"Mimi!"Sweet Tang was very worried." Mimi was swept by the crocodile's tail to protect me yesterday. Her left leg was broken in front of her!"

The three kittens in the cave felt the familiar smell of their mother and cried one after another.

Originally, people in the cave saw Mimi's appearance and saw its size. They immediately felt that they were saved. After listening to Sweet Tang, Li Feiyu carefully looked at Mimi's leg. It was indeed abnormal. The lower limb of the leg was deformed and bent, and did not fully exert himself.

On the other side, Mimi bowed her back and walked slowly around the crocodile warily. The crocodile opened its mouth and pounced on Mimi!

Mimi was injured, but its response was not slow either. At the moment when the crocodile came, Mimi leaped into the air, swinging its limbs in the air to avoid the crocodile's bite, and its powerful tail was dancing to coordinate the balance of the body. Its two front paw pads were completely spread out, revealing claws with a length of more than 10 centimeters hidden in its paw sheath. It severely grabbed the crocodile's back neck, then stepped on its hind legs, jumped aside when the crocodile's tail swept over, and stood guard again.

If it is a common crocodile, it is basically not its opponent to the Mimi that has not been injured in the world, but now the crocodile has grown in size, strength and sensitivity have increased, and the injured Mimi is not enough to see in front of it.

Mimi's claws are sharp and long, but the crocodile's skin is too hard. Mimi's claws only leave a scratch on it when it goes down, not even the wound. He narrowed his eyes slightly and could not attack his back neck. He could only bite his throat. However, the danger of attacking here is very high. If you don't pay attention to it, you will be swept by the crocodile's huge tail.

The crocodile attacked Mimi again. Mimi dodged several times, seemingly looking for the best angle for her. Once again, Mimi jumped from the crocodile attack, jumped onto the trunk next to her, and then used her strength to dive to the crocodile's throat. Its sharp canine teeth penetrated the crocodile's weak throat as expected, but before it was completely biting, the huge tail swept in. Even if it let go quickly to escape, it was not completely in time. The tail was severely swept in, and the whole tail was broken. Mimi gave a loud roar of pain.

Seeing Mimi injured, all the people in the cave pulled their hearts out.

Jing Lin said: "We must go out and help it!"Looking at the current situation, it is absolutely impossible for Mimi to subdue the crocodile. If Mimi can't stand up at the end, then they can't escape the crocodile's death threat. But now out, Mimi still has the strength to fight crocodiles, which can help them to do some defense and guard against deadly attacks by crocodiles.

But going out to help it is easy to say, and several are willing to go out. On hearing Jing Lin's proposal, most of the people in the cave retreated back. Some people cried out, "Don't we go out to die in vain?"

Yan Fei said: "What is the difference between sitting and dying in vain?" He took out the broadsword wrapped in cloth and took a deep breath: "I'll go out."

Jing Lin took his wood-cutting knife. He followed Yan Fei to go out behind him. Zhao Zhiwen took down the broadsword on his back and threw the vine rope he brought with him when he came out on the ground. He followed and went out without saying anything. Yan Lu was still waiting to compare strength with crocodiles and followed in the footsteps of the three of them.

However, only Tang Hao moved the people in the cave entrance. Today, these people are in such a dangerous situation to help him find his daughter. He must not be a little puss-head.

The rest suddenly fell silent. They looked at me and I looked at you. Each other's faces were very familiar. Each other grew up together or watched each other grow up. Although there may be occasional frictions due to trivial matters in ordinary times, most of the time they are friendly neighbors.

Ma Chunzheng is a grind stood up, lamented the lamented unwillingly to now still weak legs, followed and went out again, then, is Ma Chunkang two brothers, Zhao Shaogan, Li Feiyu, Gao Changhui, Zhang Kai . . .

The last 20 people, plus a Sweet Tang, came out one after another!

At this moment, they felt from the bottom of their hearts that something had changed. It was fermenting rapidly, which made them muster up courage and filled their limbs with strength.


