Wu Daxing was flushed with shame when Ma Renshan said it.

Yesterday he was supposed to go. As a result, he twisted his leg while moving food. He asked Wu Jianxiong to go. As a result, Wu Jianxiong slackers attacked and said that he had a pain in his shoulder when the wind was shaking his windmill. Liao Shufen asked Wu Meili to go instead. As a result, Wu Meili met with a physiological period and she was unwilling to go.

But Liao Shufen always likes to pick up cheap things and has no plans to go. When dividing the meat, it was still too small, saying that great aunt Zeng didn't go to help either. how could she divide it into more than ten catties? she had so many on her own, but her family was eating with four people, which was obviously unfair.

Liao Shufen was said to be unhappy: "I didn't mean not to go. You didn't let anyone call us when you packed the crocodile meat. Don't you let someone call us not to go?"

Ma Renshan was also angry. He said this for the good of his family. They all thought that the villagers had no problem. Some people had come to him to say something when they had a big problem. Only then did he leave them to say something. Since he was unwilling to do anything and could not be persuaded, Ma Renshan was too lazy to take care of it: "Whatever you want."

When it gets cold, the crocodile meat that has just been distributed will be disposed of. All of them are salted and strung together with ropes to air cured meat. When you want to eat it, cut it and cook it. Although the mutant crocodile has thick skin, its meat is very delicate and tastes very good. Zhou Yu made a lot of dried meat, sprinkled with chili seed powder provided by Jing Lin, and chewed it in his mouth, which was a very delicious snack.

They went to see Mimi who was recovering at home. Zhao Anguo gave Mimi a bone, the rest can only rely on its own recovery. Mimi variation after fighting capacity is very strong, but the temperament is still docile, scene when they arrived, three Xiao Mao is lying beside Mimi sucking, Mimi see scene in them, blunt they mi blare, has been watching Mimi Sweet Tang hurriedly said Mimi is greeting them.

Looking at the situation in Sweet Tang, it seemed like Lele. Jing Lin asked her, "Candy, can you understand Mimi's cry?"

"Yes." Sweet Tang is very happy about this. Once upon a time, she always told Mimi what troubles she had. At that time, although Mimi could feel that her mood was not right and needed comfort, she always accompanied her. However, the sound it made was incomprehensible to Sweet Tang. Now it is different. Now she can communicate with Mimi without any obstacles, which makes her closer to Mimi.

Mimi has grown bigger and has a bigger appetite. The Sweet Tang family has left a small portion of crocodile meat for their own consumption and the rest for Mimi. One is that she is injured and the other is that she is nursing and needs to be well-fed. Considering this, Jing Lin also gave Mimi 50 catties of crocodile meat.

The rest of the villagers learned that more or less they took some meat out to Sweet Tang's house, which ensured that Mimi would not suffer from hunger until she was well cared for, and that she could safely take her pups home to recuperate.

And Mimi's return to this also delighted the villagers.

Now people in the village suffer from constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort more than most children, and many adults can't stand it. Mimi probably knew that she went out on the first day when she could get up and walk, and brought back a lot of grass. This grass has straight branches, crisp texture, and breaks at 10%.

When Sweet Tang saw that he had brought back so many unknown grass, he thought he wanted to eat it himself. After all, many small animals have their own way of life when they are injured. Many of them will eat grass to detoxify, and it is common for cats to eat grass and spit fur balls. But when Mimi grabbed the grass at her feet and shouted at her twice, she understood that the grass was for her.

So Sweet Tang immediately took a piece of grass to feed into his mouth and chewed it, a smell of grass that was not good enough to eat. Not long after eating, Sweet Tang heard his stomach rumbling and immediately ran to the toilet.

After going to the toilet, Sweet Tang felt that his whole body was lighter. Knowing that this kind of grass can help people to go to the toilet, he immediately took the grass to Ma Renshan's house and explained the situation to him.

