When Jing Lin returned home with an iron basin and fish, Yan Fei was already there.

Since moving to live with Jing Lin, Jing Lin has given him a key to his home. Yan Fei later brought more than half a bag of rice. if Jing Lin did not eat at Zhao's house, he usually ate with them at Jing Lin's house and took a bath, which is equivalent to Yan Fei living completely at Jing Lin's side, living like his family.

Yan Fei has just taken a bath and his hair is wet. Seeing Jing Lin come in, he went to help him put down his things and said, "go take a bath, and the water will cool later."

Regarding the burning of bath water, whoever has the time will burn it. Who cooks the rice, the other washes the dishes, and the cleaning takes turns.

"good." Jing Lin answered the call, then found a bigger basin in the house, filled it with water and put the fish in. he said to Yan Fei, "take care of it first, and bring back five tomorrow."

"Where did you come from?" Yan Fei was at his home at that time, so he did not know that Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen went to the lotus pond.

"from the mullet." Jing Lin said simply, then took the change of clothes to take a bath with water.

As for Lele's bath, he usually washes it once every two days for fear of catching cold and getting sick. Before he was busy, Lele used to wash in Zhao's house. Zhou Yu would boil water to bathe him when it was warm every day.

After taking a bath, Jing Lin went to the kitchen to look at the existing materials to be used tomorrow, and then went to the room where he had bought the goods to store and rummaged through them. he also had a list of the menu for tomorrow night.

He took out a few pieces of dried kelp, cut them into small pieces with scissors and soaked them in the water. He also took less than half a kilo of glutinous rice and ran on them for use tomorrow.

Back in the living room, Yan Fei was still sitting on the sofa telling Lele a story. After watching no cartoons, Lele especially likes to listen to other people's stories. Jing Lin has to practice every night, but it starts only after Lele falls asleep. Before Lele does not sleep, the three of them usually stay in the living room for a while. Then Yan Fei likes to tell stories to Lele. He hasn't dropped one day since moving in. Every day he has a small story with no repetition. Jing Lin wondered if he had heard all this when he was a child. Yan Fei laughed and said that he had made it up.

King left and sat next to listen for a while. After Lele yawned, he said good night to Yan Fei and took Lele back to his room to sleep.

One night without words

The next day, Jing Lin got up earlier than usual. Yan Fei got up about the same time as he did and went back early with the fish.

Although the world is not good now, we still don't want to leave behind the custom of celebrating relatives during the New Year. There was no money for incense and wax paper at home, so Jing Lin took a few kilos of rice to the village shop.

The shop is opened by the rich uncle's family in the village and usually sells some common daily necessities, snacks that children like to eat, alcohol and tobacco that adults like, and sacrificial offerings. When the scene came, several people were also standing inside with plastic bags filled with incense wax and Styrofoam paper. These things can't be eaten, but they still occupy a lot of land, so the Qingming Festival and the Spring Festival can be used. Two kilos of rice can be exchanged for a big bag, which is cost-effective.

In addition to these, Jing Lin also changed several pairs of Spring Festival couplets. When I was walking, I saw the sparking sticks that were set out. I thought of Lele and changed some of them back.

When he got home, Jing Lin cooked breakfast while cooking another pot. he cut a piece of spiced meat and cooked it with big cock. Throw a few pieces of wood into it and you don't need to be watched at any time.

By this time Lele was already up, and the little fellow knew it was New Year's Day, so he stayed up late and walked into the bathroom with his eyes half narrowed.

Jing Lin touched his head: "I'll help my uncle with the escalator later."

"yes, uncle."

Jing Lin's bamboo ladder was broken and he had to borrow Zhao Zhiwen's. When he arrived, the family was posting couplets and a pair of red lanterns were still on the ground.

Zhao Zhiwen was standing on the ladder. Both sides were pasted and banners were being pasted.

Last year, when Jing Lin's family left him and Lele, Zhou Yu also asked Jing Lin to come with Lele to celebrate the New Year with them. This year, too, but Jing Lin refused.

