The basic array method is very simple in Jing Lin's view. It is not difficult for him to capture nimbus while performing the method, but it is different in Yan Fei's brother and sister's eyes. Yan Lu scrapped more than a dozen pieces of paper to complete a finished symbol, but there were very few nimbus locked in the track and could not support the completion of the array. Yan Fei is much better off. Although a lot of paper was wasted, the final finished rune, the rune trajectory, has streamers that can support the array, but it won't last long.

From this point of view, Yan Lu, like Zhao Zhiwen, has no talent in this area. Yan Fei, for his part, can continue to learn and at most finish the introductory TELD Chapter.

However, these are only their talents in performing arts, and "Xiao Hao Tian Xin fa" can also be practiced. as for the progress of practice, of course, it also depends on the talents.

The first layer of the first movement of the mental method was explained in detail. Jing Lin guided several people to operate the mental method.

It didn't take long to feel the "Qi" around when the scene was approaching the first floor. However, all three did not make any progress from the afternoon to the evening. Then the scene came and told them not to give up and just do as he said.

After that, I practiced martial arts every day, and the other three took it to meditate. Of the three, Yan Fei was the first to feel angry, but he also spent nearly six days. Yan Lu was slower than him and spent more than ten days. Zhao Zhiwen finally felt angry after half a month, which was the least gifted of the three. However, he is not depressed either, and he is satisfied to have access to such amazing things.

Yan Fei, like Jing Lin, will return to the center of the brows when Qi moves around in the body. Yan Lu said that she felt that all Qi was hidden in her musculoskeletal system. she felt that her strength was increasing after two or three days of operation. it seemed that the third stage was the forging body in one article. however, Yan Lu was different from ordinary people, and there was no comparison between them fundamentally.

To Jing Lin's surprise, Zhao Zhiwen, like Yan Lu, could not breathe into the body. Like Yan Lu, he was hidden in the musculoskeletal system. The future training route also seems to be to strengthen the physical body.

However, no matter how to say it, all four have the direction to strengthen themselves in the future.

Because most of the vegetables in the vegetable garden are very difficult to eat, the villagers pulled out the original vegetables and replanted new ones. At this time, the cabbage replanted in Jing Lin front yard has matured again. This wave of scenery did not eat all of it, but removed the array and allowed it to continue to grow freely. Because the pakchoi grown in the array has always been kept fresh and tender, delicious is delicious, but if it is consumed like this, the seeds he bought will soon be gone, so Jing Lin wants it to grow.

The lettuce in the back yard grew very large. Jing Lin folded his hands and just surrounded it. Leaves over ten floors looked fluffy. Before that, Jing Lin had to pull out a lot of small seedlings to make room. Lettuce and scallion are approaching maturity and stop growing. The lettuce eaten raw is very astringent, and the taste is not as good as before when cooked. This also makes Jing Lin know that not all the vegetables that depend on pure aura are as delicious as cabbage. However, the taste of shallot is even better. The noodles cooked with Chinese cabbage, with some mashed chili seed powder and chopped shallot, are all taken with unusual taste.

Zhao Zhiwen's family also cleaned up the vegetable garden, pulled out the cucumbers, loofah, eggplant, and spinach that had become unpalatable, and took them back to compost, learning to grow all kinds of Chinese cabbage and chives. Zhou Yu also planted a piece of lettuce and fed it to the pigs because his pigs could eat it.

The mutated wax gourd and pumpkin strike garden was much earlier than in previous years, and no new flowers and bones had been opened. Zhou Yu asked Yan Lu to help pick the ripe fruits back. Jing Lin collected the wax gourd, pumpkin and loofah vines, smoothed off the leaves, ground off the small burrs with a knife, and washed them clean with water, thus becoming a strong rope that ordinary people have been cutting with all their strength, and the quality of the rope is 100 times higher than that of the hemp rope they bought in the shopping mall.

