Zhao jiatian has more land, three scenes and Yan's father and son have been busy for several days to pull out the grass. During this period, Zhou Yu and Wang Wenjie's grandmother specially exchanged rice for a chicken and two ducks and came back to kill them. They invited Yan's family to dinner.

Because Zhou Feifei and Yan Lu didn't go to the field to help, Zhou Yu asked them to go too. The two were embarrassed to go again, but they took several bags of seafood in the past.

In the past few days, the villagers have also made other discoveries one after another. Almost all the vegetation has changed. Although vegetables are edible, most of them taste very bad. To what extent is it so bad that all the livestock and poultry in the family dislike it?

Of course, there is also some delicious food. Zhou Yu came back one day with a knife to cut wax gourd and pumpkin in the garden. As a result, the knife went down and the knife was gouged where whole pieces were missing. In winter, it was still hanging on the vine.

The average person doesn't need a knife to pick wax gourd. Zhou Yu uses a knife to make things convenient, but she never thought that the wax gourd vine would become as hard as stone. She cut it several times without believing in evil, even without any marks. Then she went to try pumpkin vine and loofah vine, all of which could not be cut down.

People in the village also have variation of loofah vine, such as Gao Honghai's family, but people's loofah vine is cut off as soon as it is cut off, and it is not like her family's.

At last Zhou Yu went home and told Yan Lu who was playing at her house. Yan Lu went back and took her big axe and chopped it for several times before finally picking the wax gourd and pumpkin back.

Peeling wax gourd and pumpkin is also quite difficult. Fortunately, although the vines and skins are a bit difficult, once they are cut in half, they will be much easier to handle once they come into contact with the meat inside. Just take out the meat directly. The meat inside looks the same. There is no change. The center is melon pulp. However, the original seed inside the pulp has changed. It is no longer flat but round.

Pumpkin seems to be in the same variation direction as wax gourd, with round seeds inside. Zhou Yu picked the white gourd tender, pumpkin is green husk-fried very delicious. In principle, the wax gourd and pumpkin seeds taken out should be unripe. But these two kinds of changed ones look not only ripe, but also full, and can be peeled off directly without hard hands, with white pulp inside. So Zhou Yu kept some seeds as usual, and the rest were ready to be dried and fried for eating.

When stewing chicken with wax gourd at noon that day, Zhou Yu also peeled the flesh of several pumpkin seeds and put them into the pot with wax gourd. I didn't expect it to be fragrant in a few minutes, and the meat smell of chicken makes my mouth water. Even if there is no chopped green onion and monosodium glutamate to flavor it, it is very delicious.

At noon that day, the first thing to be wiped out on the table was a pot of winter melon soup, with some green wax gourd and transparent soft waxy pulp after cooking. Everyone liked to eat it, even the chicken in it fell behind. Even ducks and ducks don't like to eat their favorite Chinese cabbage. They clamor for Lele to prepare a small bowl for it. It contains less than half a bowl of winter melon soup, some rice and some chicken. They even clamor for the big guy to spit out that you, as a goose, belong to the category of poultry, and even get a bite.

After all the grass in the fields was removed, good news finally came to the village.

Someone from the 8th squad next door is back!

When it comes to the villagers know the news, there is actually a little embarrassment.

Team 8 is not far from their team, just a curved mountain, usually can come by bike in less than ten minutes. The person who came back with the news was Liao Shufen's eldest daughter, Wu Meili, who had been married abroad. This year, 27 years old, she has been married to Wang Jiaqiang of Squad 8 for five years and has a son, so she has a high status in the family. Because her character is like her mother's, and she is vigorous and forceful, she not only controls her husband to death, but also controls the financial power of the family. Usually, Wang Jiaqiang has to ask her for money when she buys a pack of cigarettes and her mother-in-law orders. Therefore, she has not given less subsidies to her family in the past five years.

Some time ago, when things got chaotic, she came back and asked her family to buy a lot of things for her to go back to the village and put a small half on her family's side. She is also afraid of what happened to Wang Jiaqiang outside. After all, there is an old one and a small one in the family. What really happened depends on her alone. She certainly does not have the ability to raise her. Like other people in the village, I look forward to the stars and the moon every day. I finally hope that people will come back safely. I was so happy that I didn't say a few words before I saw Wang Jiaqiang pull out a beautiful young girl from behind. She said that she would be a family and everyone would have a good life.

Family? What family? After asking clearly, Wu Meili exploded on the spot.

It turned out that on the way back, Wang Jiaqiang saved the girl. The girl said she had no parents and her relatives and friends were separated. Since Wang Jiaqiang saved her, let's make a commitment. At first, Wang Jiaqiang refused with a firm stand, but the girl was so entangled that she followed them all the way. The miserable appearance was pitiful. The girl's appearance was really good, and her voice was delicate. Wang Jiaqiang finally gave in and agreed. On the way, they secretly helped the good while it was dark at night.

Most of the people who came back with him were people from nearby. They were basically honest men. Even if there were a few people who were a little fickle in their hearts, they would think about it at most. Wang Jiaqiang was the only one who really put it into action. Everyone also advised him, since the family has a wife and a son, don't think about everything, steadfast is better, but in the end did not persuade success, let Wang Jiaqiang with the girl back.

