In the evening, when Yan Fei was taking a bath, Jing Lin was sitting in the living room playing with Lele. suddenly he heard a knock on the door outside.

"Who is it?"

No one answered.

Jing Lin, who had just returned from Zhao Zhiwen's home, was unlikely to be one of them at this time. Jing Lin opened the door of the living room. It was dark outside and the knock at the door was still going on. Jing Lin released the divine knowledge and then saw two dark figures crouching outside the gate, hitting the door with their bodies.

Scene left in the past to open the wall door, faint yellow light in the sitting room, let him thoroughly to see the two shadows.

These are two big white and fat rabbits, just like the rabbits they caught on the mountain.

Seeing that the door was opened, the two fat rabbits stopped the impact and did not fear the view. They ran past his leg and jumped into the house. When they passed the vegetable patch of pakchoi, they bit off a leaf and jumped into the house in their mouth.

Jing Lin: "…"

He could probably guess the reason why the two rabbits appeared. Before, the rabbits in the mountain forest were driven by the big mullet. He said it would be nice if the female rabbit were still alive. Although he was snorted by the big mullet, he didn't expect to send him two more at night.

"Rabbit!" At the sight of the two big rabbits that were still alive jumping into the room, Lele jumped down from the sofa and ran to the two rabbits, reaching out and touching them carefully, his hands full of fluffy.

Jing Lin closed the door and went into the living room to look at the rabbits one by one. The two rabbits were also docile in temperament. Jing Lin, who was eating Chinese cabbage, showed them to him when he wanted to see them. Then Jing Lin found out that the two rabbits were a male and a female, and the female rabbit was pregnant.

Scene in the hook hook corners of the mouth, think of big mullet during the day that a few mock disdain cold hum, now looks really cute.

Yan Fei took a bath and came out. He saw two big rabbits in the living room. Jing Lin and Lele squatted beside him and looked at them.

Yan Fei also walked over and squatted down, looked at the rabbit's three-flapped mouth, and asked, "where did this come from in the big night?"

Jing Lin smiled and said, "It was given by the big mullet."

While a face of abandon and dark rub to send, think of big mullet that awkward character, Yan Lu also feel funny.

"Find a place to raise it." Jing Lin said that just before the debris room was vacated, Jing Lin walked into the debris room, and the two rabbits followed, which made people very worried.

It's time for the bedtime story.

Yan Fei asked Lele, "What story does Lele want to hear tonight?"

The duck, which had been depressed for most of the day because it failed to show off its beautiful wings to others, quacked and squeezed in.

"Duck, what are you doing?" Yan Fei and Jing Lin had to move aside a little to let ducks squat in.

"Gaga!" The duck's wings slapped Yan Fei twice on his arm, and black Doudou looked at him eagerly.

Lele said: "Duck said that he wanted to hear the story of Big White Goose's brave invasion of Adventure Island."

Yan Fei VS Jing Lin: "sorry."

Lele said with understanding: "that's not uncle. let's listen to the story of the big white goose tonight." But duck, do you like big white goose?"

"Gaga!" People's body is the big white goose.

Lele said, "You are a white duck."

"Gaga!" Big white goose!

"All right, all right." Lele nodded helplessly, as if she could not help you."You are a big white goose."

"Gaga!" The somebody else is really a big white goose! Only the little master, do you always think I am a duck?

In the process of getting along with friends, friction is inevitable. Jing Lin and Yan Fei saw that the two little ones were about to start quarrelling. They quickly made a noise and said, "All right, all right, duck's name is duck. It must be duck. Duck's dream is to be a very beautiful big white goose, isn't it?"

Lele, who was stunned by my uncle, looked at the duck with the expression that I said you were a duck.

"Ga!" The duck, who was also a little dizzy, held up his chest. That's right. The duck's adult is determined to be the most beautiful white goose in the world.

Both feel strange.

Forget it, don't want to, still listen to the story first.

So the story of the night began like this: "once upon a time, there was a big white goose named duck. it had whiter wings than snowflakes from birth. when it was one year old, a little more beautiful purple appeared on duck's snow-white wings. when others saw duck with purple wings, they would exclaim: "wow, duck's adult wings are so beautiful! Where duck adults walked, everyone watched it with admiration and admiration. However, suddenly one day . . ."

Soon, the story came to an end. Lele had already fallen asleep. Duck curled up beside Lele with his neck around him. The two men hugged and slept.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei looked at the two men and thought that the duck and its little master on tonight's show would also have a good night's sleep.

The next day, the construction of the village wall began.

