Gulu knew that Mungo often did this as an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex, which was normal, but the pool here was really a little too dirty.

However, a Tyrannosaurus rex's body had strong adaptability. It could survive in any harsh environment. A Tyrannosaurus rex often had mud on its body, which didn't affect it at all.

Only Gulu, as a human being, possessed such a "clean-loving" mentality.

Dinosaurs didn't have this kind of mentality. Whether they were clean or dirty, as long as it didn't affect their body functions, they didn't care at all.

Just like this muddy rain. If it wasn't for having mud on the body would add additional weight and make walking more tiring, these dinosaurs wouldn't have bothered to get rid of it.

Moreover, things like mud didn't look dirty to dinosaurs. In fact, a small amount of mud attached to their body surface could effectively prevent parasites. Just as rhinoceros needing to take a mud bath every day. Having mud on their bodies at any time could prevent parasites. It was also one of the ways for rhinoceros to cool down.

Dinosaurs also liked to take sand baths because sand could reduce their body odor and prevent many parasites.

Gulu watched Mungo make a big splash underwater, as if it was fun.

Humans had shyness. However, dinosaurs didn't have it at all. They wouldn't feel embarrassed about it. They only thought about how comfortable they would be and how to get there.

Gulu had no reason to stop Mungo's happiness.

Mungo just looked at the blue Gulu. He had never seen a blue Gulu before. Gulu had grown so big. His head now almost caught up to Pado's while his horn had grown so long, although it's still far from Pado's length.

Gulu stared at the sun. The sun was covered with a layer of blue soft halo and didn't have the usual harsh glare at all. It's really too beautiful and dreamy.

Under the blue sun, the whole earth was covered with soft blue light. Even the trees covered with a thick layer of volcanic ashes at their tops became very beautiful.

Without the soft blue light, the whole world would appear gray because of the volcanic ash cover. It wasn't beautiful at all but looked just like the end of the world. With the addition of the soft blue light, it became very beautiful and dreamy.

Gulu turned to look at Mungo again. Mungo was also shrouded by a soft blue light filter. His entire dinosaur body was covered with that halo. Not only did he retain his usual powerful and tyrannical appearance but also received a copy of "evil charm demon"?

Although the word "evil charm demon" had been used badly, Gulu really thought that Mungo was extremely handsome. He's a fairy Tyrannosaurus rex with a combination of gentleness, domination, beauty and arrogance.

Gulu didn't know which blessings he got from his past life to be cherished and nurtured by this fairy Tyrannosaurus rex.

If there was no soft blue light filter, a Tyrannosaurus rex's appearance absolutely couldn't be described as dreamy. Gulu thought that this sun filter was really amazing.

A human's mobile phone filter could only make the spot captured look beautiful, but this solar filter could make the entire world appear beautiful.

A gust of wind blew over them and ashes fell on their heads.

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Gulu looked up. The ashes that had fallen turned blue, appearing just like blue snowflakes gently falling down from above. The beauty was indescribable.

The wind today wasn't strong, but still breezy. It kept blowing down the ashes that had accumulated on the high-up leaves. Looking around, the whole world appeared to be covered in blue snow.

In fact, if they weren't in this area and sheltered by the large trees, they would have volcanic ashes falling on their head all the time regardless of the breeze. It would take several months for all of these volcanic ashes to fall to the ground.

Once all volcanic ashes in the air fell down, the ground would be covered with a thick layer of volcanic ashes. The weather wouldn't return to normal until almost all volcanic ashes in the air cleared. Only then would the sky be no longer as dark as night while clear sky reappeared.

Volcanic ashes were insoluble in water and couldn't be dissolved away. Plants covered with them for a long time would die due to lack of oxygen. However, when these volcanic ashes were deposited underground, they became very fertile nutrients. The regenerated plants could absorb these nutrients from volcanic ashes to grow lush and fertile.

Gulu believed that in six months to one year, ferns and trees on the lands covered by volcanic ashes would appear greener and grow faster than before the eruption. Consequently, more dinosaurs would survive and multiply back.

Volcanic eruption destroyed a lot of plants and animals, but at the same time it had very strong regenerative property. After this batch of plants and animals were killed, the next batch of plants would grow more luxuriant while the next batch of dinosaurs would become stronger.

