The duck opened its wings and jumped over the crowd. It constantly flapped and interfered with the sight of a group of people. Its long neck angrily smashed at the crowd. Its seemingly fragile but hard mouth fell down, leaving traces of pain on people. Taking advantage of the short panic of those people, the duck took the group of people as pedals, jumped behind the crowd several times, and attacked the two people who were about to turn over the wall and go out.

And Quack has jumped in from the outside of the wall, its tongue rolled up, rolled up a person's calf, and then dragged the person down from the wall.

Jing Lin's movements here were not slow either. Before those people could react, he grabbed the forerunner's knee and violently pushed it against the other's abdomen. He heard the other's painful cry and was thrown into the wall.

The others attacked Jing Lin at the same time, almost everyone holding a knife.

Due to the sudden rise from the bed, Jing Lin was only wearing a little thick pajamas and was barefoot on the ground. The living room is too narrow. It is difficult to move when there are many people fighting. His arms, legs and back have been cut several times.

He felt cold all over, but his heart was ablaze. He must not let anyone pass by while he is standing in the place where he is standing. anyone who crosses this line will have to be beaten down before he risks being hurt by a knife.

When Yan Fei was woken up by the noise, he did not know whose house what had happened. It was not until he got out of the house that he heard the noise coming from the village center that he guessed that something might have happened to Jing Lin's house. At that time, his heart was thumped and he ran all the way out of the house in his pajamas. He lost one slipper on his feet. The road was not flat, but he didn't feel any pain when he stepped on it.

"Uncle! Come and save my uncle!"

When he ran to Jing Lin's house, he heard Lele crying in fear inside the wall.

"Lele!" Yan Lu shouted at the inside, and then stretched out his hand and pushed the next scene near the door.

"Not my uncle!" The knocking stopped and Lele cried even louder when she saw the savior coming.

"Get out of the way, I'm going to kick the door!" The door is a wooden door, locked from the inside. Yan Lu attached to crashed a few times, finally knocked the door open, at this time, Mimi carrying Sweet Tang arrived the second.

"Not my uncle!" Lele threw herself on Yan Fei, grabbed his skirts with both hands. It was as cold as ice and the whole people were trembling.

"Don't be afraid!" Yan Fei hastily touched his head, did not have time to comfort him, pushed Lele to Sweet Tang, and kicked himself to the door of the living room.

Tang Tang was caught by Mimi from the bed, only had time to wrap up a quilt. She saw Lele wearing pajamas and hurried down from Mimi, holding Lele in her arms and wrapping the two together with a quilt.

In the gate, the living room was in chaos, and several people were lying on the ground, some without sound, some with low moans of unconsciousness. Jing Lin was standing in the living room like a bloody man. The demon was dazed and pulled at a man. He shook his fist all the time. The other party had fainted and he still didn't let go.

Duck was jumping around beside him and seemed to be stopping him.

"Ah Lin!" Yan Fei felt a pain in his heart and rushed over to hold Jing Lin's waving hand again.

"ah!" Jing Lin let out a cry and turned his other hand to give Yan Fei a blow, which was also held by Yan Fei.

Yan Fei clasped the man in his arms, touched his head and comforted him: "it's all right, Ah Lin, it's all right, you knocked everyone down."

Jing Lin gasped in his arms, seemed to feel the familiar smell, finally gave up the struggle and quieted down. It took a while before he made a sound to confirm: "Ah Fei?"

"Ah Lin, it's me." Yan Fei took Jing Lin's face and the two men looked at each other under the dim candle light to let Jing Lin see his face clearly.

"Where is Lele?"

"Lele is fine, he is safe."

"Ah Lin!" Zhao Zhiwen rushed in from the outside and saw the blood-covered scene in Yan Fei's arms. He got a fright. "Where are you injured?"

Yan Lu this just feel his hands sticky, hands are full of Jing Lin blood. He is also afraid at the moment, hurriedly loosen the scene.

People who were awakened in the village came one after another. Everyone was carrying oil lamps to brighten the scene. No one expected that someone in the village would be robbed. Some people helped to see Jing Lin's injuries, while others tied up the criminals.

Looking at the seven kidnappers who were beaten beyond recognition and lying unconscious on the ground, all of them were shocked by Jing Lin's fighting capacity. Later, two gangsters were found in the backyard. One was in a coma, with few good flesh on his face and his hands and legs bent abnormally. The other was dead, with a broken neck and a ligature mark on it. It was even more shocking to know that this was the result of the fighting between duck and Quack.