Zhou Yu saw that the scene was coming and let Zhao Chenghuai help the escalator."Ah Lin is coming. I just changed a plate of bean curd for you, and I don't have to make a special trip when you come."

"Where did you get the tofu?"Jing Lin asked that villagers usually buy tofu and dried bean curd, and bean curd dealers in the countryside would not have come long ago.

Zhou Yu said: "aunt Hua made it, two catties of soybeans for one catty of tofu, which is better than that sold outside."

Jing Lin thought for a moment and then said, "I seemed to have drunk the bean flowers she made when I was a child." Zhou Yukou's aunt Hua is a family close to the processing station. Jing Lin's impression of her is that she wears two twisted braids all the year round and is now over 60 years old.

Zhou Yu turned around and entered the room. After a while, he came out with a square bamboo tray in both hands. The tray was covered with white gauze. A piece of white tender tofu was placed on the gauze. Jing Lin took it in his hand and looked at it. There was not much water on the gauze. It was obvious that the tofu had enough weight.

Zhao Zhiwen began to hang lanterns after pasting couplets. Life has been good in recent years. Every family has bought red lanterns to hang, and some have bought colored lights to put down from the second floor of their homes. During the New Year, every night there is a flash of lightning. They are changed before the New Year, removed after the Lantern Festival, and continued in the coming year. There is no electricity this year, so hang up the red lantern for a view.

The ladder didn't weigh much. After Zhao Zhiwen ran out, Jing Lin didn't ask for help. He went back with tofu in one hand and the ladder in the other.

When the ladder was moving, duck watched Lele push her foot against the ladder with great force, and she also learned to stretch out her sole. As a result, its hook was too sharp. When she pushed hard, she heard a "crack" and the hook went into the ladder. Lele was shocked because the bottom part of the ladder was split open."Duck, the ladder was trampled by you!"

The duck pulled out its foot hook, fanned its wings, and walked two steps aside in embarrassment.

"Your toenails are too long. Do you want to cut some off?"Lele's face was serious, because he found that every morning and evening when my uncle was meditating, the duck would jump into bed and crouch beside my uncle to sleep. although he was very careful, Lele once found that the duck had torn the sheet when he jumped out of bed. As my uncle told him before, if Lele doesn't cut her toenails often, she will have eyes in front of her socks.

"Ga!"Cut your toenails? The duck said it would not take this, and went to Lele's side and rubbed his face with a crooked neck.

"Duck, you have grown tall again!"Lele is still very happy about the closeness of his little partner, but he has a little worry in his heart. his little partner grows too fast and is almost as tall as him. if he goes on like this, he will soon surpass him. why does he grow so slowly?

The duck stretched out its long neck and compared it with Lele. Then it cried triumphantly twice.

Jing Lin, who climbed down the ladder, saw the whole process of their interaction. He smiled in his eyes and comforted Lele: "You will grow as tall as your uncle in the future. Don't lose heart, then ducks will not be able to match you."

This time, Lele became proud of duck: "uncle said I would be taller than you in the future!"

The duck cried bitterly twice. Well, it had a presentiment that it would not grow as tall as its master, no matter how long.

Jing Lin shook his head and smiled. The Spring Festival, which was even quieter than usual, seemed to be lively with two little guys twittering nearby.

Also dropped the ladder, Jing Lin returned home to let Lele and duck play in the backyard and began to clean up the fish he needed.

I didn't change the water all night. The fish I took out were still alive and kicking. Jing Lin looked at them. They were all silver carp. When they celebrate the New Year here, they not only want to eat fish, but also pay great attention to crucian carp and carp, crucian carp and carp, carp and carp, and pay great attention to good fortune. However, this year there is no crucian carp. Replacing it with silver carp is better than nothing.

Jing Lin fished out two slightly smaller ones, went to fish scales to dig fish maw to dig fish gills, fried them a little with oil, and then filled them with large plates. this one will be sacrificed with big cock and pork belly when going to worship later.

