Jing Lin didn't think about himself yet. After understanding this meaning, he expressed his opinion frankly: "It doesn't make any difference to me whether you like men or women, just two people feel happy."

Zhou Feifei was overjoyed and asked, "Do you think it is important for outsiders to think badly of you?"

"The weight is not important in yourself. When people live in the world, it's not important if you think it doesn't matter, it's important if you can't bear it." Jing Lin said, but what happened to the "you"?

"What if it was you?" Zhou Feifei could not help but ask, also asked Yan Fei most want to know.

Although it felt strange, Jing Lin answered, "I will listen to and consider other people's opinions and good suggestions. as for the bad ones, they will not have any impact on me." After all, he learned not to live in other people's opinions when he was very young.

Zhou Feifei and Yan Ruifeng both breathed a sigh of relief. They are not afraid that their son will not be able to catch up with Jing Lin. They are afraid that Jing Lin will care about the opinions of some other people and refuse Yan Fei. After all, relatively speaking, there are more traditional people in the countryside and very few who can accept homosexuality.

Yan Fei, who had been eavesdropping outside, also felt relieved. Then he went back and knocked on the open bathroom door, making a voice saying that he had just finished bathing. There was also a bathroom nearby. Yan Lu came out with wet hair and watched his brother go back and knock on the door like a psychopath, then went out solemnly.

After Yan Fei's brother and sister had finished their meal, several people came out of the door and saw Zhao Zhiwen walking this way. They came out and did not stop. They also waved.

There were many aquatic plants in the fish pond. Zhao Zhiwen took out a rake from the hut built on the edge of the fish pond and hooked it up. It was very quiet in the fish pond. Zhao Zhiwen threw fish feed into the pond and did not see the fish snatching the food.

Before the ship was carried to the lotus pond, under the tree there, it had not been moved. There was a big strange fish in the lotus pond and several people did not intend to go. Now standing on the shore, Zhao Zhiwen threw down the fishing net and waited for more than ten minutes before he began to pull it up to the middle. The underwater vibration sent the fishing net jerking back. Fortunately, Zhao Zhiwen had been on guard for a long time. He was wearing a rope around his waist. The other end of the rope was pulled by Yan Lu, who had great strength. Watched Zhao Zhiwen to be dragged into the water, Yan Lu was dragged back with a slip of Zhao Zhiwen, and the underwater net was pulled out a large section, revealing the mullet with several buckets inside.

"The mullet in here has grown so big." Zhao Zhiwen labored to pull the fishing net. Jing Lin and Yan Fei all helped. Lele squatted in the safety zone and watched nervously. Duck was more curious than he was. At present, his short neck was stretched too long, and he would step on Quack's back anxiously because he could not see it.

Yan Fei looked at it carefully and said, "How do you feel that all of them are mullets?"

Zhao Zhiwen was still joking: "Probably the same ancestor as the big strange fish below, but the mutation is not as qualified as it."

Because the mullet is carnivorous, there are not many mullets in the fish pond. The mullet is also raised to regulate the growth of domestic fishes in the fish pond. When the fishing nets were pulled up and counted, a total of five varieties of mullet were dragged up. The water-deficient mullet struggled for a while, its fat body wrenched on the ground, its powerful tail fin snapped and snapped, and its beak opened and closed due to lack of oxygen, revealing its fine teeth.

This mouthful of teeth looked at thought it was a shark. I don't know how many fish in the fishpond have been eaten by these big mullets. However, they are fierce, but they are still fish on the chopping board without water.

When the five fish ran out of gas, the four of them pulled them out of the fishing net and threw them aside first, then cast a net in another place. this time they didn't catch any fish but fished out a big crab, almost as big as Lele's big bathtub.

The crab can live for a while without water. The giant crab was caught ashore with great vigour and demonstrated to the public with two big pliers. The net pocket was cut off by it and almost let it escape. No wonder there are so few fish in the water. Apart from being eaten by a variety of mullet, its big pincers certainly didn't help its stomach less. I don't know how many fish were killed by it.

Before it had completely rushed out of the net to escape, Yan Lu picked up the rake thrown aside and hit it with his back. It only took her five-point effort to knock the crab out of her mind. When it stopped, Yan Lu used a rake to pass through one of its big pincers and nailed it to the ground. Then she went around to the place beyond the reach of the big pincers behind it, grabbed the other big pincers, which were still intact, with both hands, and snapped them off.

Then several other feet were also removed. Crabs without two weapons to defend themselves were tied up with ropes in a small room. Yan Lu himself carried the five mullet varieties packed in net bags. Crabs were carried by Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen. Jing Lin took a rake and was mainly responsible for taking good care of Lele and his little companions.

Lele kept staring at the crab out of curiosity. Yan Lu gave him the broken big pliers, which was a little heavy, but Lele felt that she could still hold them, and the duck also joined in, saying that it wanted to stand on the big pliers and be overbearing. Lele agreed, so the things in her arms were heavier, which was really a sweet burden.

A group of people went back to the road in the village, very let the villagers see a strange, so big fish, estimates that also can see on TV. Ho! It is estimated that crabs of that size cannot be seen on TV unless there is a divine play. No matter how old or small the village was, they followed Jing Lin back to Zhao Zhiwen's house.