Jing Lin was not fatally injured, but there were many large and small wounds, some of which were deep enough to see bones. When Zhao Anguo treated his wound, Lele wrapped herself in a quilt and belched.

Jing Lin looked pale, endured the pain while still touching his head, comforting him again and again. His little nephew, less than six years old, how can he always experience these things?

After tying up all the people, Ma Chunzheng came in with a calm face. Ma Renshan asked, "Do these people have any impression?"

"It's all tied up. One of them I know is Shi Lei from Team 12."

"That Shi Lei who even beat his parents?"

"It's him."

Few people here in Chashanling don't know about this person in Shi Lei. Before junior high school, my parents worked outside. My grandmother couldn't control him. She followed some social people and didn't learn well. The petty theft never stopped. As she grew up, she became more and more serious. She asked her parents if she had no money, or else she would steal. If she couldn't steal from her own family, she would steal from someone else's family. She was also found to have injured her neighbor and run away. Her parents also refused to recognize her son. Shi Lei hasn't come back for many years.

Ma Chunzheng knew Shi Lei because they were students of the same class and had been in the same class in primary school.

When the world became chaotic, Shi Lei also came back from the outside. He was born by himself. Although his parents were extremely disappointed with him, they didn't say they wouldn't let him stay at home. After the autumn harvest, it suddenly became cold. People in their villages also went to look for mulch films, but the number was not very large, and they were all looking for mulch films. Although they went out together, they were the ones with the best hands. Therefore, there was no less conflict. Neighborhood relations were very rigid and bad.

While everyone is busy making a living, Shi Lei is still idle, but every time he goes out, he always brings back a lot of things, and Shi Lei's parents also keep silent about this. People in the village all know this well. As the wheat covered with plastic film did not grow, the whole village panicked. Some people secretly approached Shi Lei and said they would follow him.

Shi Lei laid hands on the object, is the family population is small. Originally, he worked with others. Later, he took a few people from the village as his younger brother and went it alone. After winter, they had already succeeded several times. The stolen goods were enough for them and their families to eat for a whole year. Because they had encountered resistance from the host family, everyone had seen blood.

Before Jing Lin returned to the village, other team members had seen it more or less, and many people outside knew about Jing Lin's life with a nephew. Shi Lei did not know where to find out about Jing Lin's situation, asked about the location of his home, and struggled with a few people sneaking around in the middle of the night.

After returning, Shi Lei laid hands on others many times and never returned empty-handed. He was quite confident in his skill. Only this time he had bad luck and met Jing Lin, who had already practiced his skill. Besides, there was a big white goose with high fighting capacity and a helper Quack who came back halfway home. It can be said that he hit the iron plate.

In Jing Lin's house's courtyard, the heads of every household in the village gathered together. Ma Renshan bit a dry cigarette and smoked two times. He looked at the crowd with his eyebrows locked and asked, "What do you think of these people?"

"This must ask Jing Lin." Some people say that Jing Lin is the victim after all.

Yan Lu looked at the man, "now this matter is not scene in a person. Life is hard, this kind of thing has one and two, this time only came to nine, breaking into only one person's home. What about more people coming next time, will they only stare at a robbery? If Jing Lin did not rise up today, can you guess his ending?"

At present, there is no police officer in charge, and the ferocity of some people has also been aroused. In order to live, what things can't be done? This was the case in the early days of troubled times. What if the situation became more serious later? I don't know how long this situation will last, maybe next year, maybe ten years will not be good, so Yan Fei said to exaggeration, even if the bandits tu village in ancient times is not surprising.

Yan Fei also said: "We have already asked one question just now. Perhaps you all know that crops have stopped growing. This kind of situation does not only happen in our village, but almost everywhere. But! The crop continued to grow only in our village."

This means that there is no need for Yan Fei to say anything. People who have fast brains also want to understand it quickly. All of them look pale.

If this continues, the summer harvest in their village next year will be the same as that in other villages. You have food to eat and no one else to eat. If the news is known to others, their village is definitely a big fat in the eyes of others. At that time, everyone coveted their village's food and even their village's land.

