Jing Lin endured and endured, but finally he didn't hold back and looked at Yan Fei sideways: "Do your parents know too?"

Yan Fei was stunned at first, then understood the meaning of Jing Lin. he said, "yes, they all know and like you very much."

Jing Lin's voice was a bit high: "why did you tell your parents about this?"

Yan Fei said apologetically, "It was my fault. I acted too clearly and they saw me."

Jing Lin thought that strict father Yan's mother had known Yan Fei's sexual orientation, and the little air that had just blown up was deflated again.

Yan Fei looked at Jing Lin and did not speak. He looked at him carefully: "Are you angry?"

"No." Jing Lin glanced at him. He was not such a stingy person. He was either angry or felt that this kind of thing had been known by the elders, and the two men might have been watching him in secret rubbing, making him very embarrassed.

While speaking, the entrance to the village soon arrived, and the two also suspended the topic.

Their village is really surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the farmland on the left and right sides gradually rises as it goes in. The ridges on the side are not wide, and then they will definitely take up some farmland. The villagers who have taken up some farmland in vain will definitely not want to. The village only said to build the wall together, and no discussion has been held on this point.

The fence has not been built yet, and Jing Lin can only calculate a rough figure now. The mid-level magic array is not easy to arrange under his current situation, and its guidance to those who arrange the array is even more harsh. The array points and array eyes are not as easy to calculate as the usual array methods. Jing Lin tried several times and finally found the first array point for the last time. It is much easier to push down the next array point.

Seeing Jing Lin stop, Yan Fei took out the paper towel he was carrying and wiped his sweat. In winter, Jing Lin was also sweating all over. This shows that the arrangement is very tiring.

"Well, let's go home." Jing Lin took the paper towel and wiped it himself." The specific array will have to be seen after the fence is fixed, but the orientation should be similar." The main reason is that this is the first time he has tried the mid-level array, he has to find out the feeling first.

On the fourth day of the month, the villagers held a meeting on the land they needed to occupy to build the wall. after all, the final decision was made. the people who occupied the land were given food from the village and were compensated 10 kg per quarter. As for the grain in the village, it is collected by other village households, which is required every year and must be the new grain of the season.

People in the occupied land have nothing to say.

It is said that the construction will start after the 5th day of the month, but in fact there are still a lot of work to be done the day before yesterday. No glass fragments can be inserted into the wall. Where do the fragments come from? The wall must be built at least four meters high. then it must be supported. the support in the village is not enough. you have to find it. There are also entrance and exit gates. Everyone said that they should install strong iron gates. They also need to find iron gates.

Glass fragments are easy to find. Huangtai Town has a waste recycling station. If you look there, you can definitely find them. The iron gate, Jinhe Town, has been sold several times before and is not far from the village.

"I know Tang Jia village has a bracket for the boarding."

"Tang village? It's too far. It usually takes more than half an hour to get there by bike!" Those who knew it shook their heads, "and the mountains on both sides of the road are higher than those in our village. it is not safe."

"There are so many trees in the back mountain, we can cut down a few of them casually."

"I think this line, we can't cut down those big trees, we can't use them if we cut them down, some short ones are just right."

"It's too dangerous to enter the mountain." Many people are still concerned about the last big crocodile.

Some people also agreed to the proposal of cutting down trees in the back mountain: "where is it not dangerous now? I'm still at ease when Houshan is closer to home."

When you listen and think about it, it is safer to be close to home.

So everyone in the village took another day off. First, they went to Huangtai Town to find a recycling station.

After Xie Gu Village, Xie Shu and several others had gone to the county seat together before. The wall had been repaired. Jing Lin saw fragments of a wine bottle inserted on Xie Shujia's wall. One of the fragments was probably insufficient. He smashed several bowls in the house to make up for it. The iron gate is also very familiar, because I have been to his house once before, so Jing Lin remembered that the iron gate was the gate on the other side of his living room and was removed and installed.

Huang Tai Town is, after all, a small town with a small recycle bin. Everyone found the bottles they wanted in it. The quantity was not large, but they could use them back in their village. The wine bottles were fixed in one morning. After lunch, everyone went to Jinhe Town.

This time it didn't go so well. The whole town was occupied by a group of forces that emerged from nowhere. A wall was built at the entrance of the town. A large iron gate was installed. The iron gate was closed at the moment and a manual stop pin was placed in front.

They had to stop at the entrance.

