"This honeycomb honey tastes very good."

Zhao Chenghuai dug a spoon to take out the honey and ate it, nodding. There are two small dishes on the floor next to it, which are also filled with honey. Duck and Quack are eating with relish.

Quack brought back the hive this time, and took out less than half a basin of honey. The three families were able to divide two or three bottles back.

However, Zhao Chenghuai said, "although this honey is delicious, next time, please don't let Quack provoke these things. it looks very dangerous."

Jing Lin is helpless, and it must be able to see it. Quack usually goes out for several days when the dragon sees the head but not the tail, and they have no choice but to take it.

After Quack finished eating the honey, he went to Lele's side and asked Lele to show him the injury on his back. Before the duck had finished eating, she quickly dragged the dish to Lele's feet with her mouth as she croaked. Her body was now much bigger than that of Quack. As soon as she twisted her bottom, she was squeezed out.

Quack rushed at the duck and stuck out his tongue. The duck stamped his tongue on the ground and pulled it back with great effort.

The scene with honey nearby is interesting.

After the honey was packed, Jing Lin left three bottles for Zhao Zhiwen's family, asked Yan Fei to send three bottles back, and took two bottles himself.

Yan Fei didn't come back for a long time. he excitedly told Jing Lin, "all the tomatoes in my family have come to fruition."

Since Jing Lin arranged the ice array for the rest of the tomato trees, Yan Fei would go back to see them once a day. Yesterday, they were still buds. I didn't expect to see them again today. Red fruits were hanging one by one on the branches, not to mention how lovely.

Hearing this, Jing Lin said, "It seems that this mutant tomato really likes cold weather." The two tomatoes on his side have already yielded results, but the growth rate is still not obvious. However, they must be faster than the first one. As for the new ones, there is still no response.

It will soon be Lantern Festival.

In the past, every year there were activities in the county seat for Lantern Festival. Many people in the village would take their families to ride bicycles to the county seat to watch lanterns go through various diseases. This year, these entertainment programs are gone. Jing Lin didn't want Lele to lose too many children's interests because of this troubled time. When Lele was in kindergarten, Jing Lin also participated in several parent-child activities, including making paper lanterns for children's interests. On the 15th, he came back from cutting a bamboo in the bamboo forest, hoping to make a lantern for Lele to play with.

General girls also like these, Zhao Zhiwen wanted to win Yan Lu's favor, and followed. A few people pondered for most of the time in Jing Lin's home. Finally Jing Lin made two paper lanterns according to the prototype of Quack and duck, and put two small kerosene lamps inside, so Lele could go out to play with them.

As for Zhao Zhiwen's lantern for Yan Lu, he managed to make a lotus shape, which was a bit ugly but not impossible to watch. Yan Lu was quite happy when he went out to play at night.

Lele was walking in front with a lantern and Jing Lin followed them with an oil lamp. There was no bridge in the village, so they just walked around the village for a few rounds. They were all sick.

It was dark in winter, and it was still less than bedtime to eat early. Many people came out with their children when they heard that they were suffering from various diseases. As a result, more and more people attended, until almost everyone in the village came out later. Many people were carrying oil lamps like Jing Lin, and people who knew each other walked together and chatted. It was also very lively.

Along the way, Lele's two lanterns spoiled the envy of other children. A group of children crowded around Lele and wanted to carry the lanterns. Lele is also generous and willing to give lanterns to other children or friends older than him, as long as he doesn't break the lanterns that his uncles painstakingly made for him.

If you can play with lanterns for a while, the children will naturally readily agree to it. They will come one by one in line and take turns. The whole village will resound with the children's happy laughter.

It took more than an hour for the crowd to disperse.

It's been a long time in beginning of spring, and the weather has begun to return to warm. People in the village have begun to tear down the plastic film covering the wheat one after another, and a new batch of vegetables has been prepared in the vegetable plot.

When Chen Xuefang passed Zhou Yujia's field, she saw the pepper seed bag she threw in the field and said strangely, "Zhou Yu, how dare your family grow pepper?"

Because of the variation caused by reiki, the tastes of many kinds of vegetables have changed. Those that are not delicious, the villagers have given up sowing in winter, such as lettuce, and peppers that blister when touched. Basically, all kinds of vegetables are better stored after picking, such as radish, Chinese cabbage, etc.

Zhou Yu certainly knew that the mutated chili could not be touched, but he only had to wear gloves when picking it, and the ground chili seeds should not be too fragrant when cooking noodles.

"I tell you, pepper seeds are edible." Zhou Yu gave Chen Xuefang a detailed explanation of how Jing Lin told her to eat, and finally said, "You believe me and won't cheat you."

Chen Xuefang was skeptical, but he saw that Zhou Yu had already covered half of the soil. He thought about the large number of family members and the fast consumption of spices. If the chili seeds were as delicious as Zhou Yu said, it would be okay to free up a small plot of land for all sorts of things. I thanked Zhou Yu immediately and went home to get the seeds. When I stocked up, my family also bought a lot of various seeds.

Jing Lin also raised a small piece of pepper seedlings in his vegetable plot, but his seeds were not bought on the market before, but he picked them from pepper trees and kept them. He will continue to experiment to see if the pepper seeds that have undergone one evolution will grow again and will change.