"This is good." Zhao Zhiwen looked at the vines cleaned up by Jing Lin and waved them in the air a few times with the tail end. He listened to the whirring of whips breaking through the air. It must have been painful to hit people, "Lulu, cut down a piece for me. I'll take it to ponder and use it directly as a whip."

So Yan Lu cut off a piece for him, then raised his big axe and looked at it. A gap had already appeared.

Zhao Zhiwen saw this and said, "Otherwise, you'd cut a piece too?"

Yan Lu shook her head. "No, my axe is already in use." She believes that few people can bear even the gaping axe. If it is smashed, it will definitely have to say goodbye to the world.

When the villagers cleaned up the vegetable garden, Yan Ruifeng came forward and told Liao Shufen to collect the one mu of vegetable field planted by her family. Then Zhao Chenghuai was asked to give a hand and point out that the vegetable was also planted.

The two families did not arrange a gathering array in the garden scene because he did not yet know the growth rate of the new vegetables planted by the villagers. Even if the degree of variation can be used as an excuse, it is impossible for the two families with such a good relationship to be different individually. His vegetable plot has a wall, so he is not worried about this.

After beginning of autumn, almost all the corn planted by the villagers can be collected home. This afternoon, many villagers were busy in the fields. A dozen people, large and small, suddenly appeared at the entrance of the village. They were all sallow and emaciated, dressed in rags, and some of them were still wrapped in cloth soaked in blood. When this group of people saw the familiar house in the village, many people were so excited that they could not help crying.

"Dad! Mom! I'm back!"

"Grandpa, Grandma!"

These people shouted as they walked. When Jing Lin heard the noise, he emerged from the corn field and found many familiar faces, all of whom were people working outside the village.

Jing Lin was not the only one who was shocked. All the people who were busy in the field found out that there were many people who hugged and cried with their relatives who returned safely.

"Mom!"Wang Wenjie, who helped his grandmother break corn in the field, threw down his basket and rushed to the crowd.

"Wen Jie!"A young woman hugged tightly and rushed to her son, tears streaming down her face. Hearing her son crying in her arms, she never felt so relieved. When fleeing on the road, she was afraid that she and her husband would never return home or see her son again.

Wang Junda put his arms around his old mother, and the indomitable spirit of the man could not help but burst into tears. Looking at his wife holding his son, his heart was filled with gratitude for the loss.

Wang Wenjie cried very hard. He was only a 12-year-old boy when he was sensible. He was also very afraid of not seeing his parents. The pent-up emotion that lasted for almost a month broke out completely, and it was necessary to cry enough.

The Chen Xuefang family also wept with joy. She hugged a little grandson and looked at the two grandsons who came back every year with little faces and fleshy faces. Now their cheeks have lost weight and they feel very distressed. After asking the eldest son's family and seeing the younger son, he saw the younger son holding a girl's hand.

"Is this?" She and her wife looked at each other. They both knew that their youngest son was talking about his girlfriend. In the first half of the year, they called home and said that she was not sure if it was the one the younger son said.

Ma Chunjian smiled and introduced: "This is my girlfriend Sun Lili. I told you on the phone before."

Sun Lili is mentally weak and looks gaunt. Even so, she can see her good looks. Since entering the village, her tense nerves have relaxed and she feels that she is almost unable to stand up. However, she still tries hard to show a smile, "Good aunt and uncle."

"Er, fine." Chen Xuefang happily replied, affectionate to pull Sun Lili's hand, holding the arm in his hand a few two meat, the road also didn't suffer less.

"It's all back, let's go home, just go home." Chen Xuefang said, couldn't help wiping away tears again.

The results didn't take two steps, Sun Lili fell to the side, Ma Chunjian hurriedly around his girlfriend.

"She's dizzy, quick to carry it back and go to work less. It's really a sin!"

After a long war of confusion, the newly returned family was lifted up before they could relax.

Some people were glad and some were sad. An old lady in the village looked at the people who came back several times. She did not see her son either. She grabbed a young man who had not had time to leave. "Where is my son Gao Zhuo, Zhang Kai?"

