During the autumn harvest, the atmosphere in the village was not very good. This year's per mu yield is too little. Even if the output was reduced, the yield per mu would not be less than 800 kg. However, this year, the villagers have no one who can reach 400 catties per mu. The best one is 300 catties. The difference is just over 200 catties.

In the evening, when the villagers gathered up the millet in the yard, they would move out of their wooden windmills before moving into the house. The empty grains that were blown out were piled on the ground like hills, which made people feel extremely sad.

Jing Lin and several of them cooperated to collect rice very quickly. The other family's four old men collected an acre of land, and the four of them could collect an acre and a half. After threshing, Yan Lu was the only one left. Zhao Chenghuai was always at home.

However, even if they collect it quickly, they still need to ask people back to help. Because during the harvest of millet every year, it always rains on cloudy days, which is very easy to sprout due to untimely harvest and lodging of rice. Even if it is collected in time, it is easy to mold and sprout without bad sun exposure. Therefore, it is better to collect it as early as possible. There are too many fields in Zhao Zhiwen's home, plus a total of more than ten mu in Jing Lin's house's home. Even if they move quickly, the workload is not small. So within a few days of the autumn harvest, Zhao Cheng released the message. Others in the village who had finished their work could come and help his family harvest millet. The reward was 80 kg of rice per mu, with their own tools and no matter what the rice was.

Because of the drastic reduction in grain production, even if there is still old grain, the new grain will be enough for this time next year, but who knows if the next year's grain production will continue to decline, so the villagers are beginning to have a real sense of crisis. Of course, 80 kg of rice cannot be compared with the previous labor cost, which sounds not too much, but it is definitely not too little under the current situation of large production reduction. Therefore, people in the village who have a little spare time are rushing to sign up.

However, in addition to his family, Liao Shufen's family is the second most numerous in the village, because Yan Fei's family still owns the land and has more than 10 mu.

Liao Shufen's family is not nearly as fast as Zhao's. Four of them, their youngest son Wu Jianxiong, is a lazy eater. When he heard that he had to work in the fields this year, he pretended to be ill, either with a stomachache or a headache. Liao Shufen dotes on his son. He is what he says. He leaves a young man at home at leisure. He, his husband and his eldest daughter go to the fields.

Wu Meili used to do all these jobs when he was not married. His greatest fears were the summer harvest and the autumn harvest. Since she married Wang Jiaqiang, these jobs have never been touched. At that time, everyone used harvesters to collect them, and there was a mother-in-law to carry food to her home. Even when the wind was blighted, she just stood idly rocking the windmill and handed over all the heavy work to her mother-in-law. Over the past few years, she has been used to a comfortable life. The thought of her more than ten mu of millet makes her legs soft. However, because she did not dare to say anything about her dissatisfaction with her family, she could only think of Faer's laziness. She bent down with a sickle and had to either drink water or go to the toilet for a while. Therefore, Liao Shufen's abusive voice sounded from time to time near her family's fields.

When he returned at noon, Wu Meili was so tired that he could hardly stand up straight. So he had to cook the family's meal. He told Wu Jianxiong, who was lying in bed and moldy, to help set off the fire. Liao Shufen said, "You just need to put in a few sticks of wood. I didn't see him sick!"

Wu Meili was so angry that tears came out. He knew that his parents preferred sons to daughters, but no one in the village did the same to his daughter.

Later, when I heard that the Zhao family asked for help, Wu Meili suggested that their family also asked for help. Liao Shufen is a little conation. After all, she and her husband are also older. Their body is not as good as before. After working for two days, they can't sleep at night with back pain. When asked about Zhao's remuneration, he was immediately reluctant to part with 80 kg of rice per mu.

"There are too many. I heard that there is no place to buy food outside now. I can still consider 60 kg per mu."

"This has to be considered!"Wu Meili said hastily, "When will the three of us have to receive the rest of our family after all the others have received it? In case it rains again, will the millet in the field be needed?"

Liao Shufen scolded: "Sixty catties per mu. Our family still has several mu. Can you give us how bright grain?"

