Winter is getting shorter, and it's getting dark after five o'clock. Wooden sticks soaked in kerosene hung around the courtyard, and the beating flames made this piece extremely bright.

Yan Lu is sparring with Zhao Zhiwen in his hand kung fu. Jing Lin releases his mind and stands in a corner to move his body.

"How about it, is there any movement?" Yan Fei came over and warmed up by turning his body to prepare for the battle later.

Jing Lin shook his head: "Not yet."

Mimi was patrolling around the crowd with three kittens. Cao Sanye walked to Jing Lin and looked at Mimi enviously for a while, saying, "This big cat is really nice."

Jing Lin said, "This cat is raised by a little girl in the village. The relationship between the owner and the pet is very good."

"There is also a mutant Sanhua cat in the county seat, but that one is much more vicious."

Every cat has a different temperament, some relatives and some people are very wary of people. The mutated Sanhua cat in the county seat has turned the county seat into its own territory. No human being is allowed to enter the county seat. Once entering its territory without its consent, it will be regarded as an invasion. There are already many human beings who have been badly killed by cats in search of materials. The cat threw out the dead bodies of human beings after playing with them and did not eat them, allowing them to be dragged away and eaten by other mutated plants or animals. This is also a disguised warning to the residents around them.

Yan Fei said: "besides this cat, what other animals and plants are there?"

Cao Sanye: "The most severe one is a man-eating morning glory in the center of the city. It has been expanding its territory. Now the county seat has been divided into two large pieces by it from the middle. On the left is basically the area inhabited by human beings, and on the right is the range of activities of mutating animals and plants. As far as I know, in addition to morning glory and three-flower cat, there is also a blood python. However, the two territories are also being continuously driven and compressed by morning glory."

Speaking of which, Cao Sanye sighed helplessly: "There are also more than a dozen large and small forces in the county town, but compared with mutant plants, human beings are too weak and have different hearts. If the man-eating flowers are not eradicated, before the mutant animals are driven out of the city, the people who are still struggling in the county seat will be the first to be driven out. I'm afraid there will be no place to live."

"Is that morning glory really strong?" Jing Lin asked.

"You don't live nearby, so you don't know." Cao Sanye said, "wherever it goes, all the animals and plants that have changed, or the human beings that go in to look for materials, have become its nourishment, and no one dares to approach its territory any more. Fortunately, though its vines are strong, its roots are very weak and cannot penetrate through the soil. Otherwise, I'm really afraid of waking up in the middle of the night and suddenly finding a morning glory vine in my sleeping place."

"I think the people in the county are going to get rid of it, but everyone has not been pushed to the limit."

Just because there is still room for the turf to be compressed by morning glory, it's time to muddle along for a day, and then it's time to rebel.

In god's knowledge, the grass rustled in the distance, and a piece of dark things quickly moved to this side. Jing Lin shook his woodcutter and shouted, "Watch out, the mouse is coming!"

The people who were already on guard immediately besieged a defensive ring back to back. The ring of fire was lit, and the people standing inside were also holding the weapons in cold sweat.


A cat-sized mouse jumped out of the grass, was nipped in the throat by Mimi, who had been lurking nearby, and gave it a good shake. Before it could get up, it was hit by an axe head and its brains were all cracked.

Yan Lu looked at the blood on the axe, face with disgust.

Before they could boast of her agility, a barrage of rats leaped out of the grass and cheeked into the crowd.

Jing Lin and the four of them had no feeling of sparring with each other at ordinary times, but when they got to the mice, they thought that the mice were very slow. Even if several of them attacked at the same time, they had full time to respond. Therefore, their skills are the most agile. The mice that pounce on them are all smashed by them with their weapons in the middle of their bodies. They are like playing tennis with ease.

Especially when the scene is blessed by divine knowledge, the movement is the smallest, but the rats killed by him are the most.

