Back to the second team, Jing Lin saw a man standing at the entrance of the village from a distance. Such as approached, indeed as expected is Yan Fei.

After asking uncle Qu, Yan Fei went up to help Jing Lin push the cart and asked, "how was the road?"

"Not bad, not bad."

After entering the village, Jing Lin was busy arranging accommodation and food for uncle qu. Yan Fei followed him in silence.

Zhao Zhiwen dark rub to gather together beside Yan Lu, look at two people together. Zhao Zhiwen wondered: "What is the matter with Yan Ge and Ah Lin? Quarrel?"

Yan Lu nodded slowly, a face of profound appearance.

Zhao Zhiwen didn't understand what her expression meant. Rubbing his forehead, he knew Jing Lin's temper. He had a high tolerance for those he recognized and didn't lose his temper easily, so it was only Yan Lu who made Jing Lin angry.

After discussing with Cao Sanye, Jing Lin finally asked Uncle Qu to share a house with several of his men. Half of the food he received was also moved to the room where he lived.

People in the village have moved almost all their food. This is the last trip. I stayed here specially to wait for Jing Lin to return together. It is safer to have more people.

When I returned to the village, lunch time was too early. Everyone wants to bring home the food that has been given to them quickly, so they ate their own dry food for lunch and made do with it, but they are not hungry.

Back and forth for most of the day, in the cold weather, when the ice slag fell off, several of Jing Lin also broke out in sweat. Zhou Yu had already prepared the bath water. I took a good bath, washed my head, and took a few more sips of the broth Zhou Yu specially prepared to cook. I felt warm and comfortable, but the previous busyness was nothing.

In the afternoon fighting training, because of Yan Fei's sudden confession last night, Jing Lin was always a little absent-minded when he started to recruit with him. Then he was beaten by Yan Fei all the time. Jing Lin looked at him with no facial expression and did not like before. when he played, he would ask each other questions and talk and laugh. After being punched in the abdomen, Jing Lin was also a little angry and began to take actions seriously.

In the past, they played hard and played friendly, but today they unconsciously took on some gunpowder.

When Jing Lin confronted Yan Fei, he always came close. At last he was thrown to the ground by Yan Fei.

Jing Lin was still lying on the ground panting. Yan Fei had stretched out his hand to pull him up before he was replaced. however, he just looked down at Jing Lin in situ today and said after a while, "practice here today."

He was about to get up when suddenly Jing Lin's legs were lifted, his ankles clamped around Yan Fei's neck, and his thighs tightened. Yan Fei was brought down to the ground. then Jing Lin turned over, his elbow stuck into Yan Fei's neck, and he was furious: "you lost."

Yan Fei stared at him for a moment, raised his hands to surrender, suddenly there was a little smile on his face, eyes with spoil, "good. You won."

Yan Fei smiled and Jing Lin's momentum was the same as that of a punctured balloon, which leaked in an instant. Then he discovered that he was sitting astride Yan Fei's waist, hunched over his back, with a distance of no more than 20 centimeters from Yan Fei's face. If once upon a time, Jing Lin would not have felt anything wrong, but today it has changed its flavor. How ambiguous is it?

Jing Lin Yan Fei turned over and lay beside Yan Fei. He closed his eyes and said, "I'm sorry." He is completely unable to face Yan Fei with his previous attitude now, but when Yan Fei no longer gets along with him with his previous attitude, he feels unhappy again. In fact, his heart was very angry with Yan Fei's previous confession, which represented that the relationship between the two people would change, and Jing Lin had always been content with the status quo for men and women's emotions, which caught him off guard.

"You don't have to apologize." Yan Fei said, "I caused you trouble. If you don't want to, we can suspend it for a few days."

Jing Lin did not speak. His current state is really not suitable for practice.

At this moment, Lele called them from below: "Uncle, not Uncle."

Jing Lin and Yan Fei's combat training place has always been the top floor of Jing Lin's house. Don't watch Lele when practicing at ordinary times. After all, they are serious and afraid of scaring children. So basically, Lele is either playing with ducks or being taken by Zhao Chenghuai and his wife.