It is still a relatively optimistic idea to unite to drive them out and take possession of the land. But they all know that if the time comes, will others be so kind as to let them seize the original owners of their homes?

No, everyone said to themselves in their hearts.

To put an end to the chances of the other side turning the tables is to wipe them out completely.

Chill comes from the bottom of everyone's heart, one is scared by his own speculation, the other is scared by Yan Fei's intention. They already know that, rather than raising tigers, these gangsters will not be able to get out alive tonight, and those who kill the gangsters will be done by them.

Even though I have guessed it in my heart, some people still ask, "then . . . what should I do?"

Yan Fei did not speak. His momentum was too cold and frightening. He turned and walked toward the house. All of them unconsciously followed.

Shi Lei was the skinny one. He was thrown cold water on his face and regained consciousness from a coma. He had just been woken up for questioning.

With a groan of pain, he saw himself surrounded by a lot of people when he opened his eyes. He knew that he had been planted this time. Shi Lei was not a hard-boiled man, and he immediately cried for mercy. It was cost-effective to hide if he could cry twice. This was his experience of wandering abroad in recent years. The so-called brave man did not suffer immediate losses, and then found the opportunity to retaliate back. Moreover, the reason why he stole food from nearby farmers is because most of the rural people are honest. Even if they find out that they can beat him at most, they can keep him in bed for a few days.

However, this time he was wrong.

Jing Lin was covered in bandages, wrapped in a coat and helped out by Zhao Zhiwen. He looked down at Shi Lei and saw that there was luck in his eyes. He smiled coldly.

The night was as thick as ink, and the moon was hidden.

Eight criminals who were still alive were gagged and those who could not walk were lifted. The only one who could walk, Shi Lei, with his hands tied behind his back, whined in panic and was pushed forward.

The villagers who came out with the oil lamp walked in silence. The atmosphere was very strange. Some people are walking along, but their eyes are straight and they don't know what they are thinking. Some people have been shaking all over and want to run away from here.

At last, the villagers came to Zhao Zhiwen's fish pond and put the man on the bank. Shi Lei was kneeling in the same place under pressure. He should have guessed something and tears kept flowing.

Jing Lin stood out, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Fei standing on both sides of him. From the dagger across from his neck, Jing Lin's psychology has changed a lot.

Yan Fei suddenly grabbed his right hand, which was also covered with bandages, and asked him softly, "Are you afraid?"

"Not afraid." Jing Lin said that he did not break away from Yan Fei's hand. He knew that Yan Fei was comforting himself and persuading himself at the same time.

Zhao Zhiwen was trembling and was also held by Jing Lin. Jing Lin said to him, "Zhiwen, think about Zhao Shu and Zhou Yi."

"I know." Zhao Zhiwen said he pulled up a twisted smile in the night. He knew what they were going to do next. "I'm just a little nervous. I'm fine."

There are fish in the fish pond, and mullet with sharp teeth. After a successful fishing, Jing Lin did not catch another one after many attempts. They were very clever and already knew they had begun to avoid the fishing net.

The sound of heavy objects falling into the water with a "plop". Scene in the three of them withdrew their feet at the same time, indifferent to look at Shi Lei struggling in the water.

Two mules suddenly emerged, one on the left and the other on the right grabbed Shi Lei's neck and soon dragged him to the bottom.

They are about to have a full meal.

The remaining seven people were placed one by one on the shore. There were several more mules smelling of blood, circling back and forth in the water, even splashing to jump ashore and bite.

Yan Fei asked, "Who will come next?"

"I'll do it." Ma Chunzheng was standing out. Behind him, Ma Renshan wanted to stretch out his hand and hold him, but he reached half way and took it back trembling. He put aside his head and did not dare to look again.

"We'll come too." Ma Chunkang and his brothers took a step forward. Among the people present, they were much calmer than the average. They did not know how much suffering they had experienced on their way home. Although they were afraid of human life, they were also indifferent.

Another person was pushed into the fish pond and was dragged into the bottom of the water by the oncoming mullet in an instant.

Next, most of them came back from outside.

Li Feiyu and Gao Changhui wept bitterly. They couldn't get down, but no one forced them.

As a doctor, Zhao Shaogan has seen too many lives and deaths. As long as it is not related to himself and his relatives, his heart is always colder than others.

Finally, including the nine criminals who have died, all were pushed into the fish pond.

