People learned from Lele that Toad Quack is hunting for black mosquitoes. It can be seen that this mosquito is invisible to the naked eye, but Quack can sense it. Quack is so big, the appetite is not small, but there are very few mosquitoes in Jing Lin's house. From yesterday to today, it has been half full.

"I haven't eaten enough, let it go to my house!" Zhao Zhiwen said that although he was still covered in goose bumps when watching Quack, his family was really suffering from mosquito bites last night. If Quack preys effectively, Zhao Zhiwen would be very happy if he could let the family have a good sleep even though he looks a little bit shabby.

So Lele asked Toad Quack's opinion and went away with Zhao Zhiwen.

When he left, Lele wanted to hold Quack, but Quack was too heavy. he didn't hold Quack for the first time and had to give up. so he and Zhao Zhiwen walked in front and Quack scampered along beside him. The duck followed him. he jumped onto Quack's back very aggressively. his two feet were firmly on it. Quack stood on it steadily, flapping his wings and quacking. he was very excited.

Zhao Chenghuai and Zhou Yu are chopping wood. The previously uprooted grass and roots are all trapped in small handfuls and placed in the yard to be used as firewood when dried. See Zhao Zhiwen followed by such a big toad, Zhou Yu frighten let out a cry, Zhao Chenghuai also clenched his firewood knife stood up, Zhao Zhiwen hurriedly let their parents don't be afraid, and then the toad to her and Zhao Chenghuai room.

Zhou Yu was anxious: "What is this thing! How do you put it in my room!"

"mosquito trap." Zhao Zhiwen said, "With it, we should be able to have a good sleep tonight." He said to the two of them the effect of the Quack, "although it looks a little scary, it is still quite friendly." He opened the door of his room and asked Lele to tell Quack to go to his room when the mosquitoes in this room were gone. He was also busy growing vegetables for Jing Lin in the past. After asking his mother to pay attention, he took Lele back.

"The child!" When Zhao Zhiwen left in a panic, Zhou Yuqi didn't come anywhere. He looked at the toad crouching by his bed with its long tongue sticking out and gave it a tingle. He muttered, "It won't jump into bed, will it?"

Zhao Chenghuai said: "I just need to pay attention. It's a big deal to change the bed sheets at night." This toad should be useful to listen to his son's meaning. He and Zhou Yu are getting old and didn't sleep well last night. Today, they are not in good spirits. After eating, they wanted to take a nap, but as soon as they lay on the bed, they felt bitten by mosquitoes and couldn't sleep. They had to get up and chop wood.

When Zhao Zhiwen returned to Jing Lin's house with Lele and duck, Jing Lin was sitting under the eaves with a small horse Zagreb in his hand, carrying several kinds of cabbage. Yan Fei was hoeing the ground with a hoe and Yan Lu was watching.

Jing Lin said, "You have to learn to grow vegetables. In fact, you just need to see Zhao Shu. I don't know anything about this."

Yan Lu didn't speak, he naturally won't directly tell Jing Lin himself had ulterior motives for him.

Zhao Zhiwen came over and saw Jing Lin pick lettuce and chive seeds and said, "Both of them are afraid of high temperature. Do you grow well in the field?" In addition, they grow scallions in their family. They used to go outside to buy scallions and come back to grow scallions. They haven't tried to grow scallions directly.

Jing Lin said, "I just want to test whether the array has any influence on their growth habits."

Jing Lin divided the plot in the small courtyard into two pieces. One piece was decorated with a poly-spirit array. The other piece was still the same. He also wanted to compare what changes would occur when the two grew in different environments. These two pieces were divided into several small pieces. Lettuce and chives were planted. Late cowpea and water spinach were also planted. Finally, a small plot of land was left. Jing Lin remembered something and said that he wanted to move two autumn tomatoes that Yan Fei's family had already sprouted and Gao Honghai's family had touched the blistering pepper.

Yan Fei then gave Zhao Zhiwen his hoe and asked him to hoe the land. He took Jing Lin with him and went out.

The autumn tomatoes of Yan Fei's family began to sow and raise seedlings shortly after Zhou Feifei came back. Generally speaking, it is only in November that the ripe fruits can be received. But I didn't expect to bear buds overnight. At present, the plants look good, but it is still unknown whether the results can be achieved. Because tomatoes were still growing seedlings at that time, all the plants that suddenly grew up were piled up and squeezed together, but there was no lodging. Most of them were squeezed and deformed in the growth direction, and the branches became crooked. A good flowerpot was a good bonsai. Jing Lin took Yan Fei's gloves and dug out two plants. Then they went to Gao Honghai's house.

Gao Honghai is in his fifties this year. His family has two children. The eldest son is Gao Changhui, who is 24 this year, and the youngest daughter Gao Yalan, who studied in the best high school in the county seat at the age of 27. When Gao Honghai heard that Jing Lin and Lin wanted his family's chili, he quickly said, "What do you want with this stuff? I dare not touch it." As he spoke, he lit them up with a very conspicuous blister on his arm.

He took the two men to his backyard, pointed to a pile of plants in the corner and said, "I dug them up with a hoe. I dare not burn them. I am going to bury them directly. You want you to take it all." Also save him to bother again. This thing is so fantastic that he dare not try it casually in case the smell burnt out is poisonous.