Hearing Lele's cry, Jing Lin got up and stood on the guardrail looking down. He saw Lele looking up with her head tilted back. "What's the matter?"

Lele said excitedly, "Duck, it has caught many snakes."

Scene in a listen to face changed, word ran downstairs, Yan Lu also hurriedly follow down.

Once downstairs, Jing Lin saw a pile of colorful snakes in the yard. In the morning, the water pipes would be frozen. Now the temperature is so low, these snakes suddenly appeared in the yard did not move.

Fear of snakes seems to be inherent in human nature. Jing Lin was no exception. When duck saw Jing Lin coming out, he picked up a black snake and leaned towards Jing Lin. The snake was thrown around with its movements. Jing Lin hurriedly told him not to come over, looking at the duck that was still holding its head high and waiting for his praise, he felt a slight headache, "what are you doing back after catching the snake?"

From the point of view of the previous Quack, Lele's aesthetic is different from theirs. He is also standing beside the duck. He is not afraid of the snakes that make Jing Lin goose bumps. He answers Jing Lin for the duck: "Bring back the duck and give us some food!"

The duck put down the snake in its mouth and echoed the call twice.

It turns out that the duck will do this because of the scenery.

After Mimi's wound was healed, she would go to the mountain once a day and bring her prey back to the Sweet Tang family from time to time. It can be said that the food quality of the Tang sugar family has risen sharply, above the whole village.

Two days ago, I had dinner at Zhao Zhiwen's house. The meat was pickled crocodile meat, and I was tired of eating delicious food everyday. Jing Lin sighed with emotion: "It's nice to have a Mimi. The Sweet Tang family can eat fresh meat everyday."

Everyone knew that ducks knew human nature, but they didn't expect to hear it, so they took advantage of the winter to sneak out. Also don't know how it found, found a snake nest, is hiding in the hibernation of snakes to catch all back, not a left, the lair was served.

The duck sought praise from Jing Lin to prove that it was a big white goose that would only catch its prey for the host family and was no worse than that Mimi.

"Well, that's a good job." Jing Lin touched the duck's head and asked, "Are these all edible?"

After getting the duck's affirmative answer, Jing Lin looked at the pile of snakes and began to worry. At least there were about 20 of them. He didn't want to see such soft things, let alone get started.

At this moment Yan Fei dug out a shabby snakeskin bag from the debris room and put the snake into the bag with a poker. "show it to uncle Zhao and see if he can handle it."

Jing Lin looked at him. "Good."

When we arrived at Zhao's house, Zhao Zhiwen was not at home. It was estimated that Zhao Chenghuai was playing with Yan Lu. Zhao Chenghuai was helping Zhou Yuli with wool. Hearing Yan Fei coming with a bag of snakes, he immediately put the wool aside, opened the bag and looked inside. He was happy: "Good stuff."

Jing Lin said, "Uncle, will you handle it?"

"Of course." Zhao Chenghuai said, "When I was a child, my family was poor, and my elders liked to catch snakes. When I was a child, I ate a lot."

These snakes caught by ducks are all common in the vicinity. Most of them are not poisonous, and some of them are not very poisonous. Zhao Chenghuai chopped down all the snakeheads and threw them away. He dug out the snake gall and soaked it in wine, then scraped the skin and boned it.

Not long after, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu also came. When Zhao Zhiwen saw the snake meat being processed, he excitedly followed him to help. He used to eat snake soup many times when he was working in G province. He still remembers the taste.

In the evening, Zhao Chenghuai personally cooked the snake soup that Zhao Zhiwen longed for, and also cooked the snake soup. Everyone was satisfied with it except that Jing Lin was unable to swallow it.

Of course, duck, a master snake catcher, also got a bowl of snake soup and a large bowl of snake soup.

When I came home at night, Lele and Yan Fei were playing monkey hug. Lele looked very happy and rode around Yan Fei's neck laughing and laughing all the way. Jing Lin followed the two men, the in the mind have a kind of indescribable chemistry mood is spreading.

