The next morning, when Jing Lin opened the small door in the backyard, he saw the chickens all over the yard and his face was green.

He forgot that if a chicken is allowed to go wherever it likes, it will come wherever it likes. He has kept ducks for so long that he has never found duck's plumage in any corner of his home. Although he doesn't know how to solve his own physiological problems, it also makes him worry a lot. He thought that some of the chickens had become wiser and were no worse than ducks. He didn't expect to be wiser. What was the former habit and what is it now?

Jing Lin took a shovel to shovel plant ash out and swept away the excrement. By the way, he also cleaned up the chickens in the debris room and poured all of them into the cesspool for composting.

Seeing that the chick was all right, Jing Lin quickly caught it and locked it up in the debris room.

After breakfast, Jing Lin took a bag of Chinese cabbage and Lele to Zhao Zhiwen's house. Today he was weeding in Abel Tamata. The lunch and dinner were settled in Zhao Zhiwen's house.

The weather was very cool this day. There was no sun, and there was still a small wind blowing. The arms exposed felt cool. Most people in the village are accustomed to getting up early, and when they go out, there are many people out of work.

Because it is a paddy field, the big guys are all going to the field in water shoes.

During this period, the ears of the rice were almost all drawn out. The villagers were in a good mood to see that the rice had not changed much from previous years. Life is more difficult than before, but as long as there is food and harvest, it is the best guarantee to live.

Jing Lin's three men did not pull out the grass for a while. they saw Ma Chunzheng running towards here and shouting to Zhao Chenghuai across several fields: "uncle Chenghuai, go and see your lotus pond, it's all withered!"

In the future, they told Ma Renshan about the black lotus, but because they were very busy these days, they didn't have time to look at it. They wanted to say that there was nothing to go until the weeds in the field were cleared, but what did Ma Chunzheng mean by that? Is it all dead?

Watched Zhao Chenghuai three people hurried to the lotus pond, with many people in the field also follow up.

At a distance, what was supposed to be a green lotus pond turned into withered yellow. The lotus leaves that had lost water were withered and stuck on the surface of the water. Even a number of edible lotus plums were crumpled. Moreover, the water was dark and goofy.

The lotus near the shore is especially conspicuous in a yellow patch. The whole lotus has turned black, and the black is spreading to the stem.

While looking at the lotus flower, the villagers expressed surprise and felt pity. Before, Zhao Chenghuai's family used to have a large proportion of lotus root in winter. Many villagers were very envious, but they watched the lotus root in this lotus pond disappear, not to mention Zhao Chenghuai. Even they felt pity and heartache and spoke to comfort Zhao Chenghuai.

Zhao Chenghuai looked dignified. He was fine. When they told him from Jing Lin that black lotus flowers would cause fish and shrimps to die and lotus leaves to wither, he had a psychological preparation. Zhao Zhiwen had been comforting him privately, but he was just holding on to luck before. So now he is not lucky. The worst has already happened and there is not much sadness.

The crowd was discussing the lotus pond around the pile when suddenly there was a loud sound of water. Before they could react, they saw a dark wall of water suddenly coming out of the water and pressing against them.

With the incessant screams, the crowd that was standing there was pushed far away by the black wall. Many people flew and fell, many fell into the ditch three meters behind.

Zhao Chenghuai's father and son both fell in. Fortunately, there was water in the water, which was not deep enough to reduce some of the damage. The two had no major problems except that they were thrown a little stunned and had several holes in the grass.

However, Jing Lin, who was soaked to the skin, caught the extremely luxuriant weeds when he fell down, so he still hung on the top and did not fall down. There were several villagers beside him like him.

After a brief panic, the people below were jumping to climb up, wiping the water on their faces and asking what had just happened to those who were staying above.

No one answered them. Jing Lin and his friends were almost eager to stay in the ditch like them, but they did not dare to move now.

In the lotus pond opposite them, a black monster was emerging half a meter and a half high and looking at them on the surface of the water. Something like a sword on his back was still glowing with water, and his big dark eyes had no emotion.

"Monster, monster!"

It turns out that the black water they just thought was not the color of the water but the monster underneath. Some people were frightened and cried out in panic after returning to the gods. They let go of their hands and fell back with a loud cry. They were directly stunned and fell into the ditch and were caught by all, or they would have drowned.

The monster opened its mouth when the man made a noise and a bunch of water arrows shot at them. Jing Lin quickly loosened his hand and pulled a handful of people who had been shocked. They leaned back, one with the other. All of them fell down, but they managed to escape the arrow. The prospect of falling down was imminent, and the monster's mouth was covered with two long beards.

I heard there was a monster on it. I watched all the people fall into the ditch. I fished them up and climbed out of the ditch on the other side. People who saw the monster at close range could walk by themselves except Jing Lin. Several other people were all weak and couldn't walk for a while. They didn't care if they were dragged and swept by weeds. It was good to get out of here.

Seeing that they were far away, they dared to stop to catch their breath.

"What exactly did you see?" Gao Changhui asked, his family's field is next to Zhao Zhiwen's house. He heard Ma Chunzheng's shouts and his family followed him. When he was pushed out, he saw a black patch and then fell into the ditch.

The man who was stunned has been pinched out of the choke, still weak at the moment, "I don't know. The whole body is black, with a row of things on its back like thorns."

"When he vomited water, I saw the teeth in his mouth. My mother, it was so dense that she bit him in half."

Just now, among the several people, Jing Lin was the calmest, so he also saw clearly: "those who live in the water with two long whiskers on their lips, although they are very big, feel like a changed mullet."