There are already two highly intelligent animals in the village known to all. One is a duck and the other is a Quack. Mimi, the hero of alligator fighting, definitely has unusual IQ and all three have feelings for human beings. Ma Renshan is worried about the constipation problem of his granddaughter. After hearing Sweet Tang say Mimi found it back, she ate it, and she ate it for her granddaughter first. After he ran to the toilet, he immediately called the Ma Rencong family. The big guy instantly turned into a herbivore and stuffed it into his mouth one by one.

After that, the task of distributing grass roots to the villagers was handed over to Sweet Tang, and everyone's intestines and stomach were rescued. Originally, some people who were dissatisfied with Sweet Tang also dispelled these feelings towards her, while those who liked Mimi loved it even more.

The day after the plastic film was pulled back, the villagers began to plant winter wheat.

In the past two days, both Zhao's family and Jing's family are moving the rice straw from the paddy field to their homes and preparing to grow wheat. Zhao also gave Jing Lin's house's land back to him this year. He took all the wheat seeds he needed directly from Zhao. Yan Fei's family had prepared wheat seeds when he returned to the village, so his family began to plow after the fields were released.

Liao Shufen's family has always been concerned with carrying back the rice straw belonging to their own fields, leaving Yan Fei's rice straw alone. Yan Ruifeng spoke to her in a good voice once. Seeing that she ignored her, she threatened to move the straw into her house. After all, he bought everything from others when he came back, even the firewood.

These days, everyone likes convenient gas canisters. Most people don't like firewood stoves. In the past, straw was sold or burned directly. Not now, you can't cook without straw now, so Liao Shufen immediately threw his work in his field to move straw when he saw Yan Ruifeng's action.

Zhang Kai's family was the first to start farming in the village. Iron ploughshares are used for ploughing, but the village has relied on mechanical ploughing for so many years. other people like iron ploughshares have also raised cattle in Zhang kai's family. his father likes to work by himself when others invite people to use mechanical ploughing. the money saved is used to buy food. At that time, when the whole family of others were mobilized and plowed the fields by hand with hoes, their family had already shouted to oxen to plow the fields, which was much easier and faster than others.

Yan Fei's family also made the villagers envy him. When he saw Zhang Kai carrying the iron share into the field, he called several of them from Jing Lin, took some fresh crocodile meat and went to Liu's blacksmith's family to exchange the only iron share left in his family. He asked the old carpenter in the village to give him a plow frame and put on two horses to go into the field.

Because the response was quick enough, Jing Lin was also the first to find Zhang kai's house and said that he would exchange 20 kg crocodile meat for his cattle and tools. Although Zhang Kai and Jing Lin have always been a small team, and the two are about the same size, the relationship between them is average, and it is very good to be able to say ten words a year. When killing crocodiles before, he saw that Jing Lin was a very calm person and admired his bravery at that time, so he was very convinced of Jing Lin now. Moreover, after going through life and death together, Zhang Kai was relatively close to the 20 people at that time. Jing Lin offered to borrow his cattle and tools and naturally agreed to come down.

But before that, Zhang kai's family had to wait until all the fields had been ploughed, so he had to hoe on his own a few days ago.

I am tired of hoeing. Holding the handle of the hoe, I dug up the frozen paddies one by one, and then smashed them with the hoe. Three big men had to dig for a day in an acre of farmland. However, although tired, it is better to stay cool in the weather.

Yan Fei's home was not far away from Jing Lin's home. On the first day, Jing Lin hoed and watched Yan Fei plow the fields as he learned to open his big mouth. At first, the frantic appearance really made him secretly laugh for a long time, but when he got familiar with it after two trips back and forth, he did look good. After plowing a piece of soil, it is necessary to scrape the clods with plowing harrows and clean out the straw stubble inside. Yan Fei was handed over to Yan Lu to do the job. Yan Lu is light in weight and flexible in skill. Standing on a plow rake and being dragged by two horses is not a heavy burden, nor is she worried about falling.

So Yan Lu waved his whip and shouted excitedly. The painting style was intoxicating.

Zhao Zhiwen looked at it from the side and praised the girl he liked from the bottom of his heart: "Even in the cultivated land, Lulu in my family is very beautiful."