Cao Sanye stepped on a mouse with his foot and thrust his long knife into the mouse's body. Seeing the mouse struggling under the knife, he felt a flash of joy and wiped the blood on his face. He also had time to give Jing Lin a thumbs-up sign: "You are too good!"

He thought Yan Fei was the leader among them and must be the best one. I didn't think the scene that looked quiet was no worse than Yan Fei. the only girl's fighting capacity was above most of them, and the young man that looked like the girl's boyfriend was not slow either. sometimes he could kill the mouse with his fist before he could wield his weapon.

This a few people, fighting capacity is too tough.

A mouse rushed at Cao Sanye's front door when he was distracted, and was intercepted by the eagle-eyed Jing Lin. The woodcutter hit him hard on the head, and the smashed mouse fell to the ground and was killed by a Xiao Mao boy who came over next to him.

"Don't be distracted." Jing Lin said.

Cao Sanye recovered and broke out in a cold sweat. These mice were worse than the last time he met them in the city. The mask on his face had been torn by the mice, and the iron sheet had become warped outward. If Jing Lin had not helped him beat the mouse away just now, the mouse would have tackled him in the face, and at least he would have been bitten off a piece of meat.

"ah!" Cao Sanye a subordinate bellow. He was crushed to the ground and climbed at least seven or eight mice.

"Cao Ba!" Cao Sanye rushed over with a loud roar, but he was caught in the footsteps of rats coming one after another. He watched Cao Ba howl in pain on the ground, and Cao Sanye's eyes were red.

Others are also busy dealing with the mice that pounced on them, too busy to be busy, listening to Cao Ba's screams and pulling up the whole heart.

The place where Cao Ba fell was not far away from the fire circle of many villagers. Many people heard Cao Ba's howl of pain and hesitated for a few times. Finally, they overcame their cowardice in their hearts and rushed out with weapons and courage to lift the mice on Cao Ba.

The move was like a toppled multi-bone Naomi platoon. Several more people rushed out of the ring of fire to help Cao Ba. They beat the mice in a disorderly manner, even because they were too nervous to hit the mice for several times in a row, and finally Jing Lin rushed over to help kill the rats in that area.

"Thank you!" Cao Ba's iron sheet was almost bitten by rats, and his face was cut with blood. Just now he thought he would definitely be bitten to death, but he was saved by these villagers who looked very timid.

For the villagers hiding in the fire circle, Cao Ba did not respect them at first, which is why they always wanted to hide in the world. However, they were much better than those villagers who had already left. Although Cao Ba did not respect them, he could understand their feelings. Before the troubled times, they were all honest farmers. The cruelest thing they did was to kill chickens, ducks and pigs. These mice were so powerful that even Cao Ba and others were not unafraid at the beginning of the match. However, in order to get the reward for the task and live, one has to bite the bullet.

Thanks to Cao Ba, the villagers looked very happy. They looked at Cao Ba who was still alive and thought that they had done their part. The original feeling of being sincerely thanked for saving people was so pleasant. The mice looked as if they were not so horrible. As long as they kept their hands steady, they were accurate and not so difficult to deal with.

As a result, these people who came out of the ring of fire did not flinch back again. Even if their legs trembled with fear, they stood firmly in place and wiped out the rats that rushed at them. Those who were still hiding in the ring of fire came out slowly.

As for these people's changes, they are very happy to see it in their eyes. To protect the village, it is not enough to rely on a small number of people. These people have to stand up by themselves after all.

The skulls of these mice are very hard. Except for a few people in Jing Lin, it is almost impossible for others to kill a mouse at once. Nearly 200 mice, all of them joined in the battle, and it took more than two hours to kill the mice.

"Leave one alive." Jing Lin stopped the man who was going to kill the last mouse alive."Let it go and let Mimi follow and see if it will return to its old nest."

One leng, the man hurriedly put away the axe in his hand. Yes, even if he killed all the mice here today, who knows if there were any mice that didn't come to their hiding place.