The girl said her name was Zhang Yanyan, and she was a junior student. She was saved by Wang Jiaqiang when she escaped. She was fascinated by his heroic temperament and could not extricate herself from it. When Wu Meili came to tear at her, she hid behind Wang Jiaqiang and cried.

At this time, the villagers all saw that Zhang Yanyan was not a fuel-efficient lamp. Wang Jiaqiang was puzzled by the face and began to see that Wu Meili was still a little guilty. When Wu Meili started to hit people, they compared the two, okay? A yellow-faced shrew, a young girl who is tender everywhere, the Libra, which is already inclined a lot, went to Zhang Yanyan to press down at once and did not move.

At that time, Wang Jiaqiang hit Wu Meili on the ground with a backhand slap and broke the corners of his mouth. It seemed that with such a slap, what he was thinking was that the so-called man's heroic spirit, which had been suppressed for many years, finally succeeded in resisting.

The world is in turmoil. Animals and plants are going to eat people, and no one is in charge of killing people. At that time, Wang Jiaqiang was just like a changed person. Regardless of the strange glances from the villagers, he took Zhang Yanyan back to his home, closed the door and told Wu Meili to roll. It didn't matter how Wu Meili clapped the door.

And the family, except her son would cry because of her, her mother-in-law just stood by the window and looked coldly without saying a word of persuasion.

Wu Meili was not one to give up and begged several people in the same village to send him back to his mother's family to find someone from her family to stand up for her.

At that time, Jing Lin several were sitting in Zhao Zhiwen's living room after lunch, chatting with the door open. Then they saw a woman crying loudly and calling her parents in front of several farm men.

Jing Lin, including the Zhao Zhiwen family, did not have a good impression of Wu Meili. After all, she was like her mother, bitter and bitter. She made her unhappy. She could point at the direction of your door all day regardless of whether she occupied or not.

The appearance of Wu Meili crying so sad and wronged is the first time that several people have seen each other.

After Wu Meili went home to tell the story, Wu Jianxiong and his father Wu Daxing were going to settle accounts with Wang Jiaqiang with a knife, but Liao Shufen stopped them. She immediately took Wu Meili to find Ma Renshan and asked Ma Renshan to take people to the 8th team to get justice for their family. If their village recognized the unintelligent, would all the daughters they married after being bullied be able to beat their teeth and swallow blood? She also said that the men who sent Wu Meili back did not know who would dare to marry their daughter to you after persuading Wang.

The men's faces were dark at that time, but they were tolerated by their elders.

Ma Renshan was very happy at first and finally heard from the outsiders. Although it was not their team, the team and Wang Jiaqiang were not following the same foreman, but both were in the same province and were not far away.

He wanted to know the news of the outsiders, but said that it was not easy to stand up for Wu Meili. Although he did not agree with Wang Jiaqiang, he was not a member of his own team and could not help it. All that can be done is to take some persuasion.

Then Ma Renshan asked his son to inform some relatives in the village that they were outside, and went with him to Team Eight to have a look.

Along the way is safe, a line of 20 people soon came to the eight teams. The dark-faced Wu Jianxiong and Wu Daxing went straight to Wang Jiaqiang when they entered the village and smashed the closed door. The thump was very frightening.

The children in the room were crying loudly. Wang Jiaqiang opened the window and shouted through the guardrail: "You hit Lao Zi again and call the police!"

Wu Daxing: "Who are you to be? If you report it, you won't report it as a turtle son!"Now that the police are gone, it's no use calling the police. Besides, what will he bring?

In the face of aggressive Wu father and son, Wang Jiaqiang still recognized unintelligent and did not dare to open the door. Only dare to stand by the window and shout at Wu Meili, "Are you really going to tear your face?"

Liao Shufen rushed to the window and spat at Wang Jiaqiang: "Your face has been torn by yourself. Where else do you have a face? I tell you, if you don't drive that fox out today, I'll tear down your house!"

One wants to lift the house and ask you to come out, while the other does not open the door. The captains of the two squads were at the side persuading him to make peace, but Wang Jiaqiang was determined not to live with Wu Meili this time. Since Wen Xiang's soft jade was in his arms, his recollection of living under tigress Wu Meili was like a suffering drama.

Ma Renshan persuaded others in the village to inquire about the news. The two sides are so deadlocked, deadlocked for a long time. In the end, Wu Meili stood up and said, however, Wang Jiaqiang disliked her for being provocative and she also disliked Wang Jiaqiang as a unintelligent. However, she wanted to let her go. She scored one-third of the grain in her family and had to raise her son.

When she heard that she was going to give her grandson to Wu Meili, Wang Jiaqiang's mother, who had been silent for a long time, couldn't help it. The old lady held her grandson in her arms. "Just go, what are you doing talking about my grandson? I'll tell you he is my life, you have to take him away, there is no way, unless you kill me!"

Then there was another standoff. At last Wu Meili said, "If you really don't give me my son back, you can do it. I need two-thirds of the grain. Otherwise, I will lead people to smash your house every day to see how long your iron gate will last."

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