Asked Zhang Kai looked sluggish, looked at each other's black and white hair, and said: "I'm not very clear, Aunt Zeng, go ask someone else." Said, regardless of the great aunt son asked, carrying his own package, pulling his family hurried away.

The rest had aunts son pale face stood, at a loss.

"Alas . . . . . ."  Zhao Chenghuai sadly shook his head, look at the look of Zhang Kai knew something had happened to Gao Zhuo. There were so many people back in the village that they didn't have the heart to continue their work today. They went home, put down their basket and headed for Zhao Shaogan's house.

When they arrived, Zhao Shaogan's courtyard was already full of people. Several people who came back from the outside with injuries were sitting inside. Those who were not injured were also pulled by their families to feel the pulse and ask how to mend their bodies.

However, Sun Lili, who fainted before, was tired by such a long journey, and she was pregnant.

Now there are too many people who are unmarried and are getting married. Zhao Anguo has no abnormal complexion. He gave Sun Lili a pulse and said to Chen Xuefang, "I've been pregnant for more than a month and my baby looks a bit unstable. Now, it's not a big problem to start paying attention. The first three months of pregnancy were not easy, and they walked all the way back. She is a strong girl, and the children in her belly are blessed."

When he heard that he was going to be a father, Ma Chunjian did not react at that time. Chen Xuefang gave him a push before he woke up. then he nervously asked Zhao anguo, "uncle, please take a lot of trouble and tell me how to raise their mother and son."

Outside, Ma Chunkang is telling Ma Renshan and others about their journey.

At that time, after they and a line of people from Wang Jiaqiang were pursued by giant ants, many people got separated. He took his wife, children and younger brother to hide in a roadside car for a while. He did not know how to find someone on the main road, which is no different from the barren hills and mountains. He did not dare to shout loudly for fear of disturbing anything again, so he could only continue on his way home.

Fortunately, when they left at that time, they prepared many maps, each with several copies, so they did not worry about not finding their way. Ma Chunkang marked all the way, hoping his friends could catch up with them. At that time, before they could divide the food they grabbed from the road hog, they were separated, and the food was taken away by the Wang Jiaqiang gang. On the road, even if you have money, you can't buy food. The city you pass by is invaded by mutant plants. There are few intact shops. It is very difficult to find some food. However, people dare not touch the mutated plants at will or drink water indiscriminately. On the way, they have seen several cases of people who died of poisoning after eating wild fruits on the roadside because of hunger, and also seen people who were instantly sucked dry by parasites in fountains in the city because they were really thirsty.

There are many people walking home like them. Almost as long as there are many people, there will be bloodshed. The weariness of traveling, the panic of walking in the grass and trees, hunger and lack of water, all people's emotions are tense. A little breath is like a spark that can set off an oil barrel, and even kill a person in order to eat enough food. There are also some people who are crazy and kill people who are on their way in order to vent their manic and desperate feelings. At that time, they hid nearby and watched as some people went crazy, killing a lot of people and then being killed by others.

Numb, cold-blooded, crazy.

Before returning to the village, they felt that sooner or later they would become like this. It was not until they saw their loved ones again that they felt they had come back to life.

Hearing this, Ma Renshan's eyes turned red and patted his nephew on the shoulder to comfort him. "Come back, you have come back."

Aunt Zeng, who had been listening silently nearby, asked, "Where is Gao Zhuo?"

"Gao Zhuo is here." A middle-aged man with a cloth hanging from his arm came in, holding a mineral water bottle in his arms.

The middle-aged man was Liu Yinghua's husband Ma Dazhuang. He held the mineral water bottle in front of Zeng Jianer and looked sad: "When we got separated, Gao Zhuo was walking with our father and son. We got rid of the giant ants and turned to meet the mutant sheep. Gao Zhuo was too alarmed. He alerted the sheep, which were taller than all of us. One of them kicked him when he jumped up … Sorry, Sister-in-law Zeng, I didn't bring Gao Zhuo back safely."

