Even if the Chinese New Year is coming in a few days, everyone does not plan to rest. They all want to take advantage of these days to move back all the cement, and they can start construction directly after a year. After a brief rest for two days, the villagers went on looking for cement. Calculate the time, a line of people and Cao Sanye agreed place set.

When the time came, Cao Sanye was taking off his gloves and staring at his palm repeatedly. After moving bricks for more than ten days, even if wearing gloves, the skin of the palm was worn out. because it was cold, Cao Sanye's palm had a lot of chilblains, and many of them were festering now.

Many of his staff were like him. They had frostbite that year, not only on their hands but also on their faces. They were red and swollen and looked like northern Shaanxi Chinese characters, but many of them were used to it.

Cao Sanye said admiringly, "I didn't think so before. Now it seems that the people in your village are in good physical condition." The mental health is better than theirs, and no one has ever seen frostbite.

Jing Lin blurted, "This is probably the so-called one side of the soil and one side of the people."

Cao Sanye also didn't think much, just casually sigh with emotion.

Li Feiyu listened and secretly told Gao Changhui: "Now I just found out that I didn't have chilblain this year."

Gao Changhui also whispered: "I haven't had one this year."

There are very few people here who don't suffer frostbite in winter. Others don't know what they think. Li Feiyu thinks he is indeed evolving. His eyesight has improved, his frostbite is not long, and his body is really great.

After passing through Xie Jia village, Xie Shu's two brothers were already waiting. for more than ten days, several of them also joined the procession of brick removal in the latter part of their village. It's all to build a fence for their own families. They don't need much, so they have been resting at home for several days. What they need now is cement.

Before entering the bridge in the county seat, you can see the towering semi-finished buildings in the distance.

"Where to go?"On the bridge, the big guy looked at Jing Lin and Cao Sanye. Finally, he looked at Cao Sanye and asked.

Cao Sanye is not actually a native, but he has brought dozens of brothers, and he has learned about all parts of the county town in the past few months. Moreover, he has lived in the county town for so long, and he goes out almost every day. The situation is better than that of the villagers.

The bridge is located on the north side of the county seat, and the places that can be developed on the north side of the city are almost developed. In recent years, developers have been staring at the development on the south side of the city, so if they want to find cement, they can only go south of the city. However, to go to the south of the city, whether from the center or the edge of the city, one needs to cross more than half of the county seat. Unfortunately, no matter which way you go, you have to pass the edge of the area occupied by man-eating morning glory.

The danger level rises directly.

Cao Sanye thought for a moment and said, "Fang Bei Middle School was building a new school site, just south of the city, on Mount Leiming."

Leiming Mountain was developed by the county town in the past two years. A recreation place was built halfway up the mountain. It is quite lively on holidays. Fangbei Middle School is one of the best three high schools in the county seat, with the teaching quality ranking second. The old campus is just on the north side of the city. When Jing Lin came back last year, he heard that Fangbei Middle School was going to build a new campus in another place, but he never knew where it was.

And Leiming Mountain is close to the south of the city, where mutating plants and animals occupy.

Cannibal morning glory divides the county town into two parts. Most human beings fled to live in the northern part of the city. The southern part of the city is divided into two parts. The left side is occupied by the three-flower cat, and the right side is occupied by the blood python. In order to reach Leiming Mountain, the reality is to pass through the cannibal morning glory and the two parts. Now we have to choose between the left side and the right side.

Cao Sanye said: "To be on the safe side, we will enter the county seat from the suburb on the right. It is easy to meet the three-flower cat when walking on the left. Although the cat will not be attacked unless you enter its territory, it is said that its character is uncertain whether it will rain or shine. If you meet it in a bad mood, you will make fun of others and it is not very safe. Before I moved to the village, I met people from other forces. They said that the blood python had not been seen for a long time. It was probably cold and went into hibernation. As long as we passed through its territory with less noise, it should not disturb it. It should be safer. Anyway, let's go and have a look over there first. It's really not possible. We'll come back and find a way."

At last everyone agreed, turn right on the bridge and take the road on the right to enter the city.

This is the first time that Jing Lin has seen the buildings in the city in close proximity since they were in troubled times. The weeds on the road will not be mentioned. Because there are still activities in the city, the weeds will be driven down and a long distance can be seen. Looking up at the buildings, many of them were suddenly burst and toppled by huge trees. The branches of many trees passed directly through the middle of the floor, as if they were growing from the floor.

After approaching the man-eating petunia, everyone at a distance saw a floor that was almost completely covered by vegetation climbing, with a lot of very large flowers, colorful, very good-looking. If it weren't for the current world environment and the poor surroundings, a beautiful view like this hanging garden would definitely attract a lot of onlookers. It's a pity that these flowers look good, but they will cause people to fall into their blood and die without paying attention.

"This is the man-eating morning glory." Cao Sanye said.

The high-rise buildings in the county town, together with the huge trees, make the buildings and buildings, the trees and the cover of trees make the people standing outside the city can't see the morning glory at all. Only when they get close can they barely see a thing or two.

Everyone was shocked.

However, Xie Shufu's wife, who had escaped from the morning glory, turned pale when she saw the morning glory, and was almost regarded as the shadow of nourishment.

Continue to walk forward, the morning glory that crawled on the floor originally probably smelled the smell of human beings. All the blooming flowers turned towards them, just like hunters found their prey and just stared at it.

All the people were afraid to move in the same place because of this change. Some teeth started to fight: "Is it it it it really can't pass?"

Cao Sanye reassured the crowd: "It can't get on this road yet. Don't worry about it."

