"What does Mr. Tang want an English tutor to teach young master? Speaking? Pronunciation?"

Su Fu sat on the side of the single person sofa. Juan Juan held his fingers and leaned on him, but his eyes looked at Tang Luoke from time to time. His mind felt some injustice. He had already given him food, why didn't he play with him? His heart was longing for a small playmate.

"Daily communication is no longer a problem. He wants to learn grammar." Tang Sibo said. He touched the back of his son's head.

Su Fu was a little surprised that such a small child could speak fluent English and now wanted to learn grammar? He recalled the Roll-Royce that the other drove when he first met Tang Sibo. These two father and son must be either rich or expensive judging from their usual dress and behavior. Such a family had strict family education. So, the precocity of their children was understandable.

Teng Yuan also had English classes for children as young as Tang Luoke, but they just taught some basics. Tang Luoke wouldn't be entering that class. Tang Sibo also said at the beginning that he was looking for a tutor. Su Fu hesitated. After entering Teng Yuan, he taught classes according to the schedule and didn't provide other tutoring.

"Xiao Ke is amazing." Su Fu sincerely praised. Tang Luoke seemed a little proud, but he didn't want the teacher to feel that he was arrogant, so he behaved reservedly. Juan Juan listened to little dad praising Tang Luoke. His black eyes shone with the light of worship.

Since his son was praised, Tang Sibo also felt very proud.

"I wonder if Teacher Su is free at night?"

"At night?" Su Fu originally wanted to take time off during the day for the tutoring. Although the schedule was a bit tight, there're still some flexibility. At night, it was a bit inconvenient.

"Is it inconvenient?" Tang Sibo smiled, giving the impression that he had always been warm and gentle, not half as strong as before, which made people feel relaxed when communicating with him.

In the past, it wasn't that there're no parents who invited Su Fu to teach at night, but Su Fu refused. At that time, Su Fu had just entered the He family and was bent on pleasing He Shaoqi and mother He. Mother He already didn't like him. He didn't want to upset mother He because he always came back late. Later, with Juan Juan, Su Fu also wanted to spend more time with this sensitive child and never agree to tutor at night.

But now, Su Fu had some hesitation. He didn't want to go back to the He family. Looking at mother He's face every day made him a little annoyed and wanted to retreat. If he could go back late, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. But what about Juan Juan?

"My child can't leave me at night. If at night . . ." Su Fu weighed his words and didn't go on. Because of Su Fu's words, Juan Juan grasped his finger anxiously.

Tang Sibo, however, understood his concerns and smiled, "You can bring the child with you. Xiao Ke has no friends of the same age. The two children can play together during break."

He didn't ask about the child's mother or other father. Not asking about other people's private affairs was part of Tang Sibo's upbringing. But according to the situation of their last encounter at City B hospital, Tang Sibo's heart actually already had a guess. Since Su Fu attended the study recruitment, he must be bent (T/N: gay) and already have a partner. But his life in his partner's home wasn't satisfactory. The child shouldn't belong to Su Fu. He should either come from his partner's home or was adopted. Yet, somehow he was closer to Su Fu.

Su Fu didn't want to leave Juan Juan at the He family. The He parents also wouldn't take good care of Juan Juan. Tang Sibo's words relieved Su Fu's worries.

"Juan Juan with Dad." Juan Juan raised his small head and cried out at Su Fu. He's afraid of Su Fu leaving him behind.

"Of course, Juan Juan will be with Dad." Su Fu smiled and held Juan Juan to sit on his leg while touching his small back soothingly.

Looking at the warm interaction between father and son, Tang Sibo slightly curved up his lip and touched his son's back, who in turn gave him a small frown.

"How many hours would Mr. Tang like to arrange?"

"You leave work at 5 o'clock here. Can you come from 6 to 8 o'clock? It's not safe to go back too late."

Su Fu wanted to think. There's still one hour to prepare for dinner. It was enough. He should be able to make it.

"In terms of salary, how about double your daily salary in Teng Yuan?"

Su Fu's annual salary was guaranteed at 200,000 yuan, excluding other bonuses and vacation pays, which was just over 500 yuan a day. According to Tang Sibo's offer, it would be 1,000 yuan a night for 2 hours, making it 30,000 yuan a month.

Did rich people just use money like water? Teng Yuan also had a teacher who tutored. A little more than an hour would earn him only 200 or 300 yuan. Su Fu opened his mouth in surprise but didn't speak.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu like this and smiled slightly. He also didn't say much. As a matter of fact, the price he offered wasn't too high. Tang Luoke studied piano for 5,000 yuan an hour last year. However, their nature was somewhat different. The piano teacher won several prizes in the national piano competition. Unfortunately, Tang Luoke didn't learn anything after studying for several months. He didn't know how the teacher offended him.