Therefore, the people took a rest in the same place and watched the beaten and half-dead mouse stubbornly escape from the place. After it escaped for a while, Mimi quietly followed up smelling the air.

Cao Sanye, they are ready to take medicine for injuries. Everyone helped each other to take medicine, and their faces were relaxed. This time they won by a wide margin, only a few people were seriously injured, and none of them died, which was completely beyond their expectation. This time there were more mice than last time, but compared with the last time they suffered heavy losses, this battle was almost perfect for them.

And this time it will be so perfect, which is largely the reason why the four of them are here.

After gathering the dead mice and burning them with gasoline, Cao Sanye took a lot of wound medicine to the villagers in Jing Lin's village. he thanked them and said, "my brothers are all alive, thanks to you. You are much better than I thought, and none of the people I have met so far can match you."

Of the four, only Zhao Zhiwen suffered some injuries, but not bites. He smashed the mouse with his fist and his hands were red and swollen. The villagers also gathered together. Because they had no experience, most of them were bitten and twisted with their teeth. They were drugged, but they said that the fighting had made them feel comfortable and happy.

However, some people were worried and asked, "Is it okay if the mouse is so dirty and bitten?"

Zhao Zhiwen's disgusting expression on his face was even heavier. God knows that he actually took his fist to touch the disgusting mouse and felt that he had to wash it with soap for at least 10 to 20 times.

"I don't think so." Cao Sanye also said with uncertainty, "Last time, many of my brothers, including me, were badly bitten, and eventually left scars. The others were fine."

However, this time the mice were more severe than the last one and obviously changed again, so Cao Sanye's answer was not very positive.

So the relaxed atmosphere just now became a bit dignified.

After waiting for more than half an hour, Mimi finally came back. Sweet Tang who could understand her didn't come, but Tang Hao could also understand Mimi roughly. So after she meowed a few times, Tang Hao explained to everyone: "She found the mouse hole and there is no big problem."

Just because there are no big problems does not mean there are no small problems. In addition to a few really hurt can't walk to stay, others have followed Mimi.

The route was very rugged and very far away. It was already dark for a long time. Everyone carried torches through large areas of farmland and followed Mimi to the distant hills. Mimi took half an hour to go back and forth, and it took them more than an hour to walk to the mouse hole Mimi found.

These mice are quite good at choosing places and have made holes in the top of the hill. The mouth of the cave is very large, beside which lie the bodies of several mice that have just died. It seems that Mimi killed them. There are a lot of mouse paw prints and a lot of blood around the mouth of the cave. The mouth of the cave is dug obliquely downward. As soon as it approaches the mouth of the cave, it smells of blood.

Mimi is the most advanced, then Cao Sanye, then Cao ba, then Jing Lin them.

The smell of blood became more and more strong. After walking to the end and seeing the situation at the bottom of the cave through the lighted candle, Cao Ba, who had been suffering, could no longer help spitting out.

I saw that the bottom of the cave was littered with mangled human bodies that had been bitten, and blood flowed all over the floor. The bodies were covered with palm-sized mice. Many of them were still hairless and were all newborn babies. They moved slowly on the corpse, with their eyes closed, but following their instinct, they opened their mouths and gnawed away.

Yan Fei walked in front of Jing Lin. he followed Cao ba, so he also saw the situation inside and his face turned white. then he turned and blocked the sight of Jing Lin and pushed Jing Lin back: "don't look, get out."

Knowing that the situation inside might be bad, Jing Lin didn't force it either. He turned and walked obediently, driving out Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen behind him, by the way.

Cao Sanye's condition is better, and he has endured not to spit it out, but he also dare not stare at it all the time. The gasoline brought together was evenly sprinkled on the corpse, and then it went outward. Finally, a candle stick was thrown in to ignite the pile of corpses.

Quickly out of the mouth of the cave, away from there, Yan Lu ruthlessly take a few deep breaths to slow down.