Later, when Jing Lin's house and Zhao Zhiwen broke up the clods, Yan Lu was asked to stand up and wait until all the fields had been tilled. Yan Lu said that he had begun to plow and rake.

The three families spent a total of 10 days planting wheat and covering it with plastic film. Then they sprinkled rape seeds and covered it with plastic film on a small plot of field specially reserved.

It took two days to cut down all the corn stalks in the corn field, and sweet potatoes were interplanted in the corn field. Now they are growing well. Zhou Yu pinched a handful of sweet potato tips and cooked them, which was very bad. The cooked sweet potato was very astringent. After eating a little and rinsing several times, the feeling was gone. This worried Zhou Yu very much, and I didn't know if the sweet potato pieces could be eaten.

Seeing that winter was ahead of schedule and there was no need to sun grain on the cement flat, Zhao Zhiwen's family spent a day transporting a lot of mud back and laying it in the yard. Bricks were piled up around the yard and a small vegetable plot was built. Some vegetables were planted and Jing Lin arranged the array.

The same goes for Yan Fei's family. Also, they did not turn their heads. In the countryside, they only stared at the fields because they had fields. It was the uncle who came across on the day of his visit to the plastic film factory who gave them a wake-up call. He dug mud like the uncle and spread it in the yard, planting balcony dishes.

While the rest of the village were tired of eating salted vegetables and dried vegetables for a long time, this time they were brought back with plastic sheeting, which was distributed to all the families. Many people began to cut down bamboo and prepare to build a low shed over the vegetable plot to see if the seeds in the vegetable plot could germinate. Zhao Zhiwen's family is also prepared to do so. The seeds already planted cannot be wasted, the fields cannot be left so desolate, and they cannot always eat the vegetables sent by Jing Lin.

In the end, most of the fields in the village were covered with white film except the main road.

After this period of busy work, there is nothing left to transplant the rape seedlings, so at the moment all the people in the village are free.

This day Yan Fei went to visit Jing Lin after breakfast. As soon as he opened the door, he was shocked by Jing Lin's appearance today. He stared at him for half a day without looking away.

Jing Lin pulled his short hair twice and said shyly, "It's ugly, I cut it myself in front of the mirror."

Jing Lin and Lele's hair has grown a lot since they came back, especially Lele's, and they can all tie up small plaits. Therefore, taking advantage of today's absence, they got up early in the morning to wash his head and prepare to cut his hair. Afraid of being too ugly, they tried their own hair first, but they also needed to cut it anyway. Finally, they cut their hair one inch long in the east and one inch short in the west.

Yan Fei looked at Jing Lin like this, a little less serious and a little more goofy. he couldn't help laughing: "it's not ugly, it's better than before."

This is Yan Fei's heart, but Jing Lin naturally does not believe it. he only thinks Yan Fei is comforting him.

When Yan Fei entered the room, he saw Lele sitting in the middle of the room with a cloth around his neck just after washing. when he saw Yan Fei coming, he politely said hello to him: "good morning, uncle."

"Good morning, Lele." Yan Fei smiled and touched his little head.

Lele's hair is a bit long, and her loose curls are sticking out at random. However, while his lovely white face, even with a straight face, looks very pleasing.

Jing Lin, holding a pair of scissors, clicked two times and said to Lele, "Did my uncle really cut it?"It seems that Yan Fei did not dare to lay hands on him until he came. He hesitated for a long time.

Little Lele looked helpless: "Cut it, it's ok to be ugly."

Jing Lin looked at Yan Fei: "Can you cut it?"

Yan Fei motioned with his hand to see how he looked at the moment. "I won't."

So Jing Lin went into the battle in person. The second time he did not do well, he finally cut Lele a dog's hair, which was horrible.

But fortunately, Jing Lin comforted himself that Lele grew well and his face saved his hairstyle. The combination of the two was not very ugly. It's cold now. When he goes out, he can't see it when he puts on his hat.