In the evening, Jing Lin took a bath and sat on the bed to meditate.

He has only now reached the second level of the mental skill of Gan Kun's articles, which is much slower than that of the original articles. However, at each advanced level, his meridians will be widened a little, his physical fitness will be better and better, and his time to fight will be longer and longer. With so many injuries on his body before, it is reasonable to say that he must be cultivated for at least one or two months, and the result will be better in more than ten days. This is all because of his mental training. Moreover, his eyesight is much better than before. He no longer relies on glasses to see things. He has returned to the normal level. I believe that as long as he continues to practice, his eyesight will become even worse than that of Li Feiyu.

At the end of the routine practice, Jing Lin was about to lie down when his heart suddenly moved and he let go of his knowledge.

The scope of his divine knowledge has increased a lot, and he has been able to cover the whole building inside. He has put his divine knowledge into Yan Fei's house, despising his practice of looking at people * in his heart, but he really wants to know what Yan Fei is doing now.

A kerosene lamp was still burning in the room. Yan Fei was half lying on the bed covered with a quilt. in front of him was a black scarf, the one he knitted when he was learning to knit a sweater. Don't know what he was thinking, his eyes looking at some nihilistic point, hand touching the scarf. Suddenly he seemed to feel something, looked up and looked at the direction of his view."Ah Lin?"

Shu, god is back.

Yan Fei has practiced the same mental method. Although the progress is not as good as that of Jing Lin and the divine knowledge is not yet available, his five senses are much more sensitive. Jing Lin's divine knowledge seems to go unnoticed, but Yan Fei can still feel the feeling of being watched.

Yan Fei could almost imagine the chagrin of Jing Lin after he found it. He chuckled happily. Then put the scarf on the bed head, put out the oil lamp and went to sleep.

However, the discovered Jing Lin had a fever on his cheek at the moment. Knowing that Yan Fei could not see him now, he buried himself in the quilt like a thief, and dared not come out for a long time. He said that other people * could not spy on him, which was discovered by the party concerned, so embarrassing.

The next day, Jing Lin just opened the door and came out, just opposite Yan Fei also got up. When the two met, Yan Fei smiled at him. Jing Lin was too guilty to look at him and hurried to the bathroom "early".

Yan Fei followed up, leaning on the edge of bathroom door and looking at the scene in which he bowed his head and brushed his teeth, smiled, "Why? Dare not look at me today? Fortunately, I didn't do anything strange last night, or you would have seen me. wouldn't you have dared to leave the house today?"

Are big men, this "strange thing" was Yan Fei said in a tone of playing tricks on, Jing Lin almost seconds to understand. At that time blush with shame.

Yan Fei laughed: "Even if you saw what I did last night, it was me who blushed with embarrassment."

On the whole, it was his fault. Jing Lin stopped brushing his teeth and washing his face, ignoring Yan Fei.

Yan Fei was afraid of making people angry again, so he didn't continue. He didn't go in until Jing Lin finished washing.

When Yan Fei came out, Jing Lin was squatting by the side of the vegetable plot with tomatoes.

Yan Fei walked over and squatted beside him: "What's the matter?"

Jing Lin was still a little uncomfortable with his approach, but he tried not to show it. He stretched out his hand and pointed, "Look, it's the result."

Yan Fei's eyes stayed on his fingers for a moment, then looked down and saw a small red fruit hidden in the middle of several long-hung flower buds. If it weren't for its conspicuous color and small size, it wouldn't be visible at all.

Tomatoes are light-loving and warm-loving. Plants will stop growing when the temperature reaches 10 degrees. On such a cold day, if it had been before, tomatoes would surely have frozen to death. However, the growth status of the tomatoes of Yan Fei's family and the two tomatoes moved from Jing Lin at that time has not changed. The leaves are still green and the hanging buds do not fall or blossom.

I didn't see any movement before. I didn't expect the cold weather to begin to bear fruit, and unlike the immature green fruits of previous tomatoes, this result is red.