That night, Yan Fei moved to Jing Lin's house with his quilt and pillow. He also lived on the first floor, opposite Jing Lin's bedroom.

"We are also relieved to have Yan Fei with you." Zhou Yu said that she had proposed to let Jing Lin take Lele to live with them before, but Jing Lin refused, saying that even if she moved there, she would still have to move back when Zhao Zhiwen got married, without having to pay for that god.

"Yes." Zhou Feifei echoed, "If Ah Fei were here tonight, would you be injured like that?"Zhou Feifei was so distressed, so many wounds, so much blood, also don't know how much pain, the child also hum don't hum 1.

Jing Lin did not object either. Compared with Lele's safety, it is not really important to have one more person in the family, and everyone can rest assured of them. Especially now that he is covered in injuries, one more person is really at ease.

After that night, Lele also had a high fever because she had been frozen for a long time, and Jing Lin also had a long time because she lost too much blood.

However, many of the people who participated in the village that night had nightmares for several days, some of them had a serious illness, but their momentum and eyes changed somewhat after that.

The fish pond in the village has become a forbidden area and no one wants to be near it any more. Many people also began to fear Yan Fei and Jing Lin. After all, Yan Fei put forward the proposal to feed those people to fish, and Jing Lin seconded it.

To this, the two of them have no feeling, and the villagers don't have anything to do with each other. Neither of them is living in other people's opinions. The days are still the same as before, but the time for them to practice mental skills has increased. Fighting is not only two-to-two fights, they will fight for four people, or practice two-to-two, three-to-one, and it is no longer a point-to-point fight. Sometimes, after a fight, several people will have some scratches on their bodies.

This morning, when Yan Fei was washing up, he saw himself on the washstand with Jing Lin and Lele's three toothbrush cups, two large and one small, looking very warm like a family. When he opened the door, Jing Lin had finished practicing and was chopping lettuce to feed the chickens.

Jing Lin turned to look at him and saw a smile in his eyes. He was very cheerful and asked, "Did you sleep well last night?"

Yan Fei: "sleep till dawn."

The little host Lele walked beside Yan Lu in front of and behind him. He twittered to Yan Lu about what dream he had last night. He talked so much that Yan Lu didn't elaborate. He listened carefully to Lele and responded from time to time.

The duck also pattered along on its two big paws. Goose's feet are webbed, duck's feet are not only webbed, and their claws are very sharp, otherwise they won't be able to tear a piece of skin off the other side with one scratch. At the end of the molting period, he has been running very fast recently, almost changing in a few days. besides, he has a large appetite and is picky about food. he doesn't like to eat vegetable leaves. his plate has been changed from a small bowl to a large bowl. the amount of one meal is Jing Lin's two meals. the rice in his home is falling very fast. he is worried about Jing Lin. it is nerve-racking to have such a goose in his home.

Quack all worry, completely self-sufficient.

Zhao Zhiwen came to send Jing Lin the new rice he and Zhao Chenghuai had just ground today. A bag of the rice just collected this year was ground out and tasted.

Zhao Zhiwen watched Lele and Yan Fei talking and laughing, sourly: "Why is Lele so attached to you now?"

Yan Fei smiled and pinched Lele's little face. "I am probably more handsome."

Zhao Zhiwen touched his face. Well, he is not really strict or handsome.

In fact, everyone knows that Yan Fei was the first one to appear in front of Lele that night. For Lele, who was in urgent need of rescue, Yan Fei was the savior of both him and his uncle, although he could not do anything.

Yan Fei also regretted why he didn't run faster that night, so Jing Lin might be less injured.

A few people were discussing what to eat for lunch when they suddenly heard the voice of an emergency gathering.

After that night, Ma Renshan hung a gong under his laurel tree. When something happened in the village, he would ring it and let the villagers pay attention to it. No matter where there was a similar sound in the village, he would have to hurry to get there.

Jing Lin several immediately stopped talking and closed the door to go out, know Ma Renshan have something to inform.

On arriving at Ma Renshan's house, I saw a stranger with blood on his face slumped under the laurel tree and cried. The crowd came forward to ask what had happened.

"Our village was destroyed by rats and many people died!" The person in question was a woman in her fifties. Her face was covered with blood. The people could not see the expression on her face. They could only see her fear from her wide-open eyes. She also had a piece of meat missing from her neck, which looked a little scary. Her cotton-padded jacket was also cracked several times, revealing the inner lining. Liu Suqin beside to wipe her medicine to stop bleeding, also kept tears.