When Yan Lu threw the mullet to the ground, Zhao Zhiwen broke the mouth of the mullet and showed it to the visitors. He said, "Go back and tell the family, especially the children, not to approach the fish pond at will. I don't know how many of these fish are in there. It is estimated that they smell human and will swim as soon as they get close to the water. Once they are dragged into the water, I don't think anyone can save them."

In the past, villagers used to go to fish ponds to wash their clothes and so on. However, with the improvement of material life, well water and washing machines are available in the home. Therefore, people think that the water in fish ponds is not dirty enough to wash clothes in fish ponds. They wash at home and generally do not go to fish ponds.

Such a casual notification is not enough. Zhao Zhiwen's families will have to notify it again later, and warning signs will be hung beside the fish pond. If these are not in place, one thousand who really happened in the fish pond, will certainly find his home. If he has done so, and if there are still people who will not listen to him, then it is no wonder that something has happened to him. After all, long ears make you listen to people.

The Zhao Zhiwen family alone can't eat all five mullets of this size. A few people took some pains and disposed of the fish, leaving two or three families to share, while the others were all divided into fish pieces of the same size. When they went from house to house, each family gave one piece. Although there are few black fish bones, Zhao Zhiwen did not bother to remind people to be careful when eating.

When I got home, the yard was already busy. Yan Lu moved out the chopping board and sat in the yard chopping fish floss, saying to fry fish balls later. Yan Fei was helping to burn the fire in the kitchen. Zhou Yu was throwing the fish pieces wrapped in flour and egg liquid into the oil pan to fry, while Jing Lin was picking up the fish heads nearby. Lele squatted under the eaves whispering and whispering to his friends.

"Where's my dad?" Zhao Zhiwen asked.

Zhou Yu took time out and said, "I'll call you uncle Yan and two. we'll eat at our house this noon. Bring me those two plates and I'll dry the clean water."

Zhao Zhiwen handed the plate to his mother and then went to Yan Lu to court her. "Lulu, your hands are tired. Please rest while I chop."

Yan Lushuang threw a kitchen knife at him quickly and got up and said, "All right." Then he turned and ran to the kitchen, "Aunt Yu, let me help you burn the fire."

Zhou Yu couldn't help laughing when he saw his son being teased by Yan Lu and posing as a bitter melon face. "The fire is very hot. Just let your brother come. Sit down and rest."

So Yan Lu moved a small stool and sat next to Zhao Zhiwen to watch him chop chopped fish.

She doesn't hate Zhao Zhiwen, but she is quite fond of him. She thought Zhao Zhiwen's silly appearance was especially funny, and she always wanted to amuse him twice.

Soon Zhao Chenghuai and Yan Ruifeng came back. As soon as they entered the backyard, Yan Ruifeng laughed: "Ah, it's delicious. My sister-in-law is a good craftsman. Our family has the cheek to eat for nothing again!"

Zhou Yu greeted the two casually and smiled, "This is a stranger."

Zhou Feifei also said with a smile: "It is also because our family's cooking skills are not very good. Otherwise, we can show our hands. If our family gets any delicious food in the future, we can bring it directly to our sister-in-law and let our family rub some stuttering."

Zhou Yu said, "That's not bad either. I'm not afraid of bothering myself with delicious food."

The two sides enjoyed a good lunch.

In the afternoon, I heard that Jing Lin was going to learn to fight with Yan Fei. Zhao Zhiwen also jumped to join. Knowing that Yan Lu would also be able to teach, he had the cheek to say that Yan Fei was right to teach Jing Lin. Yan Lu taught him one-on-one teaching.

See Yan Lu didn't oppose, Yan Lu this just loosen just still in the molar teeth.

Jing Lin has a mental skill to lay a foundation. He learns quickly and Yan Fei teaches easily. After that, he has to train his on-the-spot ability through more practice and actual combat. Zhao Zhiwen even learned the same thing. He can remember some attack routines by demonstrating them several times.

In short, the two disciples were very satisfied with their studies and the two teachers were also very satisfied with their teaching.

At the end of the course, Jing Lin said, "Otherwise, you all follow me in mental training."

This is Jing Lin's first time to mention the mental method. Its benefits are obvious. He wants everyone to become stronger. He has no secret thoughts about those close to him.

"Can I learn how to arrange the scribbles like you?" Zhao Zhiwen excitedly asked.

"You can't." Jing Lin said to him, when he was a child, he also let Zhao Zhiwen try it. At that time, Zhao Zhiwen did not know what he was painting. Later, Jing Lin showed Zhao Zhiwen's character to Grandpa Zhang, who shook his head at that time and said that the trajectory drawn by Zhao Zhiwen was not spiritual, so Jing Lin gave up. He did not tell Zhao Zhiwen about it, so Zhao Zhiwen never knew.

"You two can try it." Jing Lin said.

After returning to Jing Lin's home, Jing Lin took out the scribble equipment and put it on the tea table. He took out all three books and let them have a look.

While practicing mental skills, Jing Lin never forgot the practice of scribbles. He has been practicing the most basic attack array recently, but it can't be completed at one go, so the drawn Fu Lingli is not enough to support the completion of an array.

Jing Lin said to the Yan brothers and sisters, "the garden in my family is decorated with a gathering array, which is the most basic array for beginners. The two of you draw this first. If the symbol trace drawn is spiritual, it proves that you can continue to practice. If not, you will not be able to do it."

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