"As long as it starts to bear fruit, it will prove that it has been growing," Jing Lin said. I just don't know how long it will take to mature and what it will look like when it matures.

I can only look at it again.

That a few strains of pepper have been in the results, Jing Lin has picked a lot of down, leaving a lot of pepper seeds.

After breakfast, the three went out of the door to the Zhao family.

When the three men arrived at Zhao's house, a water pipe was taken out from the backyard in Zhao's front yard. Zhao Zhiwen was taking plastic gloves and a brush to brush the mud on sweet potatoes in a large basin. Zhao Chenghuai brushed Zhao Zhiwen clean again and washed it again with clear water, then handed it to Zhou Yu to cut into small pieces and put it in a clean basket on one side. After all is finished, they will be pulled together to the processing station and ground into powder by stone mill.

After the temperature got cold, I was afraid of freezing the sweet potatoes in the field. Before planting rape, all the sweet potatoes in Zhao Zhiwen's house had been dug out and had been preserved for more than a month. The sweet potatoes became very sweet. In the past, all sweet potatoes in his family were sold except for cooking for himself. The city people liked this, and they could sell it for a little more than a pound each year. There is no place to sell this year and there is no cellar, so I will feed the bad ones to the pigs. I will pick out the good ones. Some of them will be cooked and dried into dried sweet potatoes. Some of them will be ground into flour, which can be used as starch or vermicelli.

In previous years, starch or potato chips were bought and eaten directly, and ordinary people did not love that god. They all like to use starch to tenderize meat such as fried meat here. Meat without starch is usually stuffed with teeth. Few people like to eat it. So if you don't cook it yourself this year, you won't have to eat it.

"Here we are." At the sight of Jing Lin, Zhao Zhiwen didn't mention it. He threw out a pair of plastic gloves that had been prepared early to make room for Jing Lin. They both took sweet potato brushes together. The water has just been pumped up from the bottom of the well. It feels warm at first, but it will soon become icy cold. As Zhao Chenghuai gets older, even if he wears plastic gloves, he can't stand his hands touching the water for a long time. So the scene in the follow busy, Yan Lu also went up and took the Zhao Chenghuai work.

In the morning, all the sweet potatoes were ready. In the afternoon, I borrowed a horse from Yan Fei's family, pulled the sweet potato pieces to the processing station, ground them, and then pulled them back. I used gauze to filter out the starch. After removing impurities, I had to precipitate several times. I shoveled out the caked starch and put it into clean white cloth. I hung it up to dehydrate it. The dried starch pieces can be dried in the sun. After drying, it is the sweet potato starch sold in the general market.

Because it takes a long time to precipitate each time, this procedure alone takes two or three days, which is also a complicated project in general.

As for dried sweet potatoes, it is convenient to choose a warmer weather. Wash the sweet potatoes and steam them in a pan. The steamed sweet potatoes cannot be too raw or too soft. Peel and cut them into pieces after leaving the pan. Then just dry them well.

On this day, several people were peeling steamed sweet potatoes from Zhao's house when Li Fei-Yu suddenly ran up, "brother Yan, brother Lin, go and have a look. thieves have entered the village again!"

A few people looked at each other. why is there another thief in the village?

The thief was discovered by Wang Junda. He was looking at how the rape was growing in the field, because the nearby wheat fields were covered with plastic films of different colors. He was blocked when squatting in the field. So just sneak in a thief didn't see Wang Junda, was he to sneak attack from behind, it's a pity that the thief is too alert, skill is very flexible, and Wang Junda scuffled with a few times, kicked Wang Junda and ran away.

When Jing Lin and his colleagues arrived at Ma Renshan's house, they heard Wang Junda say: "Only that one entered the village, but when he escaped, I also saw several people jumping out of the woods in the distance. I can't see clearly from too far away, but there were at least seven or eight people."

Zhao Shaogan said: "According to Wang Ge, only one person entered the village. It seems that the other person came to touch the terrain."

"Fortunately, they were found at the entrance of the village today. Otherwise, another seven or eight people would sneak in, and I don't know what would happen."