The road in Jinhe Town is quite wide. Two large trucks can travel together at the same time. There are shops on both sides of the road, and there is space in front of the shops. Now, through the iron gate, we can see that several colored steel tents have been set up in the open space on both sides of the entrance. The inside is covered with mud. At the front of the open space on the right is a mobile newspaper stand. As soon as they stopped, six men came out of the open space, each with an iron bar in his hand.

There were many people in the scene, but the six men saw their arrogance and did not give up.

The leader looked at the bicycles beside them and knew that they were villagers nearby. He knocked on the iron gate with his iron bar and said to several people standing in front of him, "I'm afraid it's the first time in such a long time that several strangers have come to the town. I'd like to talk to you about the rules. If you want to pass through the town, everyone has to pay 20 jin of food, whatever it is, and pack it back and forth. If you want to get something from the town, you have to exchange it for food according to its price. Those who agree will take out the things, and those who do not can go."

"Robbery! This is it!" Some people on their side were indignant.

The first man didn't look at the speaker and listened: "Don't be so ugly. It's called getting what you need. We'll come here first, and we'll have the final say. If you don't want us to do it, we won't insist. We'll go wherever we come from."

Said, unexpectedly from the open cotton-padded clothes took out a handful of rob!

The scene in their look a tight. The robbery in the hands of the man was not the kind they had seen on TV. Looking at its appearance, it was more like a homemade earth robbery.

"False!"Li Feiyu expressed strong doubts. He was more curious.

The man laughed scornfully, turned his grab hand and pointed it at the next newsstand. All they heard was a bang, and there was a hole. Only then did everyone notice that there had been more than one burst hole, and it seemed that there were many people who doubted before. Moreover, this earth grab is not only of great blasting power, but also the man's technique looks very accurate.

The man pointed his gun at Li Fei-Yu again and said lazily, "do you think it is true or not now? If you don't believe me, I can help you to confirm it."

Li Feiyu legs were shaking with fear, also don't know where to hide, his face pale with wave, "letter! I believe, you don't point at me!"

The man shrugged his shoulders and smiled and took the robbery away.

As a result, it is obvious that Jing Lin wants to change to an iron gate and can only change food. However, they brought food with them, but they didn't have much. They were all prepared to prevent sudden situations. The exchange was definitely not enough. They had to go back and get it. They also didn't want to go to the county seat. After all, it takes more time to go back and forth to the county seat than Jinhe Town. They also want to go to the city. The danger is higher than facing these people.

Yan Fei stood up and explained the size of the iron gate and asked, "then I would like to ask how much food it would take to change such an iron gate."

The man stretched out a slap: "50kg."

Fifty catties, two catties per family in the village is enough.

So everyone didn't want to play hardball, turned back to the village, pooled 50 catties, and came to town again.

The way to trade is to wait until you get what you want, and then come to the entrance to change. However, there was no robbery that they were worried about.

The man ordered Yan Fei and Jing Lin: "You and you, you two go in." This person is also concerned, it is not safe to let too many people in.

When Jing Lin and Yan Fei went in, they were also searched and put in after they were sure they had no hidden weapons. When entering, a man pulled a rope tied to the newsstand. The corner where the rope led to the street disappeared. After a while, two men appeared from the corner on bicycles. One was a young man with yellow hair, the other was wearing glasses and had a scar on his right face. Both were not very old and looked a little younger than Jing Lin. After the two men arrived, Jing Lin and Linyi were motioned to continue walking. The two cyclists followed them with iron bars hanging on their waists.

The shops selling doors and windows in Jinhe Town are in the innermost part. Jing Lin and Yan Fei walked along the road and looked at them. The town was completely blocked by these people. Except for the road where people had to cross the car, other open spaces were covered with mud, and some of them were covered with plastic films. Ignoring the shops, the original town looked like a small farm at the moment.

The two men who followed Jing Lin didn't look so fierce. Huang Mao was still in the mood to chat with Jing Lin. "Are you both quite tall?"

Yan Fei turned to look at him. "Not bad." Huang Mao is less than 1. 7 meters tall. Compared with him and Jing Lin, he is really short.

Huang Mao said: "I didn't keep up with nutrition when I was a child, otherwise I wouldn't be this tall."

Yan Fei, seeing that he was quite talkative, asked, "You are not from this town, are you?"

Huang Mao said, "I am not, he is." Then pointed to the glasses on the other side.

The glasses gave a push and, uh, "they came later."

