A line of people were silent, and their hearts were a little scared. After passing through the plants that had deformed the car, their hearts felt cold. All the way slowly came to the town police station. The automatic telescopic door of the police station was half open, and a notice was posted on the stainless steel bulletin board at the entrance, which said that nearby residents should stay at home as much as possible and stay away from home, etc. Safety warnings were given. The police station did not see half a figure, and so was the service center across the road from the police station.

At last they followed Zhao Shaogan to the township health center, which was a mess. Almost all the doors and windows of the three floors were smashed, and some medical devices were smashed and thrown into the corner. The Chinese and western pharmacies were full of medicinal tablets scattered on the ground, mixed with smashed brine bottles. Zhao Shaogan looked sadly at the medicines that fell to the ground while searching for the medicines that had not been looted from the pharmacy.

This street in Huangtai Town has been in existence for some years. A few years ago, several rows of residential houses were built in a plot of land in the town. Most people in the town bought the house there, which is called Huangtai Town New Street. However, there is still no change except the opening of a kindergarten. All stalls are set up in the old street habitually. The houses on both sides of the old street have also been newly built for a few years, but more of them are old storefronts and tile-roofed wooden doors. As a result, the environment changed suddenly, and many tile houses were destroyed by plants.

After leaving the hospital, they walked through the street from beginning to end. The only credit cooperative in the street had its rolling door pried open and its tempered glass door smashed. The counter was in a mess and the ATM machine was not working. I can guess that this was the work of some people who were angry at not being able to pay for it.

Opposite the bank is a mobile phone business hall. The scene is the same as that of the bank. There are many cracked mobile phone shells on the ground. At last, they entered a hardware store that had been broken down and found several wolf hammers and a dozen large-sized dual-purpose wrenches in a broken cardboard box in the corner. The two things are quite weighty in hand, but they are better tools for self-defense.

The doors of almost all shops along the street were smashed to pieces. Some small supermarkets were ransacked, and many plants and trees went into them. When they went out, they happened to meet another wave of people who came out to observe the situation or collect things. The other party, a line of five, were all adult men, all holding whips in their hands, coming out of a small shop, swearing on their lips.

Jing Lin remembered that this shop was a small restaurant with three or four tables, which was a place to pass the time by serving some old people some wine and peanuts and selling rice and stir-frying at noon. Perhaps the host family had already left, and when they left, they removed all the food they could eat, so these people had nothing to catch and were extremely angry.

When the two sides met, they were all shocked.

Jing Lin looked at the other side of a quite familiar fat man, eyes color is a deep.

The fat man named Liu Erkui is not as kind as the little fat man who sent salt to Jing Lin. Liu Erkui has been ganging up and fighting in the school since junior high school. At that time, he was arrogant and claimed to be a bully in Huangtai Town Middle School. He has a dark skin, a full face, a slightly ferocious look, and is very lustful. When Jing Lin's sister was about to take the college entrance examination, she was harassed many times by Liu Erkui, who was reading a vocational high school in the county seat. At that time, Jing Lin was just on the first day of the first month of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of the first year of

When Jing Lin was a child, he heard a lot of gossip from his neighbors about his hard life, and gradually developed his solitary and cold character, so later he was always a very calm type of person. He saw that his sister was embarrassed and did not come forward at that time. He only went to the school security guard to tell him that some female students were harassed by hooligans at XX o'clock. Even when the security guard drove Liu Erkui away, Jing Lin saw no change in his sister's expression. After leaving school, Jing Lin didn't tell his grandfather about it when he came home. Instead, he found a sack and a roll of rope. The sack was filled with fine sand. He waited alone on the only way to Liu Erkui's home.

The students in Huangtai Town are all from nearby villages, and Jing Lin's class happens to have people from the same village as Liu Erkui. The man is not a good one either. He thinks that Liu Erkui's status as a bully in the high school is very domineering. Every time he talks about Liu Erkui, he looks like he is very proud. He often boasts about how Liu Erkui is doing in the class. Therefore, Jing Lin knows about where Liu Erkui lives and which way to go home.

From afternoon to evening, Jing Lin finally waited for Liu Erkui. He sprinkled sand on Liu Erkui's face, and took advantage of the moment Liu Erkui's eyes into the sand panic to set him a sack from behind, followed by a stick lesson, beat Liu Erkui widely spread-and deeply felt. Liu Erkui first uttered harsh words, then begged for mercy. Failure for mercy was crying. At last Jing Lin was tired and put people into sacks and tied them up. He hung them on a big tree by the side of the road and went straight away.