It turns out that this man is Liu Suqin's own mother Li Guihua, who is a villager from the 2nd team of Chashanling. In the early hours of the morning in their village, a group of huge mice suddenly sprang out, with a very large number of them. When Li Guihua escaped, many people in the village had already been killed on the spot.

According to her, none of Liu Yinghua's family survived, and Liu passed out on the spot.

Li Guihua's family was left with her and her daughter Liu Suqin, who married here. She had no relatives in other places. She escaped all the way from the second team with a whole body of injuries and entered the village only towards noon.

"What a big mouse, bigger than a cat, can't be thrown off a human body. A pull is a piece of meat." Li Guihua cried and said, "There are so many people in the village. Many people were thrown to the ground. A group of mice rushed up and no one got up. The little darling of Liu's family is only five years old and has been bitten through the stomach."

The scene was a nightmare in hell.

"Mom, stop talking and be quiet for a while." Liu Suqin, seeing that her mother was already out of her mind, quickly told her to stop thinking about those pictures.

"Scary, too scary!" Li Guihua hugged his arm and curled himself into a ball.

"What should I do?" Ma Renshan asked everyone.

"leave it there, no matter what, it may come to our village one day." Zhao Shaogan said.

"but there are too many. judging from aunt Li's dictation, at least one hundred." Tang Hao said that if deratization is to be carried out, people in their villages alone will definitely not be able to do it.

Jing Lin can arrange magic array to prevent common mice, but those mice are obviously not common. And even if it can be prevented, will it be left to chance? When they have slaughtered all the villages nearby, then what? Sooner or later, they will look at their villages. The mullet said that he could frighten other monster beast to protect their village, but the mullet also said that he would turn into a dragon in the future, and he would leave sooner or later.

At this moment, Jing Lin thought of what the big ye said at the beginning. he said, "do you still remember that Cao Sanye? The gangster who took over a small piece of security in the county seat."

"Yes." Yan Fei and several people spoke at the same time, "Cao Sanye seems to have killed rats in the county seat. many people died, but many rats escaped."

"It is very likely that the rats in the second team are the same group Cao Sanye once dealt with and have fled here."

So the big guy had a discussion, because Cao Sanye already had experience in dealing with mutant mice, and they could talk to Cao Sanye. Of course, they also considered that Cao Sanye would definitely not help in vain. As for the remuneration, they can talk to the village chiefs of several nearby villages. After all, the mice are still in uncertain traces. Maybe they will go to your place one day. This is about everyone's life and death. In order to survive for a long time, they will not loathe to give up a little food.

The first thing to do is to inform the nearby village first. For fear of encountering rats on the road, all the men in the village who can go to the village will go. A total of more than 40 young adults will be gathered. Everyone will also gather a little gasoline with self-defense, and they will all bring some food to ease their hunger. Cats are natural enemies of mice. Tang Hao brought Mimi with him by the way. When he left, three Xiao Mao cubs, half the size of his mother, also followed him sticky, and Mimo Mimo rubbed against everyone's legs in pettish.

There are three more helpers who can only catch mice, and everyone is quite willing to let the three little ones follow.

After winter, the world is much more depressed than before, but only a few withered plants and trees, and more still, the appearance of summer remains unchanged. The village team that passed along the way, Jing Lin, they all talked about the rat infestation, and asked those people to tell their village chief to inform the villagers to be ready to give food, whether to give it or not, and to give the answer within an hour. Of course, it doesn't matter if there are villages that don't want to, so if you come across any problems in the future, ask them to help or not, depending on the situation. Once you help them, you will pay a lot more than you do now.

Therefore, Jing Lin had been busy for a whole day. The villagers who received the notice were basically willing to give out food, and some villages also gave out people.

The next day, they went to the city to find Cao Sanye. Because they did not know the specific location of Cao Sanye, they arrived at the place where they passed through Xinwan Town at that time and were ready to find someone to ask.

So coincidentally, they met that old man again.

Compared with the last time I saw him, he was leaner and leaner. His cheeks were sunken and almost devoid of flesh. He did not have the spirit of the last time. He was wearing a dirty cotton coat and was picking green grass tips on the roadside.