Gao Zhuo was kicked in the gut directly by that foot, but he was not able to do so at that time. Ma Dazhuang also injured his arm in order to save him. However, Gao Zhuo did not come back. Gao Zhuo was about the same age as his son. He watched the younger generation die in front of him. There was nothing he could do and he was very sad. Unable to bear Gao Zhuo's death in a foreign land, Ma Dazhuang and his son Ma Mingliang collected the gasoline from the car on the road, found an empty place to burn it and brought back the ashes.

I didn't think this bottle actually contained his son's ashes. Even if I had a bad feeling, I suddenly heard the news of Gao Zhuo's death. Zeng Shener almost fell to the ground because she could not bear it. She was supported by the people around her but she never had the strength to stand up. She hugged the bottle and wept bitterly. Her husband died early. Since then, she has been living alone with her son. Even though his son works outside all the year round, his son is her world no matter where he is. Now that her son is gone, she feels her world is falling down.

"This is a world of killing!"Looking at this scene, many tough guys have their eyes red.

Once aunts son cried for a long time, just like absence go toward outside walk, who call all ignore. She lost her husband in her early years and her son in her later years, which was almost fatal. The villagers pitied her, an old man who had been widowed all the year round, for fear that she would not be able to think, and pointed out two younger generation to accompany her back.

Jing Lin left the Zhao family before long. Zhao Chenghuai said on the way: "The villagers have almost returned."

There are also people who work in other places in the village. A few families come back only once every two or three years. Another family has gone out for more than ten years. During this period, they have returned with ID cards for their children. The old tile houses in the family are falling down. If they come back one day, they have no place to live.

In the past, whenever anyone in the village died, the Taoist priest would be invited back to do the Ashram. This time Gao Zhuo's death, with the sad color of despair, also can't please the long. Ma Renshan, as the team leader, found great aunt Zeng the next day and asked her about where to bury Gao Zhuo.

In just one night, Zeng Jianer's hair was a lot whiter, as if she were ten years older. She has no light in her eyes, and her heart is dead and bloodless. If she looks, she has no motivation to live. Ma Renshan could not bear to see her like this. Seeing the pear tree with fruit hanging in her yard, he said, "This pear tree was moved back from the mountain by Xiao Zhuo or with Chun Zheng. Why don't you bury Xiao Zhuo under this tree or stay with you?"

Aunt Zeng remembered that when her son dug up this small pear tree as a child, she still had mud on her face. She was very happy to say to her that she would plant this tree in her yard and give it to her to eat when it bears fruit in the future.

Great aunt Zeng shed tears again, but her eyes regained some luster. She nodded and agreed to bury Xiao Zhuo under the tree.

When Ma Renshan left, he finally put some snacks on the table and asked several old people who had more contact with Zeng Jianer to spend more time with her.

The incident in Gao Zhuo was desperate for Aunt Zeng, but for many people in the village, the temporary sadness passed away and it was only an episode for them. The villagers came back a lot this time and talked a lot, much busier than usual.

They break corn, transport corn, dry corn and peel corn every day.

Zhao Zhiwen's family has a corn thresher, but now they can't use it, they can only peel corn manually. Every morning after breakfast, Jing Lin took Lele to Zhao Zhiwen's house to report that one person had a small bench and a basket of corn cobs in front of him. Yan's family also came to help after eating every day. Anyway, it was nothing when they were idle, and many people could chat to kill time.

Liu Yinghua's two mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have never looked sad since her husband and son came back. They used to live with their doors closed every day. Now, as long as there are people in the family, the doors are always open. Because her family is adjacent to Zhao Zhiwen's, there is a thick gap between the two houses, so every day when they sit in front of the door to peel corn, Liu Yinghua and his family also sit in front of the door to peel corn.

The place where Ma Xiaoyuan was bitten by poisonous ants has been fine. The children are much more honest than before after suffering losses. They know that they are not very safe and dare not run around. The place where they play every day is either in front of or behind their houses. Lele is not less than a few years younger than he, and he pesters Lele to play every day.