The last time Jing Lin's family had an accident, although Jing Lin's injury alerted everyone, the most important thing was throwing people to feed the fish. It was life after life, and many of them had sent them to the fish mouth with their own hands. The shadow is still there.

"I've always been concerned by thieves. I can't do it like this. I can't live in peace."

"I don't know where those people came from, and if I do, I can come to warn them."

"Why don't we fix the fence?" Ma Chunjian suggested, "It's not a thing to be always remembered, so anyone can touch the village."


"Block the road at the entrance of the village and leave a door for everyone to enter and leave normally."

"It's not enough to just block the road. You can still come in along the shorter hillside."

"Then we will encircle all the fields in our village and build a row of walls to form a small world."

"then this is a big project. regardless of where we go to find the concrete bricks, we have found that it will take several days to move them just by manpower."

Ma Renshan knocked on the cigarette rod on the ground: "It is also impossible. For everyone's safety and for the sake of the village, we have to work harder."

After listening to everyone's discussions, Jing Lin stood in the corner. although he didn't speak, he agreed with everyone.

The family was attacked that night, and I learned from the bad people that the crops in their village had stopped growing. Jing Lin also saw the things planted on the balcony of Uncle Qu. The situation was the same. In the village, since he arranged the gathering array, as he began to grow normally, he could eat off-season vegetables on thin films, and the living standard of the big guy seemed to return to the troubled times. Although everyone has doubts about this situation in the village, but everyone knows the importance of this matter, Ma Renshan privately ordered that night not to speak out, everyone's mouth is still relatively tight. There has only been one Li Guihua in the village recently, and then there is the thief just discussed. Fortunately, the village entrance is covered with thin-film wheat fields and rape fields. The vegetable field in the village is on the other side. As long as you don't go there, you won't find any abnormalities in their village.

If the wall is built later, then anyone who wants to enter the village will have to go through the approval of the villagers, so that everyone will have time to make preparations.

While they were discussing here, on the road far away from Jing Lin's village, a dozen people were walking and talking: "Yang Er, I can't find Shi Lei. What should I do now? Can't they really have an accident?"

Yang Er's real name is Yang Xiaolong, the second in the family. His eldest brother Yang Dalong went out to work with Shi Lei in the same village more than ten days ago. He also remembered that before his brother and several people in Shi Lei set off, everyone thought that the trip was easy and successful because he learned that the family he was going to steal was a single man with a child. He had already celebrated in advance. As a result, they did not expect that their families had been waiting at home for half a month and had not seen anyone. All of them had not returned. His brother used to be away from home, and it was normal not to come back for five or six days after working with Shi Lei. But it is not normal to go out for half a month and not come back.

Some people in the village did not like what his brothers did. Some gloated that they must have been eaten by animals outside, but he did not believe it. So I found a few people, all the family members of those who worked with Shi Lei, and came all the way to Jing Lin's village to inquire about the situation. Because he was afraid of attracting more attention, the others were waiting not far from the entrance of the village. He entered the village alone. I didn't expect to have such a slight back, but he was found just after entering the village. Fortunately, he escaped tactfully.

Yang Er rubbed his wrist, which had been bruised and bruised when he was wrestling with Wang Junda, and his eyes gleamed with Yinzhi. "Either my brother and they temporarily changed their mind that night and didn't go to the village, or they went there, and the result was found and the other party killed them with ruthless determination."

Hatred slowly rose in Yang Er's eyes. No matter whether his brother was the result, he was bound to arrest the villagers and ask them.

After the village agreed to build the wall, the rest was to find the supply of goods.

Basically, everyone knows that there is a brick factory not far from Huangtai Town. The brick factory has been in existence for more than 20 years. During this period, it has stopped working intermittently. It was also because an earthquake knocked down half of the chimney. However, it has been in good operation in recent years.

When they passed Huangtai Town, they saw a lot of red bricks in the brick factory. Now they can't eat it and nobody wants it. No one should say anything when they pull back.