"How can there be mullet in my lotus pond?" Zhao Zhiwen said that there were some in his fishpond, but some in the lotus pond were only small fish and shrimps.

"It may have escaped from the fish pond above when the water was released."

"For the first time I saw such a frightening thing, the ant was nothing compared to it." Open your mouth and say.

"What does it use to push us?"

"It should be the caudal fin." Jing Lin said.

"But it's good that it's in the water. It didn't follow us. It looks like it can't get out of the water. If so, it's good." Ma Chunzheng gave his guess.

"It seems that the spraying of water is only driving us away." Someone said.

Some people asked what to do.

"The monster was so ferocious that it was filmed before it came near. Unless it was shot, it could not be killed."

However, in China, which has strict arms control, we don't want to think about artillery shells or anything else. At last, all the people discussed and discussed it. It felt that there was no good way.

Finally, Ma Renshan said: "In this case, everyone should not approach the Lotus Pond in the future."

They hurriedly said, today if it weren't for watching the scene of bustle, everyone wouldn't come here to the lotus pond, the lotus pond is some distance from the fields near the village, in addition to Zhao Zhiwen home, usually few people come here.

After that, they went back to the fields to weed, which made them a little distracted. After all, there was a big monster in the lotus pond in the village. No one felt safe. Some even blamed Zhao Chenghuai's family for planting lotus roots. Of course, I don't dare to say this in person, so I whisper it to my family in private.

After hearing the news, Yan's family also came to ask about the situation. Their fields had not yet been recovered, and some of them were in front of the gate. Therefore, when the villagers were busy, their family was quite idle. Before coming out, Yan Fei and Yan Lu fought one-on-one with their parents at home.

Thanks to the good fortune Zhao Zhiwen gave us yesterday, although Yan Fei's family slept a little late last night, they were not bitten by mosquitoes again. In addition, the weather is cool today, so the family had a hard time sleeping in. Today, they are in excellent spirits.

Yan Fei stood on the bank and looked at the scene in which he was standing in the field sweating profusely. When he raised his hand to wipe the sweat from time to time, his heart suddenly felt a little distressed. I went home and changed my double shoes. Without saying a word, I went into the field and began to help.

Yan Fei didn't know that Jing Lin was going to work in the fields today, otherwise he would have got up early to help. Don't say he wants to be a family with Jing Lin in the future, he rushed Jing Lin to arrange for his family. Zhao Zhiwen brought Quack to his family and he also had to help. But nobody told him, he was a little angry.

Yan Ruifeng a look, also a clap head to think of it, hurried back also changed water shoes to help.

Zhao Chenghuai repeatedly called Yan Fei to go out without saying a word. Zhou Feifei, who was standing on the bank, smiled and said, "Let him follow suit and get familiar with it. He will become a master when he is busy."

Zhao Chenghuai is actually afraid of Zhou Feifei angry, after all, his family lives in the city and has money, this kind of dirty work must not be done. He listened to Zhou Yu mention his son and Yan Lu, and also counted on the two families to be in-laws. See Zhou Feifei no unhappy mood, Zhao Chenghuai just put down the heart, so when Yan Ruifeng came, also didn't refuse.

Yan Ruifeng walked over and said to Zhao Chenghuai, "Our family is a green hand in farming. If you don't understand anything in the future, you should ask for more advice. I have always had a thick skin, and if there is anything you need in the future, you can help."

Zhao Chenghuai naturally readily promised, and at that time cast off the bad mood brought by the big monster in the water, and talked with Yan Ruifeng while pulling out the grass.

Yan Fei is not far from Jing Lin since he went to the field. Yan Fei actually doesn't talk much, but if he is with Jing Lin, he usually takes the initiative to find a topic to talk with him, so in Jing Lin's eyes, Yan Fei is not a man of few words. At the moment Yan Lu beside him busy for a while haven't spoken, Jing Lin felt a little wrong. After throwing a handful of grass on the bank, he asked Yan Fei, "how do you feel unhappy today?"

Yan Fei looked up at him and said nothing.

Are you really unhappy . . . Jing Lin thinks so, and then returns to taste, "are you angry with me? Why?"

Yan Fei said: "I thought you told my family about your ability to draw pictures and arrange battle lines, that is, you treated us as one of your own. Today, I found out that I am still an outsider to you."

Jing Lin suddenly didn't know how to answer, his mind is also quite contradictory, on the one hand, he is very strange trust Yan family character, on the other hand, subconsciously distance with them, seemingly more and more familiar with, actually still very alienated.

Yan Fei said nothing when he saw Jing Lin. He rolled up the grass and threw it out. Then he looked at Jing Lin and said, "I hope we can be good friends. You and Zhiwen can come to me for help at any time, no matter what's going on in the family. Don't just treat me as an ordinary acquaintance, ok?"

Yan Fei's attitude was so sincere that Jing Lin felt that even a slight hesitation was disrespectful to his sincerity, so wait for a while nodded: "Of course."

Then Yan Fei smiled, stretched out his hand and touched Jing Lin's white, white and clean face. When Jing Lin stared wide-eyed, he smiled and showed him the mud on his palm: "You got it on your face accidentally."

"oh, thank you." Jing Lin thanked him and really thought he had mud on his face. Reflective, he raised his arm and wiped two more on his face.

"There are no more." Yan Fei said.

So the two men continued to pull out the grass again. Jing Lin still spoke little and Yan Fei did not speak again, but his heart was already humming a song.

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