The duck has grown up quite a lot recently, and it is molting. Lele was worried that it was sick at first. Later Jing Lin told it that it was normal. Based on the fact that he had not changed his teeth, he pointed to Ma Xiaoyuan, who had a missing front tooth, and said, "Just like your brother Xiaoyuan, it will grow stronger after losing this tooth."

Lele was relieved.

Ma Xiaoyuan now cares most about his missing tooth, which was accidentally pointed out by Jing Lin. He immediately felt a little emotional. He did not dare to treat Jing Lin and Lele well, so he made a bad attempt to pluck the feather from duck.

At first, the duck was plucked off a pinch of hair and only shouted at him twice. Don't be cheap! Seeing that you and my master are both small beans, they are not in common knowledge with you.

Ma Xiaoyuan couldn't understand the goose language. He was addicted to the handle of plucking hair. He grabbed a handful and tried to grab it. He took advantage of the duck's inattention and grabbed another.

This time the duck was angry, saying it was time for Xiong Haizi to see the fighting capacity of the duck's adult. He chased Ma Xiaoyuan and twisted at his thigh. Ma Xiaoyuan cried and begged for mercy in pain until his adult came to drive the duck away.

The duck, who won the first match, returned to Lele with great dignity and handed Lele the Mao Mao that Ma Xiaoyuan had pulled off. He asked the host to put it away for himself. After all, he could not bear to throw it away.

Before peeling the corn, they had already divided the corn into good piles and bad piles. In this way, the good corn kernels can be directly ground into flour for eating after being sun-dried, and the bad corn kernels can be picked out by some extra effort, and the bad corn kernels can be fed to pigs and chickens after being ground.

There are big stone mills and small stone mills in the processing station of the team. When the processing station was not built before, villagers used these two mills to grind new rice and corn. There is also a large stone mill used to grind rice, which was kept in the processing station.

What we do now is divorced from machinery, and many people's lifestyles have returned to the old days. Chosen a cool weather, Zhao Chenghuai took Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen to carry a bag of rice and half a bag of corn to the processing station. Yan Fei knew that they were going to grind new rice and brought one of his horses to help. He also learned a lesson by the way. I ate half of a bag of rice I bought when I went back to my village. I will need a stone mill to grind rice later.

It is slower than before to have livestock instead of manpower, but it is much easier. A few days before they came here, some people in the village had already cleaned up the stone mill and started using it. So the tool is ready, several people work together, give Ma Meng black cloth, horse restless in situ kept stepping, Yan Fei went up and stroked for a while and then quiet down. Zhao Chenghuai drove the horse to grind, Zhao Zhiwen swept the rice beside him, then swept the brown rice off its shell and poured it into the stone reef. Yan Lu, who had great strength, pounded the rice with a mallet-she had great strength, which was the most suitable for her to do.

On the other hand, Jing Lin and Yan Fei are responsible for digging out the rice pounded by Yan Lu, pouring it into the windmill and shaking the leaf fan to separate the rice from the rice bran. The rice bran is blown out, and the new rice falls out from another hole and directly into the rice bag that Yan Fei holds at the exit. The new rice will be very clean after repeated several times.

When all the new rice is ground out, sweep up the chaff and rice bran and take it home.

The process of grinding corn flour is much simpler. It only takes a little more time to grind the corn very fine.

Zhao Chenghuai hasn't finished eating the 20 kg of rice given to Jing Lin because he kept it well and took advantage of the big sun to bask in it, so no rice elephant appeared. However, Zhao Chenghuai still gave him 20 kg and told him to take it back and put it away.

As for the newly ground corn flour, Zhao Chenghuai gave Yan Fei half and told him to take it back.

Yan Fei declined, "I have it at home." At that time, his family collected early corn from some ethnic groups in a nearby village. Both corn grains and corn flour were kept in the family. After all, this stuff was more satisfying.

Zhao Chenghuai did not allow him to refuse, saying, "You have to try it to be worthy of your hard work today."

"then I'm not at all welcome." Yan Fei accepted it.

"All right, you go back and put the horse away first." Zhao Chenghuai said, "Come with Lulu later and your aunt Yu will bake tortillas for you."

