The scene in their fighting capacity is not low, plus the other only five people, the situation is almost one-sided. Soon, Liu Erkui five people all fell to the ground, black and blue is minor injuries. Liu Erkui is the most serious, shoulder was severely hit by Yan Fei with a wrench, has been completely unable to lift. His chin was also dislocated and he couldn't say anything for mercy. His face was covered with tears and snot.

But no one sympathized with him. In the past, when they were still peaceful, this man ruled the country. This time he wanted to rob them and threatened them with Yan Lu's safety. If Yan Lu is an ordinary girl and they are a little weaker today, they will be the ones who can't get up from the fight. Yan Lu's fate can be imagined.

If you don't fight, you won't fight. If you fight, you will be afraid of the other side.

Jing Lin picked up Liu Erkui's several flailing sticks that fell to the ground and asked them by the way, "Are you afraid of pain?"

That a few just also "rough skin" man nodded like dao garlic.

Yan Fei said coldly, "Although the world has seen chaos, it is not a paradise for you to do evil everywhere. Who can't fight?"

Liu Erkui although they were badly injured, but also won't die. Yan Fei collected five sticks, took things out of the street and took to the main road outside, turned around and walked back, leaving there soon.

Until the grass can't see the sight of the group of people, Liu Erkui just got up from the ground, and brothers to help each other, staring at the scene in the place where they disappeared Yin malicious.

"We have written down this revenge!" Liu Erkui stammered and uttered malicious words, then was supported by his brother. I didn't find anything to eat today and got a beating. I lost a lot.

The five men swore and walked with difficulty to the opposite right of Jing Lin.

Soon, the street was deserted again. Without the blood stains on the ground, no one knew there had been a battle just now. The wind rustled the grass and drifted away with a bloody smell.

Soon after, a giant centipede with two meters long suddenly climbed out of the grass. Its head was red, its back was dark and shiny, its feet were thick and curved, and its hooks were sharp. Two long tentacles swing in the air, and the huge palate teeth keep opening and closing. It made a circle around the blood on the ground, then climbed out of the street and onto the main road. Its tentacles moved even more. First it crawled in the direction where Liu Erkui and others left, then it stopped hesitantly, turned around quickly and ran after Jing Lin in the direction where they left.

The centipede is so huge that the grass on the road can't hide its shadow. Some residents who closed the door and hid in their homes accidentally opened the curtains and looked out. They just saw a large centipede climbing forward quickly and immediately covered their mouths in horror.

Because they were afraid of meeting people like Liu Erkui who started robbing them if they didn't agree with each other, Jing Lin returned much faster than when they arrived. When they finally set foot on the village's concrete road except for grass, all of them were relieved. Only then did they have the interest to talk and smile.

Zhao Shaogan patted Yan Fei on the shoulder and said, "I can't see that you are still a trainer."

Yan Fei said: "When I was in primary school, I was extorted for living expenses by senior students. After that, my father enrolled Lulu and I in a martial arts class and practiced for more than ten years."

Li Feiyu and Gao Changhui looked at him admiringly. Who didn't have a great warrior dream when he was young?

Zhao Zhiwen touched the red mark on his arm and was very depressed to think that if only he could also learn martial arts, Yan Lu had seen all the mess he had been beaten today, which was too humiliating.

Many people in the village were weeding their fields. When they saw Jing Lin coming back, they immediately threw down their work and surrounded them, asking the outside situation one by one.

Everyone didn't notice that the giant centipede that finally caught up with the smell had already appeared behind them. The excited waving of tentacles is filled with joy of finding prey. However, the centipede took a step forward, the whole body froze, and then shrank back at a faster speed than when it came. It made an inaudible and scared sound, as if there was a huge threat behind it, and quickly fled the place and disappeared in the grass.

On the other side, Ma Chunzheng is asking everyone to go to his house and talk together later so as not to say that some people are not present at the moment.

Several people divided the stick, Yan Fei and Yan Lu offered not to participate in the distribution of the stick. Li Feiyu had an iron bar, and Jing Lin gave him his share of the wolf's hammer. he got a stick, and the other four were just right. Then Yan Fei and Yan Lu went home first and went out for such a big circle. Their clothes were all covered with salt cream. They had to take a bath and change their clothes before going over.

As for Jing Lin, he went straight home. Toad is no longer in that position. Jing Lin thought it was gone and saw it in the backyard. Jing Lin didn't care about it. There was still more than half of the boiling water in the hot kettle. Jing Lin took a bath in the well water before going to Zhao Zhiwen's house. By the time I got home, Zhao Zhiwen had stripped to the waist and let Zhou Yu wipe the medicated liquor. He got several sticks on his body, and the bruises swelled up and became intertwined with the scar wound of the last time.

Zhao Zhiwen endured the pain and boasted at the scene: "Look, the symbol of a man."

