Hearing that two thirds of the grain was to be taken away, Wang Jiaqiang and Zhang Yanyan turned black. According to the meaning of Wang Jiaqiang, Wu Meili wanted his son to give it to her son. He worked outside all the year round, and his son could see it for a period of time during the New Year. When he was happy, he teased a few words. When he was not happy, he threw it to the two women in the family to watch. His feelings for his son were not deep.

As for Zhang Yanyan, the reason why she repeatedly followed Wang Jiaqiang back was that she valued his rural identity. Rural people, although they look a little shabby, have fields in their homes. When they were rescued by Wang Jiaqiang, she was hungry for two whole days because she could not find food and did not even drink saliva. She would never want to experience the taste again. If Wu Meili took her son away, the family would have less oil and a mouthful of food consumption, and the days ahead would be easier. However, the old lady in the family did not let go anyway. Zhang Yanyan did not dare to reveal her selfish side in front of the public. Instead, she could only coax Wang Jiaqiang to leave her child since her mother could not bear it. As for food, just give it. In another month or two, it will be time to collect new food.

As a result, the two sides reached an agreement that the children would return to the Wangs and that Wu Meili would take two-thirds of the grain from the family.

The Wangs know exactly how much grain the Wu family has. After all, they bought it at the beginning. However, for fear that Wang Jiaqiang might not recognize it after hiding the grain, Liao Shufen immediately asked eight teams of people to help send the grain back. The reward was five catties of wheat per person.

Five catties of wheat, put in the past, no one despises. But now, everyone wishes that the more food, the better. anyway, they are all idle. those who are willing to help ride their bicycles, tricycles, etc. some even push wooden carts to help.

When they left, Wu Meili and Liao Shufen secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Wu Meili also knew that she was an outcast from her husband's family. She lived well in her mother's family occasionally, and long-term living would definitely produce contradictions, especially when she knew what temperament was in her family. The more grain there is, the more secure it is for itself. Liao Shufen, on the other hand, shares the same idea with Zhang Yanyan that it is good to have one less person for food. Although it is her grandson, but grandson grandson, still accounts for a foreign word?

When the Wu family members returned to the village, Zhou Yu told several Jing Lin people about the gossip they had heard and said, "this is really cruel enough to be a mother." Wu Chia-jen is selfish. It is not surprising that Wu Meili made such a decision to exchange his son for food. Don't say what a helpless move it is. If you want to exchange it for her, don't give her back her son and don't want to live in peace.

Because it's none of their business, for them, this is also a small episode. What matters is the news of others in the village.

The cities where the villagers work are always in chaos, so the chaos is faster than that in other cities. In Wang Jiaqiang, they left in the same way as Jing Lin. They all rode bicycles with food tied behind them. I didn't walk for two days. I happened to meet people in the village on the road. Many people can't say they know each other, but they have met each other. Therefore, everyone is quite happy. It is safer to travel in groups.

In this way, I walked all the way for several days. After the earthquake in the middle of the night, everyone was glad to sleep in the wild, avoiding the danger of being overwhelmed by houses. The next day there was a thick fog. Although everyone was afraid and worried, they comforted each other and walked slowly through the fog. By this time everyone was still together.

Then suddenly one day they woke up in an empty hotel and found that the world had changed. Human beings suddenly became very small. A two-story camel passed by them, and everyone was scared silly.

The journey afterwards was extremely difficult. The road was bumpy and surrounded by grass taller than people. The car could not continue to ride. On the road, I not only met many strange animals and plants, but also was driven away several times. They not only had to avoid these carefully, but also encountered two road bullies. However, due to the large number of them, the total number of them was more than 30. The road blockers not only did not grab the things, but they robbed the things they had grabbed before.

Then before they could get the surprise of food, they were caught off guard by the huge ants that suddenly jumped out. The big ants were fierce and numerous. They all fled in panic, so many people got separated. Wang Jiaqiang, the people they have returned are not all members of their team.

At this point, everyone can only continue to comfort themselves, since it is on the way to get separated, Wang Jiaqiang has returned, and his family is also fast.

The scene that had been busy for several days was also completely idle before the autumn harvest.