Wu Meili wanted very much to say "I will come out as soon as I come out", but before she came back from the Wangs, so much food had no place in the family. When she finished eating her food, I'm afraid there was no room to speak, so she refrained from saying anything.

Wu Daxing finally gave the decision: "Please invite someone." In case the loss outweights the gain, there is no place to cry.

Since Wu Daxing said so, Liao Shufen had to reluctantly agree.

The villagers pressed on and on, finally finishing all the crops in the field.

The Zhao family removed the remuneration for inviting people. in the end, more than 3,000 catties of rice were harvested from more than 10 mu of rice. millet was basked in the front and back of the two cement floors, and many open winds were carried on the top of the building. because of the cover of colored steel tiles, the millet could not be basked in the sun but could not be caught in the rain. as long as it was turned over several times, the millet could be stripped of water.

In the evening, kerosene lamps were lit in the courtyard. The Zhao family were all in the dark and the Yan family were also helping. Pour the millet into the funnel, and the windmill handle twirls. Before the millet is stored in the warehouse, the sun-dried millet must be screened this way every time.

Yan Fei hung a towel to wipe sweat around his neck, and sat down in a chair with Jing Lin to rest. he sighed, "now I know what it means to be' hard for every grain." Before they went to the field every day, they had to take the millet collected the night before and pour it out to dry. Sometimes they were busy in the field. When the weather suddenly changed, they had to run back to collect the grain immediately. Every day is the big sun, and going out is like standing in a stove. when the wind blows away, the rice dust will stick to the body. it is hot and itchy and very uncomfortable. They spent every day in a tense and busy situation, with several hands covered with blisters cut from millet and wounds on their legs accidentally cut by sickles.

Yan Lu, who treated himself as a man, also had severe acid in his hands.

But fortunately, we are almost busy now, so the straw in the field still needs to be pulled back, and the corn stalks in the corn field also need to be cut back. when we are finished, we can be at leisure.

Yan Lu poured the last bit of rice into the funnel of the windmill, where Zhao Zhiwen rocked the windmill. She came over and sighed with emotion: "I was already happy at school this time last year. How beautiful it is to eat ice cream and blow the air conditioner on such a hot day! In the evening, I can go out for barbecue with my classmates!"

On hearing the meat, several of Jing Lin's people all moved their throats. The best meal they have had this month is the big crab, with two large bowls of crab roe and tender meat in the big pliers and crab legs. Recently, because of the heavy workload, Jing Lin made time to go to the fish pond and cast nets several times, but they found nothing. The food they eat these days tastes like meat every day, but it is either canned or sealed in bags. After eating a lot, they still feel that there is no oil and water in their stomachs. Moreover, their food is good, at least they always have fresh food to eat. The others in the village did not. The new vegetables planted did not even stir up the cabbage with the shortest growing period. The growing period seems to have slowed down. Now the vegetable field is bare. Recently, the work is so tired and the food is not good. Everyone has a face of vegetable color. Ma Renshan's granddaughter and his eldest brother's two little grandchildren have been crying for constipation for two days. It doesn't work to take medicine. The adults in the family are almost worried.

However, Jing Lin could not tell about his own fresh vegetables. He brought them to Zhao Zhiwen's house every day with a basket on his back and a layer of cloth covering his face. If he talks about it, the villagers will talk a lot and there is no guarantee that they have no bad thoughts. In case something happens, it will be his own misfortune.

They were all radish heads only a few years old. Jing Lin thought of Lele and felt sorry for them. He could not take out the food. Jing Lin quietly gave a bottle of jam to one person in the past and also specially gave a bottle to Sun Lili. Ma Chunzheng knew it. Jing Lin told the two families not to tell anyone about the jam delivery. Jing Lin was also present when he bought so many fruits. His heart was thicker and he didn't take into account the physical problems of his children. He only thought that he would be fine if he could eat. At that time, he also secretly laughed at Jing Lin's inability to live. Now he is ashamed to think about it.