Lele's eyes were red, and tears hung from her eyelashes, Pearl. Jing Lin held him in her arms. "Uncle Zhiwen will be fine."

When Jing Lin came in, Zhou Yu and his wife looked him up and down. Before Zhao Zhiwen took off his clothes, Lele was scared to cry when she saw the red marks on his back. They thought Jing Lin would do the same, and cried for going back to see his uncle. Or Zhao Chenghuai coaxed for a while to resist.

Zhou Yu said, "Fortunately, you are all right, otherwise Lele will have to cry again."

Jing Lin coaxed Lele: "We Lele want to be little men. We can't cry all the time, okay?"

Lele reluctantly nodded his head. As to whether he can do it or not, let's talk about it then.

After wiping out the medicine, Zhao Zhiwen put on his clothes and said with a grin: "My body is itchy and painful. This feeling is simply sour and refreshing!"

On the way to Ma Renshan's house, the sound of "dang dang dang" was heard in front of the family. A few people thought that something was wrong, so they quickened their pace and walked in the direction of the sound. Only when they arrived did they find out that Ma Chunzheng was holding an iron basin and knocking on it with the assigned stick in his hand. Seeing Jing Lin and them, Ma Chunzheng said with mirth: "I'm too lazy to call people from door to door. this is a good method. I'll inform everyone when I have something to do."

A few people had a false alarm. Zhou Yu said, "It's good or good, but it's scary when it suddenly rings."

"Just get used to it." Zhao Chenghuai said.

The villagers all heard the sound of "dang dang dang" and the people who were still rambling on the road hurried up. When the others arrived, Ma Chunzheng packed up the iron basin with satisfaction. The gathering speed was at least half an hour faster than usual, and the effect was good.

At this meeting, Ma Chunzheng was talking first. he said what he heard at Xie Shu's house, what they saw and saw in the town on the road, and why they fought with Liu Erkui. "our village is surrounded by mountain forests. there must be some plants and animals that have become bigger and fiercer. I have just come back to see many uncles cleaning up the fields. from today on, it is better to go out in groups. for such things as cleaning up the fields, it is better for several people near the fields to arrange to work together. in case of anything, there will be time to help."

Those who stayed in the village and did not go out listened to what Ma Chunzheng was saying, and their faces showed exactly the same horrified expression as when they were at Xie Shu's house.

"This, why is it like this outside?"

"Morning glory will eat people? Are you kidding me? The morning glory in my backyard has changed little except for the flowers."

"My Mimi hasn't been seen for several days. Will it grow bigger too? Does she know me when she meets me?"

Chen Xuefang cried aloud, "My son and daughter-in-law of bad karma are still out there. What can they do when they meet those animals and plants that eat people? My two grandsons are still so young!"

Ma Rencong was also flushed by his old wife's desperate cry.

Liu Yinghua wept silently beside her. She has been crying almost every day recently and has stopped crying.

To this end, Ma Chunzheng was forced to refute his previous rhetoric to comfort these sad and crying uncles, "you also don't be so desperate, Lan Lan just said, her backyard morning glory is different from the county seat morning glory, this kind of situation should be individual. The Xie Shu family can come back safely. I believe they can also come back from the outside. Besides, they are not alone outside. They work together with all the villagers nearby. They go in groups and go alone when they come back."

Chen Xuefang and others listened, although still sad, but the mood also stabilized a lot.

Ma Chunzheng was just finished when it was Ma Renshan's turn. He also came back a little while ago and took a group of people to a nearby village. Everyone had the idea of going out to look for relatives. However, after careful discussion, it was found that this idea is very difficult to do now. No car, no phone, accommodation is a problem in action, and the weeds everywhere are obstacles in front of us. And even if these are solved, can we find them smoothly after going out? Maybe the family will come back as soon as you go out.

So he told the villagers that all they could do at present was to wait quietly at home and pray for their relatives outside, hoping that they would return home safely.

After the meeting, Zhao Shaogan asked several people who went out together today to go directly to his house to get the antipruritic potion. The potion has been prepared. If other people in the village still want the antipruritic potion, they will exchange it for something.

Yes, it is.

Most people did not have any objection, but some people said sourly: "It's all from the same village, why do you still treat it differently?"

Zhao Shaogan looked at the speaker. The good-natured man did not dispute with him, but said, "Of course, we should treat them differently. Apart from that, this is a reason why you used to be ill and see a doctor for medical expenses. For the sake of a few herbs, we had a fight with others, and we were all decorated. You want it if you don't have any strength. It's not that cheap."He rolled up his sleeves to reveal the bruised stick marks on his body.

Zhao Zhiwen was more direct, picking up his clothes and letting them look at his back.

The man was choked with a flushed face. Unconvinced, he snorted coldly and retreated behind his mother in silence.

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