Suddenly I felt my ears touched. Jing Lin felt the hairs on his body explode. He jumped aside, rubbed his ears hard to remove the strange feeling, and turned to look at Yan Fei. "What are you doing?"

Yan Fei explained: "I just want to touch your hair. The hair in your ear is not neat. I can probably fix it for you."

Jing Lin picked up the mirror and took a look. It was really uneven. So he handed the scissors to Yan Fei, took care of himself for Lele, took down the cloth and handed it to Yan Fei, "then please."

Yan Fei shook off the cloth and tied it to him. He slowly trimmed him with a comb like a barber. Then he folded up the scissors and blew a sigh of relief at Jing Lin's neck. His original intention was to blow off the broken hair he accidentally dropped on the stamina. Unexpectedly, Jing Lin jumped up from the stool in an instant, which was more exaggerated than when he was touched on the ear just now.

Yan Fei was almost hit by a nose. He looked at the red-faced scene in surprise and asked him, "What's the matter?"

Jing Lin can't always say that he can't stand anyone touching his ear or back of his head. Every haircut is a disaster for him. He said to Shang Yan Fei's puzzled expression, "nothing, I will do it myself." Then he ran into the bathroom and wiped off his hair with a wet towel in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

While standing in the living room Yan Fei chuckled twice.

Lele, who was sitting by, did not understand what his non-uncle was laughing at.

Yan Fei came to practice fighting skills with Jing Lin. As for Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen, the teacher and pupil, they didn't want to come out when Yan Lu got into bed, so their practice time was in the afternoon.

The two sparred for more than two hours. At last Yan Fei broke Jing Lin's defense with a hand knife and cut his throat until it stopped. Jing Lin's fist was two centimeters short of Yan Fei's heart.

"It's very good." Yan Fei said, "If you had a knife in your hand, I would be dead by now."

Jing Lin closed his hand. "Then I must be in front of you." With Yan Fei's strength, his hands fought in close quarters. Just now, if it was a life-and-death battle, Yan Fei's strength would have been shattered directly as long as it was increased. Not to mention when he had a weapon in his hand, he had already cut his throat before he attacked Yan Fei's heart.

Seeing that it was getting colder and colder, Zhou Yu began to knit a sweater for Lele. Jing Lin also took wool and a knitting needle to follow. He began to knit a scarf for Lele with the simplest knitting method. At the beginning of my study, I always missed the needle. I knitted it, tore it apart, tore it apart, and finally got on my hands after going back and forth several times.

Yan Fei sat beside Jing Lin and looked at a small scarf woven by Jing Lin. he smiled and said, "the technology is good."

Jing Lin had seen his scarf a long time ago. he knew Yan Fei's scarf was also black. he replied, "yours is also very good."

Although he is a big man, it is not difficult to do manual work. If you want to talk about their family, it is the fastest to learn strictly and strictly. Once upon a time, their family bought sweaters every year, and no one started to knit them, so Zhou Yu said he would teach Jing Lin to knit sweaters. the Yan Lu family also moved stools and sat down beside them to worship master. not only did their family buy a lot of wool, they also bought a lot of cotton.

Jing Lin wore a short gray down jacket today, with a white sweater inside, a black and white plaid scarf around his neck, and a pair of black-framed glasses. His scholar breath became more and more strong. Recently, the benefits of studying Gankun began to show, and his eyesight began to slowly recover. He could no longer bring his contact lens. Two days ago, he turned out the glasses he had worn in junior high school and put them on just right.

However, Yan Fei is wearing a black woolen cloth coat today. The crisp version makes his figure more tall and slender. He is sitting there lazily and casually. It is indeed a scenery.

The two men sat together and exchanged experiences in knitting sweaters from time to time. Talking close together was a sharp tool for washing eyes.

Zhao Chenghuai and Yan Ruifeng came back from the field with good news. The planted wheat and rape seeds have sprouted, and the vegetable garden with the shed is green. I finally saw hope for the coming year.