Mimi was once again swept by the crocodile's tail, and its injured leg dragged it a lot. Its usual sensitive response was less than half today. It has several fractures on its body, but it has risen from the ground again and again to confront the crocodile.

Fresh food crawled out of the hole by itself. The crocodile gave up its attack on Mimi and turned to run towards the crowd.

Mimi quickly catch up.

"scatter!"Yan Fei gave a loud roar.

"Hide behind the tree!"Jin Lin added.

Yan Fei rolled on the spot to avoid the huge body of the crocodile, which rushed towards this side. The body was wiped and flew out in an instant. But before that, Jing Lin had given him a defensive symbol, so although the collision was very strong, he didn't feel much pain after rolling on the grass several times.

Jing Lin was startled. He ran to help him up and asked if he was okay. When he saw that he shook his head, he grabbed his right hand and touched the palm of his hand. He felt that the paper was still there and breathed a sigh of relief. This proves that this defensive symbol is still very useful.

All the people who were scattered by birds and animals listened to Jing Lin and ran behind the huge trees around them. Then they began to feel lucky. In fact, as long as they ran fast enough and ran around the giant wood, the crocodile's body was too large to catch up with them immediately because it was blocked by the giant wood. However, there is also a disadvantage, that is, your physical strength should be good enough to keep running fast and not relax so as not to be bitten by crocodiles.

Li Feiyu was being chased by crocodiles. He cried and ran furiously. He could almost feel the smell of blood coming from crocodiles in his ear.

"smelly crocodile! Look this way!"Hiding under a tree, Sweet Tang shook his hands with a pale face. She just gave a tentative shout, but the crocodile really turned to look at her and rushed at her.

"!"Sweet Tang immediately turned around and ran around the tree. She felt that she had gone mad. She was scared to death and was still thinking nervously that she was the champion of grade long-distance running. She was not afraid of running or anything. She was the only one in the whole school who was supposed to compete with crocodiles in the long-distance running. She broke off all the cattle when she said it.

As a result, everyone saw that the crocodile's IQ seemed not to be very high, so they all agreed and took turns running the crocodile. Mimi in the middle would go up and distract the crocodile when the person being chased could not hold on, so that he would not be hurt by the crocodile.

I didn't think this is not a clever method, and it worked wonders!

Because crocodiles are running slower and slower when chasing them! At the back, because it could not run, it stopped and rested in its place.

No matter how stupid people are, they know that crocodiles cannot be allowed to recover their strength at this time, but it is still very difficult to take the initiative to kill crocodiles.

Jing Lin looked around and saw the bundle of vine ropes thrown by Zhao Zhiwen at the mouth of the cave. Suddenly he said, "Try to tie it up."

After asking everyone's opinion, he picked up the rope and got around it. Then he tied a power knot according to the size of the crocodile's head. This kind of knot is getting tighter and tighter. It is useless for them to just hold one end tightly and the other end tightly around the crocodile's head and let it struggle.

The crowd watched the alligator's movement at any time. Mimi even stared at the other side for a moment. As long as the other side made any movement, it would make a noise to remind him.

The knot is very big, if two people pull on the edge, they will be at a distance from the alligator's head. As for which two people to put on the crocodile, it takes courage to do such a job. Jing Lin and Yan Fei took the initiative. after all, their skill is indeed the best among all people, and they also have defensive symbols that others do not know.

Jing Lin opened his mind. He didn't want to pay attention to anything other than crocodiles. He tried to focus all his attention on crocodiles.

When Yan Fei and Jing Lin approached the crocodile step by step, everyone held their breath. When the knot reached the tip of the crocodile's mouth, Jing Lin "saw" that the muscles near the crocodile's mouth began to shake, and immediately a tingle came and shouted to everyone, "pull!"Loosening the knot, one rolled away from the alligator attack.

At the same time, Yan Fei pulled the rope back quickly, and all the people standing behind him were already in place. The group pulled the rope to their side. The knot quickly closed, firmly trapping the front end of the crocodile's mouth, and the mouth originally extended to Jing Lin was pulled back.