"then we thanked uncle Zhao and aunt Yu first."

After lunch, Zhao Chenghuai wanted to go to the field to have a look, so Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen accompanied him.

Zhao Chenghuai walked several fields, saw his own, also saw others, his brows knit tighter and tighter. Ma Renshan and his brothers were also in the field. Seeing Zhao Chenghuai, they came over and asked him, "How is your family?"

Zhao Chenghuai shook his head: "No, it's not good. It's light in his hand. A bunch of rice spikes have more than half of the chaff." Blinded grains are empty blighted grains, empty shells without fruits. Normally mature rice grains are bulging when squeezed, while empty blighted grains are flat and hollow. Empty grains will affect rice yield, and the more empty grains, the lower the yield.

Ma Renshan sighed: "I've seen almost all the rice in the village. It's like this. It's only ten days before the rice harvest. I don't know how much rice can be harvested per mu."

They grow medium rice here in Jing Lin. The harvest time is usually in early autumn, from the end of August to the middle of September each year. Before seeing everyone, I was glad that the rice had not been affected, so I waited here.

Moreover, in previous years, harvesters would enter the village at harvest time, and all the villagers had to do was pull the rice back to dry. However, this year, it will take manpower to cut rice and manpower to thresh it. When these two things are done and all the rice fields are harvested clean, it is estimated that people will lose about ten pounds.

All the people went back with a lot of thoughts. Zhao Zhiwen moved out the bucket that had been useless for many years and swept away the dust. This was used for threshing during harvest. Pure energy was more tiring than cutting millet. Then Zhao Chenghuai discussed with his family that it would not be realistic to rely on a few of them to take back so many acres of rice in the family, and he had to ask for help. People must pay wages, but now the money doesn't work, so you have to pay for it. It is a question of what to use and how much to use.

Zhou Yu said: "There is only one old sickle at home." This is what she used to grind in order to cut the pig grass from the corner. It is definitely not good for cutting millet.

"Zhiwen and I will go outside tomorrow to ask about the current food price." Jing Lin said that they had not been out for a long time since they came back from Huangtai Town last time. All the news they heard was from the villagers who had just come back from outside. This is not very good.

"Yes, by the way, go to the blacksmith Liu's house in Chahe village. He should have scythes there." Blacksmith Liu is also the blacksmith who gave Yan Lu an axe. his family sells a lot of things, such as hoes, kitchen knives, pots, sickles, etc.


Of course I didn't forget to inform Yan Fei and his brother and sister about it. If I want to buy sickles tomorrow, I will definitely have to exchange things for them. I will have to take food with me when I go, and the two of them are not safe on the road. besides, Yan Fei's family should also have poor tools. these things will become more and more scarce in the future, so they plan to buy more this time around.

The next day, Zhao Chenghuai loaded 50 catties of wheat and divided them into two parts, Zhao Zhiwen and Jing Lin loaded them respectively. Jing Lin also suddenly pulled out half a basket of Chinese cabbage on his back. Yan Fei and Yan Lu also each carried more than 20 catties.

Chahe village is opposite Xie Jia village. the houses in the village are built along a river. the terrain is not too high. anyway, when there is a heavy rain every year, people living by the river are worried that the river will overflow. although the houses cannot be flooded, the fields planted by the dealers in the low-lying areas will be flooded more or less.

You don't need to go through Xie Jia village to go to Chahe village. you can enter the range of Chahe village by walking on the bridge on the left of their village entrance and then passing through a field. Liu blacksmith's house is at the front of the 3rd team in Chahe village. there is a sign at the door that reads "Liu's iron shop".

Blacksmith Liu keeps a dog. The dog has no change in appearance and seems to have no variety. However, when it sees several people in Jing Lin, it is extremely ferocious and has been yelling at them ferociously. Even if its neck is chained, it is not afraid of pain and has been rushing forward. Several people in Jing Lin feel pain for it.