Vegetables planted in the backyard, lettuce and chives are all over the top. The growth track of lettuce tends to close to the lotus leaf. The leaves all spread out smoothly and straightly to form a circle, while the chives, Jing Lin squeezed one and found that the originally hollow round leaves had turned into solid ones, and the taste smelled the same as before. These two kinds of basic change one day, the speed of growth is much slower than Chinese cabbage, take a day, about the length of fingers.

Autumn tomatoes and bell peppers did not change.

At the moment Jing Lin is pounding pepper seeds.

After several days of drying, the pepper seeds have been thoroughly dried. He parched pepper seeds in a pan, fished them out, put them in a small stone mortar that had been washed and dried, and mashed them with a stone mortar.

The stone mortar is very small. It was made by an old mason from my grandfather before. The stone mortar mouth is just as big as his palm. During the Spring Festival, the whole family likes to put fried peanuts and yellow sugar into it and make dumplings.

The dried chili seeds are still very fragrant, the whole is brittle, and they will be crushed when they are pounded. Pour the crushed pepper seed powder into a clean glass bottle and keep it. The glass bottle with high palm holds less than half of it. Jing Lin also tasted it. It was only a little spicy and a little sweet pepper.

Knowing that Jing Lin was going out, Lele was already waiting at the door, and Quack, who had not returned home for several days, was crouching beside Lele with duck on his back.

Speaking, Quack's thunder these days is quite big. Since it was sent to Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Fei's home, the mosquitoes of the two families have never appeared again. After a good night's sleep, the rest of the village was different. They suffered from mosquito bites every night, and they suffered a lot. They hung red pimples all over their bodies every day. On the other hand, Zhao Guhe Yan's family and others saw red pimples on their faces before. They disappeared these days and asked if their family had any special skills to repel mosquitoes.

The two families asked Jing Lin for advice, and with his consent and Quack's consent, they pushed Quack to the public.

Everyone thought that the two families were joking. It was very difficult to carry the frightening toad back to his own home without killing him. Zhao Shaogan was the first to squeeze up and left without saying anything. Before the configuration of the potion was barely used, but it was used up early. Recently, the family has been bitten so hard that they are all worried about the coming of the night. Thaksin Jing Lin, Jing Lin said that this toad does not harm people but also catches mosquitoes. What are you waiting for? Take it back quickly when others abandon and hesitate.

No one moved, no one moved, everyone started to rob. Ma Chunzheng caught up with him right away, saying loudly: "If I had to queue up quickly with Quack, I would have taken it if I had done less work."

Then came Ma Rencong, who followed in the footsteps of his nephew, and then the other villagers who responded.

Strangely enough, as long as the family that Quack has been to, there have been no mosquitoes since then. For several days the squats and squats and the runners croaked, probably because the food was too good. Jing Lin felt that it seemed to have gained weight.

It was agreed today to go to the fish pond to have a look. Jing Lin took Lele and a goose to Yan Fei's house.

After the conversation in the field that day, his relationship with Yan Fei was not as estranged as before. When they arrived at Yan's house, Yan Fei was fighting with Yan Lu. Yan Lu has great strength, but if he can't meet Yan Fei, he is also free. The two of them are having a good time playing in the not-so-spacious sitting room with tables and benches. Zhou Feifei and Yan Ruifeng watched with relish nearby.

Seeing the scene approaching, Yan Fei dodged Yan Lu's fist and made a stop gesture.

Yan Fei wiped the sweat with a towel and said, "it's rare to rest. do you get up so early? My family has just cooked a meal. Have you eaten?"

"Getting used to getting up early, we ate it." Jing Lin said that he is used to practicing before the sun rises every morning, and then he will wake up naturally. after practicing, he is very energetic and much better than sleeping.

"Then sit down and wait for me for a while. I'm sweating all over. I'll take a shower."

"Wait a minute." Jing Lin stopped Yan Fei, who turned and walked away."Can you give me two moves?"

Yan Fei raised his eyebrows: "Yes." If he remembered correctly, Jing Lin did not fight when he was in Huangtai Town before. However, it is okay to play with someone you like a few times, so let him do it.

Yan Lu think like this, he held out his hand to the scene.

When Yan had to meet him, Jing Lin opened his hand and looked at Yan Fei, who was a little surprised. he warned, "if you are serious, you should fight Lulu."