The rope was long enough for the crocodiles, who had been tied up, to rush toward the crowd. The crowd quickly spread out. Yan Fei pulled the rope and ran around a giant wood. Each run passed through the rope wound on the tree. When all the ropes were wound, no matter how the crocodile pulled the rope wound on the giant wood, it would not fall off. The crocodile would always be tied beside the giant wood.

The crocodile was unable to succeed physically, and even though it struggled violently with anger, it did not last long. However, the strength of the vine rope is beyond people's imagination. No matter how hard it struggles and pulls, there is no sign of fracture or deformation.

At that time, Yan Lu, who had agreed to compare strength with crocodiles, took his big axe and ran behind the crocodiles, throwing it at its tail. He was thrown several times during this period. He stood up and continued to throw it until the handle of the axe was broken. Mimi had jumped on the back of the crocodiles without the threat of its tail. He successfully grabbed the crocodile's throat and swung his head until he finally killed the crocodiles after holding on for more than ten minutes.

Mimi fell off the crocodile's back and it was completely collapsed.

"Mimi!"Sweet Tang threw himself at Mimi and reached out to pick up a bloody canine tooth that had fallen to the ground. He could not help crying.

Mimi seemed to be a kitten at this time. It "meowed" and stretched out its barbed tongue and carefully licked the back of the owner's hand to show that it was all right.

Crocodiles are big and very heavy. 21 people joined forces to drag the crocodiles without moving. After many unsuccessful attempts, everyone discussed the matter and chose four people to go back and inform the villagers to help move the crocodiles.

It was much faster to go back along the way. After waiting for about half an hour for those who stayed in the same place, the four men led more than 20 people to come over. There were several powerful aunts inside.

When dragging the crocodile down the mountain, many people were still in a trance. No one could have imagined that when they thought they were going to die with no body, they finally survived the crocodile unscathed. Not only did they survive, they also killed a mutant crocodile.

Of course, Mimi's contribution is the greatest.

Mimi and her three kittens were put on the crocodile's back and dragged down the mountain together. The injury on her body needed treatment. It has become a big hero in the hearts of big guys, and everyone does not want it to die.

Not long after they entered the mountain in the morning, many people in the village were wandering in the fields, looking at the direction of the mountain forest and praying for their safe return, so the second group of people came so quickly. When the rest saw them dragging a crocodile with difficulty, the whole village was boiling.

"Did you kill him?" Sun Lili was also a member of the waiting crowd. After she was nursed back to health, the fetus in her belly was no longer a problem. When Ma Chunzheng walked healthily, she was not at ease all the time, so even if the sun was a little big, she didn't want to go back, and insisted on waiting under the tree with a sunshade.

"of course!"Ma Chunjian was extremely proud. The expression of others was similar to that of him. He straightened up and enjoyed praise and admiration from others.

After the Sweet Tang family was reunited safely, Tang Hao stayed behind. Tang Yunyan and Sweet Tang took Mimi to Zhao Anguo. There was no veterinarian and Zhao Anguo had to have a try.

When the villagers were surprised enough, they began to discuss the crocodile's ownership.

There were a total of 20 people who went out this time, and then there were more than 20. Almost all the people in the village gave their strength, so everyone had a share in crocodile meat. Tang Hao volunteered that everyone was trying to help him and bring trouble to everyone. He was already very sorry, so he didn't have to be counted when distributing crocodiles.

"This how line. Candy ran fast today and helped us drag on several times. If you don't want it, you have to give her a share of the candy. It doesn't matter to give her half of my share. Besides, Mimi is also a big contributor. You have to help her get back!"This was said by the man who scolded Sweet Tang for being too scared in the cave. After everyone had gone through the test of life and death together, the relationship had been drawn closer unconsciously. He was very ashamed of his previous behavior, and Sweet Tang ran fast. She contributed the most in the crocodile running. The little girl was braver than most adults, so the man took the initiative to speak to Tang Hao at the moment, with some apology.