Cao Sanye said: "There are definitely more than 300 young rats. Fortunately, we followed and looked at them. Otherwise, there would be enough bodies to raise the young rats. Then we don't know what kind of disaster it will lead to."

There was a whiff of burnt meat at the entrance of the cave. One of Cao Sanye's brothers said, "Unfortunately, these mice all ate human flesh. Otherwise, if so many mice were taken back, the mice would have enough meat for the brothers to eat."

Others looked at him at the same time abandon the "yi", their side has always been no one eat rat meat.

When the fire at the bottom of the cave went out, the crowd checked to make sure there were no live mice, then they followed the route they had taken when they came back.

At this time, Cao Sanye told Jing Lin their real plan: "I have decided to take my brothers to live in this village."

Jing Lin frowned: "There are still living people in the village."

"I know." Cao Sanye said, I will not occupy all the houses and food until the living come back. I hope we can get along peacefully. Tomorrow I will ask my brothers to tidy up all the food and materials of the people in the village. I will separate half of them and let you and the people in your village take them away."

There was a commotion in the crowd, and when they heard that they could still get some food, everyone was glad that they stayed behind.

There are few people in this village. Even if Cao Sanye and his family do not live in, the house will only be empty. Cao Sanye is not a bad person. Most of his brothers seem to be good too. Outside the village, Jing Lin is hard for them to say anything.

Ma Mingliang pointed out his mother-in-law's house, leaving them empty. He also pointed out several houses one after another, saying that some of them had escaped. Cao Sanye and others skipped these houses when they moved in.

It's getting late, and many people are already very tired. Jing Lin followed Ma Mingliang to live in Li Guihua's house, and the rest chose neighboring houses to live in, barely making do for one night.

Although I was not injured, I had some contact with mice. I could not stand sleeping like this. I burned several pots of water and everyone took a bath before entering the selected room.

The Li Guihua family also moved into other villagers, so apart from Yan Lu, it is impossible for others to live alone. At last Zhao Zhiwen and Ma Mingliang slept in one room, Jing Lin and Yan Fei slept in one room, and the others were all in free association with themselves. Mimi brought three kittens into Yan Lu's room.

Yan Fei was behind. When he entered the room, Jing Lin was sitting cross-legged on the bed in a thin sweater and meditating.

The surroundings are very quiet, and the breath in Jing Lin is very quiet, because Yan Fei can feel the flow of aura around him when he is near Jing Lin while practicing the same mental skill.

He stood in front of Jing Lin and looked down at him.

Look at his slender fingers on his knees, at his slightly undulating chest due to gentle breathing, at his long eyelashes in silhouette due to his drooping eyes, his rather warped nose, and his thin closed lips.

This is the person in front of him, the person he likes, and the other party knows nothing about this kind of love.

Yan Fei looked at it for a moment, and found Jing Lin's eyes were shaking gently. He paused and suddenly leaned close to Jing Lin's face . . .

Jing Lin immediately opened his eyes.

Yan Fei's half-way movement also stopped instantly. As long as he moved a little further, he could kiss the lips of Jing Lin. The two men looked at each other for a moment, and looked at Jing Lin's eyes. Yan Fei suddenly smiled: "What are you thinking?"

"What did you . . . just want to do?" Jing Lin didn't answer, ask him. Yan Fei's warm breath was sprayed on his face when he was talking, which made him very uncomfortable. He was at a loss for a moment and then leaned back.

Now when he is practicing, he will open his mind to two purposes and exercise his mind intentionally. So Yan Fei knew as soon as he entered the room, and he also knew that the other party stared at him for a long time. The heat in his eyes seemed to fall on him for a long time.

What if I didn't open my eyes just now? Will Yan Fei continue to gather together?

Did he just want to kiss himself? But he is a man, and then scene in hindsight think of Yan Lu is like a man, he also finally found Yan Lu eyes hidden in the different.

Yan Fei straightened up, climbed into bed from Jing Lin's side, got into bed and lay on the pillow before looking at Jing Lin: "what do you think I wanted to do just now?"