However, Liu Erkui was beaten at that time. He was driven by the whole process. He offended many people all the year round. He was secretly bullied not once or twice, so this time he did not expect that it would be the hand of a junior high school student five years younger than him. The shadow of being hung for one night was still relatively large. Liu Erkui, who was saved by passers-by the next day, was very honest for a period of time, because he didn't do less stealing chickens and dogs, so he didn't dare to go to the police, so he had to eat Rhizoma Coptidis dumb and took leave at home to recuperate from his own bad luck. After he had recovered his injury, the college entrance examination was over, and then he thought about harassing Jing Lin's sister and couldn't find it.

However, from the beginning to the end, Liu Erkui did not know Jing Lin, nor did he know that Jing Lin beat him. So this feud is one-sided.

Liu Erkui failed his junior high school grade and did not finish his senior high school entrance examination. Naturally, he was not a good person in front of street thugs who had been doing nothing for so many years. At the moment, I saw several men and a beautiful sister, and then I looked at Zhao Shaogan's white bag in his hand. The bag was bulging and I didn't know what it was. I thought that I might have come a step late and had been taken away by them. I was immediately seized.

Although Jing Lin and several of them are all tall and powerful, Liu Erkui, who was accustomed to fighting and fighting since childhood, is accustomed to arrogance and arrogance in this area, which is naturally worthwhile. He stretched out his hand and ordered Zhao Shaogan: "Brother, I didn't know this place was covered by Qui ge. It's very brave to fish in my territory. If you know enough, put down your things and get out of here."

Zhao Shaogan found these herbs to be brought back to the village to prepare medicine. There are so many people in the village waiting to use them, so we have to say whether the quantity is enough or not. Liu Erkui so arrogant words, don't put them a line of people in the eye, just listen to is not great enough, don't give him more humbled?

Before Zhao Shaogan could say no, Ma Chunzheng was saying, "Has your name been written on this site? Why should we give you what we are looking for?" He also counted on taking these herbs to wipe the red pimples on his daughter's back. How could they have to give each other a word?

"Yes, my face is really big!" Zhao Zhiwen spoke. Just Liu Erkui flirting staring at Yan Lu made him very uncomfortable.

Liu Erkui and the four people behind him looked cold. Liu Erkui looked at them and said, "You can think it over. The brothers are rough in skin and not afraid of pain. If you do something to this delicate girl later, no wonder we are."

Yan Lu took down the large ax on her back and said impatiently, "if you want to hit, you have to hit, you talk too much!"

Yan Fei quickly stopped his sister who was about to rush forward and said calmly, "Go away, so many of us are not ready for you." Although his elder brother is not as strong as his younger sister, he has also been spoiling her since childhood and threatening her sister in front of him. Isn't this a fight?

Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen took the wrenches they just got and threw their wooden sticks aside for Yan Lu to watch. Zhao Shaogan also put the medicine in the past, holding a wolf hammer in his hand, looking eager to try. As a doctor, he never forgot to take exercise when the doctor-patient relationship became increasingly tense. Li Feiyu is a little nervous holding the iron bar he brought from home, followed by everyone ready, he is so big, haven't had a fight! Ma Chunzheng is following the captain's father to deal with many disputes since junior high school, this kind of scene is not afraid, the remaining one was Yan Fei said a few words before Xie Shugu Gao Changhui courage although slightly small but also brimming with fear of holding a Wolf hammer stood by, he knew he could not retreat.

People in a village must advance and retreat together.

On the other side, Liu Erkui and others were shocked by Yan Lu's big axe first. Now they see the appearance of unity and preparation across the street. They feel that their majesty as the leader of this gang has been provoked. They immediately burst out with a loud explosion and rushed up with a swinging stick.

So the two sides just started fighting in the narrow streets full of weeds.

Zhao Zhiwen and Gao Changhui, who can't fight, suffer the most, but rabbits bite when they are anxious. After getting several sticks, Gao Changhui gave a loud roar and held a wrench in his hand. There was no rhyme or reason, but there was something wrong. He didn't hit the person he wanted to hit, but accidentally hit another person who was entangled with Zhao Zhiwen. The man got a sharp blow on the chin, and his teeth flew out of his mouth, one mouthful blood. Before the man returned to absolute being, glances Zhao Zhiwen and Gao Changhui shout at top of voice at the same time, no matter others, two people together to the man is a mess kick, straight beat the man couldn't get up before gasping for air to stop.

On the other side of Jing Lin, he had always lacked exercise and had no experience in fighting, but perhaps it was because of his mental skills that he dodged in a timely manner. The other side beat him for half a day without touching him. He was too tired. Then he caught off guard and hit red-eyed Zhao Zhiwen and Gao Changhui. The end was the same as that of the first person.

It is Yan Fei and Zhao Shaogan and Ma Chunzheng who fought with ease. Zhao Shaogan and Ma Chunzheng got a few blows at least. Yan Fei was able to fight back easily when he saw the move, while Li Feiyu, the youngest, was swinging beside him to make up for it from time to time. He was very flexible.

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