The firewood in the stove is very strong. After the water boils, the big rooster will be cooked almost half an hour later. The meat of the knife head was packed into a plate. Big rooster was barely packed in a small soup basin and put into a bamboo basket together with two fish. There was no fresh fruit in the house. Jing Lin removed a pack of dry fruit to replace the plate. Then he took out a bottle of wine and a glass, and the sacrifice was ready.

Lock the door and Jing Lin leads Lele to the grave slope. Lele volunteered to carry the incense wax paper money, but it was fine at first. As a result, after walking for a while, he was a little unable to carry it. He was embarrassed to tell his uncle that when the duck saw it, he grabbed the bag from his hand and grabbed it. Then he followed Jing Lin's two men with a swaggering white and fat buttocks.

On the way, I met some people who came back from the worship. It was interesting to watch ducks.

Because the graves in the village are all concentrated on the slope of the grave, and everyone worships in the morning, there are many people worshipping. Yan Fei's family is among them.

Their family members invited memorial tablets outside and did not return to their hometown during the Qingming Festival. When the scene came, Yan Fei's brother and sister were seen burning fire paper in front of the grave from a distance.

Jing Lin put the tray down in front of the deceased family's grave, then took out a pile of fire paper and Mingbi to Lele, "help my uncle tear out the fire paper."

Lele squatted in the same place and tore out the fire paper one by one. Duck also helped with his mouth. However, the fire paper was of poor quality and tasted bad. He let go of it without tearing out two pieces. He strolled around by himself, looking at Lele for a while and looking at others. He was very busy.

Jing Lin spoke to grandpa for a while, talking about what had happened in the past half a year, and about himself and Lele. He buckled his head and Lele obediently knelt down.

At last, when paying tribute to her sister's brother-in-law, Lele knew that there was her mother and father. She could not help crying with her red eyes and buried her face on Jing Lin's waist. Scene in the mood also depressed down, hug Lele stood for a while before leaving.

This Spring Festival is too cold and cheerless this year, for fear of disturbing the plants and animals in the mountain forest, the villagers changed some sparking sticks in their hands at most just like Jing Lin. No one changed firecrackers, no one changed fireworks, the surrounding was very quiet, and there was not even a sound of firecrackers nearby.

When he got home, Jing Lin paid his respects to the dragon king by his well. in the kitchen, he invited the stove king who should have been invited on the 23rd of December.

After a simple meal at noon, Jing Lin began to prepare for the New Year's Eve dinner in the evening.

Although winter comes suddenly, it is not much different from previous years when it gets cold. It freezes in the morning, but it melts at noon. Without a refrigerator and meat processing, it can't be stored for a few days.

Jing Lin divided the rooster into three parts, one for stewed chicken soup, one for cold mix and one for fried balls.

Looking at the abundance of tofu, Jing Lin separated half of the tofu, chopped some lean pork and squeezed the balls into a frying pan to fry.

One afternoon, Jing Lin was busy in the kitchen, while Lele was wandering around him. When Jing Lin was frying balls, he looked into the pan with his feet on his side. Jing Lin filled half a bowl with a small bowl and handed it to him. He did not dare to eat more for him, for fear that he would not be able to eat dinner at night now.

"Thank you uncle!"Lele laughed out of the dimples with a bowl in his hand, then ran out and squatted beside the vegetable plot. He ate one and fed the duck one and finished it in no time. He was also very good. He didn't make any more noise. He put down the bowl and went to play with ducks again.

By the middle of the afternoon, everything to fry was ready, and the cooking materials were all ready. Jing Lin was smothered with white rice and began to prepare dinner.

In the evening Jing Lin prepared eight dishes and a soup, steamed dried shrimps, braised fish, roasted rooster, steamed pork with flour, fat pan meat, pearl balls, mapo bean curd, and cold mixed chicken shreds. The soup was chicken soup, which was added with the variation pumpkin seeds dried by Zhou Yu before. Zhou Yu divided him a lot. Every time Jing Lin stewed the soup, he peeled a dozen pieces and put them in, and several plates of fried balls.

With so many dishes, Jing Lin and Lele alone could not eat them all in three days. However, he was not worried. There was also a duck with a large stomach in his family. There was no problem of not eating them all and wasting them.