A few children are slightly better after eating. Although they feel uncomfortable, they won't cry all the time, but how much jam can be in a bottle and they finish it in a few days. Therefore, the problem must be solved fundamentally.

All the millet was packed in baskets and moved into the house. Yan Fei's family was ready to leave. at this moment, ma renshan came hurriedly to this side with a lamp. he was followed by several people, Ma Chunzheng, Ma Chunkang and a young couple in the village. the male was Tang Hao, and the female was Tang yunyan. they were rare couples with the same surname in the neighborhood.

"Yan Fei, don't go yet." Ma Renshan stopped Yan Fei."Something has happened and I may need your help."

"what is it?"So Yan Fei walked back again and asked curiously.

Ma Renshan pointed to the couple in surnamed tang and said: "You know their daughter Sweet Tang, a 14-year-old girl, said she has entered the mountain and has not returned yet."

"Into the mountain?"Yan Fei was surprised.

Jing Lin several also surrounded, the little girl courage is too big, now there are so many variation of animals and plants outside, at any time is in danger, the nearby mountain village adults dare not close at will, she a little girl incredibly dare to run in?

Tang Yunyan choked, "The cat in the family was lost before and came back suddenly a few nights ago. He became very big and stood taller than me, but he still knew us, and he came back with two pheasants in his mouth. It seems that it came back specially to send pheasants to us, put down the pheasants and left. After that, it will come back every day to send something, either day or night, either pheasants or hares, snakes and mountain rat. After we finished work in the afternoon, I saw the pheasant that was bitten to death in the kitchen again. I knew Mimi had returned. After that, when I saw that Candy was not at home, I started looking for her. I thought she was playing in someone else's house. But I asked all over the village and didn't see my candy. I thought Candy might have gone with Mimi."

And where will Mimi go? The things that Mimi picked up will only be found in the mountains around the village.

"So?"Yan Fei asked, "Do you want me to go to the mountain to find it?"

"Of course you will not be allowed to go alone." Ma Renshan said, "My son will go, and I will find a few more people, because I heard that you have kung fu in your hand. Taking everyone there can ensure more safety."

When Zhou Feifei spoke, she couldn't hear her emotions: "what is more secure? My son can play a little better than ordinary people."She didn't like Ma Renshan's words, as if she had given Yan Fei the safety of everyone's life. If anything happened, it would not be his son's fault.

Ma Chunzheng hurriedly said, "Aunt Fei, don't get me wrong. My father has no other intention."

"That is, I just said it casually." Ma Renshan said, the face of the dark night shan shan.

But now that Ma Renshan has spoken, their family lives in the village, and they are not sure that they did not plead with the villagers on that day, then no matter how dangerous the mountain is, Yan Fei has to go to this trip.

"I'll go too." Jing Lin said.

"count me in." Zhao Zhiwen followed.

"and me." Yan Lu raised her hand beside her.

Ma Renshan nodded with satisfaction in his heart. Even if Jing Lin did not take the initiative to speak, Ma Renshan would still propose to let them go. He wished that all the young people in the village were as brave as the three in front of him. Since the chaos of the world, the burden on his once insignificant captain has been getting heavier day by day, which really makes him worry a lot.

"Then have a good rest tonight and leave tomorrow morning." The big night is the time when wildlife activities are frequent, and even if Ma Renshan is anxious, he will not let them carry torches to find them. It is not that he is not concerned about the safety of Sweet Tang, but that under such circumstances, doing so is responsible for the lives of others.

He will find a few more people, told after a few words with a few people behind footsteps hurried away.

Yan Lu stretched himself and said helplessly, "Alas, I thought I could sleep in tomorrow."

Jing Lin also felt it was a pity that although his biological clock was there, he couldn't sleep when he woke up basically, but he didn't want to have a lot of things to do when he came together every day.

The three families said good night to each other. Jing Lin led Lele who had been rubbing his eyes back. The duck followed at his feet, Quack did not know where to feed again, and had not been seen for several days.