At that time, the two were relatively silent. For Su Fu, although he felt that Tang Sibo had given him a little more, he didn't feel it was too much money. He also wanted to earn more. Although his parents refused to recognize him, threw away his gifts and exchanged his cash for cards, Su Fu still wanted to save more money for them. His younger sister was still in college and had to spend money on everything. Girls' skin care products and clothes all costed money. The money his parents earned was relatively high, but they could still save more money for their old age.

Su Fu's father, Su Qiliang, used to be a teacher in a primary school in City A. He worked hard and climbed to the position of teaching director step by step. As he was about to be promoted to vice principal, Su Fu's sexuality was exposed. The influence was bad. Later, before the school could say anything, Su Fu's father chose to retire ahead of schedule. He must be extremely unhappy inside.

Su Fu's mother was a typical housewife. After Su Fu's father retired, the only source of daily income was Su Fu's father's pension. The old couple later opened a small restaurant. Now business was quite good. Su Fu passed by occasionally but never dared to enter.

The thought of his parents made Su Fu feel a little uncomfortable. No matter how he and He Shaoqi were now, he didn't regret confessing his sexuality to his parents. He only regretted that he didn't use a more roundabout and gentler way, which led to his current inability to take care of his parents and his desire to support them.

"If Teacher Su isn't satisfied with the price, we can discuss it again."

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Tang Sibo's gentle and magnetic voice sounded. Only then did Su Fu return to absolute being. He shook his head hurriedly and smiled, "No, no, I was distracted. I'm sorry."

Tang Sibo smiled and asked, "If Teacher Su is satisfied, can we start the tutoring tonight?"

"Yes, Mr. Tang can leave your address and contact information. I will be there tonight."

Su Fu took the notebook for writing things and handed it to Tang Sibo with a pen. Tang Sibo wrote down his contact information and residence address.

"It's not very far from here. It's about 15 minutes by car."

Su Fu knew where it was at a glance. No. 3 Waterside Pavilion. It was located in the downtown villa area and was said to be the quietest place in the noisy downtown area. The entire villa area was luxurious but not extravagant, giving people a kind of restrained luxury feeling, and the knowledge that they couldn't afford it. The security in the villa area was also very stringent. Strangers without identification couldn't enter with a single foot.

Knowing that the Tang family father and son were either rich or expensive, Su Fu wasn't surprised that they lived there. He just worried whether he would be stopped outside the gate tonight.

One didn't know if Tang Sibo saw Su Fu's worries. He said: "Teacher Su will teach the first lesson today. Please allow us father and son to invite you to dinner with Xiao Juan. After the welcoming meal, we will go back together."

"Mr. Tang is very kind."

After saying a few more polite words, it was time for Su Fu to teach his class. Tang Sibo also took his leave with Tang Luoke to do his other personal affairs. He said that he would return and wait for Su Fu to have dinner together after work in the evening.

When he saw them leave, Juan Juan's face collapsed. He thought that he would have a little friend to play with. As a result, his little friend didn't even pay much attention to him. The child felt very unwelcome and very wronged.

In the afternoon, Juan Juan sat quietly beside Su Fu's desk, eating snacks and playing with the puzzle that Su Fu bought him. He was quiet, but one could see that his interest wasn't high.

It wasn't until evening came when Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke came again did Juan Juan perked up his little face. He wobbled over and gave Tang Luoke his jigsaw puzzle like a treasure.

It was a very small jigsaw puzzle. In Tang Luoke's eyes, it was just a boring toy without any challenge. So, Tang Luoke didn't take it.

Juan Juan's little face collapsed again. He put the puzzle in his small backpack then quietly leaned against Su Fu and wept. The child thought, indeed, only little dad liked him. Other people didn't like him.

"Juan Juan, what's the matter?" As soon as he packed up his folder, Su Fu felt his leg being hugged. He put the folder on his desk and squatted down to look at Juan Juan. After taking a look, he found that Juan Juan's eyes were red.

Su Fu immediately felt so distressed that he picked up Juan Juan and soothed him in his arms. Juan Juan wrapped his small arms around Su Fu's neck. His small head was buried in Su Fu's shoulder, while his little tears fell silently.

Tang Luoke didn't notice that Juan Juan was crying until Tang Sibo, who took a call outside, came in and saw the child lying on Su Fu's shoulder. His body was shaking. He glanced at his son with a face of question. Tang Luoke looked up at Juan Juan with a face of innocence and ignorance.