Jing Lin thanked Gao Honghai and Yan Fei, both wearing gloves, packed a dozen suntanned chili plants in a basket they had brought with them.

On the way, Jing Lin picked a pepper on his hand and saw that many tiny and soft burrs had grown on what should have been a smooth surface. It is estimated that this is what caused Gao Honghai to touch it and form a blister, which is similar to the caterpillar that causes pimples on the skin. It does not matter if it is not directly touched with the skin.

Yan Fei said: "This has completely changed into a variety. Can't you eat it?" If you want to eat it, you'll have to eat your guts out, won't you?

The species growing in nature are all very magical. The morning pepper on his hand reminds Jing Lin of the wild fruit rosa roxburghii picked when he was a child. Self-protection is covered with thorns, but when the thorns on the skin are removed, he can eat at ease. The morning pepper now seems to be developing in the same direction.

When I got home, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu were pulling the grass around his house. Jing Lin asked them to wait a moment and plant tomatoes and peppers on their own. In the backyard, Jing Lin took out a kitchen knife and cut the chili half-and-half, revealing the full and secret chili seeds inside, and a seductive aroma floated out.

"It seems that this pepper has given off." Yan Fei said.

"It should be exactly these pepper seeds." Jing Lin said that although the fragrance is strong, it is not greasy to smell. If you can eat it, the seasoning effect will certainly be very good.

Jing Lin picked some full and mature pepper plants near the bottom of the plant, prepared to dry them and plant them, then planted all the plants, including the two autumn tomatoes. At last all the water was poured again.

Yan Lu was at the side pulling weeds. The efficiency was very fast. When Jing Lin and Yan Fei went out, they pulled out more than half of them. Scene in hurriedly let Yan Lu rest beside, oneself and Yan Lu joined in.

When Yan Lu and Yan Lu left, Jing Lin pulled out a basket of Chinese cabbage to let him take away, and also took a small bottle of jam to Yan Lu, helped him a busy afternoon, he also can take out this stuff.

Yan Fei didn't turn it down either. Only when you come and go can you have a closer relationship.

Zhao Zhiwen walked with him. When he got home, he Quack had been wandering around in all corners of his house. Seeing that his stomach was a little bigger than before, it seemed that he had eaten a lot this afternoon. So he picked up a towel, tried to hug Quack, saw it Quack but did not resist, then muster up courage to hold Quack up, and then speed up the pace to Yan Lu home.

In the afternoon, he could see that his future father-in-law and mother-in-law had red pimples on their faces and hands bitten by mosquitoes. While it was still a long time before they went to sleep, they could also have a good sleep by sending Quack to their family.

After Yan Fei and his entourage left, Jing Lin continued to study pepper seeds. He took off his gloves, his fingers couldn't help rubbing, and at last he closed his eyes and held out his hand, thinking that no matter what, it was just a few blisters on his hand like Gao Honghai, and no one would die.

Fortunately, the finger touched the pepper seed and there was no adverse reaction. Jing Lin's heart rejoiced. It seemed as he suspected, the long hair on the outside of the pepper was just a layer of protection for himself, and the pepper seeds inside would not make people's hands point out the problem.

Jing Lin picked a lot of fully ripe chili peppers, took out the pepper seeds inside, cleaned them all and left a little outside, and put the rest on a plate, spread them out evenly in the open wind, and then took them out to bask in the sun tomorrow.

Later, Jing Lin put the pepper seeds left alone in his hand and went into the debris room. he caught two chickens. one was picky about food, the other was not picky about food. He spread out the pepper seeds in his palm and handed them to the two chicks' mouths.

The non-picky chick screamed all the time when it was caught by Jing Lin. Seeing Jing Lin's hand stretched out for half a day, it didn't peck at it. Instead, the picky chick honestly didn't run away. Before Jing Lin reached out his hand, it stretched out its neck to peck at the pepper seeds in his palm. It didn't fan its wings until there was none left.

So Jing Lin left the picky eater behind and put back the non-picky eater. In order to prevent the newly planted vegetable field from being destroyed, Jing Lin also drew a set of low-order magic arrays to be arranged on the vegetable field to prevent chickens from going in for food.

Later, while it was still bright, cooking could save some kerosene. Jing Lin began to prepare dinner. His mouth was not very tasty these days. He took some dried chili bought before, picked a lot of Chinese cabbage, made a stir-fried Chinese cabbage, and then took out a canned luncheon meat. The slices were fried with oil, which was very fragrant.

When Jing Lin was cooking, ducks and ducks said that they were very unhappy with the chickens hanging in the backyard. The one who was playing with Lele in the living room was very angry when he saw the chickens walking into the living room while Jing Lin was in the kitchen. He felt that his territory had been violated. He rushed at the chickens like a small shell, pecking them with his mouth, bumping them with his body, knocking them over, and making several somersaults.

The chick said the goose was too fierce to beat completely. After dropping a few hairs, it screamed and left the wrong place.

Looking at the defeated chicks, ducks and ducks held their heads high and looked down on Wang Ba. But this picture didn't last long. Hearing Lele calling him in the living room, little wings fanned himself and went back.

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