In the scene there is a moment of speechless. He can't tell his guess.

The room was quiet for a while.

At last Yan Fei said, "Go to sleep, it's very late." Said, the body sink, closed his eyes, quilt cover only show a head.

Jing Lin sat on the edge of the bed for a while, then blew out the candle, slowly climbed up the bed, uncovered the quilt and lay down on the edge of the bed, there is still some distance across Yan Fei. Because there is only one quilt, the wind has been leaking between two people who are a little far apart.

In the darkness, Yan Fei said, "It's very cold, can you sleep in?"

So Jing Lin moved a little bit in silence, then Yan Fei came up and put it on his back."I like men. Do you see it?" Although Jing Lin closed his eyes just now, he saw his eyelids quiver and knew Jing Lin already felt his approach. Just now, when I was close to Jing Lin, I wanted to steal a kiss from him. He did it on purpose. Of course, he really wanted to do it.

Yan Fei likes men and learned this from Zhou Feifei before the scene came. He was surprised by Yan Fei's ambiguous behavior. At that time, he even breathed lightly. He hesitated for a moment, then said, "You . . . to me?"

"I am very fond of you. In other words, I like it very much."

". . ."  This is not the first time in his life that he has been vindicated, but it is definitely the first time that he has been vindicated by a man.

Seeing that Jing Lin did not respond, Yan Fei felt a little uneasy. He steadied himself and asked, "O Lin, do you hate me?"

Hearing Yan Fei's uneasiness, Jing Lin said seriously, "No, I don't hate you."

I can only say that he was shocked. He also saw some pictures of same-S*x hugs on Weibo before. After the initial curiosity, he felt nothing when he saw them again. I read a lot online, but this is my first contact in real life, and this person is Yan Fei, a friend who is getting closer and closer to him.

Just now, this man wanted to steal and kiss himself.

Yan Fei felt the stiffness of Jing Lin's body and sighed silently. He whispered: "Don't worry, I won't do anything to you until you agree."

The window paper was punctured by Yan Fei unilaterally, revealing what had happened inside the scene with a panicked face. But Yan Fei relaxed a lot, at least Jing Lin knew he had ideas for him and had no feelings of dislike. Maybe it came too suddenly, so Jing Lin was still shocked and did not return to absolute being.

As long as Jing Lin doesn't hate himself, he has everything to say, no hurry, he has plenty of time.

What is someone else's bed, plus just know Yan Fei's mind to oneself, Jing Lin didn't fall asleep until after midnight. In the daily fighting with Yan Fei, their bodies never stopped touching. His body has adapted to Yan Fei's approach. when he is awake, he can still keep a distance. once he falls asleep, he will unconsciously approach Yan Fei.

Usually with Lele sleep, scene in the habitual hug Lele. Confused in the induction to the familiar breath, thought it was Lele, hand also reached out to hug Yan Fei's waist. But because he was shorter than Yan Fei, the two men who were close to him slept in a posture that looked like Yan Fei held Jing Lin in his arms.

"You sent it yourself." Yan Fei encircled Jing Lin's back and muttered in a low voice. His cheek rubbed on his hair for a while. He closed his eyes and was satisfied and soon fell asleep.

In the morning, Yan Fei was still asleep with his eyes closed. Jing Lin withdrew his hand on the other side in embarrassment, then his body shrank back, away from Yan Fei's arms.

"I think you can hug me a little longer." Yan Fei said suddenly that his open eyes did not contain any dim drowsiness, which showed that he woke earlier than Jing Lin.

Seeing the playful smile in the other person's eyes, Jing Lin quickly evaded the other person's eyes, got up from the bed, took his own clothes and began to wear, "get up, there are still many things to do today."

Looking at Jing Lin's back, which was a little deserted, Yan Fei rubbed his chin thoughtfully: "Is he shy?"

Well, that's a good discovery.