"good." Yan Fei also became serious. Just now, he seemed to fight back at random, but he thought about the way to deal with it before he made the move. If Jing Lin made a move to fight back, he could change the attack and shake his wrist instead. Unexpectedly, Jing Lin made the move so fast that he didn't keep up with the speed of his fight back.

In the eyes of Jing Lin, when Yan Fei and Yan Lu were fighting just now, in his opinion, they both shot too slowly. if he was fast enough, he could fight back twice with only one move. Before, he did not even have this observation in Huangtai Town, and his heart of practice was indispensable for such a big change.

While Yan Fei and Jing Lin were feeding, Yan Lu, who had been casually watching them, looked at them carefully. You know his brother's martial arts talent is very good, at the beginning was also a professional martial arts coach seems to want to take back to cultivate, or his brother refused. But even so, his brother's skill is not lost to many professional players. If his brother is serious, she can insist on under him for no more than ten minutes, and now ten minutes have passed, Jing Lin is still very easy to deal with, so long his brother never touched Jing Lin's skirts, but ate a few Jing Lin attacks.

Although Jing Lin's observation is amazing, his body coordination ability is still not good, and his speed of shooting is out of step with his mind's thoughts. Gradually, as Yan Fei became more and more serious and the attack routine became more and more bizarre and changeable, the physical reaction of Jing Lin became more and more unable to keep up with the feedback from the brain. finally, Yan Fei was captured by a lock throat behind him and was locked in his arms and could not move.

Yan Fei touched him on the neck, then let him go. His eyes were full of undisguised admiration: "You are very good. No matter how hard you train, I can't beat you." I didn't expect Jing Lin to be so outstanding. Yan Fei's heart was acting as a demon again, plop plop jump badly.

Jing Lin's physical quality has improved a lot recently, but after a fight just now, he still can't keep up with his physical strength and is still panting a little. He smiled shyly: "It's still much worse than you."

Yan Fei said, "I didn't think of this before. Let's see, you can spare some time every day and I'll teach you how to fight." It is serious to want to be alone with someone you like, and it is also serious to want to teach him to fight.

Jing Lin, who had this intention, readily nodded, "then please."

Yan Fei said helplessly, "What's the trouble? You're being polite to me again."

Then Yan Fei and Yan Lu went to take a bath respectively. Jing Lin was chatting with Zhou Feifei and Yan Ruifeng in his living room.

Zhou Feifei asked Jing Lin, "Ah Lin, have you ever thought about what kind of partner you will find in the future?"

After getting along for so long, Jing Lin also knew that Zhou Feifei was planning to marry the Zhao family, and he no longer thought that the other party was recommending his daughter to himself. when he heard this, he said, "I haven't thought about anything else carefully, but at least I don't mind having fun."

Lele was playing with ducks and quacks at the door. He could not hear the conversation. Otherwise, the general scene is not like to say these things in front of Lele.

Zhou Feifei hurriedly said: "It is necessary. People who don't like our happiness can't have it either. Don't you think so?"

Jing Lin smiled.

Zhou Feifei sighed: "Alas, I am also very worried about this smelly boy in my family." This is not a pose, she is really sad.

Jing Lin comforted her: "Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. Ah Fei is excellent in all aspects. Aunt Fei, you don't have to worry too much about this."

"Why don't you worry!" Zhou Feifei said, "I haven't brought anyone back to show me for so many years, even if it's a man, I'd like to!" Say that finish, quietly looked at the scene in the face.

Yan Ruifeng beside very agree with uh huh nod.

Scene in the facial expression one leng, ordinary parents if see his son brought a man back not all angry, but I didn't think aunt and uncle Feng so open-minded.

Zhou Feifei was not sure whether Jing Lin realized something or was disgusted with her words. She asked tentatively, "Speaking, what does Ah Lin think of two men together?" I also want to give him some information about my son.

Then outside the gate, Yan Fei, who had taken a bath and was wiping her hair, stopped and held her breath to hear clearly.

Jing Lin did understand some things from Zhou Feifei's words. Zhou Feifei would not ask such a question for no reason, most likely her son Yan Fei, whose sexual orientation is male.

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