Tang Hao did not blame his previous actions. Everyone was ordinary people. It was human nature to have that kind of reaction in that situation at that time, so he also smiled brightly and did not refuse, "Then I will take it on behalf of sugar."

"That's right!"

When alligator skin was peeled, almost the whole village was watching, like watching a great event. Following the incision bitten by Mimi, several strong men grabbed it and pulled it out. Next to it, several were assisted by polished kitchen knives. The alligator was too big, it took more than an hour to peel the alligator skin alone. The whole alligator skin was too hard for them to cut at all, because Jing Lin four people contributed the most except Mimi. When they came back, they dragged Yan Lu, the alligator, with the strength of five men alone, so everyone unanimously decided to give the alligator skin to the four of them, whatever they wanted.

Then came the crocodile meat, and finally the cut crocodile was weighed. Almost every family took out their scales to help, and every family provided a basin for the meat. Everyone worked together, and finally the total weight of crocodile meat was over 7,300 catties. The population of the village is only over 110 at home now, with more than 7,000 catties divided, including those still in the belly, and everyone is over 60 catties.

Of course, this is not the case, after all, not everyone did their best when killing the crocodile, so the lion's share of crocodile meat was still in front of 20 people. But even so, those who helped bring the goods back can at least get more than 30 kilograms.

Some people worry: "I always wanted to eat meat before, ok? now there is meat, but all of a sudden there is so much, the heat can't be saved, and finally it has to be broken!"

"Eat!" No matter how many talents there are, they can eat as much as they like.

In the end, the whole village was glad to carry their share of meat back home. Ma Renshan also specially sent a dozen catties of meat to Zeng Shener. Great aunt Zeng's spirit is better than some time ago. even if she stayed in the house, she knew about the alligator attack in the village. when she saw ma renshan bring her meat back, she smiled and thanked him.

Ma Renshan is a little surprised at Zeng's change, but laughing is better than crying. As long as she is no longer immersed in sadness, it is always a good thing.

The people who fought the alligator gave each more than 200 catties! Jing Lin pulled his share of meat directly to Zhao Zhiwen's house, looking at two baskets of crocodile meat.

Zhou Yu was also worried. She said, "First make some dried meat and keep it for as long as you can." If you can't eat it, you have to throw it away.

However, this problem did not bother the villagers for long, because the weather suddenly changed!

In the middle of the night, Jing Lin was woken up by the duck pecking on his face. He was in a daze and wanted to ask what happened to the duck. Then he felt chilly. He slept in his vest and shorts, and when he was woken up by ducks, his body was covered with frozen chicken skin. Lele because of the cold, the whole people cling to him.

Why is it so cold? I didn't feel it until I realized it. When I felt it, I found my arms and legs were cold.

At dinner time, because of the sultry weather, everyone sighed with emotion about the severity of the autumn tiger. I didn't expect to see the fog when I opened my mouth and exhaled under the oil lamp.

Opening the wardrobe, Jing Lin hissed and sucked the air-conditioner. in just one minute, he felt that the temperature had dropped a lot. he shivered and took out the duvets that smelled of camphor balls to bask in the sun for a while, but he woke up only after holding Lele in the quilt.

"Uncle, why is it so cold!" Lele shivered with cold and her teeth chattered. When the duck leaned in and found it warm, he hugged it.

Jing Lin was turning out his winter clothes to change for the two. He said Lele: "It's changing. Don't sleep yet. Go out with my uncle and go to my grandparents." He was afraid they didn't know how to wake up. When the time came, Lele nodded when he was cold and sick, yawned, rubbed his teardrop-soaked eyes, and opened his eyes wide to prevent him from sleeping.

After they both put on their clothes, Jing Lin turned out the hot water bag he had bought, filled the kettle with boiling water, put it into Lele's arms and let him hold it. He was not afraid of being scalded when wearing gloves. Both of them also wore hats.