"What's wrong with the little guy?" Tang Sibo walked over and touched Juan Juan's little head with his big hand.

"It's okay. The child is sensitive." Su Fu gave a light smile as he patted Juan Juan's small back and gently coaxed him.

Tang Sibo didn't say anything but glanced at his son with some dissatisfaction in his eyes. Before he went out to answer the phone, he also saw Juan Juan happily walking towards his son. In a blink of an eye, he cried. Who else could it be if not his son who provoked him?

Recalling that his son never liked to play with other children gave him a headache. Tang family's youngest generation, besides his son, also had the son of his oldest cousin Tang Luoqun and his third uncle's son Tang Simeng. However, his son didn't like to play with them since he was a child. When he saw them, he always had a straight face, which made Tang Sibo think that his son suffered some difficulties in making friends.

Originally, Tang Luoke should be studying at the prestigious kindergarten in City B now, but he just didn't like it. First, he couldn't learn much there. Second, he didn't like playing with crying children. This time Tang Sibo came to City A to deal with the affairs of the branch office. Tang Luoke insisted to his grandparents to take a long vacation from the kindergarten. He followed Tang Sibo to City A and said rightfully that he also came to study. For this little golden grandson, father Tang and mother Tang were very fond of. Besides, their little golden grandson was independent and eager to learn. He was good everywhere, so no one opposed his trip.

Tang Luoke saw his father's eyes. He made a self-reflection in his mind for a moment, then looked at the miserable Juan Juan. Perhaps because Juan Juan was smaller than him and looked so soft, Tang Luoke didn't get annoyed with his crying like Tang Simeng. After doing some self-reflection for a while, Tang Luoke groped up and down but didn't think of anything.

At this moment, he was extremely regretful. Why didn't he drag along a big bag of snacks like Juan Juan. That way, he could have coaxed the other with food at this time.

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After rummaging around, he finally only pulled out a neatly folded handkerchief from his trouser pocket. Many people in the Tang family had the habit of bringing handkerchiefs with them. During the early years, tissues weren't as common as they were now. In those days, handkerchiefs were still widely used. Embroidering character on Tang family's handkerchiefs was also a symbol of their identity. In later years, this became a habit that passed down from generation to generation, even though it wasn't really necessary for everyday use.

Tang family's handkerchiefs were made of excellent materials. They were all custom-made by designers. Everyone's handkerchiefs were different. Tang Luoke's handkerchiefs were naturally embroidered with the word 'Ke'. Just for this single word, it costed tens of thousands of Yuan.

There's only such a thing all over his body, Tang Luoke reluctantly pulled it out, shook it loose, and stretched out his hand to Juan Juan.

"Wipe it for you. Boys shouldn't cry." Despite Tang Luoke's words, his tone wasn't harsh.

Su Fu looked at Tang Luoke's handkerchief. He couldn't help but smiled. His heart thought, why did this little master like to send handkerchief so much?

Juan Juan also paused and raised his small head buried in Su Fu's shoulder to look at Tang Luoke and the handkerchief in his hand. He was stunned for a moment, then suddenly raised a smiling face.

"Thank you. I will stop crying." Juan Juan took the handkerchief and wiped it on his face.

In fact, he was very easily coaxed, as long as his small friend was willing to talk to him and give him things.

He felt that he had been accepted and was satisfied in his heart.

Su Fu saw that Juan Juan just wiped randomly. He smiled and took the handkerchief in his hand and wiped it carefully for him.

After wiping clean, Juan Juan stared at the handkerchief in his hand. He was worried that Su Fu wouldn't give it to him. He stretched out his small hand to take it.

Su Fu smiled and handed it to him, then put him on the ground.

"Are you giving this to me?" Juan Juan looked at Tang Luoke expectantly.

When Tang Luoke saw that he liked the handkerchief so much, he nodded. Then he saw Juan Juan raised his smiling face and said, "Thank you. You're a really good person."

Tang Luoke was somewhat proud and felt even happier than beating up Tang Simeng. He stretched out his hand and touched Juan Juan's hair. His hair was soft and felt very good. It reminded him of the Teddy dog raised by his aunt's family. He thought it was very good.

The friendship between children was so strange. It required nothing more than a handkerchief.

Tang Sibo was very happy that his son finally made a friend. He didn't care about the handkerchief. Although these handkerchiefs symbolized his identity in the Tang Family, they had little other value.

Su Fu was also happy and in a good mood when he saw Juan Juan like this.

In the end, the two adults took both little guys and went out for dinner together.

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