However, the villagers did not rejoice for long before they were frightened by the slow growth rate of wheat. They looked at it as sprouting. However, ten days later, the villagers looked at it and saw that the sprouts were still a little longer and had not changed. If it weren't for the appearance of life, they almost thought they had all stopped growing.

"I'll set up an array." Jing Lin said that although he didn't want to be known by other people in the village about what he knew about the array, he couldn't stop eating because of choking. If wheat does not grow up and the harvest time in the coming year is delayed, it will also affect the cultivation of rice in the next season.

When Jing Lin said this time, he meant to surround the entire village's fields with the array, which would also enclose all the houses in the array. This is a big project. He has to calculate the array points and array eyes of the field. Of course, this can now be handled by his divine knowledge. It will be much easier, but the difficulty is the difficulty. Is he going to jump the array pace in the field?

After several ponderations, Jing Lin first tried to arrange the array with his hands according to the pace.

Everything is the same, and when you have mastered it, you will draw inferences from other examples. The same is true of Jing Lin's deployment this time. He tried with his hands more than a dozen times, failed again and again, and during this period he spontaneously fused the divine knowledge to guide the reiki. Each time he would change the details a little and slowly move closer to the correct track, and finally succeeded.

Because I don't want the villagers to know, Yan Fei suggested that Jing Lin should arrange the battle at night, because the villagers would not go out after supper in winter. Although the battle at night is a little dark, there would be no trouble.

This was the first time that Jing Lin went out at night without lighting a lamp. Yan Fei walked beside him. Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu also came out. The three of them were responsible for guarding him.

Starting from the last field at the head of the village, Jing Lin began to arrange the first array point. From cold hands and feet to sweating, it took less than 20 minutes. After Jing Lin finished setting the first array point, suddenly a low husky voice rang in his head and ears: "Boy, you should include my territory."

Jing Lin was surprised. The aura that was being guided broke away in an instant. He looked around because the night was too dark. He could only see the dim figure around him. But he didn't see anyone else except Yan Fei. The voice was in his ear. It must have been very close, but his mind had always been open and he didn't feel anything breaking in.

"What's the matter?" Yan Fei had been thinking about Jing Lin, watching him stop his movements and look around in panic. He walked up to him and asked him.

"Suddenly someone spoke to me." Jing Lin said, "Did you hear that?"

Yan Fei shook his head: "No."

Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen also said that they did not hear any sound and the surroundings were always quiet.

"Strange . . ."  Jing Lin is whisper, the voice rang again-

"Don't look, I'm not with you." The hoarse voice said, "I live in the lotus pond."

"Lotus Pond!" Jing Lin exclaimed, "Are you that fish or those black lotus flowers?"

"What's wrong with you, Ah Lin?" Yan Fei is a little anxious.

Jing Lin felt ridiculous and said to several people, "I have a voice in my mind. The speaker said he was from the lotus pond, which may be the mutant mullet."

The voice was a little angry: "I'm not a mullet, I'm going to turn the dragon." The voice quickly gathered up its exposed emotion, pretending to be calm but continuing with a kind tone: "As long as you include my lotus pond in the array, I can continue to protect you. Humans, you should also thank me. If I hadn't been in charge here, all the people in your village would have died. Do you know?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Now there are all kinds of intelligent monster beast outside. I have black dragon veins in my body. Rowen makes ordinary monster beast dare not approach this area. Before, some monster beast smelled your smell and followed it. If I had not rushed to drive it away, you would have entered the other side's belly."

Jing Lin's whole brain was in chaos. Duck and Mimi became wiser. He accepted it without any pressure. After all, he was different from ordinary people. However, it would take some time to clear up his mind if he suddenly heard a fish talking to him.

"But aren't you a fish?" What's the matter with the black dragon?

"Do you understand the diving dragon gate?" His voice was exasperated and angry at Jing Lin's suspicion of his blood. If he hadn't asked this human being now, he wouldn't have bothered to take a reason for such a short-sighted, stupid and ignorant person.

Well, Jing Lin forced himself to accept that the real identity of the fish he was talking to in his mind was actually a dragon's setting, and asked him, "Where is the specific scope of this place you are talking about?"