Carrying an oil lamp, when I went out, the ground was frostbitten by frost. The weather was too strange.

Jing Lin quickened his pace towards Zhao Zhiwen's house. When he arrived at his house, he saw a light in his window and knew that people had been awakened by the cold. Knocking at the door and entering the room, the whole family was making the bed again. Zhao Zhiwen zipped up his clothes and complained, "It's such a bad weather that winter is just beginning in autumn."

The two of them will also visit Yan's house.

"My brother also said he would visit you two." Arriving at Yan's house, we happened to meet Yan Fei and his brother and sister who were going out. when we saw each other thinking about ourselves, we all smiled at each other. Since it's all up, I have to go to all the houses in the village to have a look. The young people are all right. The old people can't stand the sudden change of weather.

As the captain, Ma Renshan will also go everywhere after getting up. When they meet on the road and Jing Lin, they will go together.

Several children in the village were frozen sick and their faces were red with fever. They were all taken to see Zhao Shaogan. There are also several families in which the elderly are also ill. Some people are already ill and cannot stand the cold. Several elderly people have been frozen and turned pale with pain. They cannot help crying out. These old people were also sent to Zhao Shaogan's home by Jing Lin with their help.

Of course, we should pay more attention to the elderly people in the village, such as Zeng Shener. Jing Lin often has little contact with people in the village, and Zeng Jianer only has a few contacts with the village, so they are not familiar with each other. When they arrived at aunt Zeng's house, aunt Zeng had already got up, dressed in a thick cotton-padded jacket and opened the door to show that they were all right.

Jing Lin frowned and looked into her courtyard without trace. He felt a strange smell and could not say what it was, but he felt strange. He quietly released his divine knowledge and looked at it, but did not feel anything.

Seeing Jing Lin looking into the courtyard, Zeng aunter gently moved to block Jing Lin's view, repeatedly saying he was fine, and after asking about other people in the village, he sent Jing Lin away.

"Is there anything wrong?" Yan Fei couldn't help looking back when he saw Jing Lin. He thought there was something wrong.

Jing Lin thought for a moment, "I can't tell. I always feel something is staring at us."

"Is there anything strange about Aunt Zeng?" Zhao Zhiwen said, "You see, she is not normal either. Gao Zhuo is not here, but her spirit is better than when Gao Zhuo used to work abroad. She smiled at us just now."

Yan Lu gave Zhao Zhiwen a shake and a pat." In the evening, don't talk about such a scary topic." She is not afraid of anything in her life. She is afraid of the imagination of the human brain. You don't know what scary things you can think of in your mind. It didn't matter at first, but a lot of times you can frighten yourself to death by filling your brain indiscriminately.

"Pay more attention." Yan Fei said that since Jing Lin felt wrong, there must be something wrong. He believed Jing Lin unconditionally.

The sky changed overnight, and this night everyone didn't sleep much, leaving their homes and families, with inexplicable excitement.

At daybreak, Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen pulled up all the crocodile meat they had thought of hanging in the well last night and looked at the thin layer of ice on it. They were speechless.

Zhou Yu said helplessly, "Come on, I'm not afraid that the meat will break down. It can freeze this day. A ready-made refrigerator."

Everyone hasn't had breakfast yet. Zhou Yu cooked breakfast at home. Zhao Zhiwen cut the crocodile meat and waited for Zhou Yu to make it into dried meat. Jing Lin accompanied Zhao Chenghuai to the field to have a look.

Originally, the fields in the village where millet was harvested earlier had already turned green again. After last night's weather, they all froze to death. There is still no movement in the vegetable plot, and winter wheat and rape will be planted soon. Now it is so cold that even if the planted wheat emerges, it is estimated that it will not grow very long.

"For heaven's sake, I don't want people to live." Zhao Chenghuai squatted on the edge of the ridge, especially want a cigarette. The fall harvest has been hit by a large reduction in output. The spring harvest of the following year will be frozen before it is sown. How can we live next year?