The fence was built for their own safety and security. The village agreed that at least two people should come from each family. However, if there is only one person like Jing Lin's house, there is no way to force it. After all, there are only two people in the family and one is a child. If there is only one woman in the family like aunt Zeng, you don't have to work with everyone, but you can help deliver water.

Because there is a high mountain as a barrier, the fence that needs to be repaired is not long. Just surround the entrance area.

Most of the young and middle-aged people in the village are accustomed to building houses, and building walls is easier than building houses. Those who can lay bricks will do so, while those who cannot will use bricks and cement to transport cement.

After more than one meter high, the scaffold will be erected. once the scaffold has been erected, people will be separated to place bricks on the scaffold for the bricklayer to take. After four or five days of nonstop work, the wall in the village was finally repaired.

After the repair, everyone looked at the rest of the materials and thought about the situation in the village. they discussed taking up a small piece of land by the door and building a small room to look like a table and act as a small reception room. in the future, if the situation is more tense outside, the village will have to arrange patrols and night watchmen on a daily basis depending on the situation. if any relatives come, they can't put people into the village at will and put them in the reception room first.

There are only three keys to the gate, and there is no place to match them now. Ma Renshan, as the captain, keeps the keys. Those who want to go out that day will go to Ma Renshan to get the keys, and they need to register their names. When they return, they also need to make a record.

With the completion of the construction of the wall, the Spring Festival passed like this. This year's Spring Festival, no one in the village went out to pay New Year's greetings, nor did the villagers come in. This reassures the villagers when they are uneasy. After all, if they enter the village, the secrets of the village may not be hidden.

On the first night when the wall was repaired, Jing Lin went out of the gate of the village wall and put the painted mid-level magic array vanity symbol into the outside wall, linking the array dots with the array eyes, forming a mid-level magic array.

When Jing Lin said that the array was arranged, Yan Fei looked at it and asked curiously, "What is the difference between what strangers see in their eyes and what we see after entering this array?"

Jing Lin said: "If they climb over the wall, they will probably see an endless lake."

"then this is quite good." Yan Fei said.

This mid-level array, if the other party barges in hard, they will think that they have fallen into the lake, even if it is flat, they will swim around in the same place or they will think that they are going to drown and struggle desperately in the same place. The final result is probably due to exhaustion and passed out.

Jing Lin wanted to see Uncle Qu. Yan Fei naturally wanted to follow him. Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu also went. It was too boring to stay in the village. It was also good to go out for a walk. Because Uncle Qu lived in that village in Li Guihua, Jing Lin went to ask Liu Suqin in advance if she needed help to bring something or to go out with herself.

Finally, Liu Suqin said that she would go by herself and her husband Ma Mingliang would also go.

The next day, four Jing Lin and the Liu Suqin couple went to Ma Renshan together to get the keys. After taking down their names one by one, they got the keys and went out.

Jing Lin did not go empty-handed. He brought Uncle Qu a few catties of rabbit meat and some dried turnips, as did Liu Suqin. Radish is the most ethnic group in the village. When grown, it is a kind of vegetable that is better preserved, whether it is pickled vegetables or dried radish. Although the villagers have vegetables to eat every day at present, they are also afraid that these vegetables will not last long one day. Therefore, when they are able to do so, they all try their best to do more. It is estimated that the dried turnips are the most common vegetables in every family in the village.

Walking on the road, Yan Lu asked out her doubts: "although we have seen crocodiles, a kind of variation animal with great harm, we have never encountered anything dangerous every time we go out."

She has been wondering, listening to Cao Sanye's brothers, there are a lot of dangerous things in the county seat, but in their village, apart from the black ants at the beginning and the big crocodiles at the back, they have not seen anything really dangerous even on their way to other villages.

"I don't know this either." Jing Lin said that he did have this doubt all along. But this can only be related to reiki.

In the second team, the terrain of their village is relatively open, and the work quantity is much larger than that of Jing Lin's village. The second team will need at least two days to finish the repair.

Uncle Qu is helping to sift the sand. In winter, he only wore a thin sweater. Although the old man is still thin, his complexion is much better than before.

When several of them entered the village, Cao Sanye and others saw them. Cao Sanye gave them a wave of his hand and several of Jing Lin went to his side.

There is a table in the busy center with several teacups and several hot kettles on the table. Cao Sanye jumped down from the bracket, took off his gloves, wiped the sweat from his forehead, poured a cup of hot water, which should not be hot. He took it up and gulped it before coming to Jing Lin.

Mr. Qu also saw several scenes in the scene. He stopped his work and came along.