As it was getting dark, Jing Lin moved the large detachable table into the living room. The food was served. Quack, who was not used to staying at home, came back. Jing Lin lit two kerosene lamps in the room. Two people and one goose were sitting at the table, lifting chopsticks and moving.

Of course, the duck can't lift chopsticks without hands. It stands on the chair. Because of its big appetite, the original bowl has been changed into a larger soup bowl, which contains more than half of the rice. There are many dishes piled on the other side. If it tastes any kind of special delicious food, it will call Lele and then Lele will bring it to him with a spoon.

Many people in the village have seen the fighting capacity of ducks. Although they admire Jing Lin's house, they would not think so if they knew about the duck's appetite. Even in the past, people in the countryside who owned cats and dogs only fed leftovers. Even if they gave ducks to them, they would not want them.

Jing Lin didn't have this idea. He couldn't accompany Lele every day. The appearance of duck helped him very well. With duck accompanying Lele, Lele became more and more lively as he had friends. Moreover, it could protect Lele. Based on these two points, Jing Lin wouldn't give the duck enough food because he loved food. The duck did not serve the table before. Since the duck helped him fight that night, he felt that he could not simply treat the duck as a mutant goose. He chose to treat it as his family. Moreover, the duck has always been very sanitary. Even when served, the rice bowl was clean and the table was clean after eating.

As for Quack, it seems that it is not interested in what humans eat, and after jumping in the living room for a while, it went out again.

This meal lasted for about two hours. After eating it, the food was cold. He and Le Le both stopped their chopsticks and watched the duck eat.

When his stomach was not so strong, Jing Lin collected the dishes and tidied up the kitchen, washed away the lampblack from cooking in the afternoon, and then prepared to go to Zhao's house with the spark sticks changed during the day.

Before going out, Yan Fei opened the door and came in.

Because there is a custom here that outsiders cannot disturb others when they eat New Year's Eve dinner, Yan Fei stayed at home for more than an hour before he came over although he finished his meal early.

Looking at the spark rod in Jing Lin's hand, I knew Jing Lin was ready to go out.

"You wait for me." Yan Fei said that he turned around and quickly entered his room, then came out with a black scarf, which he knitted.

Yan Fei handed the scarf to Jing Lin because it was the first time to knit the scarf. the technique was not good. the scarf was much uglier than the one sold on the street before. so he said with a little embarrassment: "I wanted to give it to you as a new year gift on new year's day, but I kept it all the time when it was too abrupt. now that you know, I can give it to you openly."

Jing Lin always thought that Yan Fei had knitted the scarf for him, but he didn't expect it to be for him. It can be seen that Yan Fei had already had that kind of mind for him before then. He suddenly wondered when Yan Fei began to like him.

He also asked, "When did you treat me . . . ?"Because Lele was nearby, Jing Lin responded half way when asked, so he only gave a general description.

But Yan Fei understood.

"love at first sight." He said.

Jing Lin's face was a bit hot. He only remembered the first time he saw Yan Fei. Because of his excellent figure and appearance, he felt he was a bit like a model, but he didn't pay attention to Yan Fei's reaction when he saw himself.

Yan Lu has been stretched out his hand, Jing Lin hesitated, pick up. Then he handed Yan Fei the oil lamp and the spark rod in his hand: "Please help me carry it."

After Yan Fei took over, Jing Lin put on the scarf. He didn't wear a scarf today. He was wearing a turtle neck. After wearing a scarf, he was warmer.

"Let's go." Jing Lin took Lele and turned to leave without looking at Yan Fei.

Yan Fei silently followed him with the oil lamp and the spark rod, but his heart was very happy.

At this time of the year, everyone had dinner and liked to put fireworks and firecrackers in front of their doors. when they were done, those who watched the spring festival gala would enter the room. those who liked to play two small cards would also go to the small shop to gather together. The village was full of bright lights because the lights in the house had to stay up all night to stay up. At the moment, the big red lanterns are not electrified, the villagers' brains are lively, and every household lights oil lamps to hang under the eaves, which is another artistic conception.