After leaving Li Guihua's house, many people have already got up and are now gathering in front of their door to discuss around a pile of grass on the ground.

"What is this?" Jing Lin asked.

"Mimi brought it back." A subordinate of Cao Sanye said.

"Is it?" Jing Lin waved to Mimi, who was lying in the corner playing with her cubs. "Mimi, what did you bring back for us to eat?" Because the villagers' stomach problems had been solved by the grass Mimi brought back, Jing Lin asked.

"Miho." Mimi lazily replied.

Tang Hao came out and said, "It would be quicker to crush this grass and attach it to the place bitten by rats."

At first, everyone was worried about whether the mouse was so dirty and bitten by it would be infected with any virus. Unexpectedly, Mimi understood everyone's worry so well and went out early in the morning to find the grass that could be prevented and treated.

As a result, the big guys were busy at once, and everyone distributed some grass, crushed it and smeared it on their hands.

"Why didn't I expect to have a pet before?" Some people said sadly.

Gao Changhui said: "It's a pity that my dog was strangled. If it were still alive, I don't know if it would be like Mimi."

In fact, Gao Changhui is not the only one who owns dogs in the village, but only Mimi and duck are mutated in domestic animals.

The people put herbs on the wound, the in the mind finally relieved a lot. With the dry food we brought, we managed to cope with breakfast and began to collect materials one by one.

The number of the second team is about the same as that of Jing Lin's village. There are more than 20 families. Apart from a few families who are still alive, each family has collected at least 3,000 catties of grain, which is a little more than 90,000 catties in total. Cao Sanye divided it into two parts so that Jing Lin could share it with the people in his village.

Jing Lin had fewer than 45 of them, and each of them could carry more than 1,000 catties, which was equivalent to the amount of autumn harvest before.

Li Feiyu couldn't believe it: "Can we really bring back so much food?"

"of course." Yan Fei said, "This is the reward you deserve for killing rats bravely."

Jing Lin thought for a moment and went over to discuss with Cao Sanye: "I want to plug a person into this village and give you half of the food I have received as a fee to accept him and half for his living."

Cao Sanye: "Who is it?"

"The old man who showed us the way that day."

Cao Sanye looked up and down at Jing Lin and said, "now that food is so scarce, are you willing to give up? You don't know him either."

"Just thinking of old friends." Jing Lin did not want to explain more, but asked Cao Sanye whether he agreed or not.

After living in the countryside, there must be many places to deal with Jing Lin. For example, we need to consult a lot just for farming. So Cao Sanye didn't object either. He took half of Jing Lin's grain and asked him to bring people here.

Jing Lin immediately breathed a sigh of relief. His personal ability is too weak for this troubled time. He can't save anyone. But every time I think of the small figure of the old man in the city these two days, Jing Lin felt a burst of sadness in my heart. Anyway, the food he got today was also free. He didn't lack food. In order to reassure himself, he came up with such a way.

The car was parked at the foot of the village last night, and the grain was distributed. The big guy happily moved the grain to the car. There is too much food, one trip is not enough, at least have to run four or five times, but food in hand, tired point what also don't care at all.

Jing Lin they pulled a wave of grain and left the second team. Cao Sanye took his brothers and began to clean up the house. when the house was cleaned up, they would go back to pull the belongings of the county seat.

The second team was half an hour away from Jing Lin's village. As soon as they entered the village, the big guy shouted out. They stayed out for a night, and those who stayed in the village also worried for a night. when they heard the noise at the entrance of the village, everyone ran out. After seeing everyone's car pulling a lot of food, one by one was also very surprised.

Yan Fei's family was the first in the village, Zhou Feifei and Yan Ruifeng were also the first to run out. Behind them were Zhao Chenghuai and his wife, as well as Lele and duck. They have been waiting for them since this morning.

"Why are there so many grains?" After talking to Yan's family, Zhao Chenghuai and Zhou Yu helped Zhao Zhiwen and Jing Lin push the car home, curious about the source of food, and asked if they had destroyed the mice.