"Then where do you come from?" Jing Lin asked.

"Green Laura county. Do you know?"

Jing Lin nodded, "Yes."

Yan Fei said, "I heard that several forces in Qingluo County have gone to the countryside to impose protection fees of 2,000 pounds a year?"

Huang Mao was surprised: "Hey, there is no phone or TV now. You are very well informed." Then he continued, "It was 2,000,000 pounds, but that was after many people died, and 3,000 pounds a year before no one died."

"Have you seen it with your own eyes?"

"That's where I escaped. Follow our eldest brother Sun Ge."

"Is the current boss of this town?"

"Yes." Huang Mao said, "Sun Ge, like me, did not like what those people did. At that time, we advised those people to accept a little. But those people did not just refuse to listen. It is not illegal to kill people now. They wanted to frighten others, so they pushed Sun Ge and me out and wanted to kill chickens for the monkey to see. Fortunately, we escaped quickly, and some other brothers did not want to do anything to drink human blood, so they escaped with us. Jing Lin could not help but say, "but you are not much better than them."

Huang Mao was about to speak when his glasses spoke: "We begged them to stay."

Huang Mao looked at Jing Lin and Lin with a look of revenge. "We were just passing through here at that time, but when we saw another group of local ruffians and hooligans bullying girls in the town and trying to take people away, we drove them away when there were too many of us."

Glasses said: "Those people were also villagers around, all idle hooligans. At that time, they fled to our town to rob not only the things in the town, but also the food gathered by everyone. At that time, those people broke into my house and saw my sister … I left this scar."

"It's not only that, they think it's not enough to harm a little girl. Sperm is on the brain. They want to learn from those bandits who robbed the village lady in ancient times. At that time, several little girls in the town were captured from the house. The other party should have been fighting all the year round. Both of them have two skills, and the people in the town can hardly beat them."

So, if it weren't for them at that time, the girls would have been destroyed in their lives.

Huang Mao added, "We are not only collecting tolls for ourselves. Every time we collect tolls and trade with others, we only receive one layer of compensation. The rest is left to the people in the town. Although we don't get many things each time, we accumulate a lot and won't starve to death."

The two of them didn't realize that there was this reason in it. At the moment, it was a little pleasing to the eye to see the dull yellow hair on the other end of the yellow hair.

Soon, Jing Lin and Yan Fei were brought to the innermost facade by yellow fur and glasses. The door was closed. Huang Mao parked his car and knocked on the shutter door."Liu Shu, open the door. business is coming."

After a while, someone in the room replied, "Here we come, open the door."

The rolling shutter door was opened, and a stout man in a black down jacket appeared in front of several people. This was Liu Shu. The space behind the rolling shutter door is very large. It is opened by two facades. There are many wooden doors and gates of various styles inside. Behind Liu Shu stood a little girl of about fifteen or sixteen. The little girl saw Jing Lin two and saw that they were strangers. Although the two looked good-looking, she was a little scared and shrank behind Liu Shu.

Huang Mao said, "Liu Shu, these two people want to buy a big iron gate to go back. show them."

Liu Shu responded with mirth, then made a gesture of invitation to the two neighbors, motioning them to follow him, and asked, "What kind of door do you want to buy? These are just a few of them, and we can go to our warehouse to look at the styles we didn't see."

On the other side, the little girl walked up to Huang Mao and the glasses man and stretched out her palm at them, revealing two tiny eggs inside, like quail eggs. She smiled shyly at the two men: "Brother Xiaomao, Brother Xiuwen, this is for me from Choo Choo this morning. Here you are."

Both of them motioned with their hands to refuse, Huang Mao said: "Choo Choo had a hard time laying eggs. You keep it for yourself and feel that you have lost weight again. Now is the time for you to grow up. Eating this is the right time to make up."

The little girl pursed her lips, stood motionless, stretched out her hands all the time, and looked very stubborn. At that time, it was Xiao Mao's presence that saved her from the disaster. If those people had tied her back and spoiled her, she might not be alive now.

Huang Mao and Huang Mao had no choice but to accept it at last and said, "We won't accept it next time. If Sun Ge knew, he would have to beat me."

The little girl just grinned.

The demand of Jing Lin's village is not the style but the quality. Tell Liu Shu about this and Liu Shu will recommend them several similar types of food, weighing 50 kg. As long as it is a door, you can change any door.