The source of the brick has been found, and we really don't know where there is anyone near the cement factory.

Jing Lin said: "There must be buildings under construction in the city. Let's visit those construction sites and we will definitely find them."

"Yes, yes, this is unexpected."

Most people in the village have to go out to pull red bricks, and the safety of those who stayed in the village, which had never been considered before, has also begun to be raised. Finally decided to let Mimi be responsible for the security of the village. The three kittens also said they would take part in it. There were also ducks raised by Lele. The big white goose had a strong territorial consciousness. Once it entered the territorial scope delineated by it, its voice sounded louder than anyone else. By the way, the duck was also asked to bring back its Quack. The predatory tongue was unusually strong.

Like them, Cao Sanye also wanted to build the wall.

Early in the morning, Jing Lin and his team met Cao Sanye's motorcade on the way. Hearing that Jing Lin and his team were going to the brick factory in the town, they smiled and said, "I was trying to find a time to inform you. I didn't expect to come together, so I was not required to run again."

"What's the matter?" Jing Lin asked.

Cao Sanye said, "Do you know Qingluo County next door? I have a brother who came to me from over there and told me that several forces in that area are joining forces to levy a protection fee of 2,000,000 pounds per household per year on subordinate villages. A lot of villages refused to give up, all resisted and many people died."

Every household has 2,000,000 pounds a year, which is simply drinking other people's blood! The autumn harvest has been reduced and there is no hope of watching it in the coming summer. If the lion opens his mouth like this, it will be tantamount to forcing people off the road.

Speaking of this, Cao Sanye was a little embarrassed and disdainful: "Although I used to live on the protection fee, I was also a squeeze party, but every household I lived in was about 200 pounds a year, and I also helped the nearby residents to get rid of the threatened mutating plants and animals. This reward would not be too much for them to have a safe environment. But for those people, if they only receive grain, they will not do anything; if they receive grain, they will leave, and then they will turn a blind eye to it. what is the difference between them and robbery?"

Big fellas are not happy when listening. shouldn't people unite to help each other at this time? Even if you can't help each other, you shouldn't harm others.

Yan Fei asked, "Is that why you want to build the wall?"

"Yes, by the way, prevent variation of animals and plants. What about you?"

"Two thieves have entered our village."

"It needs repairing." Cao Sanye sighed, "Grain is life these days."

After Xie Jia village, the motorcade was too noisy, and many people lifted the curtains on the second floor to look out.

Xie Shu saw several acquaintances in Jing Lin and knew that they might be looking for something again. he rushed to Yan Fei and shouted, "what are you doing?"

Yan Fei said, "Go out and pull some bricks and go back to build the wall."

Xie Shu's eyes lit up: "Wait for me and we'll be right back."

Jing Lin couldn't help laughing, this Xie Shu eighty percent has been waiting for them.

Soon Xie Shugu's shutter door was pulled open. The brothers rode a tricycle by themselves, and the two hostess followed.

The crowd continued to walk. Xie Shu was riding beside Yan Fei and Jing Lin. he said, "it is good for everyone in your village to be all-hearted and dare to go anywhere. You don't know, when it was dawn today, a big white snake slipped past the road in our village, and many people were even more afraid to go out."

The sight of snake is uncomfortable and frowns beside it.

Yan Fei asked, "Big White Snake? How big is it?"

Xie Shu's wife stretched out her hand and gesticulated. She was still frightened: "It's thicker than my waist. In the morning, I opened the curtain and moved around the window, watching it slide past me. It also turned to look at me and scared me not to move."

Xie Shu's wife belongs to the kind of person who is thin, but she is tall, so her skeleton is also big, thicker than her waist, and at least more than two feet.

"Which way is it going?" Jing Lin paid attention to the key points.

"Just in the direction you came."

If other people's heads hurt, it does not mean that their piece is not safe. However, Jing Lin put some snacks. There was a big mullet in the village, at least not worried that the big white snake would break into the village.