"It's all gone." Jing Lin said a result, and then explained the source of food.

Zhou Yu was worried and asked, "Will others have any opinions?"

"What's your opinion?" Zhao Zhiwen said, "The second group of people who are still alive should thank us for helping them kill the mice, otherwise they will not be able to return to their homes and will not dare to go back to fetch their own food. As for the people in other villages, who told them not to take part in the fighting, but we fought with our lives, who dare to say anything."

After two days, Li Guihua's spirit has settled down. Ma Mingliang told her that the mice had been destroyed and the village was safe. Li Guihua immediately began to cry again, but this time with the joy of revenge.

Liu Suqin said, "Mom, why don't you move in with us?" Before, her mother lived alone, but at that time it was still a peaceful world. Now it is not possible. She is very afraid of her mother's accident. Like this time when Li Guihua narrowly escaped death, she still scared Liu Suqin to death. She had already passed with her parents-in-law yesterday. They were reasonable and agreed.

However, Li Guihua refused, and she also wanted to live with her daughter very much. However, this is the daughter's husband's family. It's easy to say that if you live together for a short period of time, friction is inevitable, which will hurt the feelings of the two families. It is difficult for the daughter to be caught in the middle. She said: "bright said not, what the third master with people will live in our village, there are many people, and not will bully people. Mom has food and land, so don't worry."

Li Guihua's concern is not that Liu Suqin does not understand, she repeatedly persuaded, Li Guihua did not agree, had to reluctantly give up.

When the villagers were transporting the second wave of grain, Li Guihua followed Ma Mingliang's car back to the village.

The villagers' houses have been occupied for a long time, but when they were attacked by rats, they fled for their lives, causing a lot of panic. They could live in them if they were placed in a small place. Cao Sanye took Li Guihua under an old willow tree in the village, pointed to a small earth bag there and said, "We burned the remains of the villagers together, and the ashes are buried here."

"It's been a long time, Third Master." Li Guihua wiped away his tears and thanked him, thinking that all the people he knew in the village were packed in such a small earth bag, which made him even more sad. But she also knows that I'm afraid only bones are burned. It is impossible to tell who is who. This is all right, crowded together, somehow have a companion.

Cao Sanye will take some of his brothers back to the county seat. Jing Lin will tell him the old man's address and ask him to bring the people down.

As a result, the first trip to Cao Sanye failed.

"anyway, I don't agree to come with us, saying I have to wait for my grandson at home." Cao Sanye was helpless. "I think you should go."

Hearing this, Jing Lin told Zhao Zhiwen that he would follow Cao Sanye to the city.

"I'll go with you." Yan Fei put down a bag of millet that had been moved to the car, came over and looked at Jing Lin and said.

"No." Jing Lin is always a little embarrassed with Yan Fei now." I'm with Third Master and they are safe on the road."

Yan Fei saw that Jing Lin was avoiding him. It's hard to talk now because there are so many people. He doesn't want to put too much pressure on Jing Lin. He can only take a deep look at Jing Lin. "Then be careful on the road." Then he turned around and stopped looking at Jing Lin to help Zhao Zhiwen move things.

Jing Lin stared at Yan Fei's busy back for a moment, then turned to Cao Sanye and said, "let's go."

In the county seat, Cao Sanye sent Jing Lin to the old man's neighborhood downstairs and returned to the driving school on Hechuan road, agreeing to meet at the fork in an hour.

The village where the old man lives has been a little old. The stairway can only allow two people to enter and leave at the same time. Last time they sent the old man back once, so they still remember the floor where the old man lived.

Jing Lin knocked on the door, and it took a while before he heard the alert voice inside: "Who is it?"

Jing Lin: "Uncle, it's me."

The old man recognized Jing Lin's voice and quickly opened the door, "young man, it's you!"

The old man opened the door and let Jing Lin enter the room. "yesterday, Mr. San said he would take me to the countryside. did you let them come?"