Soon, they chose the right one, and Huang Mao and glasses helped move the door to the back seat of their car. after saying goodbye to Liu Shu's father and daughter, they were transported away.

After Jing Lin and his family left, Liu Shu looked at his daughter and asked, "Did you give it to them?"

"Mmm." The little girl nodded happily.

Liu Shu lovingly touched her head. "It was agreed that it would only be given once a month. You have to keep the rest for yourself."

"Dad eats too."

Liu Shu laughed: "Dad wants to lose weight."

The little girl took her father's arm."father is not fat."

The shutter door was pulled down again and soon the conversation between the father and daughter was hidden.

After several Jing Lin arrived at the entrance of the town and put the door in their car, they gave 50 kilos of grain to the man who grabbed it before.

The man opened it and examined it. There were wheat, corn, soybean and rice in it. They were all packed separately in plastic bags. After seeing that there was nothing wrong, the man put tiemenguan on the stage with a much better attitude and said to several of Jing Lin, "My surname is Sun. If you have any needs in the future, you can come to us and ask. We can change some."

It turns out that this is Sun Ge from Huang Mao Kou. Although he looks a little evil, he seems to have a good heart.

Jing Lin they nodded, pulling the iron gate and left.

The iron gates are all alive, and all that remains is the rack and board to be used to build the frame.

In the evening, Jing Lin went to find another big mullet and Yan Fei accompanied him.

This time Jing Lin didn't stand as honestly as before for a long time to talk with the big black-bone fish with divine knowledge. He came to the shore before he stopped.

Jing Lin was just near the lotus pond when the big mullet was practicing and smelled the smell of human beings. He woke up from the practice at once. His eyes glowed with faint green fluorescence in the cold night.

"Didn't you say not to approach my territory?" The big black-bone fish put its tail in the water with displeasure, splashing a series of spray, which wet Jing Lin's shoes.

This fish has a really bad temper! Jing Lin lamented.

Jing Lin said, "I just wanted to ask you if your spiritual knowledge has increased after you have been arranged for so long." Then he pointed to the direction of the three lotus flowers. "By the way, you also know that this lotus is so dangerous that I will not rest assured if I don't come to see it."

"What is there to see?" The big mullet grunted, but it turned its face and pointed its eyes at the direction of the lotus, which was brighter than the two of them carrying an oil lamp so that they could see more clearly.

In the huge lotus pond between them, the three lotus flowers occupy one point each. They did not pay attention to the prospect. Only now did they find that the three lotus flowers are in regular triangles. Inside the triangle, thick black fog is filled, all emanating from the lotus itself. The black fog was locked inside the triangle and did not leak out a spark.

Jing Lin was surprised to stare big eyes. Yan Fei could not hear the dialogue between Jing Lin and the big mullet, nor could he see the scene in Jing Lin's eyes. he had different expressions, but he refrained from asking first. After returning, Jing Lin will naturally tell him.

Jing Lin asked the big mullet, "Did you make this?"

"Yes, I had a lot of trouble trying not to let them out." Big mullet complained. If these locked black fogs run out, they will be close to their village and a nearby mountain forest area, and nothing will grow and all species will be extinct.

"Aren't you going to turn dragons in the future?" Jing Lin said, "What about these lotus flowers after you leave? What should I do?"

Unexpectedly, the big black-bone fish gloated and said, "You don't have to worry about this. As long as I can improve myself, I'll find a way." Although this lotus grows fierce, it is also a rare good treasure. After he can completely suppress these three lotus flowers, hey hey . . .

Of course, this is not to tell Jing Lin, then he and his rob how to do. Big mullet is very happy, this kind of secret only oneself know feeling, very happy.

Seeing that the big mullet didn't want to talk to him specifically, Jing Lin stopped asking him, but still asked him, "haven't you said yet, has your knowledge of god increased?"

"It has grown." The big mullet was full of impatience and small emotions. "But it doesn't grow much. I can cover half of the mountain behind me. I've seen it. It's full of stupid people who don't have intelligence and can threaten you. Not yet."

I'm relieved to see such a scene. I can go directly to the mountain behind the big mullet tomorrow. In this way, it seems that this big mullet is very much like the mountain guard god beast introduced in the array, which can rival the mountain guard array.

When he left, Jing Lin had the cheek to ask the big black-bone fish for some more fish to go back. after being nourished by the poly-spirit array, the taste of these ordinary fish that were surrounded by the big black-bone fish in the territory also became very delicious. he felt the same about the fish in the future. after eating it on the new year's day, he did miss it a little.