Zhao Zhiwen also hung a lamp under the eaves. When Jing Lin arrived, Yan Ruifeng, his wife and Yan Lu were already there. Zhao set a small table under the lamp with melon seeds and candies on it and a plate of pumpkin seeds cooked by Zhou Yu. Everyone was talking around the table with a brazier in the middle. Ma Xiaoyuan and his sister next door were playing with spark sticks in the yard. Oh, oh, cried, very excited.

Lele's eyes were filled with admiration. Jing Lin ordered Lele to be careful. Then he let him play with Ma Xiaoyuan's sister and brother. Because it was in the center of the village, they all liked to come here. The children made loud noises. Soon others came with the children. Ma Renshan and his family also came out. Ma Chunjian held Sun Lili, who had a big belly.

Sun Lili's stomach is seven months old. Ma's family has taken good care of her. With the array of spirits arranged by Jing Lin, Sun Lili looks very well.

Jing Lin helped to move the stools out to sit for these people. A bunch of people gathered together and chatted. Because the villagers have been working together on a lot of things recently. They chatted for a while and became more affectionate than before.

At some point, someone talked about visiting relatives during the first lunar month. In the village, except Jing Lin and Zhao, others have relatives in other villages. In previous years, many people could not stop until the 15th day of the second lunar month. Even ordinary relatives are allowed to go, but it is unreasonable for one's parents not to go back to their parents' home. However, the situation is very special now. It is not safe to go anywhere. If the number of people is small, they dare not go out at all. Moreover, it was decided before that the wall would be built in the village of the 6th day of the lunar month, and time was tight.

In the end, everyone had no choice but to sigh. This year, they will not go back for the time being. When the surrounding situation is safer, they will look for opportunities to go back and have a look.

Until late at night, everyone dozed off. Although there was a vigil on New Year's Eve, most people did not rest for several days. Before, when they were busy, they slept after supper. It was very good to stay up till now. Moreover, although the clothes are thick, the brazier has already been put out, and if you sit down again, you will get cold and sick.

Lele had fallen asleep and was held by Yan Fei. Jing Lin was walking beside him carrying a few jins of glutinous rice flour given by Zhou Yu. He found that as long as he was with Yan Fei, Lele was brought by him, and looked more like an uncle than his close uncle.

Jing Lin returned home and saw that the house was clean. He hid the broom as Grandpa had done before, and it could not be seen on the first day. Yan Fei put Lele in the bedroom. When he came out, he saw Jing Lin go out with the broom. He followed him out and watched him turn around in the backyard. Finally, he hid the broom in the debris room.

Today's young people rarely follow the old traditions, such as Yan Fei's family, brooms and so on. They have never seen his mother hide during the Spring Festival, and many adults don't care. So looking at Jing Lin with a serious face looking for places to hide brooms everywhere, Yan Fei couldn't help but think that after he lived with Jing Lin, Jing Lin would hide brooms like this every year, and his heart would be happy.

Before, there were chickens in the junk room, which didn't taste very good. Later, when the chickens were a little bigger, the debris room could not be opened. Jing Lin set up a chicken shed outside the wall where firewood was put in his house, and kept all the chickens there. You don't need to feed chickens in the sundries room. normally, you don't need to go to the sundries room. it's really appropriate to hide the broom inside.

Jing Lin came out of the debris room and saw Yan Fei leaning on the door frame of the small back yard. His gentle dotage almost overflowed. He realized in hindsight that his eyesight had improved again, and he could see Yan Fei's mood hidden in the night in such a dark environment.

Yan Fei did not find that Jing Lin could see clearly the feelings in his eyes. seeing that Jing Lin could not stand up, he stood up straight and wanted to walk towards him: "what are you doing there?"

"Nothing." King left and looked at him again in a bright place."why don't you sleep?"

Yan Fei said, "I haven't bathed yet."

"The water in the two hot kettles is full. You can keep half of it." I am used to taking a bath every day in winter. I don't sweat or get dirty. I just need a little washing. A pot and a half of hot water and cold water are enough.

"Then you go to sleep first. I'll take a shower. Good night."