Xie Shu said: "I also discussed with my brother the other day to move some bricks back and build a wall in the front yard. Asked several households in the village, no one is willing to go. When I told you about the big white snake, people who had originally thought about it did not dare to go out."

Xie Shu was right in saying this. They were waiting for Xie Shu in Jing Lin for a few minutes. Those who heard the news, if they wanted to go, would come out by car. It would take less than a few minutes. It's a pity that only Xie Jia's two brothers came out in the end.

Cao Sanye said, "Then all the people in your village are scared like this. How did you do it during the autumn harvest?"

Xie Shu gave a wry smile: "If you don't receive food, you will starve to death. If you don't want to come out again, you still have to come out. There is no choice."

There is a road in the middle of Xie Jia village, with houses on both sides and fields behind the houses on both sides. At the beginning of the autumn harvest and the planting after the autumn harvest, the big guy was nervous, and many people were suffering from a disease.

Cao Sanye said, "I frighten myself." In his opinion, it is totally unnecessary to be afraid of this. Everyone will die. The big deal is to die earlier than others, and perhaps to be relieved after death than to struggle hard. However, this is the way people face unknown terror, so he understands these people.

After passing the former fork, the motorcade went to Huangtai Town. Halfway there, it saw a middle-aged man and a 17-or 18-year-old boy loading a pile of loose dirt on the roadside into a damaged car in front of their own door. Someone asked curiously, "What are you two doing?"

The boy said, "Make a house for my baby Qiu."

The man didn't hear clearly and asked, "What baby?"

Just now, when my son answered these people, the man who was supposed to be the father did not stop him. Seeing that his son wanted to talk again, he gave him a hand. But it was already late. I saw the pile of soil they were shoveling suddenly move. Something was moving up and down. Then suddenly the soil layer burst. A dark object emerged from the soil. Its thick body stood up. It was facing the person asking the question. Two black peas blinked at each other and looked at each other. They were curious about the appearance of the baby.

"Ahhh!"The man was so frightened that he fell off the car seat.

The curious baby seemed to be startled too. He turned and ran behind the boy. Then he leaned out of his head carefully and stared at the crowd, blinking.

"This is . . ."  Everyone looked at the things hiding behind the boys, like snakes and not like, slightly familiar.

The boy patted the curious baby on the head and said, "It is a mutant earthworm. It has little courage. Don't frighten it."

"Earthworms?" Jing Lin looked at it and it seemed to be a large earthworm, but the earthworm had no eyes, so he was not sure at the moment. However, it is not surprising that earthworms have eyes when animals mutate.

Yan Fei looked at the thick piece of earth arched by earthworms and said thoughtfully, "It seems that the soil is very loose."

"Yes!" The boy said proudly, "baby Qiu can loosen the soil quickly. one acre of land can be done in an hour."

People were surprised that it was really super fast. I think at the beginning they just let loose and were half dead. This large earthworm looks a little scary, but it is very practical. when they all left, the boy's father said unhappily, "what did you say to them so much? Not afraid of them playing Qiu baby's idea?"

Boys don't care: "They are all ordinary human beings. How can they beat Qiu babies?" However, he touched Qiu Baobao, who was always around him, and smiled and said, "Qiu Baobao, wouldn't you say so?"

Qiu baby crooked head, originally only two black Doudou eye head, eyes suddenly opened a mouth below, a bright smile to his master, a row of white teeth in the sparkling.

Jing Lin finally arrived at Huangtai Town, and then they all went down a slope into the factory.

Rows of red bricks were lined up on the open ground, which was still littered with debris due to the earthquake. A car was parked in front of a square team and the red brick square team closest to the slope began to move first.

The villagers moved continuously for more than ten days before they had enough red bricks. Cao Sanye, they also moved for so many days. In principle, Cao Sanye's group of people should have better physical quality than those in their village, but with so many days coming, even Cao Sanye himself is too tired to go on. Besides being a little mentally weak, Jing Lin's side is much better than theirs.