At this moment, Yan Fei and his son also came along. Yan Ruifeng smiled wryly: "the first time I worked in the field, it gave me such a big problem." After returning to the village for such a long time, he has obtained a lot of books on farming. Naturally, he knows that their climate here is winter wheat planted from September to October. It is a big problem whether the winter wheat can be harvested in May next year if it is planted on such a cold day.

"Cover with plastic film." Jing Lin said, this is the best way to harvest better in the coming year.

Zhao Chenghuai said: "Where to find mulch now, there are so many fields in the village, which is not a small sum."

Yan Fei asked Jing Lin, "What are your thoughts?"

Jing Lin said, "I know that there is a plastic film factory in Xinwan town of the county seat. If you go there, you will certainly find it."

Yan Fei said: "There will definitely be a meeting in the village. We'll talk about it after we hear it."

Jing Lin nodded, "That's what I meant."

After breakfast, the villagers held another meeting.

Many people have caught a cold and speak with nasal sounds. They always envy the laurel tree in front of Ma Renshan's house for its high-energy shade. At the moment, it feels colder to stand below, and the people standing in the crowd are anxious to hug each other.

"Those grocery stores don't all sell mulch. We used to buy all kinds of vegetables and seedlings."

"How much mulch can there be in those stores? There is not enough land for one family."

"New bay town is not a plastic film factory? A friend of mine worked in it for some time. There are all kinds of plastic films in it, and the quantity is definitely large."Some people went with Jing Lin. The village needed a lot of mulch.

"The factory that is now in chaos must have closed early. Before that, there was no car to pull away and there was no food to eat. There was definitely no one to ask for it. Let's go quickly, maybe we can pull enough for the village."

Since they can think of the problem of winter wheat harvest in the first place, there must be others who can think of it. The most urgent thing is to get ahead of others, otherwise you will be late and won't be able to catch even the water for washing dishes.

Ma Renshan said: "Everyone who has a car rides a bike. If he doesn't have one, he pushes a scooter. If he goes to more people, he can bring more back and it will be safer on the road."

In the end, the village gathered more than 30 people and marched to Xinwan Town, not far from the county seat.

"You're a good bullock cart." Zhao Shaogan pushed the scooter and said to Zhang Kai who was walking beside him, looking at the other side of the scooter and the cow pulling him away, the posture was carefree, he was so envious of people who were walking at the right pace.

"ah, there is no comparison with Yan Fei." Zhang Kai said that the villagers are now raising cattle in his family, but compared with Yan Fei's two horses, they are not enough to watch.

Because he had to bring back as much mulch as possible, Yan Fei took both horses and pulled the iron cart he had modified, which could hold a lot of things.

Thanks to Yan Fei's horse, when Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen went, they hung the tricycle behind the carriage, and the rollers automatically gurgled away. They both sat in the iron car, easier than the others.

There was no sign of other people on the road, but there were always people who passed through the same place when they could not see them, all the way to the county seat. although the weeds along the way had not been removed, they had been forced to step out of a road. their tin car and tricycle were just enough. besides being a little cold, it was also easy.

At the end of Xinwan Town, weeds were cleared and traces of human activities could be seen. Some people were digging up the soil in the city green belt. Jing Lin looked at it and saw that the soil in the green belt was almost dug up.

Those people saw the scene approaching them and stopped to look at it one after another. Someone called for help. Yan Fei pulled up the carriage to the side and raised his eyebrows to ask each other what was the matter.

"Are you from a nearby village?" The questioner was an old man in his fifties, a little thin and malnourished, dressed in a knee-length down jacket and holding a shovel covered with mud in his hand.

Yan Fei said, "Yes, sir, what are you doing?"

"shovel some soil and go back to grow vegetables." The big ye said, "how are things in your village?"

"It's hard, the autumn harvest is almost over." No, but Yan Fei isn't that stupid either. He answers whatever people ask him.