When Uncle Qu saw that Jing Lin was coming this time, there were only a few people. He disagreed and said, "You dare to walk outside with only a few people."

"It's okay." Jing Lin said.

Cao Sanye laughed: "You don't have to worry about them any more. They have good skills."

Jing Lin gave him what he had brought to Mr. Qu. Mr. Qu refused and finally accepted it. Without looking at what was in it, he walked over and moved it to his own residence.

Cao Sanye enviously looked at the little old man's increasingly lithe back, and asked others to give him food every once in a while. He didn't have to work so hard either. A large group of brothers behind him, as the leader, were under great pressure.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Jing Lin handing over a bag to himself. He pointed at himself in surprise: "For me?"

"For you." Jing Lin said, "Please take care of Uncle Qu."

Cao Sanye smiled shyly. "Uncle Qu has hands and feet, which need my care." When I say so, my hands are not slow at all.

As soon as he started, it was very heavy. he opened the bag on the spot and looked into it. his eyes widened instantly. the bag contained many dried turnips and a large piece of meat, at least 10 kg.

The deratization followed more than 50 brothers, but there were also more than 20 who stayed in the county seat, and then several other people came to him. There were about 80 people, most of whom were adult men. Those who were not adults had bigger appetites when they were growing up, and even if they were picking at everyone's rations, their daily consumption was not small. Before the second team all living creatures were killed by rats, they had already finished eating the meat they collected before the county seat, and now they are still eating pickles every day after moving here. It was only a month ago that they ate something with meat flavor.

Cao Sanye swallowed saliva and stared at the rabbit meat. He wished he could chew it. However, for the sake of his image, he refrained.

As soon as he collected the bag, he called a boy of seventeen or eighteen to come over, handed it to him and shouted, "Shunzi, take it and give the brothers extra food tonight!"

Shunza also opened it and looked into the bag. her eyes widened. because of excitement, the boy's face, which was yellow and muscular, was quickly flushed with two red spots. her eyes were flashing with light, "ok!"

I probably know that Jing Lin gave it to them. The boy nodded gratefully at them and went away with the bag in his hand. The wind was blowing at his feet and he ran very fast.

All the way there were other brothers who were watching the movement here. They all asked him loudly what he was talking about. Shunza also answered loudly, "Meat!"

In an instant, it was as if water had entered the oil pan. The crowd started to shout. Several of them jumped off the supports and chased Shunza. They had to take a look to make sure he was not playing with his brothers.

The sight of this scene was not pleasant to them. Not everyone, like them, had fresh food every day and occasionally had a bite to eat with the blessing of big mullet.

Cao Sanye clapped Jing Lin on the shoulder vigorously: "Good brother, just rush at the meat you gave me today. If there is anything we can do to help in the future, please speak as soon as possible."

Jing Lin said, "You said it. I won't be polite if there is anything to come." Cao Sanye was given a piece of rabbit meat. First, Uncle Qu lived here. When people get old, they need more attention. Second, after several contacts with Cao Sanye, they feel that their character is really good. In this world, there are many people and many forces, but the number of people in their village is still too small. If they can unite with the power of Cao Sanye and help each other, in case something happens later, they can also get more help.

Cao Sanye burst out laughing: "I like your cheerfulness."

Ma Mingliang also prepared some dried vegetables for Cao Sanye, hoping that the other party would help take care of his mother-in-law. Then I said goodbye to them temporarily and went to see Li Guihua with Liu Suqin.

In the second team that suffered from rat infestation, there were only two minor boys alive in the village except Li Guihua. Li Guihua pitied them for losing their families at such a young age and looked after them as their successors. The village was busy repairing the wall. She was unable to help others in a woman's family, so she took two little boys to help with cooking. Before that, the shunza was also one of the logistics personnel.

The secret of the village is everyone's. Liu Suqin did not dare to reveal it. Even if he felt sorry for his mother's bad eating, he did not bring out a piece of fresh vegetables. However, perhaps because of the relationship between the two little boys, Li Guihua, who has lived alone all the year round, has spiritual sustenance. Looking at it, she likes to laugh a little more than before, and her mental health is quite good.

At noon, Third Master Cao wanted to leave Jing Lin for them to eat. Several Jing Lin refused. At present, no one has much food, especially Cao Sanye, who has so many people to raise. They are not short of food, which can have the cheek to rub rice like before.

Back in the village, Yan Ruifeng and his wife were not there, so they went to Zhao Zhiwen's house together. Anyway, they had to return the keys together later.

Many people gathered around Zhao Zhiwen's house to watch the scene of bustle. Jing Lin stepped forward curiously.