Only a few of Jing Lin knew that this was the reason why he arranged the gathering of spirits. The villagers live in the spiritual array every day and eat the vegetables in the array. Although it is not like their special cultivation, the body washed out by aura is slowly changing, becoming stronger than before, and the hidden diseases in the body disappear.

For example, Zhao Chenghuai had the problem of cold leg pain, but this year the weather changed suddenly, he was not affected, and the pain that had tortured him before was gone. Zhou Yu's stomach used to suffer from stomachache and flatulence, but now this situation is gone. Zhou Feifei suffered from scapulohumeral periarthritis because she had to face the computer at work before. She has also recovered well.

In a word, as long as the spirit-gathering array is in place and they live in it, their bodies will become stronger and stronger. As long as there is no accident, longevity is not a problem.

Once the red bricks are done, the cement transportation will begin.

However, because everyone is very tired, so I rest at home for two days before going out. It was then that everyone remembered that the Chinese New Year was just a few days away.

"This Spring Festival has come unexpectedly." Zhao Zhiwen collapsed on Jing Lin's house's sofa and said bored.

In previous years, the Chinese New Year, there is still a month when the Chinese New Year atmosphere was fired up. This year, with less TV and less Internet, everyone is busy making a living and doesn't care about this at all.

The house burned a brazier with a few sweet potatoes buried in it. Jing Lin sat there studying the array of symbols. Yan Fei sat next to him and stared at the brazier. Yan Lu and Lele got together to read a martial arts novel, which Yan Lu borrowed from other small friends in the village. They were fascinated by it. There was no entertainment program now. A story book would be bored after reading it three times in a row, and they could turn it out and read it several times over time.

Yan Fei felt about the same. He took a poker and gently pulled it out of the brazier. He pulled out three sweet potatoes and took them to the eaves outside to gently drop the ash on them. Then he entered the room and handed one to Jing Lin. He gave Lele half of it and gave it to him to eat. He also reminded him to be careful about scalding his mouth.

There is no central heating and air conditioning in the room, the doors and windows are only half closed, and it is chilly. Jing Lin received Yan Fei's sweet potato and said thank you.

Sweet potatoes are still hot and warm in their hands in a short time. The ash on the skin has been cleaned up. Jing Lin tore off the soft skin and exposed the soft red hearts inside. The fragrance is also coming on my face. A bite is soft and sweet. After entering the belly, the skin is still hot and the whole body becomes warm.

Zhao Zhiwen watched the three men eating with relish and shouted, "Brother Yan, you also gave me a sweet potato. You can't discriminate against me just because I don't look as good as them. Are there any brothers?"

Jing Lin's face was a bit unnatural. Afraid of Zhao Zhiwen thinking much, he quickly picked up a poker and handed it to him.

"Ah Lin is still good to me!"Zhao Zhiwen rushed Yan Fei to cast a disdainful look, and then took it directly with his hands. As a result, he was so hot that he screamed out cheep. Jing Lin also panicked. He hurried over to see him."Are your hands all right?"

Zhao Zhiwen twisted with his teeth for a moment, then suddenly he smiled like a harmless person, throwing and catching the sweet potato that just made people think he was scalded to death into the air."My hand is unusual now. This temperature is not a thing at all." The longer he studied mental skills, the more his body seemed to change. For example, when he hit a mouse before, he broke some skin and his bones seemed to harden. Now he only felt the temperature of the roasted sweet potato just taken out of the brazier.

Jing Lin asked, "Do you have any other changes in your body?"

"I'm getting stronger and stronger." He fished up his clothes, revealing his abdominal muscles and boasted, "I have a few more abdominal muscles."

Scene in the deadpan oh.

Zhao Zhiwen cleaned the sweet potato, peeled off half of its skin and politely handed it to Yan Lu."Lulu, eat it."

Yan Lu was still immersed in the sea of books and couldn't extricate herself. When she smelled the sweet potato, she opened her mouth without lifting her head. Zhao Zhiwen hurriedly put the sweet potato into her mouth and let her bite successfully.

As if to serve the queen mother.

Yan Fei snorted coldly in his heart and removed his face-refusing to eat dog food.

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