Then everyone walked gingerly, leaning as far away from the morning glory as possible. After hearing the voice of Soso, the grass on the other side of the road was suddenly parted, and a bunch of morning glory vines suddenly jumped out and dashed towards the crowd.

"Ahhh!"Li Feiyu was scared to death. The morning glory rushed towards him. He threw the car and jumped out of the car, hiding on the other side of the car.

The others were so frightened that they were all ready to fight. Then they found that although the morning glory had slipped onto the road, it was not long enough and only climbed half a meter. Everyone was still within a safe distance. Looking at the ferocious flowers that were not long enough to gather around Li Feiyu, everyone took their eyes to see Cao Sanye.

Didn't you say you couldn't get on this road? What is the situation now?

Cao Sanye looked a little pale: "It has evolved again. When we passed here before, its vines were at least 100 meters away." Moreover, if we carefully calculate its expansion speed in recent months, the recent evolution speed has obviously accelerated.

The motorcade was very long and Jing Lin's scope of knowledge was not enough to cover everyone. He and Li Feiyu were separated by a distance, so it was too late to find out. Jing Lin pulled out the broadsword tied to his back and took a few steps to cut it off with a knife at the flower. Everyone seemed to hear a strange squeak. Then the vine without the flower shook in place for two times in pain, leaving a red blood-like blood all over the place. It darted back quickly and disappeared soon.

The flowers on the ground lost the support of the vines and no longer came and went freely, but they jumped like a fish out of the water. Jing Lin held them down with a knife. The big guy looked closer and found that the heart of the funnel-shaped flower had lost its stamen and had a circle and a half of long red teeth.

Jing Lin they still remember Xie Shu said at that time, with such sharp teeth, it is no wonder that a person's head can be unscrewed.

Two minutes later, the flower had no movement, like time was advancing rapidly, and the life of the flower was rapidly pulling away, quickly turning into a withered flower and staying where it was.

"Let's go." Jing Lin, fold the knife. It is not safe around here. It is better to leave here as soon as possible.

When entering the territory of the blood python, everyone walked more carefully.

Fortunately, they didn't encounter anything bad until they came out of the site of the blood python, and they didn't find any trace of the blood python. They should really hibernate. Everyone was relieved. Then they sped up to the foot of Thunder Mountain, the new site of Fangbei Middle School.

The new school site was also covered with weeds. The surrounding grass was as good as new, and there was no trail, obviously no trace of human activity. We found the cement shelter where the cement was placed on the construction site. After pulling through the haystack, we saw generations of cement that were taller than people. Because of the shelter, the bags were still intact.

Yan Fei jumped out of the car, wearing gloves and carrying a bag as hard as he could, and put it in the car: "Everyone, hurry up and move."

When the words fell, the others also took action.

The others are two people and carry a bag, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Fei and Jing Lin can carry a bag by themselves. Yan Lu is the fastest. If it weren't for her palm not big enough, she could carry a bag with one hand.

After they moved, some people were still moving. Red brick and cement alone can't do without sand and stone. After several months of wind and sun exposure, several piles of sand, like hills, were covered with plastic tarpaulins. The tarpaulins had rotted away and would break when torn.

Due to the accelerated evolution of morning glory, the speed of big guys transporting cement and sand is also faster than before. Finally, on the day before the Chinese New Year, the required cement and silt were transported back.

After eating dinner at night, Zhou Yu brought out a large iron basin with big cock packed inside and fresh pork weighing more than 10 kg, which was exchanged for grain from Wang Junda's house. This year, his family killed the pig in the village. Because of the rush, almost all the men in the village followed him into the county town. They were not in the county town during the day. The old man who killed the pig was still a poor old man in the village. A group of women's families pressed the pig down and killed it. They all moved their hands to shave and cut it apart. The villagers all changed some of the meat from a pig.

These in the iron basin are all for Jing Lin, who is busy carrying things back and has no spare time to prepare.

Zhou Yu said: "It's a pity there are no fish this year." The fish pond in her family has not fished anything since catching several mutant mullets and big crabs, and that kind of thing has happened in the back. The fish will never think about it.

It's not like eating fish or anything. Chinese people always pay attention to having more than one year during the New Year. Without fish, they always feel that something is missing.

So Jing Lin carried the oil lamp and called Zhao Zhiwen to the lotus pond. At a distance, Jing Lin used his divine knowledge to communicate with the big mullet and asked if he could give him some fish to eat. The number of fish in the pond is not very large. They all ran into the pond through the paddy field and along the water channel in summer. Many of them died before. I don't know if they still exist now.

Hearing this, the big black-bone fish snorted coldly: "Asking a fish for food is too long for you?"

Jing Lin couldn't help laughing: "Aren't you a dragon?"

When the big black-bone fish stagnated, it spat out more than a dozen fish. Even though it was a long distance away, it was accurately thrown at Jing Lin's feet. The big black-bone fish said impatiently, "Take it if you want to eat."

The fish that were thrown out were quite big and tenacious in vitality. They were thrown to the ground so roughly that they were still alive and their tails were still moving. Jing Lin pulled out several grass stems to string the fish together, then asked, "Are they as wise as you?"

The big mullet was a little angry: "These are all stupid fish that can't open their minds. Can they be compared with me?"

Jing Lin explained: "Ask casually, there is no other meaning, after all, it is your kind."

The big mullet remembered at the moment: "I am a dragon!"

"Well, you are a dragon." Jing Lin was helpless. He looked at the time getting late. He had to go to bed early tonight. He got up early tomorrow morning and was still busy. He said goodbye to the big mullet, took the fish and went back with Zhao Zhiwen. Then he divided the fish. Yan Fei's family also had a share. It happened to be a family of five fish.

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