The voice did not speak for a long time. Just when Jing Lin thought he was no longer there, the other side said with a slightly weaker voice: "Just . . . you village entrance to the foot of your mountain."

What was the tone of your voice just now?

"Moreover, my spiritual knowledge cannot be extended too long at present. For example, if you stay away from me now, I will not be able to communicate with you."

In a short time, Jing Lin probably found out the temper of the voice, and there was no ferocity in it. so he asked, "what happened to the three black lotus flowers in the lotus pond? Did you also do this?"

"No!" The voice defended, "These three lotus flowers will absorb the vitality of the living things around them. If I hadn't been suppressing them, you would have been sucked into the human body." Of course, he will also be sucked into dried fish, bah, dried dragon.

This is also the reason why he needs Jing Lin to deploy his troops. He is almost unable to hold on. He can give up fighting Lotus, but he still wants to change the dragon. from ruin's words will be more causal, and the dragon will not go smoothly in the future.

This scene in know each other did not blather, after all, they saw. I didn't expect such dangerous things to exist in seemingly safe places. Now that I think about Jing Lin's anxiety, he asks, "Just give you a layout?"

"As long as one corner of the lotus pond is within the array range, these three lotus flowers have robbed the aura too much."

"The more reiki you have, the better?"

"Of course, although our black dragon clan is not as good as the blood of the four ancient mythical creatures, the cultivation speed is faster than that of most of the monsters and human beings, and the speed of absorbing reiki is naturally fast."

Jing Lin asked the other party to wait for a while. He told Yan Fei three people to make a long story short and asked them if the snakehead was credible.

"eighty percent is true." Yan Fei said that lotus had been seen before. When the crocodile attacked Sweet Tang, it said that it had been staying in the mountain. However, it was found that there were human beings at the foot of the mountain and no one had entered the village. Thus, it is true that mullet said that he was in charge of this side. However, it is also true that he wanted Jing Lin to help him train.

The last few people made the decision and arranged the array for him, changing the lock array into a poly array, so that the continuous reiki is not afraid of any damage to the villagers due to the presence of mullet.

The array was changed. Jing Lin wanted to find another array point. He took the position of the mullet as the first array point, then extended from this side to the nearby area, evaded the range of three lotus flowers, and calculated the other array points. Jing Lin did not complete the array until it was almost dawn.

When Jing Lin left, he asked the mullet, "Do you know the reason for the unusual weather?"

"I don't know," said the mullet, "it may be back to ten million years ago." When he woke up one day, he left more things in his mind, but so far there is nothing that some of them represent, so he can only tell Jing Lin what he understands a little bit.

Ten million years, that is not hundreds of millions of years? What changes have taken place in this world, where did they come from, and what will they become in the end? These questions come out one by one from Jing Lin's heart, but at present they cannot be answered.

From the moment when the array was formed, Jing Lin could see a small amount of reiki swarms floating around the village, and the others were rushing in the direction of the mullet. The other side's big tail fluttered in the water twice, looking very happy, and thanked Jing Lin.

Left the lotus pond, at this time a few people have been very difficult, especially in the scene, a long time of arrangement, god has been open, spirit highly concentrated, has made his mind feel bloated, feel walking may fall asleep at any time.

Yan Fei watched him so tired that he quickly stepped in front of him, lowered himself forward, reached out to him with both hands, "come on, I'll carry you."

Jing Lin motioned with his hand, "No, it's not far from home." Said to bypass him.

Yan Fei directly grabbed the man and let him jump on himself. He stood up behind his back.

Jing Lin "er" a cry and moved twice to see each other don't let go, oneself also too tired, let him go, lie prone on Yan Fei shoulder, almost seconds to sleep.

Yan Fei asked Zhao Zhiwen to send Yan Lu back to his own home. He went to his home behind Jing Lin's back.

At Jing Lin's home, Yan Fei pulled out the key from Jing Lin's trouser pocket and opened the door. He put the man into the bedroom, helped him take off his coat and scarf, and covered him with a quilt. He went to get hot water and wiped his face.