Carrying fish, although I don't know how the big mullet will handle the three lotus flowers in the future, but Jing Lin's mood is also good. They sent two fish to Yan Lu's house first and two to Zhao Zhiwen's house. By the way, they took Lele and duck back. On the way, they told Yan Lu exactly what he had just asked.

When he got home, Yan Fei went to burn the bath water. Jing Lin carried the oil lamp and looked at the mutant tomatoes. he felt nothing changed. Knowing that this mutant tomato will not grow overnight, Jing Lin is not in a hurry.

"Ah Lin, you wash first." Yan Fei came out of the kitchen, called him out, then took the bucket and filled it with water. He mentioned it to the bathroom and then burned it himself.

Jing Lin's house has two bathrooms and one upstairs, but it is too hard to carry water, so it is usually washed in turn.

When Yan Fei finished washing, Jing Lin was still playing in the living room with Lele. Jing Lin was sitting on a high stool, stretching his legs, Lele was playing on his lower leg. The two were playing on a seesaw and had a good time.

The duck walked to Yan Fei's feet, lifted up its head and Doudou looked at him. It goes without saying that it also wants to play.

Yan Fei played his little head in distress situation and refused.

The duck bowed its head disappointedly. Just now it was watching. Lele tried to make it a seesaw, but it was too heavy for Lele to lift up at all. Finally Jing Lin satisfied the duck's wish and played with it for a while.

The bedtime story at night is still told by Yan Fei. Lele sits between him and Jing Lin. With the ups and downs of the story content, Lele's small expression changes constantly. Jing Lin listens silently nearby. Suddenly, he has a feeling of satisfaction he has never felt before.

When Lele finished listening and also wanted to sleep, he was still a little unsatisfied.

Yan Fei clasped Lele in Jing Lin's bedroom, tucked Lele in, and turned to look at Jing Lin standing beside the bed. "Go to bed early, I'm past."

"Well, you also go to bed early. Good night."

"Good night."

The duck woke up the next day before the scene arrived.

The duck stood quacking on Jing Lin's stomach, still scampering incessantly, feeling as if it were the summit of Mount Tai. Jing Lin was so suspended that it didn't step on it and spit it out.

"I'm going to be crushed to death by you!" Jing Lin pushed the duck out of bed and looked at the excited duck flapping its wings. "What's the matter?" he wondered. So happy in the morning?"

"Duck?" Lele was woken up by the duck and sat up from the bed with his arms around the quilt. As long as there is nothing, Jing Lin never forces Lele to get up early. Generally speaking, Lele wakes up naturally. At the moment, he tried hard to keep his eyes wide open, but he was so sleepy that at last he barely opened a crack.


The duck spread its wings to gather together in front of the scene. It looked like presenting a treasure.

Jing Lin touched its wings and looked at it carefully. He only felt that its tentacles were smooth and soft, and felt like silk. He felt two more and was urged by ducks.

Then Jing Lin discovered that the duck's white wings and one feather in the middle had suddenly acquired a purple color. Jing Lin wiped her face to make sure that it was not the duck that accidentally caught it, but it actually grew out of it. He wanted to see it again. The duck turned around, put the other wing into his hand, and shouted at him twice-look.

The wings on this side also have purple, which are almost in the same place and completely symmetrical.

Jing Lin was curious: "How did you get here?"

"Gaga!" The duck put its head close to Jing Lin's hand and rubbed it with ingratiation.

Lele explained, "Duck said that if you practice with your uncle every day, it will grow naturally."

No wonder ducks crowded around him every time they meditated. It turned out that there was such a benefit. It seems that the duck's fierce fighting capacity was not only the reason why it was bigger than the general goose, but also the reason why it changed due to the outbreak of aura.

At this time, there was a knock on the door outside, Yan Fei was asking what had happened.

Jing Lin got up and went to open the door. Yan Fei also looked like he had just woken up. he was wearing pajamas and pajamas and only had a coat on the outside.

Jing Lin asked Yan Fei to come in and then closed the door to prevent more air-conditioning from leaking in. He asked the duck to show Yan Fei its wings.

"What's the use of this growing up?" Yan Fei asked, grabbing the duck's wings and not loosening them, they felt quite comfortable and the color was also very beautiful.


The duck snatched back its wings from its hands, bent its long neck, straightened it, and took good care of the changed feathers.