After returning home, Jing Lin burned the bath water, Lele had already fallen asleep on the sofa. Jing Lin had to wake him up and bathe him. He also took a basin filled with cold water and put it beside him to bathe ducks. When the two little ones were cleaned up, Jing Lin didn't go to tidy up himself.

After returning to the room, King did not practice immediately at the last moment, but drew several basic attack arrays. No matter how busy he was every day, he did not forget to meditate and practice scribbles. The script track that was blocked before writing was now very familiar.

The attack array painted by Jing Lin also evolved from the array of gathered spirits. It is called the array of small swords by turning the reiki in the array into weapons to attack. Because it is a basic array, it cannot join the subjective consciousness of those who have deployed the array, so any living creature that enters the small array of swords, whether it is human or animal or plant, will be attacked indiscriminately. This kind of array is not very powerful and can hurt people, but it does not kill people. When the opponent's force value is greater than that of the array, the weapons made of reiki cannot cause damage to it, so the attack is invalid.

To enter the mountain tomorrow, to be on the safe side, Jing Lin not only drew a few sets of small swords, but also wanted to draw several sets of basic defense arrays.

There are two types of basic defense arrays. One is accomplished with symbolic paper as the medium and pace as the aid. It is no different from the process of setting up a gathering array in the scene. One is vanity scribbles.

Jing Lin first drew several sets of defensive symbols, and then began to draw meaningless symbols.

This is Jing Lin's second attempt. He has now reached the tenth level in his first mental skill. Crossing this level, he will enter Gankun.

Fingers in vain, fingertips began to gather reiki, no last time as strong sense of obstruction, also does not have the last time the suffocating sense of crisis, he slowly according to the trajectory of the runes with his fingers to drive reiki.

The hand seemed to have entered a mass of sticky liquid, and it was extremely difficult to stir it inside. Soon, Jing Lin's forehead was soaked with a fine layer of sweat, and his hands trembled uncontrollably. In front of him, a piece of transparent paper with flashing light had already completed more than half of it, and only one finishing touch was needed to complete it.

Jing Lin almost felt that he was going to hold on, but he didn't want to give up when it was almost finished. Unconsciously, he began to operate the tenth mental skill. The eyebrows of the air mass with rapid rotation, the surrounding reiki surging again, quickly throughout his body meridians collision shuttle, the body suddenly came the fierce pain almost make scene in the breath.

However, when the body is in pain, the fingertips have strength again. Jing Lin's heart rejoices and he subconsciously closes his eyes. At the moment when it was dark in front of him, it suddenly brightened up. He saw that the piece of paper suspended in front of the line of sight had completed more than half of its mark. It was constantly flowing because it was crossed by the airflow. On the track of the mark paper, wisps and wisps of filaments were stretched out. They would pass through the reiki around them and would not loosen. Jing Lin continued to move along the following track. At the moment when the paper was finished, he saw that the rapidly rotating air mass between the eyes had disappeared. What remained in place was a pure white viscous liquid.

He has stepped over the initial movement and advanced to the article of Gankun in mental skill.

Jing Lin looked at it and found that his meridians seemed to have been widened. Even if he didn't operate the mental skill, there was still nimbus flowing slowly inside. If the meridians were washed away by nimbus all the year round, then even if the speed was slow, even if he stopped practicing the mental skill, it would be sooner or later for him to prolong his life and prevent all diseases from invading. He was watching intently when suddenly a picture of his backyard appeared in his mind. The scene was startled. Then the picture flashed instantly and appeared outside the wall of his house. Outside the magic array he had set up, a little mouse was circling in the same place. Then suddenly a roll of Quack tongue came out of nowhere, caught it in his mouth and swallowed it directly. Then it squatted in the same place for a while and quickly jumped away.

It turns out that Quack can even eat mice, and the taste after mutation is too unique. However, Jing Lin is more concerned about how he can see the courtyard and the outside situation when he is clearly in the room. Is this related to the fact that he has just advanced to do Kun? This unique perspective is very similar to the legendary spiritual knowledge.