"Big ye? Do you still remember me?" Yan Fei went up and looked at the big ye with a little sour in his heart.

The old man had a good memory, and Yan Fei also drove the carriage this time. therefore, the old man was very impressed with him. he put the tip of the grass in his pocket and said, "I remember you. did you go to town again? What are you doing here this time?"

Yan Fei said, "We are looking for Third Master Cao. We don't know where he lives. Do you know? Can you take us?"

"Yes, it happens that I have nothing to do with the old man." The big ye readily promised to treat people with the same enthusiasm as before. it seems that he has not been affected by this troubled time.

"I'll help you get on the bus and watch your feet." Seeing the old man, Jing Lin thought of his grandfather and helped him onto the carriage.

"It's really warm in the car." Uncle got on the bus and rubbed his frozen red hands.

Jing Lin asked him, "What do you do with these grass tips?"

"Eat." Big ye said with a smile, "it's been a difficult time. everyone is hungry. the grass tastes a little bad, but you can't eat the dead. you can still fill your stomach."

"What is the situation in the city now?"Yan Fei asked.

"It's difficult." Big ye said, "the things planted are not long. many people have left, saying that because it is too cold here, they have gone to the other side of k city, saying that the weather there is always mild and the probability of survival is higher."

"Have you never thought of leaving?" Jing Lin asked.

"I can't go. The little old man's grandson is still out in the army and hasn't come back yet. He has to wait for him." The uncle said, and then said to Yan Fei, who was driving the bus, "turn left and go up Hechuan road to the end. there is a driving school, where Cao Sanye and his men live."

Driving school of the big tiemenguan, next to the two newly built watchtowers, each stood a person, saw Yan Lu their team, motioned them to stop walking in front, stop in situ.

"Who are you?" The man on the left asked.

"We are from the village below the county seat, and we want to ask Cao Sanye to do something." Yan Fei said.

"put the car in the open space over there and come and search it before entering." The management is quite strict.

After everyone was searched behind him and no one was found hiding weapons, Yan Fei and others were put in.

Because of the large number of people coming, Cao Sanye got the news at the first time and let people take the people directly to his reception room.

"I heard you were looking for me?" Cao Sanye is a middle-aged man of medium height. The whole person looks decent. I don't know why he went to prison. When he spoke, his eyes swept over the crowd, and finally his eyes rested on Yan Fei.

Yan Fei also went straight to the theme: "I heard that Cao Sanye once dealt with a rat infestation?"

Cao Sanye's pupil shrank. "Did you meet a rat?" The deratization was the biggest loss of all his missions. Many brothers lost their jobs and let many rats run away. Now that I think about it, Cao Sanye is still very upset. He has always remembered his revenge and must kill all the rats when he has the chance.

Yan Fei said: "We met with more than 100 people next door, so we escaped a few."

Cao Sanye sat down in his chair and said, "Since you can find here, you should know that it is impossible to find me without pay."

"This is natural." Yan Fei said, "Several villages around us are making joint efforts. One person pays 10 kg and the remuneration of several hundred people adds up. Should we be able to call on Third Master Cao?"

This is more than he paid for a task in the county seat. Cao Sanye didn't think much about it and agreed immediately. One is that the remuneration paid by the other party is really not small. The other is that he has been stepping up his brothers' training just to wait for revenge. Before he searched the whole county town and found no trace of rats, he turned out to have fled to the countryside.

Food has been fully prepared, in order not to give the rats the chance to continue to hurt, Cao Sanye immediately sent for the collection of brothers, take the guys who have been prepared for a long time, ready to fight.

He acted with some military style.

There were more than 50 people who followed Cao Sanye. They were somewhat skillful. These days, the means of travel are similar, either bicycles or tricycles. The only difference is that they use both legs to push the scooter.

Before leaving the county seat, Jing Lin specially sent the old man to his residential area and gave him several bags of biscuits hidden in his overcoat.

Uncle refused and refused to take it. He knew very well that he was not willing to take advantage of younger generation in the current difficult world. He was also willing to help them find their way and did not expect any reward. However, after a dispute, they finally lost sight of Jing Lin and looked at the two young players who put down their things and left. The big ye took biscuits and his eyes were red. He sighed with emotion that the two were good-hearted. He also thought of his grandson who was still outside and did not know whether he was alive or dead.