"The duck said it didn't know either, but it felt more handsome." Lele said that he thought duck was really beautiful. Uncle, they don't know, but he knows that every time the duck flapped its wings, it said, "the duck is still handsome today."

It's so beautiful that Mimi can't catch up with it.

After the duck incident, everyone couldn't sleep again. Jing Lin simply got up and practiced daily. Yan Fei also went back to his room.

When they gathered in the morning, the ducks went out with them. when they saw a person, they gave a "honk" to others and did not forget to show off their wings. unfortunately, not everyone could understand the goose language and there was no happy explanation. at most, everyone just looked at the ducks curiously and then felt that the ducks were talking a little too much today.

Unable to successfully show off his beautiful new wings to others, duck said it was very depressed.

Today, I went to the mountain to cut wood as a support. Everyone who has a saw in his family takes a saw, and those who don't have a saw take axes, wood knives, etc. When discussing which mountain to enter, Yan Fei proposed to enter the mountain behind the big mullet according to what Jing Lin told him last night.

The crowd had no objection and marched to the mountain with tools in their hands, followed by big cat Mimi and her three kittens. Since the three kittens often follow their mother to hunt in the mountains, their body shape changes from day to day. They are now taller than Mimi and look more like tigers in appearance. However, they still like sticking to their mother and playing coquetry.

As soon as they entered the mountain, the nimble ones noticed something different: "The mountain here is much quieter than the one we entered before."

"Is there any big guy?"

"Don't frighten yourself." Yan Fei warned aloud, "Mimi is here, if there is anything, it will definitely find out before us and will remind us."

The reason for this silence is probably due to the big mullet.

After entering the mountain, Mimi and the three kittens took a position around each other and surrounded everyone inside, which was equivalent to entering a protective circle.

They did not even think about the big tree. It was so thick and high that they could only look at it even if they had to cut it down without large cutting tools. They all chose the trees that were not tall before but are now quite tall. It took them most of the time to cut down about 20 pieces of wood of suitable size. It was just right for two people to carry one.

When preparing to go down the mountain, suddenly a group of big, white furry things came out of the haystack. The big guy got a fright and several people fell down.

"Miho!" A kitten let out a cry and rushed at one of them, biting the other's throat.

"Don't panic, it's a rabbit!" After seeing it clearly, Jing Lin quickly reminded the panic crowd that most of them were calm and took their weapons to guard against it in situ. The timid ones had already run down the mountain, but because they didn't pay attention to their feet, several of them rolled down.

"Bang! Bang!" Two times, before Jing Lin could return to absolute being, the two big rabbits knocked down on the root of the tree beside him and died without moving their legs twice.

This is really a living "waiting for the rabbit".

Those who stayed in the same place did not expect that the rabbits could kill themselves. Zhang Kai and other courageous people saw that the rabbits had been running around them strangely, picking up the knife and dropping it. A rabbit died under the knife.

Ma Chunjian also laid one. He tried to lift it and found that it took two hands to lift it. He immediately beamed, "Just take it back and mend Lily's body." Moreover, for such a large rabbit, the rabbit fur can be packed and made into a hand scarf.

In addition to Jing Lin's feet killed two, Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen feet also have two each.

Jing Lin wondered, what a coincidence? Then suddenly there was a big mullet always proud cold hum in my mind.

Jing Lin was stupid enough to know that there could not be such a coincidence in the world. The gods of the big mullet can be extended here. Then these big rabbits can only be driven out by the big mullet.

It is good to have rabbit meat to eat, but Jing Lin looked at the two rabbits and found that one of them was a female rabbit. it was a pity: "how nice it was not to be killed. if you carry it back in a daze, you can still have a baby rabbit."

He said this to Yan Fei, and the result was heard by the big mullet who had been watching this side, and another cold hum.

The big black-bone fish likes to get angry. What if he doesn't eat his own fish after he gets angry? Jing Lin hurriedly shut up.

The number of big rabbits is not very large, only a dozen or so. Jing Lin's three families split up two each, several kittens bit one each, and the rest only got one with quick response. A lot of people didn't catch it. They eagerly looked at several of Jing Lin. They all had one more than others. However, this was a big mullet's heart to Jing Lin. They couldn't waste it. Jing Lin only thought they didn't see it. So many people didn't share it. Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen didn't say anything.