Liu blacksmith heard the noise coming out of the house. he knew Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Fei. seeing that he knew them, he turned to reprimand angrily. the dog immediately quieted down and fell on its back, but his throat still made two low sounds from time to time. it seemed to warn Jing Lin to be honest. it was staring at them at all times.

When entering the iron shop, Yan Lu took the lead in saying, "this dog was not so fierce when we came last time."

"I saw blood." Liu blacksmith said, "a few thieves broke into the village in the middle of the night more than ten days ago. my dog broke its leash directly. if I hadn't come out in time, one of them would have been killed."

So everyone knows that this blood refers to human blood.

Just like many people in the city like to keep large dogs that are forbidden in the community, the dog that is especially vicious to outsiders is still the obedient puppy in Liu blacksmith's eyes, and Liu blacksmith is more willing to keep it even though he eats a little too much because of his success in catching thieves.

"Has anyone started stealing now?" Zhao Zhiwen asked, the security near their village has always been good, and there has been no theft of any item for many years.

Liu blacksmith shook his head: "there is no food, no use, don't use stolen. What do you buy? Seeing that you are carrying grain, you also know that money is useless."

"We bought sickles just because we don't know how to sell your stuff here." Yan Fei said.

However, blacksmith Liu did not answer him first. instead, he raised his chin to Jing Lin and said, "let me see the dishes in your basket."

The pakchoi grown in the gathering array was fresh after being pulled out for quite a while. Moreover, before Jing Lin came out, he also sprinkled water on the leaves, which was not completely dried at the moment, so it looked very watery.

Blacksmith Liu probably flipped through it and asked Jing Lin, "Can I eat?"

"yes." Jing Lin broke off a leaf stalk directly, then broke it into two small pieces, ate one piece by himself and handed it to Liu blacksmith. "you can taste it."

Blacksmith Liu put the stem into his mouth and chewed it, then nodded: "It tastes good. How do you sell it?"

Jing Lin told the truth: "This is the first time to sell this stuff. It depends on the food market."

Blacksmith Liu took several people to a corner of the room, pointed to a long line of sickles on the shelf and said: "all of them are close acquaintances. I never cheat anyone in business. This sickle costs 15 yuan per sickle. According to the old saying, the wheat you brought would have to cost 15 jin per sickle. However, the food outside is very expensive now. Only yesterday did someone exchange wheat for something from me. A sickle only used 2 catties of wheat. But there is no shortage of wheat in my family. You leave all the dishes in the basket. How about I give you ten sickles?"

The dishes in Jing Lin's basket weigh at least ten kilos. It is absolutely cost-effective for Jing Lin to change a sickle for one kilo. However, vegetables are more expensive than full-belly wheat. It seems that most of the mutated vegetables also have a great impact on people because of their bad taste.

It is also Jing Lin that they neglected this point. Their team can eat fresh vegetables, just the three of them. The others have either pickled vegetables or pickled vegetables or dried vegetables. Many people have not eaten a mouthful of fresh vegetables for many days.

The situation in Liu blacksmith's village is the same. the vegetables in the vegetable garden have become very difficult to eat, and the delicious ones have all stopped. Even if you can't eat meat every day, you can't even eat vegetables. blacksmith Liu and his family have been constipated for several days. you must eat fresh vegetables to improve.

So finally Jing Lin changed ten sickles with pakchoi and another ten sickles with 50 catties of wheat, two kitchen knives and a wood chopper. Yan Fei is two kitchen knives, a wood chopper and a dozen sickles.

Leaving Liu blacksmith's house, several people went back with a basket of knives. When he left, Liu blacksmith also asked Jing Lin if there were any pakchoi in his family, how they were grown, and some people in their village also grew pakchoi but it didn't taste good either. Jing Lin naturally could not tell him the truth, saying only that no one there had ever cared about him growing up like this, and there was not much left in the family and he had to keep it for himself.

So Liu blacksmith can only forget about it, especially pity. This pakchoi is not astringent when eaten raw and tastes really good.