"Good night."

This year, no one set off firecrackers to welcome the new year at 12 o'clock. Jing Lin sat in bed all night and did not open his eyes until after midnight. However, after he was lying in bed, Yan Fei's still affectionate eyes appeared in his mind under the dim light of night.

He turned over and looked at the sleeping Lele beside him. He used to think about what kind of wife he would look for after several blind dates with Zhao Zhiwen. But no matter how good his hypothesis was, he finally got rid of it. After Lele followed him, he was introduced to his girlfriend by someone older than him at work, but all said that he still had a nephew and his condition was not very good. Many girls may not mind at first, but when they have their own children, it is almost impossible not to mind. The kind of girl who doesn't mind at all hasn't been met for the time being in Jing Lin's contact.

Jing Lin also asked Lele what if he found an aunt for Lele to come back. Lele was very surprised at that time, and then asked him if he still liked Lele with his aunt. Jing Lin said he did, but Lele was still upset. He was unhappy for several days and talked less than before. So Jing Lin told him that he had decided not to look for his aunt, and Lele slowly began to laugh again.

For Yan Fei, Jing Lin is not annoying. It should be said that he likes it a little, but he doesn't understand whether this kind of love is the kind of friend or lover, because he finds himself always unable to refuse Yan Fei. as long as Yan Fei is depressed because of his refusal, he will also be unhappy.

He became more and more concerned about Yan Fei's mood.

He wants to give him a little more time. If Yan Fei doesn't like other people in the future, he can live with him all his life with happiness.

Jing Lin was so paranoid that he slowly fell asleep.


The old tradition is not to go out on the first day of the month and to eat tangyuan in the morning. Jing Lin got up early in the morning to clean up the stone mortar, put in the peanuts fried yesterday, broke down a small bag of sesame seeds and mashed them together, using boiled water and glutinous rice flour.

When preparing to pack dumplings, Yan Fei got up and came to help pack dumplings after washing.

For the first two, Yan Fei couldn't control the amount of stuffing, either too little or too many bags were broken. However, as soon as he learned something, he packed the third one very well. He rolled and rolled with his hands on the fabric and packed a white and fat glutinous rice ball.

"How many do you eat?" Jing Lin asked that the tangyuan they packed was as big as table tennis.

"More than ten. How about you?"

"I'm pretty much the same."

"Lele's small mouth is estimated to eat only three or four."

Jing Lin smiled: "The duck has a big appetite. It is not enough to give it all here."

Yan Fei also smiled at the thought of duck, king of the great stomach, but the reason that made him laugh was more because he found that Jing Lin's attitude towards him today was different from usual. he seemed to have no awkward feeling and was as close as before.

Yan Fei said: "I used to eat small dumplings sold in supermarkets on the first day of the month. I could eat about 20 of those."

"Our family packs their own bags every year."

In the end, the two packed 25 tangyuan together. The stuffing and glutinous rice flour were planned just right. Of course, this was the reason why duck breakfast was not counted.

Water has been burning in the pan, and the wrapped glutinous rice balls can be directly put into the pan, stirred gently with a spoon while cooking, and eaten when the glutinous rice balls float up.

In the morning, the three of them ate tangyuan on the tea table. Lele tasted one for the duck. after eating it, they said it was not delicious, so they concentrated on eating their own cabbage.

After the meal, Jing Lin went to see the tomatoes as usual.

Two tomatoes began to bear fruit one after another. The first one was about the size of his fist. It grew so fast that it seemed that the cold winter was what they liked. The color changed from ordinary red to deep red.

After watching, Jing Lin got up and did not take two steps. There was a click behind him. The fist-sized tomato fell to the ground.

Jing Lin picked it up and squeezed it. he found it still hard and said strangely, "is this ripe?"

He went into the kitchen, took a porcelain dish and put it in. Then he made two strokes with a knife and cut it right in the middle. Although the shell is a bit hard, as long as the blade cuts a hole, the shell will crack at once, and then a cold air visible to the naked eye will come out. Jing Lin feels that the cold air is mixed with faint aura.