Jing clinically has two quilts, and the other is Lele. Yan Fei is not relieved that Jing Lin, who is excessively tired, sleeps alone at home. he moves Lele's quilts to the sofa of the living room, closes both doors, and lies down on the sofa. besides being unable to stretch his feet, it is not cold.

Jing Lin slept until after lunch, he woke up hungry. He sat up for a long time and didn't know it was in his own bed until he was stunned. He remembered that Yan Lu had carried him back. He left the room and saw Yan Lu lying on the sofa at a glance. The sofa is too tight for his height.

Yan Fei's expression in sleep was much milder than usual. Jing Lin stared at him for a moment. He was startled when he saw Yan Fei suddenly open his eyes and instantly returned to his mind.

"Are you awake? Is there anything wrong with your body?" Yan Lu woke up still confused, also didn't notice the abnormal scene in just now, sat up from the sofa with a yawn, see scene in the face is normal, or asked 1.

Jing Lin rubbed his stomach: "a little hungry."

Just then the wall door was rung, and Zhao Zhiwen came with Lele carrying a thermos bucket to see if Jing Lin woke up. He was asked to get up for lunch and sleep if he wanted to.

When he saw Yan Fei waking up in the room, Zhao Zhiwen paused: "Yan Ge, why are you here?"

Yan Fei still didn't get enough sleep. He wiped his face and said, "Don't worry about Ah Lin, just stay."

Zhao Zhiwen said: "If I had known you were here, I would have brought more food. Haven't you eaten yet?"

Jing Lin said, "It's okay. Go get two pairs of bowls and chopsticks and we'll make do with it."

After Jing Lin washed up, Yan Fei went in and washed his face. There was no toothbrush here, so he rinsed his mouth several times with clean water.

The crocodile broth made by Zhao Zhiwen's family for lunch contains dried pumpkin seed pulp, several scallion cakes and a large bowl of white rice. Jing Lin divided the rice and onion cakes and ate half full with the broth.

The duck has finished its molting period this year. Its body has grown up a lot. Its neck is slender. The fur covering its body is white and its texture has hardened. Sitting at Lele's feet still looks a bit beautiful and elegant.

Jing Lin asked Lele to ask him if he knew anything about the mullet in the lotus pond.


Lele said: "You know, it said that the guy was a little scary, and it was not allowed to approach its territory with Quack."

The duck let out another cry and said he was very disdainful. Who wants to go to a place where black paint and black things have been? Adult duck's hair is so beautiful that it will become dirty.

Today's duck is also a goose with narcissus attribute.

I stayed up all night, slept less, and was a little out of spirits. Although the practice can make people feel refreshed, the lack of sleepy scenery is still going to make up for it. In the afternoon, Yan Fei went back to make up for it.

After setting up the gathering array, Jing Lin went to the fields to observe for several days in a row. then on the sixth day of setting up the gathering array, the vegetable fields in the village showed normal changes. the malt in the fields lifted the bad state of stopping growth and finally did not disappoint his hard work all night.

In mid-December, the villagers began to be busy with rape planting.

With plastic gloves, the big guy untied the film on top in the cold weather and began to pull out the rape seedlings. Then put it into rows of dug soil pits, burying the roots with hands, fertilizing and watering.

After the planting is completed, check again in a few days. If there are any seedlings that are short of seedlings, the rest of the rape seedlings can be pulled back for cooking. During this period, because the vegetables are slowly growing and maturing, the food of the villagers has also been improved very well. At least for a long time, people do not need to eat the grass roots that help them to go to the toilet. Everyone does not want to taste the taste.

On New Year's Day, Zhao Yanjing's three families gathered to make dumplings. They actually have no habit of eating dumplings on New Year's Day here, but the days are boring. They also find a program to pass the time together. The stuffing for dumplings is crocodile meat and chives. The dumplings are cooked, boiled, steamed and fried. They can eat whatever they like, and they are happy to eat at a meal.

After returning, Jing Lin took Lele to bed early as usual in his spare time.