"Ah!" The big ye felt the same sigh, big ye curiosity is quite heavy, "you so many people, why go?"

"Find something. Is the city safe?" Yan Fei asked.

"A period of time ago is very messy, people die every day. Later, Cao Sanye took over the security of our area with his servants. Recently, it has been quite peaceful."

"who is Cao Sanye?"

"A gangster leader." The uncle said, "I heard that when the chaos broke out, we had just released them from prison. we gave him 20 catties of grain every month. he kept us safe. people are quite honest."

Twenty catties per month doesn't sound much, but combined with the actual situation, it is also quite a lot. What's more, there are not many households in this area.

"What is the law to protect peace?" Zhao Zhiwen, who was listening in the car, added.

"If there is a mutant animal or plant that hurts people, he will take people to dispose of it," said the uncle.

"He and his men are so good?" Zhao Zhiwen continued to ask, "Has anyone ever died?"

"Of course he died." Uncle said, "a group of mutant mice, Cao Sanye lost the largest number of people at that time, but the rat infestation was not completely removed and many mice escaped."

Hearing that it was mice, Zhao Zhiwen had goose bumps. He was not afraid of mice, but just hated the dirty things.

The uncle saw that all the people around him had dug up about the same, and he wanted to talk to Yan Fei, but others did not wait for him, so he had to say goodbye to Yan Fei and others and left with a bucket of mud he had dug up.

Yan Fei several did not expect the county was also taken over by a gangster, but tube less than their head, so a few people heard also didn't take it to heart.

Leave there, a line of people soon came to the new bay town, into the scope of the new bay town, is covered with weeds, only being stepped out of the path, not enough for the car, Yan Fei's carriage in front of the road, after the weeds down, the people behind is very good to go, orderly follow up.

When they found the plastic film factory, the factory's signboard was deformed and rusted and covered with vines. Everyone parked the car together, leaving a few people to watch the car while the others all entered the factory with weapons.

Because of the intervention of vegetation in the workshop, the machine was thrown into chaos. The people made a cursory turn and took all the plastic films that were still intact. Finally came to the factory warehouse area.

The warehouse door was locked and the rusty lock was still hanging on it. Yan Fei dialed it with his hand and pulled out the wire he had put in his pocket this morning. he twisted it here and there, then inserted it into the lock hole and snapped it open.

"Brother Yan, you still have this skill." Li Feiyu raised his thumb.

"You don't know much." Pushing open the door, Yan Fei went in.

The warehouse has been closed for quite a long time. The smell inside is not good. Open the door completely. The light shines in and you can see the plastic film in half of the warehouse.

White, black, green, black and white, several kinds of mulch films are placed one after the other, reaching the highest point. Even if only half of the plastic film is taken away, they will probably finish pulling it in one day today.

Quickly move the most suitable and needed plastic film onto the car, taking half an hour, and then walk home.

When I got home and unloaded the plastic film, I didn't take a break. I went on.

This time when I passed Xie Jia village, I happened to meet Xie Shu who opened the door and asked them what they were doing as soon as I saw so many of them. When I heard that I was looking for mulch film, I was immediately excited. They were also worried about it, and immediately expressed that they wanted to go with them.

Yan Fei, they agreed to take the people from their village, but they did not have time to wait for them to prepare for the next trip.

As a result, the later team grew by more than a dozen people.

After lunch, the village had enough mulch for the next two years, and everyone was going to pull it again. Anyway, there was still a lot of stock in the warehouse.

They have been walking back and forth in Xinwan Town in the morning. Some people also saw that many people in the city had no experience in planting crops. Seeing Jing Lin pulling mulch, they asked curiously and began to move mulch to their homes. Although they live in no land in the city, the balcony can grow vegetables, and some people have already started to divide the green belts and plan to plant things on the green belts, so mulching film is definitely needed.

In the afternoon, when they went to the plastic film factory again, they accidentally found a lot of cars parked at the gate of the factory. Like them, there were tricycles and handcarts.