Jing Lin made a quick experiment and finally found that this should be the so-called divine knowledge, but at present the divine knowledge is only just emerging, and the scope that can be seen is very small. Only a small piece can be seen in the backyard. The reason why he can see outside the wall is that the wall of this room and the wall are in the same direction. The total range he can see, centered on himself, is no more than three meters in radius.

However, Jing Lin thinks that this is also very good. God knows that he can appear at any time as long as he wants, which is equivalent to having an extra personal monitor. For walking outside, this is the real security guarantee.

After testing the role of divine knowledge, Jing Lin put his eyes on the defensive vanity symbol that had been suspended in front of him.

This vanity rune forms a small defensive array. Each trace on the small rune has complete array points and array eyes. Jing Lin took down the vanity symbol with his left hand and slapped it on the palm of his right hand. The whole vanity symbol immediately disappeared in the palm of his hand, but Jing Lin could clearly perceive a force in the palm of his right hand.

This is the greatest advantage of vanity symbols. The symbols at any time and anywhere do not need to be specially arranged and painted. Unless the strength of the symbol paper is greater than the strength of the symbol paper itself, it will collapse. Otherwise, the symbol paper will always be on you no matter where you go.

Wanted to think, Jing Lin continue to draw the second piece of vanity. After advanced, his painting of vanity symbols also became easier. He finished another one soon. When he wanted to finish the third one, he was unable to carry on. He could not hold on to the painting until he was halfway through, and the track collapsed. Jing Lin also didn't care. He placed the completed one on the bed head and planned to finish two more in the morning.

To accomplish two good things at once, even if a little tired, does not affect Jing Lin's fast sleep with pleasant mood.

The next day, Jing Lin, who had a good night's sleep, finished the remaining two pieces of the plan in one go after the routine meditation. This was just right. The four of them each had a defensive symbol.

When the group set off, the genius was brightened. A line of people with various types of self-defense weapons walked quietly on the road, some people didn't sleep enough and yawned all the time. The number of people who went there was quite large. Jing Lin counted them, just twenty.

According to Tang Yunyan, Mimi has become the size of a tiger. In the view of the three high mountains around them, twenty people divided into three groups to see if there were any traces of large animals and children walking at the foot of the mountain.

While Ma Chunzheng was dividing the number, Jing Lin called the three men aside. None of the three were left-handed. Jing Lin told them to stretch out their right hands.

Three people unknown so, but all obedient hand out. Later Jing Lin took out all three vanity charms hidden in his trouser pocket, and clapped them on one hand like a simple ceremony.

Zhao Zhiwen widened his eyes, raised his palm to look left and right, and whispered to Jing Lin, "What is this?"

Jing Lin said, "It is for life."

"I feel like I live in a magical world." Yan Lu said that Jing Lin was the magic wizard who brought them in.

However, Yan Fei felt the hidden power in his hand and looked at Jing Lin. he couldn't help saying, "you are so handsome." Because he also insisted on practicing his scribbles, he could understand that even if he was gifted, he would certainly have to make hard contact in private. This made him deeply fascinated and even more unable to move his eyes that wanted to stick to him at any time.

Yan Lu said that his brother, who used to talk to people in love, looked like this and couldn't help laughing while Jing Lin blushed with laughter. he felt that the change came without rhyme or reason. Only Zhao Zhiwen, thick nerve saw Yan Lu laughing, oneself also follow silly smile.

"What are you doing here?" Ma Chunzheng is sorting out the numbers and calling them.

"Nothing. Encourage each other." Yan Fei said.

Ma Chunzheng didn't ask much either. He handed a piece of red cloth to Yan Fei and told him to wave the red cloth whenever he saw it. Other teams would come immediately. After telling everyone to be careful, they took the people away. However, Jing Lin and his team included Li Feiyu, Gao Changhui and Ma Chunjian. Seven of them also walked to the other foot of the mountain.

After harvest, the paddy fields were full of small bundles of yellowed haystacks and looked very empty. The closer to the foot of the mountain, the denser the vegetation on the side of the road that has not been cleaned up, the more they look up to see the treetops that cannot reach the top. Standing under the huge roots, they feel extremely small.