The two vegetable plots in front of and behind Jing Lin's home have become his experimental plots completely. After planting one vegetable plot outside, he will plant some more when he gets home. The two plots will be compared. A small piece of cabbage has always been planted in the vegetable plot of the Chinese cabbage family, which was specially reserved for ducks.

"These pea seedlings are quite tender." Yan Fei is helping Jing Lin to plant crops. Three people in his family farm crops. The family is afraid that Jing Lin will be too busy for one person, so let him stay and help.

Jing Lin said: "While it is still tender, hurry back and eat it. It will be old in a while and will not taste good." It's also stuffed with teeth.

People in the village are accustomed to planting peas. Each year, they find a piece of seed and cover it with straw. When it grows up, they can eat the top tender peas in winter. In March and April, they can also harvest a batch of green peas. It tastes good whether they are cooked or fried. Old peas can also be stored, so when it was cold, Jing Lin spread a large piece of film directly, which was more troublesome when harvesting. It was estimated that it would take one or two days to peel beans.

There is no place to buy vegetable seedlings this year. Those who need to grow seedlings like lettuce and pepper have to do it themselves. To do this, Jing Lin is also a novice, asking Zhou Yu while groping to plant it.

"This year's wheat is good." After the plastic film in the wheat field is uncovered, experienced old farmers can directly see the difference between this year and previous years. This year's growth is obviously better than previous years.

Some people said, "I don't want it to grow much better than usual, just as it did before."

The time quickly entered the middle of March.

The green peas in Jing Lin's vegetable plot are quite good enough to eat. While they are still young, Jing Lin and Yan Lu always like to pick a basket and come back. They cut a piece of preserved bacon and diced it, then put it together and fried it. It is very fragrant.

The preserved crocodile meat that King had preserved before he left home had been eaten long ago. The family occasionally ate meat, but he was blessed with duck. It comes to the mountain from time to time and always brings back some meat. In the past month, its size has increased a lot. Jing Lin thinks that although its legs are not as long as ostriches, its size has overtaken ostriches. It is not only getting bigger and bigger, but also getting more and more purple on both sides of its wings. From a little before, it has changed into a white feather with its three fingers wide and its head protruding. It is more beautiful and imposing than before.

Of course, the degree of boast has also increased by more than one level. It asked Jing Lin for a basin and asked Jing Lin to change water for it every day. When Jing Lin washed every day, they could see it combing their feathers against the reflection in the basin.

It was drizzling. After lunch, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu came to play with nothing to do. Two people and Lele took up half of the tea table to play poker. Yan Fei and Jing Lin took up the other side to practice array symbols. Yan Fei drew and Jing Lin guided from the side.

In principle, it is better to have a quiet environment when drawing array symbols, but Jing Lin needs to draw symbols on the spot for the sake of what will happen in the future. If it is easy to fail due to nervousness or noisy surroundings, he and Yan Fei are now both consciously completing array symbols in noisy places in order to train their ability to perform on the spot.

Yan Fei will guide Jing Lin every time he draws a picture. Now Yan Fei has learned the introduction to array, but in practice, it is still very difficult and the chances of success are very small. However, although he has not made much progress in this respect, he has now finally come to know god.

Well, he didn't realize the other benefits of this thing for the time being. It is ok to sneak a look at Jing Lin from time to time, but it is always caught by Jing Lin.

Jing Lin let this move go. He went in and out with Yan Fei every day and was used to Yan Fei's company.

At this moment, the walls outside were ringing, and Ma Chunzheng's voice came at the same time: "Jing Lin, are you two Yan Fei?"

"Yes." Yan Fei replied, after putting everything on the tea table together, Jing Lin opened the door.

Outside stood Ma Chunzheng and Ma Chunkang brothers. After Jing Lin let several people in, Yan Lu and them had already put down the poker. Yan Fei poured three cups of plain boiled water and put it in front of the three.

"What can I do for you?"Jing Lin sat on the sofa on the other side, Yan Fei also sat in the past and looked at them.

Ma Chunjian opened his mouth first. He rubbed his hands and said: "Well, it's getting warmer now. I think it's been raining for two days. After the rain stops, there must be a lot of wild fungi on the mountain. Our brothers want to go to the edge of the mountain and take a turn. They want to ask you whether you can go or not."

After the wood was cut, the villagers never entered the mountain again. If you can, Ma Chunjian also don't want to enter the mountain, but Sun Lili is still pregnant and has eaten vegetables for a month. After eating the rabbit meat before, in order to take care of Sun Lili and the children in the belly, their family also uses food to go to Tang Hao's house from time to time to exchange the game brought back by Mimi, but they haven't changed several times. The others in the village are greedy for meat, and they also went to Tang Hao's house to change it.

Mimi does not bring back game every day, and with the example of his family, there will be more people going to Tang Hao's family in the village, which makes Tang Hao very embarrassed.

Ma Chunjian had to stop this move.

Although Sun Lili looks fine at present, his mouth is always tasteless and he eats less from meal to meal. He is watching his child fall to the ground in May, and there are still two months left. Mother and son cannot tolerate any mishap.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen, even Yan Lu are better than them. If the three of them go alone, they certainly dare not. The others have also asked. They all said that they would ask Jing Lin first to see if they would go or not before making a decision.

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