The two young men guarding the gate saw them and immediately stood guard and stopped them. One whistled with his finger. However, within a minute, many people, all young and middle-aged, came out of the factory.

A man in his 30s with glasses came out of the crowd. it seemed that he was the leader. his attitude was friendly and he asked, "are you looking for mulch? I asked the people around me, and they told me that you had pulled away a lot this morning."

This is interesting. Does that mean you want to take the rest?

Yan Fei said, "There are many, but there are more left. We have taken less than half of them."

"We came later than you. Who knows how much you have taken?"

The crowd was speechless. Some people were just so boring and thinking about themselves. However, they planned to stop coming after taking this trip. The rest was left to those in need. As soon as these people arrived, they wanted to take the rest alone. It seems that they have also changed. They have become especially brazen.

Yan Fei said: "Brothers, it's hard now. I'll take another trip, and you can take another half of the rest, which will be enough for a few years. Don't be too greedy. You should also consider the issue of next spring's harvest. Leaving someone else a way out is actually leaving yourself a retreat."

"That's right. I can't even fill my stomach. Why should I care about the lives of others?"

Yan Fei called Yan Lu down from the horse and Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen also came out of the carriage. Yan Fei asked the other party: "Do you mean we are not allowed to enter?"

"You've got enough."

It's really hard for oil and salt to enter. Yan Fei gave up trying to reason with the other party. He pulled out the swinging stick hanging at his waist and shook it off. He stared at the other party: "Do you want to fight?"

The man was ruthless enough to reveal the dagger hidden in his sleeve.

The eyes of Jing Lin and others are all dark. The other side looks cruel. It seems that the other side's hands are not clean. It seems that they are stained with human blood.

Seeing that the two sides were at loggerheads, they started fighting with each other when there was a big disagreement. It was the man with glasses who stood up and stopped in front of the man, with a gentle smile that seemed sincere but actually hypocritical, and urged, "Now that the disaster is in the lead, we should unite and help each other. My man is a bit impulsive, but he is not malicious. Since you said it was the last trip, it was really the last."

The implication is that if there is another trip later, then he is really welcome.

"hypocrisy!" After entering the warehouse, Yan Lu remembered the glasses man got, could not help but say.

"The acting was embarrassing." Zhao Zhiwen shrugged his shoulders.

"A group of people on the other side are not good." Jing Lin said, "If we had fought just now, we would have been fine, but the rest of us would have suffered."

Yan Fei also said: "the strength is not enough to make up for it. most of the time, when we confront people, we see which side is stronger-whoever pretends to be good at it, of course, will have to meet rash fellow. the trick I used just now doesn't work at all. the main reason is that although I see the other side as hypocritical, I am not the kind of person who will easily tear his face, but this kind of person is easy to bear grudges. next time, if you don't meet him by chance, you have to be careful. polite scum like to hide behind the scenes."

Everyone nodded.

Apart from this incident, the day was actually very smooth.

The plastic films moved back were all placed in the yard of Ma Renshan's house, and when they arrived, they were distributed in a unified way. The amount distributed was calculated according to the number of fields.

After distributing the mulch, Ma Renshan called the Wu Daxing family and asked them to leave later.

When all the others were gone, Ma Renshan said to Wu Daxing, the head of the family: "Daxing, no one likes to work for others for free all the time. After so many incidents in the village, two males in your family can't find one to follow?"

Yesterday, when the crocodile was brought back, many women's houses in the village went to help. None of the Wu Daxing's houses came. Finally, Liao Shufen, who had lost his meat, still had some questions. The same is true of those who discussed to move mulch film today, because it is for the sake of the collective, so everyone who can go out will follow to pull mulch film. This trip back and forth is not an easy job. Other people's families volunteered to do it. After counting the number of people, Ma Renshan also specially went to his house to say that no matter who goes, father and son will go to one. He promised to go well and will go, but he still did not go. It's all because the villagers are so different and other people don't owe your family, how come they always want to take advantage of others?

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