"Look at that, there's blood." Li Feiyu said, pointing to the nearby to all.

Gao Changhui could not help but say: "Feiyu, are you wrong? Aren't you nearsighted? You mean there is a distance there. Can you see clearly?"

Li Feiyu grabbed the back of his head and smiled: "I used to have it, but my head swelled a while ago when I wore glasses. I didn't wear it anymore. I feel my eyesight is better now than before."

Jing Lin let go of his divine knowledge, found nothing moving around, and took the lead in walking there. Indeed as expected to see a grass leaf stained with a little blood, even a careful look may not find, they immediately looked at Li Feiyu.

Ma Chunjian said: "Have you changed like an animal in Feiyu?"

Li Feiyu protested: "I don't think the word' variation' is particularly suitable for human beings. I think I am a constitutional evolution."

"It's not bad." Ma Chunjian said, to tell the truth, he is a little envious. The variation of animals and plants has become stronger without exception. Li Feiyu's eyesight is also changing in a good direction. It would be nice if he also had good changes.

Jing Lin asked, "Have you met anyone like Feiyu along the way? All aspects."

Ma Chunjian shook his head: "I haven't seen it. Even if there is, I don't think the other side will show it when the situation is clear."

Li Feiyu said: "Oh, then I am not exposed?"

Ma Chunjian threatened him: "Yes, if there is any abnormal doctor who likes to study human body in the future, I will tell him to let him catch you!"

But after saying that, I didn't think I really scared Li Feiyu. Seeing his face turned white, I admitted my mistake quickly: "Er, elder brother is joking with you. Don't worry, who will dare to catch you in the future? Elder brother was the first to not let him go. Elder brother just scared you!"

Li Feiyu felt that he was going to cry.

At that time, Yan Fei had already taken out the red cloth and waved it in his hand. After a while, he saw that the two distant squads were coming this way.

"What did you find?" Ma Chunzheng is asking.

Jing Lin showed him the blood on the grass leaf. Ma Chunzheng was scraping it with his knife and found that the blood had dried up. At least this proves that the blood has existed for some time.

Because it didn't rain, I couldn't keep my foot print. Apart from these drops of blood, no trace was found. I'm not sure if Mimi walked here, but if you want to enter the mountain, blood is also a direction. So the people unanimously decided to enter the mountain from here. There is no way in the mountain. Even if there was one before, it was trampled out by many people. Now it has been covered with traces of grass, and everyone can only follow the feeling.

Fortunately, all the way in, Li Feiyu could always find a few drops of blood at a distance, but after he was frightened by Ma Chunjian, he developed a mind's eye and quietly walked in front of him, so all the people followed him unconsciously. In the scene they did find the little affectations of Li Feiyu, but everyone pretended not to know.

At first, Jing Lin insisted on observing the surroundings with divine knowledge, but it was too messy. Insects and animals ran through the grass almost at any time. Jing Lin was shocked when he did not move. It was extremely distressing and lasted for about ten minutes. Jing Lin could not hold on and had to close his mind.

After walking in for about half an hour, the vegetation around him began to show signs of being tackled. Many of them were half lodging beside him. Even without Li Feiyu's special guidance, the route became obvious. Soon, the front of the haystack became more and more chaotic, and many hard trees like twigs were broken off. It seemed that this place had only recently experienced a very fierce battle.

Tang Hao suddenly walked to a broken branch that fell on the haystack, tore off a yellow floral cloth hanging on it, and said excitedly in his mouth, "This is candy. The skirt she wore yesterday is of this color!"His eyes were almost red, and sugar must be in danger.

At this time, some sharp-eyed people found sharp scratches on the huge wood behind Tang Hao.

The scratch is bigger than the palm of everyone's hand, and it is at least 10cm deep into the trunk. The width and depth of the scratch shocked everyone and confirmed the speculation that Sweet Tang might have been killed.

Some people have already begun to say something called Tang Hao Festival mourning.