Leaving aside the big ye, Jing Lin's number was 60 when they came because there were people from other villages. when he returned, he added more than 50 people from Cao Sanye, all of a sudden more than 100 people. a group of people were walking on the road from the county seat to the village with great magnificence.

A group of people went directly to the village in Li Guihua, led by Ma Mingliang, who was the only one in the village who knew where the village was.

As he approached the village, Cao Sanye ordered his men to pick up a bucket of red liquid from the car and start splashing it along the way.

"This is chicken blood." Cao Sanye took the initiative to explain, "These mice have now stopped eating bloody food. Last time I attacked them, there was no loss of food for the residents nearby. However, many poultry raised on the top floor were sickened, and some residents living in shorter places would be broken into by them. As a result, many residents were forced to eat."

Not bloody, except for vegetation, the rest is bloody, and human beings have become a meal on their diet.

When they arrived in the village, they were shocked by what they saw.

The whole village was very quiet, no voice was heard, the living were gone, blood was everywhere on the ground, many pieces of clothes were scattered, and there were many bones and hair. There are also some bloody drag marks that extend into the grass to be submerged.

With the exception of a few who managed to escape, the rest of the villagers were all killed by rats.

These animals!

Cao Sanye said, "The taste of these mice has changed, but their habits have not changed. They hoarded food all the time, and what they could not eat at that time would be dragged back to their hiding place."

Therefore, the dragging marks are human bodies that were killed by rats but not eaten and stored as food.

After listening to Cao Sanye's words, the crowd was scared. Xin Kui took action immediately after they learned the news. The mice did not act in the past two days. Otherwise, they would not be so lucky if they delayed for a few more days. As long as they think about it all the time, they might be fed with mice or stored as food, and they would suffer a terrible cold.

Also more hate these inhuman beast.

"The noses of these mice have become very sensitive, and if the chicken blood is spilled and there is wind, they will soon be able to smell it. However, in broad daylight, they generally do not move, so tonight, we will stay here and they will definitely come out."Cao Sanye said that Yan Fei and them were also his employers because he was paid to do things. He warned: "Those who are afraid can leave here. Of course, there are people who are not afraid and want to stay. I have no objection, but they are responsible for their own lives."

People in other villages left immediately.

Jing Lin had planned to take part in the fight against rats from the very beginning, so all four of them stayed, as well as all the people who fought crocodiles together last time. Those who killed several criminals that night were also from here. However, those who originally wanted to leave their village were embarrassed to leave. Some wanted to think, but they were willing to stay. Some wanted to leave, but because there were few people who did not dare to leave, they were unwilling to stay. Finally, Mimi and three kittens were added, so all the people who came out of their village this time stayed.

In response, Cao Sanye expressed his appreciation: "The people in your village are all good. Now the people who hide behind the world can't live long, but they have to be strong."

It was still more than three hours before it was dark, and Cao Sanye told his brothers to eat more to fill their stomachs and store up their strength to be more conducive to fighting. Jing Lin and Yan Fei gave the old man all the rations they brought out today. Fortunately, Zhao Zhiwen brought more for the reason of participating in deratization, so they were satisfied.

The group of satiated Cao Sanye began to dig out the armor and weapons they had specially made for deratization. Gloves and kneepads wrapped in iron sheets, iron sheets sewn on the back of his heart, and iron masks on his face reveal his eyes, nose and mouth, even his neck. This shows that Cao Sanye is determined to kill rats and is fully prepared.

Cao Sanye said: "Rats have sharp teeth and claws. These iron sheets are still too thin, but they are better than hand-to-hand combat."

Cao Sanye said that some villagers who thought they were forced to stay wanted to go.

"But don't be afraid, they are still afraid of fire." Cao Sanye said, "Didn't you bring gasoline? Draw a circle with petrol, and when you light it, stand inside. rats dare not approach you, or you can hide inside."

This time, Cao Sanye did not want to use fire to attack. Once the mice were set on fire, they would flee everywhere. This is the countryside and there are straw buttresses everywhere. If you do not pay attention, the houses will be set on fire. When the time comes, the mice will not extinguish the houses and they will be burned out. The loss outweights the gain.

Because Cao Sanye wants to use this village as a base area. Anyway, there is no one in this village. With so many people, he lives with his brothers and doesn't have to work hard for food all day long.

This is also the biggest reason why Cao Sanye is so active in killing rats.

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