When the meeting broke up, Zhou Yu said quietly: "A big guy in Wu Jianxiong likes to take advantage of his mother Liao Shufen."

Zhao Zhiwen snorted coldly: "It's not that you don't know the virtue of his family. People all over the world owe his family what they deserve. They take advantage of him. Young men in their twenties don't work yet and play games at home every day."

Because of the feud between Jing Lin and Liao Shufen's family, Zhao Zhiwen's family has a bad relationship with his family. One despises the other's personality. The other is that they take Jing Lin as their son and look at him as a relative. Naturally, they are reluctant to be bullied by Jing Lin, so the two families are not less tit for tat.

Zhao Chenghuai didn't want his wife and children to talk too much. After hearing them say a few words, he began to stop: "All right, let others hear and have a fight."

"Let me say something about it." Zhou Yu supercilious look at his wife, but in the end lived the mouth.

Zhao Zhiwen and Jing Lin couldn't help laughing silently.

I went to Zhao Shaogan's house to receive the potion and several people wiped it. When Jing Lin asked how he felt, Zhao Zhiwen said it had antipruritic effect, but the effect was not very great, and occasionally he could not help reaching for it.

After a busy morning, the meal was already late. Because Zhou Yu brought joy during the day, it was not convenient to go out and Zhao Chenghuai was not at ease to go out alone, so he did not go out to pick vegetables today. Zhou Yu cooked an egg noodle at noon and the family managed to eat it. During the meal and rest, Jing Lin listened to the pigs in the pigsty barking all the time and asked Zhou Yu what was going on.

"Hungry, I didn't eat much in the trough." Zhou Yu frowned and said that the pig had been crying for a long time last night. She thought she was ill, but after a long time of observation, she did not see the appearance of illness. Although she cried miserably, she looked very energetic.

Jing Lin thought of his flock of chickens, "What are you feeding?"

"The grass pulled out yesterday." Yesterday there was a lot of fresh grass at the gate. She didn't go out to cut wild amaranth and cut the grass into pieces and mixed with chaff. The chickens were fed first, and the pigs were fed later.

The chicken is all right and alive. Even the pig kept barking, causing her a headache.

Jing Lin said, "Maybe there is something wrong with the grass. The night went crazy and the taste and nutrition changed."

Zhou Yu immediately stood up and ran to the pigsty. "There will be no problem with the pig. Although there is much left, I still ate a little." It is also her carelessness not to think about this aspect.

Zhao Chenghuai father and son also looked at him nervously, want to know the two pigs but spent a lot of food to change back.

"There should be no problem." Jing Lin hurriedly said, "It may be that the taste is not good, so pigs are picky about food."

Then he let Zhao Zhiwen ride a tricycle with him in the past, into the door, the scene before checking the layout of the low-order magic array, indeed as expected and poly spirit array, have been destroyed, he took two sets of three sets of poly spirit array operator painted before, pulled back half of his front yard of Chinese cabbage, let Zhou Yu throw a little into the pig trough to try. By the way, I grabbed a leaf and handed it to the duck's mouth.

The duck went up and sniffed, opened its mouth and ate. Then Doudou's eyes widened and his movements became faster and faster. When he finished eating, he jumped up and down angrily on Lele's knee and quacked, "B*stard! This delicious vegetable leaf did not even give it to eat without telling it, which made it go through the haystack so hard to fill its stomach last night, killing the goose. Also give so many vegetable leaves to others! Me! It's all me!"

Jing Lin understood the meaning of duck, patted its naughty little head and looked at Zhou Yu who came out after a while.

Zhou Yu looked puzzled: "Why do you give pakchoi pigs to eat?"

Nature is because the scene in the arrangement of the spirit array. Jing Lin also came up with this idea when he heard Zhou Yu say pigs don't eat weeds. There should be more than reiki in the air. There should also be an unknown thing. This kind of thing is combined with reiki, which makes animals and plants appear polarization. One is that plants are just common overgrowth. Animals like ducks and ducks have opened their minds but will not pose a threat to human safety. One is that plants, like man-eating morning glory in the county town, are intelligent and hunt for food, while animals, like giant monkeys with fangs, pose a certain security threat to people.

A gathering of spirits is not without reiki. That kind of unknown things are completely excluded, the growth of Chinese cabbage, more than the growth limit of vitality is completely rely on pure reiki urged. It is as if you are standing behind a car and breathing in front of a plant, one with car exhaust and the other with plant fragrance. The former makes you uncomfortable while the latter makes you comfortable, which is obviously different.

The "you" here is actually plants and animals that are urged to grow under different circumstances.

Zhou Yu they didn't expect a law and such a good effect, want to know those weeds were removed, although the next day the road and some, but are just some buds, and the first wave of blowout growth rate is completely not comparable, if there is a law in, then not worry about eating?

In response, Jing Lin shook his head: "This is not certain at present. After all, weeds and pakchoi are species with very short growth period." As for the rest, we have to try before we know.

But this is also very good, at least give everyone a reassurance, even if the food shortage in the future, the Chinese cabbage alone will not die of hunger.

Zhao Chenghuai broke off a leaf stalk and ate it, only to find that it tasted crisp and sweet. After swallowing it, his teeth and cheeks still retained fragrance. Suddenly his eyes brightened: "This tastes good. It's a pity to feed pigs."