Yan Fei came out and said: "The situation is not necessarily as bad as everyone thinks. You forget that Mimi has changed and is about the size of a tiger. The scratch on the trunk may have been left by Mimi. Although there was blood all the way, we can infer from the amount of blood and the distance between each section that even if something bad happened to Sweet Tang, even if it was injured, at least it was not too heavy here."

"Then shall we go forward?" Someone asked. In fact, many people inside today do not want to come, or Ma Renshan threat, this time not to help, then next time something don't ask to him, don't want to come talent have to come.

Tang Hao carefully folded the rag and put it into his pocket. Looking at the unknown road ahead, Tang Hao firmly said, "I must find sugar." Even a corpse.

"Keep going." Ma Chunzheng is saying.

The vegetation became denser, and the ground beneath them was not even. It was uphill and downhill. If you didn't pay attention to it, you would fall a somersault. The more you went in, the more you felt almost unable to move. The crowd did not dare to beat the grass too hard, for fear that a careless person might disturb something deadly.

This time, Tang Hao walked ahead. He walked on with a straight face, but his mind was full of scenes of his daughter being killed. As he walked along, he suddenly felt something tugging at his lower leg, which still had a slight temperature.

Tang Hao shivered and raised his knife to cut it down. As a result, the knife swung up, bowed its head and faced a dirty little face with surprise.

Tang Hao froze: "Sugar?"

"Dad!"Sweet Tang emerged from the haystack and threw himself into his father's arms.

The crowd never expected to meet the little girl here. Everyone looked her over and found that her hair was messy and her face was dirty. Her skirt was cut in several places and her hands and feet exposed were scratched, but none of them were heavy, just like Yan Fei's conjecture. Moreover, the little girl was in good spirits and did not look frightened.

Tang Hao hugged his recovered daughter and asked her if there was anything wrong while teaching her how to dare to come in here.

Sweet Tang also knew that she worried everyone. She explained, "It's Mimi. She gave birth to a baby and said she wanted to show me. It was originally agreed that I would just take it out and have a look at it at the foot of the mountain. I didn't expect a big guy to suddenly appear. Mimi took me away at that time."

Say that finish, Sweet Tang turned and went into the grass pile, a few people come forward to strip the grass, only to find that there is a hole can only let an adult in and out. However, Sweet Tang soon came out with three white kittens in his arms.

The kittens have already had two slap-sizes. They are very lively and not afraid of strangers. They struggled out of Sweet Tang's hand and climbed onto her shoulder. They probably knew the danger around them and did not scream.

"Where's Mimi?" Tang Hao asked. My daughter likes cats. Mimi is a kitten that he bought from someone else's house. She has lived in their house for three or four years and the whole family has feelings for Mimi. And Mimi still remembers them even if she has changed. Although she no longer stays at home, she gives them food every day, which is very rare.

Sweet Tang said, "Mimi has gone out to find food for me."

The mountain is not a place to talk. Now that Sweet Tang has found it, the big guy said to leave here first.

Sweet Tang also said that Mimi remembered the smell of her and the kittens and could follow the smell to find them. She immediately left with the kittens in her arms. Unexpectedly, she only took two steps and the three kittens in her arms made a few short shrieks.

"No, that guy is coming again!"With a low curse, Sweet Tang turned and went into the hole, and called everyone to hide in.

"What is that guy?" A line of people asked Sweet Tang while drilling into the hole.

Sweet Tang just made a gesture of "hiss" at the crowd. He was nervous and motioned everyone not to speak. Then carefully pull open a few weeds and look out.

They also follow her line of sight to look out.

At the same time, the ground began to shake slightly. Everyone's face suddenly looks ugly, can cause such a big shock, no matter what, at least the size is absolutely not small.

Soon, a huge reptile appeared in the sight of everyone. Its four legs moved quickly and ran to this side. Finally, it stopped in front of the hole where they were hiding and fell to the ground to look into the hole.

Everyone was so scared that they opened their mouths. What did they see, crocodile?

A mutant crocodile at least three times bigger than the normal size!