Jing Lin looked at the air conditioning, he had no cold feeling in his hand before.

Jing Lin stopped his hand, then the knife continued to press down, and the touch became soft, hardly exerting much force, so he cut across the board to the end.

Jing Lin looked at the tomatoes that were cut in half on the plate and braved the cold air and picked his eyebrows. He carried the plate to the living room and told Yan Fei, who was playing with Lele, to watch.

The duck sitting on the sofa became agitated and quacked. She jumped off the sofa and went to Jing Lin to rub his thigh.

Jing Lin looked at it and saw the duck's movements, and knew that it should be edible.

"What is this?" Yan Fei asked.

"The tomato in the vegetable field should be ripe and fell into the ground."

"Is this tomato?" Yan Fei was surprised. He picked up half of it and looked at it carefully."I think this is more like the ice cream just taken out of the refrigerator."

The original tomato should have only a thin layer of skin, with thick pulp under the skin and seeds with sour pulp inside. However, the skin of this mutant tomato still looks like skin on the surface, but only after it is actually cut can it be found that the skin is still there, but the flesh once disappeared. It has become a shell together with the skin, and the placenta and seeds inside have all turned into another substance. Pale pink, braving cold air, looks like strawberry ice cream inside.

"There is still a spirit in it." Yan Fei said, opening his mouth to bite.

Jing Lin looked at him nervously, "How is it?"

Yan Fei smashed his tongue twice. "It's very cold, sweet and sour, a bit like yogurt, and has a unique fragrance of plants." He ate two more times in a row, and continued: "Moreover, when swallowing, a very weak aura entered my body and flowed to all meridians."

Finally, it is concluded that it is delicious, delicious, reiki and magical.

Yan Fei finished the half in one breath. It was a bit like dragon fruit. The pulp was completely non-sticky, and the pulp and shell could be separated well. In the process of eating, although his mouth felt very cold, he did not feel cold when eating, but his body was warmer because of the aura that entered his body when eating. At the end of the meal, there were still a few seeds buried in the middle. Jing Lin called Yan Fei to spit it out and wrapped it in paper to see if it could be used as seeds to continue planting.

Jing Lin also picked up the remaining half to eat. Lele and duck drooled beside them. Jing Lin touched their heads and said, "I'll give you what's ripe later."

Jing Lin said: "If this thing is available in summer, it is a good thing to relieve fever."

Yan Fei thought for a moment and said, "I feel this mutant tomato is very demanding on reiki." The two tomatoes were transplanted from Jing Lin very early in the day, and the two tomatoes were arranged in the array, but even so it took a long time before the results began. In the vegetable plot in front of their house, the scene was laid out relatively late, as before.

Jing Lin is also speculating that the night when the vegetation grows wild, it should be the outbreak of reiki, which led to the variation of tomato and changed its growth habit. But in this way, it is only to let them bear buds overnight. As for the later results, it also needs a lot of reiki support. The reiki in the array is purer than that outside, so it is supported by such reiki and finally comes to fruition. What we need to see now is whether the tomatoes of Yan Fei's family will bear fruit, and whether they bear the same fruit.

Jing Lin said: "This mutant tomato is delicious and is also good for my health. I can try to grow some more."

He and Yan Fei pulled out the mutant lettuce that had been planted in the field, loosened the ground, and planted more than a dozen new tomato seeds. More than half of the nimbus in the village's Dajuling array was taken away by the big mullet. The remaining part of the smaller part was divided by Zhao Yanjing's small vegetable garden in their three families. The last part was absorbed by the village's farmland.

Thinking about these mutant tomatoes, it seems that they are fond of cold. Jing Lin flipped through the books with the array. Finally, he found several arrays that can create natural phenomena. One of them is an ice array. If this array is arranged, the array will be very cold and even freeze.

Now that we have found it, Jing Lin did not delay. He immediately drew a few icy spells and planted the newly planted mutant tomatoes. As for the two mutant tomatoes that are bearing fruit, he did not move.