In the middle of the night, Jing Lin slept soundly and woke up suddenly. He heard a very subtle sound from the backyard, like the sound of dead branches being trampled by footsteps.

Jing Lin let go of God's knowledge and swept away the courtyard. Then he looked fiercely. God knows, a few stealthy figures are climbing in from outside his house wall, two people have crept this way, will soon be to the living room door!

Jing Lin picked up Lele, shook him up with his hand over Lele's mouth, gave him a "hiss", picked up the stick placed in the corner of the room, and opened the door of the room with Lele in his arms. At the same time, the door handle of the small door of the sitting room was also turned.

Jing Lin picked up the iron basin normally used to soak feet at the gate and opened the gate at the moment when the small door was opened.

The other party obviously didn't expect that there was a person standing in the living room. Both of them were startled. While the other party was still stunned, Jing Lin threw out the iron basin, the swinging stick and Lele together and said loudly to Lele, "Knock on the basin!"

After closing the door, he turned to the two strangers who entered the room. The room was too dark, which was slightly better than opaque. Because the small door that was opened, the moonlight leaked from the outside shone on the two people, making Jing Lin see clearly where they were standing.

"Who are you? What do you want to do when you come to my house in the middle of the night?" Jing Lin disappeared in the darkness and asked them.

Lele, who was thrown out of the room, froze for a moment, then reacted quickly, picked up the stick and began to knock hard on the iron basin, then cried, "uncle! Somebody help my uncle!"

The sound of the iron basin ringing resounded through the whole village. Quack, who was looking for food in the distance, heard the sound and jumped in this direction after a cry. Mimi, who was sleeping at the window of Sweet Tang, also quickly opened her eyes and went to fetch the clothes of her master who had not yet woken up after a loud meow.

This way, the two gangsters who were confronting Jing Lin did not expect to meet the host family who woke up early as soon as they entered the house. The outside movement had definitely alarmed the people in their village. The two men looked malicious, flustered with good and bad, flashed out their daggers and attacked Jing Lin at the same time.

Jing Lin has no weapons in his hand. All he can rely on now is his usual fighting experience with Yan Fei ge.

The duck left in the house by Jing Lin swooped out from the side, with its long neck attacking the wrist swung out of the other side, only to hear a scream from the other side. The voice of broken bones was buried by the scream, and the dagger in its hand fell to the ground with a thud. At the same time, the duck's two paws hit the other person's cheek. In the dark night, the meat on the other person's cheek was torn off two pieces abruptly. Immediately, the duck let out a cry, burying its face in its hind legs.

"Haizi!" Soon, several people came in one after another, instantly blocking the position of the living room door.

Someone struck a match and the light lit up the whole living room, revealing two people lying on the ground, one covering his wrist with painful expression, the other covering his bloody face and rolling in situ.

Jing Lin looked at the newcomers quickly. The other group of people were all tall and with hostility between their brows. A look at them was not good.

He is looking at each other, and the other is looking at him. Although Jing Lin was very tall, he did not seem to have much strength. Standing in front of him, a thin short man said, "Boy, we just want to borrow some food from you. Please hand it in. Everyone is fine today." Said the waved the watermelon dao in his hand.

Jing Lin put God's knowledge on the thin and short man. Although his words were pleasant to say, his eyes were even more sinister. It can be seen that he did not intend to let him go today whether he was resisting or handing in food.

Those who illegally enter the house in the middle of the night with long knives and daggers are not credible either.

The outside voice continued, Lele's voice was hoarse. The thin and short man made a gesture to the two people around him, then the last two people slipped back out. They thought they were hiding, but they were all caught in the eye by the scenery.

He looked down at the duck standing at his feet. The duck was protecting him just now. The duck's fighting capacity was also fierce. The two retreating people were obviously trying to deal with Lele. How could he let them leave?

Jing Lin said to the duck, "You are the one to take the responsibility of protecting Lele, do you know?"

"Ga!" The duck answered.

One goose and one person rushed at the crowd with tacit understanding.

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