Question: How did crocodiles appear in the mountains of their village? They do not depend on rivers. Where did the crocodiles come from?

The cold sweat came down from all the people. Some people were in two wars and were beginning to despair: "Can we go back alive today?"

Sweet Tang was also afraid, but she was relatively calm, probably because it was not the first time she saw the crocodile. She said, "Don't worry, this crocodile can't get in, it will go after waiting for a while." At least several times before. Yesterday she encountered this crocodile at the foot of the mountain. If Mimi hadn't carried her away, she might have become a Chinese food for the crocodile.

The crocodile's size is too big, only enough for it to insert half its mouth into the hole, and the hole is deep enough, even if it does, it cannot bite anyone.

However, Sweet Tang was probably wrong this time. Seeing that the crocodile could not bite anyone, it closed its mouth and stopped. Then it started to retreat, ran up for a long distance and crashed into the hole.

The hole was dug on a slope, the texture of which was not very hard, because after the crocodile hit it several times in a row, everyone heard the sound of clods falling. I believe that as long as the crocodile keeps hitting like this, the hole will collapse soon, and then it is time for it to enjoy a big meal.

Many people cried out in horror. In the face of death threats, those who had collapsed began to cry. However, this seems to have stimulated the ferocity of crocodiles even more, and the speed of collision is faster.

"What should I do?" Zhao Zhiwen asked with a white face, looking at the scene.

"Let it hit." Scene in the face is not good. No one dares to face such a big crocodile, the only thing that can be done is to consume some of its physical strength first, so that even if the hole collapses, they can always run away from so many people.

Yan Fei turned to Yan Lu and said, "If things don't go well later, do you know how to run straight along the route?" This sentence is tantamount to giving an account of one's last words. In the face of such a powerful cold-blooded animal, even if there are many people, they hardly have the ability to fight.

Yan Lu was cold, raised his clenched fist and said coldly, "Don't worry, I'll knock out the teeth it wants to bite."

The crowd was already in disarray before the crocodile broke in. Those who didn't want to come already started to scold Sweet Tang in exasperation: "It's all you. You have nothing to run around. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have come into this mountain today to meet this nonsense crocodile. If I were dead, you would have to bury me!"

Sweet Tang all shrink in Tang Hao arms, sobbing quietly while saying sorry. However, if there is only one person alive today, it is meaningless for her to say more about her sorry.

Jing Lin was worried about his family's happiness, and even if he had a defensive symbol on him, he wouldn't rest assured, because it was the first time he had used it. he didn't know how the specific effect would be. he heard some people scold him more and more harshly and couldn't help exclaiming, "what's the noise? Instead of wasting saliva, it is better to calm down and think about how to escape later."

The fear brought by crocodiles was as great as Mount Tai. Jing Lin forced himself to take a deep breath and calm down. He motioned Yan Fei and others to sit behind him to block all people from seeing his line of sight, again vanity scribbles. Because of too much tension, Jing Lin failed four times, and only drew the defensive symbol for the fifth time. then he patted the cave wall and met another impact from the crocodile.

The ground stopped shaking and the crowd suddenly quieted down. Jing Lin saw that the cave wall, which was originally cracked more and more, had remained the same after he photographed the defensive symbol.

The defensive symbol works. It seems that the strength is greater than the impact of crocodiles, but this is not enough. As long as crocodiles keep hitting, the collapse of the defensive symbol is a matter of time and night. It is not clear how long the specific strength of crocodiles can be delayed, so Jing Lin does not know yet, but they are safe for the time being.

"Has the crocodile gone?" Some people asked that he was hiding at the back, so he could not see outside the entrance of the cave.

"I didn't leave." Jing Lin answered.

Also at this moment, Sweet Tang suddenly excited, "Mimi is back!"

A roar similar to the roaring of a tiger followed.

The alligator immediately stopped the impact, turned to face behind him, and the crowd also looked over at the entrance of the cave. Opposite the crocodile, a big cat covered in snow white like a tiger was standing not far away from the crocodile, grinning its sharp canine teeth and yelling at the crocodile for warning.

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