Zhou Yu and Zhao Zhiwen also broke off a piece and threw it into their mouth, nodding in succession. It was really good. After eating, I could not help but break off another piece and eat it slowly on my hand. Just like eating fruit, I didn't care whether I washed it or not.

Zhao Zhiwen said: "Well, let's find some weed seeds and plant them on a piece of land. Can you arrange the array?" In this way, there is no worry that pigs will starve to death without eating.

Jing Lin naturally has no objection.

In the afternoon, Jing Lin helped Zhao Zhiwen pull out all the grass around his house, then took advantage of the hot weather and few people arranged the array, and then went to Yan Fei's house with a set of array symbols.

Yan Fei's home scene is the first time to visit. When the time comes, Zhou Feifei and Yan Lu sit under the eaves and shake their fans. They look at Yan Fei and Yan Ruifeng pulling out the grass in the vegetable plot with gloves. From time to time, they point out where the grass has not been pulled out.

Seeing Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen coming with Lele, Zhou Feifei stood up from his stool and smiled, "Ah Lin is coming, sit down quickly. There are stools in Xiao Zhao's room. Go and fetch some. Ouch Lele is still so cute today. Lulu, go and fetch some food for Lele."

A busy, washed hands Yan family father and son also moved the stool to sit down beside.

Jing Lin felt that Zhou Feifei smiled strangely and was too close to him and Lele, making him a little uncomfortable. He looked around and saw that his family had cleaned up the weeds around him. He said directly to the topic: "Actually, I came here to arrange a law for your family."

What? Law?

The Yan family looked at Jing Lin blankly, saying they did not understand.

Now is the time for Zhao Zhiwen to earn his performance. He said: "Well, Jing Lin learned something from an old man in our village from an early age . . ."

After hearing this, Yan's family said in surprise, "then Ah Lin is the legendary master of the world!"

Jing Lin shook his head. "I only know a little now." He can only lay out some simple arrays now, and still rely on the symbol paper to preserve the reiki and make an array symbol.

Yan Fei said, "That's very powerful." The other half who hasn't yet caught up with him has such great skills, and the only thing he can do now is a little fist kung fu. He suddenly feels so stressed that it seems that he has to work hard and improve his skills.

When arranging the battle, Zhou Feifei was more satisfied with the scene, while Yan Fei was fascinated by the scene in the whole body, covering his chest, which was beating wildly and disobediently, but the light in his eyes was blazing.

When arranging the array, Jing Lin always felt a scorching line of sight accompanying him. Fortunately, he was already very skilled in arranging the array. After a while, he was immersed in the mystery of the array. It took him more than ten minutes to complete the arrangement.

After the array was completed, Yan Lu was the first to enter, followed by Yan Jia and others. Everyone felt it, strict parents and Yan Fei both said that they did not feel any difference at present, only Yan Lu said that they were quite comfortable.

Yan Lu's natural strength is fundamentally different from other people's physique, which is why she was not bitten by mosquitoes and could easily feel the array.

According to Jing Lin's idea, he wanted to go to the lotus pond to have a look at the lotus flowers, but the surrounding weeds were not removed, and he probably fell into the field while walking, so he did not succeed for the time being.

After sitting and chatting for a while, Jing Lin said that he would go back. He wanted to sort out the backyard and plant some side dishes. He also wanted to replant some cabbage. Yan Fei followed and stood up, a face of serious said he would follow the past to learn, he also can't hoeing can't grow vegetables.

Young people like to gather together to play, and finally Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu followed.

As soon as he entered the backyard, Zhao Zhiwen went to open the back door. As soon as he opened it, he saw a big toad crouching in front of the door. He immediately jumped back with a loud cry, "What is this thing!"

Lele said, "Quack."

"Quack!" Toad called Quack by Lele responded.

Jing Lin forgot to mention this incident and explained it quickly. "This is a mutated toad, and it should be harmless."

Zhao Zhiwen was still a little scared. He stretched out his hand and shouted twice from a distance, "Good toad is out of the way, get out of the way."

However, Quack did not move. instead, Quack took a step toward the living room. the crowd quickly moved aside to give way to Quack. then they saw Quack chose a corner and crouched motionless as yesterday.

Yan Fei looked at it for a while and saw that Quack had been eating quietly. he said, "frogs and toads all eat flies and mosquitoes, don't they? Is it also hunting?"

"It should be." Jing Lin said that Quack stayed in the front yard yesterday, and this morning he was in the backyard. now he entered the house again, always in a predatory posture.

Yan Fei looked at the smooth arms exposed from the eyes and said, "You and Lele have not been bitten by mosquitoes, have they all been eaten by it?"

Jing Lin thought for a moment, then bowed their heads and whispered a few words to Lele. Lele went to Quack and crouched down. He seemed to be completely indifferent to the disgusting skin and pimples on Quack. Jing Lin did not have time to stop them, but he touched Quack's back lightly with his hand and asked, "Quack, what are you doing in my house?"

Quack cocked his head, "Quack!"

Then he heard Lele "oh" and said, "well, are you satisfied?"


Yan Fei and others were amazed. Zhao Zhiwen said, "When will Lele be able to communicate with animals?"

"After he woke up." Jing Lin said.

After seeing Lele and Quack communicate, Yan Lu asked him, "Lele, you are not afraid of it. it is so long and difficult."

Lele did not understand what she meant by "a long story". He looked at her blankly. "Not afraid, Quack is very beautiful."

Beautiful . . . Everyone is silent, okay, it seems that we have some differences with your aesthetic.

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