"It's me." The last time I only took the old man to the door and left, I don't know what the house looked like. He looked at the room briefly. The balcony was covered with mud and film. Nothing grew out of it. There were some weeds on the table against the wall. There was also a water tank beside it. The water inside looked not very clean. The city was out of water and I didn't know where the water came from. In an open room, there is a wood stove and a coal stove at the entrance, along with many dried grass roots and branches, and several honeycomb briquets.

The smell in the room is not good.

Jing Lin said: "Why don't you go with them? When you go to the countryside, there are three masters and they look after you. It's much safer and more convenient than living here alone."

"I want to wait for my grandson." The old man said stubbornly, "If he comes back one day and cannot find me, he will be worried."

Jing Lin understood the old man's worries and patiently advised, "You can leave him a note. When he comes back, he will naturally come to you when he sees the note."

The old man didn't speak, still don't agree.

Jing Lin continued: "You don't know when your grandson will return. Your physical quality is here. You continue to live here. Do you think you can wait until he returns after eating weeds everyday?"

The old man's hand trembling behind him looked up at Jing Lin and his eyes were a little red. Because of long-term malnutrition, his health is as bad as ever. He has recently been worried whether he can wait for his grandson to return and see him again.

Jing Lin said: "You and I went back to your hometown. I have stocked you with hundreds of catties of food, which can make you eat every day. Then I will give you an acre of land to move your body and keep your body well, so that your grandson can see a healthy you when he comes back. Isn't that good?"

The old man looked at Jing Lin unintelligible: "We only met for the third time after counting this time. Why do you plan to be so good for me?"

Jing Lin smiled and said: "Because I was brought up by my grandfather, just like I was always worried about my poor food and clothes outside, I was also worried about him. Seeing you reminds me of my grandfather. I think your grandson outside should feel the same way as me."

The old man was somewhat relaxed, but still hesitated: "but, I can't take your food." This is no different from eating rice. The old man can't do such a thing.

"I can give you an iou, and when your grandson comes back, give him the iou and let him return it." In fact, Jing Lin really doesn't care about the 1,000-odd kilos of grain, just for his own peace of mind.

"Then . . . I'll write you an iou right now." The old man said, finally agreed.

After writing the IOU, the two sides signed their respective signatures and inked their fingerprints. Then Jing Lin and the old man started packing all the things they could take away.

The old man didn't have much food left. At the beginning, the power went out and all the bank machines couldn't work. He didn't have much cash on him. He bought a total of more than 100 catties of rice. He had been saving food for several months, and his stomach was not full. The rest was only a dozen catties. Jing Lin packed him some utensils and some honeycomb briquet.

At the appointed time, he wrote a note to the grandson of the old man and left it in the room. Jing Lin and the old man went downstairs, put the things in the car, and the old man pushed the car toward the fork. When they came out of the village, they also met several aunts who came back from picking weeds. They were also sallow and emaciated. They were also accompanied by a three-or four-year-old girl. Because they were too thin, their eyes bulged out, making them look extremely large and pitiful.

Jing Lin did not dare to look at it, and quickly looked away.

"Uncle Qu, where are you going?" Asked an aunt who knew the old man.

"Go to a friend's house."

They looked at Jing Lin and saw that he was tall and had long legs. His face was white, and his clothes were neat and clean. He looked healthier than the members of the force squad in the county seat. He clearly did not suffer.

Everyone envied them. They all had an impression of Uncle Qu's grandson. They had never seen the young people in front of them. They all envied him: "Which friend of yours is so kind to you and has come to pick you up? Surely there is a lot of food in the family?"

This song big ye smiled and didn't answer, simple to deal with the two sentences, he urged the scene in the fast walking.

By the time they reached the fork, Cao Sanye and his men had been waiting for a while. when they saw the scene approaching, they set off without saying anything. They are very busy today. At least they have to make two or three trips to the county seat. It's almost dark.

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