Wu Jianxiong was there, but he did say, "Jing Lin, you all have two. Will you come out without one?" He used to eat meat every day. After bad times, the food in the family has never tasted good. Many of the newly grown vegetables in the garden taste better than before, but anyone who eats vegetables and leaves can't stand it. Even if he comes back for the New Year, he can't eat meat happily. Every meal can only smell of oil. To say that the Tang Hao family is the one he envies most in the village now, because he keeps several mutant cats and eats meat every day.

Although other people also want to eat rabbit meat, but really no one not bashful like Wu Jianxiong directly speak. The big guy despises him very much because of his laziness. If others speak, they will follow their expectations. However, now that he has the cheek to speak, they feel embarrassed for him, because he is the fastest runner down the mountain just now.

Jing Lin disliked Wu Jianxiong and was not polite to him. "I have a goose and a Quack in my family. Everyone in the village knows whether these two rabbits will be enough to eat or not." Duck has a big appetite, but for a rabbit as big as 20 kg, it can only eat up to half of it at one time. As for Quack, it is purely an excuse for passing on, because it is not interested in human food at all. What is mosquito's true love? Oh, and mice.

Jing Lin said that everyone remembered the Quack that helped everyone catch black mosquitoes, and the duck that followed Lele every day. The clever and humane goose was much bigger than the ordinary goose. It must have eaten as much as Mimi. They know Mimi's appetite. Before she was injured, everyone gave her crocodile meat, which was at least 4 to 5 kilos a day.

Such a thought, originally has that idea also faded, somebody else's family has two large appetite to raise, don't give them very normal.

Wu Jianxiong was not happy when he heard that Jing Lin did not want to give it. He has always been pampered by his family. If it weren't for Ma Renshan's warning, his father Wu Daxing still cared about his face and forced him to work with the villagers, he wouldn't want to come out. Every day he runs around in this dangerous world at any time. For more than a month, he has been at leisure for the past few years. As a result, he has nothing to do with his hard work.

He seems to have forgotten that he had distributed more than 1,000 catties of grain on the day when he followed Jing Lin to kill rats, but they didn't notice him that day. He had been hiding behind the crowd and didn't contribute. He did not give any less when distributing grain. It was also because of this that even Liao Shufen, who had always loved him, didn't agree with him when he told his family that he didn't want to go out any more after he moved the grain back. After all, it would be good to follow the big army around and not take it for nothing.

Jing Lin did not care at all about Wu Jianxiong's mood. The two families have not spoken for more than ten years. Since he was young, he was repeatedly looked down upon when he met their families. He arranged a gathering array to the village. He didn't kick his family out and didn't want to bring trouble to other people in the village. After all, everyone's crops are not long enough for his family. His heart will definitely be unbalanced. When the time comes, he will look for things everywhere, and the undifferentiated attack of several of his family's ways will finally annoy him.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei carried a piece of wood. They tied the rabbit with a rope and hung it in the middle of the wood. They carried it down easily.

Back in the village, everyone put the wood on the vacant lot in front of Ma Renshan's house. When Sun Lili saw Ma Chunjian carrying a rabbit and waving at him, she was immediately delighted. She has a big appetite now, and the more than ten catties of meat exchanged during the New Year are not enough for the family. With such a big rabbit, the family can eat for many days.

Ma Chunzheng came back empty-handed. He was a bit slow and didn't catch it. But on the way, Ma Chunjian said that he would give his family a few catties. When daughter Yan Xin threw herself on him and pointed to the rabbit and talked incessantly, Ma Chunzheng said in her ear with mirth. after the little uncle had packed up, he would send some catties of rabbit meat to the family. Yan Xin happily hugged his neck and scampered in his arms.

Ma Chunzheng was also happy in his heart. Ma Chunjian was able to think about their family, proving that their family did not hurt this little cousin in vain before.

Yan Lu happened to be in the physiological period these two days, so she didn't follow them up the mountain. now she is playing with her parents in Zhao's house. When they saw Jing Lin three people come back with a big rabbit in one hand, they were all happy to surround him.

Zhou Feifei was surprised. "How did you catch such a big one?"

Jing Lin several smiled: "I hit the tree."

Several people at home obviously didn't believe it. Jing Lin simply told Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen about the rabbit on the road, but it was not necessary to tell Zhou Feifei and them. With the rabbit meat, we haven't had dinner for a long time, so we discussed having dinner at Zhao Zhiwen's house in the evening. Just as the village will officially start construction tomorrow, it is necessary to have a good meal before construction, offering a sacrifice to everyone's empty temple of five zang organs.

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