also gathered to enter the mountain.

This time because it was organized privately, there were not many people in the village, only a dozen, and basically all the people who were familiar with the scene and did not have bad senses came. Everyone is the same armed, with armor in his hand, a basket on his back, sacks and hemp ropes in the basket, eager expressions on his face, obviously all hope to have a good harvest today.

Before, everyone entered the mountain twice under very urgent and tense circumstances and had no idea to pay attention to what was in the mountain. This was the first serious treasure hunt in the village.

This is not the season for the most mushrooms on the mountain, but as long as you pass under the roots, especially beside the pine roots, you can always find clusters of mushrooms, some of which have not changed in appearance, some have become smaller or larger, and some are very colorful. It seems that you only need to look at them to know that they are poisonous, and you don't dare to pick them even wearing gloves.

Li Feiyu ran to the front of the crowd, pointing to a clump of mushrooms the size of an umbrella with his knee high."I know this, although it has grown so big, I still know it is a fir mushroom," he said in surprise.

The branches of the mutated fir mushroom are very tall and thick. Li Feiyu put down the basket and brushed it with a knife to cut down a few flowers. He wanted to cut down all of them, but the basket was so big that it took up a lot of space to fit one. The others he cut down were all put up by others.

All the way through the mountain forest, it was quiet and there was nothing to encounter, so this time everyone's mood was quite relaxed. Zhang Kai picked up a small one and put it in the basket. He said with a smile: "I find the mountain is a treasure house now. When I was a child, I went into the mountain once, where can I find so many things."

After entering the mountain for a short time, everyone packed a lot of wild mushrooms found in their baskets, and everyone had to have at least half of them.

Ma Chunjian's mood was not as good as his. he looked up at the quiet mountain forest and wondered, "it's March. why haven't you seen a sparrow in the mountain?"

Some people also responded, "Yes, it's strange."

Ma Chunkang said, "Go inside again."

After entering the mountain for the third time, everyone felt that they had gained some experience and were not as scared as before. Ma Chunkang said to go inside, but no one else objected and followed the mountain with a basket on their back.

They walked straight ahead, so gradually they started to go uphill, and the big ones did not walk as easily as before. Far away, Li Feiyu, who had good eyesight, saw a piece of pink arbor and pointed to it."What kind of tree is that? It bears a lot of fruit!"

"Looking at the red, isn't it peaches?"

"there will be no peaches in this season, and your peach tree looks like that." It was obviously a bush.

The bushes were a little big, so we couldn't make out whether there was danger or not. We stopped there for a while and looked at Yan Fei and Jing Lin unconsciously.

Yan Fei and Jing Lin let go of the divine knowledge all the way. Yan Fei's divine knowledge was not as far away as Jing Lin's, so Jing Lin took two steps forward, swept through the bushes, found nothing unusual, and went on.

"Let's all follow." Yan Feidao also quickly kept up with the pace of Jing Lin.

When they entered, they found that the bush was a little familiar. rows of thorns were growing on the branches of the bush, and pink fruits as big as baby's fist hung between the thorns. after watching for a long time, they said with some uncertainty: "how does this look so like raspberries?"

Wang Junda said: "I look the same. I ate a lot of this stuff when I was a child." When they were young, their families were poor, and they could only hope for snacks and other things during the Chinese New Year. The usual snacks were the wild fruits on the mountain. The wild fruit on the mountain, raspberries, they would go up the mountain together and pick and eat in the mature season of summer.

Gao Changhui said, "Aren't raspberries only produced in summer? This is only March, does it mean that this winter it has directly hung fruits?"

Li Feiyu said: "Mimi can become a tiger. What's so strange about cranberries hanging fruit for winter?"

"I just don't know if I can eat it." Zhao Zhiwen walked over and said, but although he said so, he put down the basket and picked it up first.

The others saw it and quickly put down the basket to follow. The speed was not backward at all. They all thought whether it could eat or not. They picked it back first. Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen are fine. They have jam at home and can taste it occasionally. Others are not so good. They don't know what fruit tastes like for most of the year. If it weren't for fear of really toxic, I'm afraid I would have picked it and fed it to my mouth.

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