Suddenly saw that a few plants have not been long pepper, Jing Lin look move, in the next article of the ice matrix found Yan array, dead horse when a living horse doctor, give them a Yan array, the two array is completely opposite, one is very cold, one is very hot.

After doing this, Jing Lin counted several other arrays of natural phenomena, including hurricane arrays, thunder and lightning arrays, pouring rain arrays, etc. the name of the array is very easy to understand.

Later, Jing Lin said that he was going to decorate several tomatoes in Yan Lu's house with ice. So they put on warm clothes, scarves and locked the door to go out.

Lele walked in the middle of the two men with gloves on, holding Jing Lin's hand on the left and Yan Fei's hand on the right. he skipped along humming a non-song tune and occasionally asked his two uncles to carry him on the swing.

The duck looks envious at the back. It looks like playing on the swing. It also wants to play.

When they arrived at Yan's house, Yan Lu was not there, so they should have gone to play with Zhao Zhiwen. Yan Ruifeng and his wife were making mops out of rags.

Zhou Feifei saw the scarf around his neck at the first sight of Jing Lin, and the crooked scarf at one end was knitted by his son.

Jing Lin also put it on last night, but because it was dark and everyone was not sitting together, she didn't pay attention. At the moment she rushed Yan Fei to cast a look that only you know and I know. Yan Fei coughed and then Zhou Feifei looked as usual and greeted Jing Lin.

Since being expressed by Yan Fei, Jing Lin still feels a little uncomfortable to see Yan's husband and wife, but it seems that they don't know Yan Fei's state of mind to him. his attitude has not changed much from beginning to end. after such a long time, this uncomfortable feeling is much less.

Jing Lin gave tomatoes that piece of ice under the arrangement, and Yan Fei accompanied Yan Ruifeng couple talked for a while, at noon Zhou Feifei stay Jing Lin at home for dinner, but because his home also has a lot of leftovers, so Jing Lin refused, with Lele back, Yan Fei stayed, said after lunch fighting training time to come back.

On the morning of the second day of the month, Yan Fei took Lele out to the village for a turn. While Jing Lin stayed at home to practice the array.

Although a wall will be built in the village, the safety is only slightly guaranteed, and anyone who can climb over the wall can easily enter. So Jing Lin wanted to place a magic array at the entrance of the village against the wall, blurring the direction of the entrance so that those people could not get in even if they climbed over the wall.

As for the other side of the mountain forest, Jing Lin did not want to decorate it in the past. He believed that no one had dared to cross the mountain forest so much.

Yan Fei and Yan Lu came back after a short while. When they arrived at Zhao's house, Yan Lu was wrestling with Zhao Zhiwen. The two men smelled of love and were surrounded by pink bubbles. blingbling's light was reflected. No one could squeeze in. He was afraid that if he stayed longer, his eyes would be blinded. He quickly returned to find his own scenery and wash his eyes.

Yan Fei is very slow in drawing array symbols, but now he also knows the types of array symbols. after looking at the finished array symbols laid on the tea table, he knows that he is drawing the symbol paper related to the magic array. he asks: "where are you going to arrange the array?"

"The entrance to the village." Jing Lin said, by the way, he expressed his worries.

Yan Fei also agreed, "However, will this magic array not affect the people in his village?"

"no. What I am going to arrange is a mid-level magic array. The array will adhere to the consciousness of those who arranged the array and will have a self-identification to the villagers."

After lunch, Jing Lin will go to the village entrance to check the terrain and calculate the array points and array eyes. So he sent Lele to Zhao's house and Yan Fei followed him. Zhao Zhiwen heard that he also wanted to join the fun and was held by Yan Lu who was playing in Zhao's house.

Jing Lin was a little embarrassed. Looking at Yan Lu like that, it seemed that she knew something. Did Yan's parents, who knew their son's sexual orientation, also know something? Looking back carefully, it's no wonder that the two elders, especially Zhou Feifei, have always been warm and affectionate towards him. Again, when Zhou Feifei asked him about his views on the two men being together, he was clearly knocking on his side.

Such a thought, scene in an instant is a little bad, kui he thought Yan Fei parents don't know anything?

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