Mungo was afraid that the wind would blow down the ashes from the trees to cover the ferns, which would make them taste as bad as the ones outside. He hurriedly urged, "Go up and eat the ferns. The ashes are falling down."

Gulu decided that Mungo was really cute. No matter what the situation was, he always thought of him first. He answered, "Then let's go and call Pachi and Dudu to eat together!"

Mungo nodded and returned to the vicinity of Pado's group with Gulu.

Pado's group was eating, but the ferns they ate were covered with thick volcanic ashes. Some of these plants had even died due to lack of sunlight and oxygen. The rest appeared wilted, and looked neither healthy nor fresh.

Although there're not many ferns in the canyon found by Mungo, they're much fresher than here. It's actually not far. But no herbivorous dinosaurs would go to this canyon to find food. They were obviously not enough for the entire group.

Pado, of course, immediately sent Pachi and Dudu to Gulu and Mungo. Before leaving, Pado told the three cubs: "You must listen to Mungo. Mungo can't take care of the three of you at the same time. Don't run around…Gulu, you're the oldest brother. Take good care of your younger brother and sister.  Don't let them to run around, okay?"

Gulu nodded repeatedly and said: "Dad, I know. You can rest assured. I'll take good care of my younger brother and sister…"

The three cubs couldn't wait to follow Mungo.

This was the first time that Pachi and Dudu left the group to such a far place. Apart from sneaking into the vicinity of Mungo's nest last time, they seldom had the chance to leave the group. It's because they had too little protection and the outside was too dangerous.

The two cubs were very excited. Gulu and Mungo needed to watch them closely so that they wouldn't run around and go straight to their destination.

Volcanic ashes were still falling. The sun had risen completely, but the surroundings still appeared blue. The falling volcanic ashes looked just like large and small blue snowflakes. They're very beautiful.

Gulu looked at his younger siblings running in front and Mungo following closely behind. He felt that everything appeared so beautiful.

Gulu thought that as long as all dinosaurs that he loved were by his side, he could always find endless happiness even in such a harsh living environment. Even if he had to migrate all the time, he wouldn't see it as them having to move from places to places. Instead, he and all dinosaurs he loved were just watching the changing beautiful scenery on the road. They were making the happiest trip across the world.

Soon, they arrived at this small canyon.

Pachi and Dudu became dumbfounded. How could there be such green ferns now? These ferns must taste very delicious!

But there're too few ferns here. They knew that if their brother didn't call them, he could eat his fill. If they came and ate too, their brother wouldn't be full.

These ferns were discovered by Mungo. They knew that Mungo must only want their brother to eat them. It's only because their brother loved them that he brought them to eat together.

Dudu rubbed against Gulu, "Brother, there're not enough of these ferns. If we eat, you won't have enough."

Pachi also rubbed against Gulu and said: "Yes, brother, we aren't hungry…"

Gulu rubbed his younger siblings back and replied: "I'm not hungry either. I can't eat this much. There're also so many ferns outside. Let's go and eat them. The ferns here must taste very delicious!"

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Pachi and Dudu originally wanted to say that the fern plants outside weren't good, but they knew that since their brother brought them here, he must let them eat. If they ate happily, their brother would be happy. Their brother was always so good towards them.

The three cubs rushed into the fern field and ate frenziedly. The faster they ate, the less ashes would accumulate on these ferns.

Mungo stood aside and looked at them.

These ferns were really delicious. They hadn't eaten such delicious ferns since the eruption of the volcano. These ones had plenty of water. They were extremely delicious without having so many small stones and ashes that grinded against their teeth and mouths.

Triceratopses ate very fast. In a short time, all of the ferns here were eaten.

The young cubs weren't very hungry, but the fern plants here tasted so delicious that they happily ate all of them. After eating, they laid on their back on the ground. Their stomachs were too full. They felt uncomfortable standing or lying down on their belly.

When lying down, one could see a lot of blue "snowflakes" falling continuously. The three cubs were playing rough and tumble on the bare fern ground.

Mungo laid down beside them and watched Gulu play. Mungo thought that it's very interesting.

They couldn't play for too long. They had to hurry back before Pado's group finished eating and needed to move on. Mungo didn't want to upset Pado anymore now.

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