"What are you looking at?" Zhao Zhiwen looked in behind several people. He was tall and didn't need to step on his feet or anything.

Others explained, "Quack is back. Back to back a thorn."

A few people made way for them to enter, and then Jing Lin saw Quack crouching on the ground, turning into a hedgehog, with more than half of his back covered with black thorns. Yan Ruifeng and Zhao Chenghuai were helping him to pull out the thorns on his back. the thorns were very sharp. some people had a knuckle as long as one finger and plunged into at least half of Quack's back. pulling out a piece of Quack's mouth, they all felt pain for it. let alone it.

"What did Quack meet and how did he do it like this?"

Zhou Feifei and Zhou Yu couldn't see Quack's colorful pimple back. when they heard Zhou Yu say, "Lele asked, saying that the bee stung him. they didn't come back long ago, so they went to the house to have fun. they had to pull it off first."

Although Quack doesn't look very good, the villagers all pointed out that he would continue to help the village eliminate mosquitoes next summer, so they all liked him very much and didn't want anything to happen to him.

Others have made room, Quack still has a lot of thorns on his back. Jing Lin and Yan Fei also squatted down to help pull out the thorns, which also makes Quack suffer less.

Others discussed: "Look at this sting, this bee must have changed its species."

"It must be that bees eat honey in their nests for the winter. If you dare to come out on such a cold day, you will not freeze to death, let alone sting Quack like this."

Some people don't focus on this, "What do you think the honey produced by this mutant bee is like, can it be eaten?"

Some people laughed: "This must be a question of Quack, maybe it was to steal other people's honey before it was stung like this."

As the center of the topic to be discussed, Quack has been sitting there obediently, waiting for the thorn to be pulled out, then he gave a loud cry to the person who helped it pull out the thorn, and then he jumped and walked away. Lele couldn't even cry and didn't take the wound seriously.

Lele stamped her foot in the same spot: "Oh, I'm so worried. He said he wanted revenge and went to find the bees again."

Jing Lin several smell speech, would like to stop it, but Quack jumping ability is amazing, a few times disappeared, can't catch up.

It seems that Quack not only bears grudges, but also has a violent temper. he just acts meekly in front of them.

Quack didn't come back until the third night.

It is not as usual, want to enter the room can jump in directly, it knocked on the door this time, jumped up and knocked on the door, and then a loud clap.

The two men and one goose who were listening to Yan Fei's story jumped up from the sofa at once. Jing Lin opened the door, first taking a look at Quack and then at his own gate. Before the attack at night, the gate was kicked in by Yan Fei. although it was re-installed, it was not as strong as before. the impact of Quack was not small. Jing Lin was worried that Quack would have to be scrapped if he came back like this again.

The door opened and Quack stood still. Yan Fei brought over the oil lamp, and then he saw that Quack's foot was standing on a very large honeycomb, of course there were many thorns on his back.

Jing Lin two looked at the thorn on his back and the honeycomb on the ground. They were speechless. The old nest was brought back by it. It seems that it was a successful revenge, and I don't know how it got along the way. They brought back the honeycomb intact.

"Quack!" He gave a loud Quack and then jumped into the room. The duck flapped its wings and followed him, quacking as if laughing. Even if Jing Lin did not understand the goose language, he recognized the schadenfreude hidden inside.

Lele crouched down and picked up the hive: "Quack brought it back for us to eat."

See Lele holding a little hard, Yan Fei hurriedly take over. He moved the hive into the room and put it on the tea table. He looked at it and found there was still a lot of honey in it. Neither he nor Jing Lin will take honey, and Zhao Chenghuai will have to be asked tomorrow.

We were all ready to go to sleep, so we don't want to sleep without pulling out the thorn on Quack's back.

At this time, everyone found out that Quack still had a pale green straw in his mouth. when Jing Lin wanted to help him pull out the thorn, he spat the straw onto Jing Lin's hand to heal his wounds. The three men were busy for more than half an hour before pulling out the thorns. Then Jing Lin crushed the grass stems and found that the grass stems were very juicy. Although there was only a short piece of juice, the juice was enough to smear Quack's back.

It is probably too exhausting for him these days. After smearing juice on his back, he jumped into the corner, crouched there, closed his eyes and was ready to rest.

News of bees stinging dead people is not uncommon. Mutated bees know that the stings are not small in lethality, and the stings are black and do not know whether there is poison. They are careful and careful when pulling out the stings. After worrying for a few days, Quack came back safe and sound. Jing Lin also let go of their worries for a few days.

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