When I returned to the village, I happened to meet other people, and when I saw Jing Lin they changed sickles and came back, I remembered that it was time for me to prepare these things. Then asked how to sell the sickle, Jing Lin told him to change a sickle for two catties of wheat, and the man's face was a little pale. He was one of the group who had just returned from the outside. He was hungry, so he attached great importance to food. When he heard that it was necessary to exchange food, he was reluctant to part with it.

However, this is not something that cannot be changed without being willing to give up. Jing Lin reminded him that there are not many scythes for blacksmith Liu. If you want to change them, hurry up. Some people in other villages have also changed them.

Therefore, the man did not dare to hesitate any more. If he did not know where to buy it after he was a little late and could not change it, then he would have to pull out the tools with his hand if he did not have any food at home. Liu blacksmith knew him at least. it would certainly not be cheaper to buy from others.

So he hurried to inform several familiar people, weighed the grain and went out of the village with weapons.

This trip did not take much time, and it was still early for several Jing Lin to return home. Zhao Chenghuai said he was going to cut bamboo and make several baskets to collect grain. He just tried the firewood knife he just got back.

An old farmer of Zhao Chenghuai's age in the village basically knows how to weave things with bamboo sticks. Bamboo sticks can be used to make things, such as bamboo fans that fan the wind in summer, shau kei that holds vegetables and filters water, dustpan that sweeps garbage, basket that holds things and basket that can be picked with a pole.

The bamboo forest in the village is in the place with the greatest support. Each family has a small piece of bamboo belonging to itself. Zhao Chenghuai chose to cut down more than a dozen more suitable bamboo to go back, not only to make up for himself, but also to prepare for Yan Fei's family. Yan Ruifeng told Zhao Chenghuai when he knew he was going to make up a laundry list. He also prepared several pairs for his family. After all, they had not planted any food and many farm tools. While Zhao Chenghuai gave him a large basket, he would bring his son and daughter to help during the autumn harvest. As for Zhou Feifei and Yan Ruifeng, their wives have always been in pain. It is enough for them to have their own hard work and a pair of children.

One man pulled back a bamboo on each side of his hand and stripped all the branches in the yard. Zhao Chenghuai was busy.

Weaving baskets is a technical job. A pair of baskets can be woven firmly and can be used for many years. Zhao Chenghuai has been busy for many days. Some people in the village have already started to collect millet before they put all the baskets together.

Soon the Zhao family joined the autumn harvest.

It was Jing Lin and Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen who cut the millet. Yan Lu and Zhao Chenghuai, who were getting stronger and stronger, were responsible for throwing the cut millet on the square wall to thresh the millet. Yan Ruifeng bagged the grain, moved it to the wooden cart and pulled it back to the yard. Zhou Feifei was responsible for spreading the grain and sunning it. Zhou Yu was busy in the kitchen for the lunch of the three families.

Because of great strength, a handful of millet Yan Lu only needs to fall twice to drop all the mature grains, and the three of them can't supply it at a fast speed. Jing Lin is fine. They practice before sleeping every night, can have a good sleep, get up in the morning and practice again, the spirit of the day is very abundant, physical fitness is also getting better and better under the constant fighting training and reiki erosion every day, although very busy, has been bent, but also didn't feel how tired.

Zhao Chenghuai not line, after all, old, a few people let him fall millet is considering has been bent down to him is not good, but even so, has been to make the strength is also very tiring, so Yan Lu a wave of his hand let Zhao Chenghuai to rest on the edge, she a person, when she is busy not to come over to help.

This move made the three big boys extremely ashamed, and one sister carried three men. Even the reason for her great strength made several people feel embarrassed. In particular, other villagers who passed through their fields saw Zhao Chenghuai resting on the edge and a beautiful girl spreading sweat there. They would make fun of him, but they were all kind or envious, because almost everyone in the village knew about Yan Lu's great strength.

Zhao Guhe Yan's family walked close to the village people all know, also probably know the meaning of the two families, once upon a time if anyone had such a beautiful wife Yan Lu, that is quite envy, what's more, the wife is strong, or a good worker, are extremely envy zhao's good luck.

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