"Why did you come to our school?" Lin Yifei remembered that Ivey seemed to have a personal coach. His family should be very rich. According to reason, Ivey shouldn't have come to a public school.

"Why not? This school is close to my home. I can sleep more every morning!" Ivey smiled. Mark and Philip thought that he was adorable. At first, the two silly birds thought that they could take part in the team competition as long as there were three people including Lin Yifei, but in fact the team competition required four people.

"Mark, Philip, don't be happy too early." Katherine crossed her arms and walked over, "You know Ivey's standard is very good, which means that one of you will be benched."

The two guys shrugged their shoulders dismissively. "It's better to sit on the bench than not even have a chance to play."

"Well, enough about the team competition. For the individual competition, Lin you have to win this year!" Katherine patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder. "You can definitely make up for last year's regret."

Lin Yifei smiled, "But I'm not going to take part in the individual competition this year."

"Hah? What did you say?" Katherine looked almost out of her mind.

"Because the individual competition is too lonely. I want to concentrate on the team competition. In fact, if it wasn't for not having enough people last time, I would also have chosen the team competition instead of the individual competition."

"Oh, brother –" Mark vigorously put his arms around him, "That's very sweet of you! In fact, you don't need to give up so much for me and Philip!"

"It's not because of you! Don't worry. I have my own ideas." Lin Yifei answered them very seriously.

Katherine opened her mouth and seemed to want to say something, but in the end she refrained.

For a long time, in Lin Yifei's heart, the individual competition was a very special place, because no matter who his other opponents were, there was always Chris. Now it's different. Lin Yifei suddenly didn't know how to face Chris on the court. His heart was in turmoil, which meant his sabre was in turmoil. Confronting Chris before getting used to that kind of mood was a disrespect for his fencing.

During this period, the fencing club and Lin Yifei worked hard to prepare for the team competition. Meanwhile, Katherine was still concentrating on the individual competition. Although a first-year girl joined them, that girl practiced foil.

The time soon came again for the interschool competition. In the team competition, not every school in Washington that had fencing clubs could pool together a sabre team. Mr. Perry helped them sign up and told them that they had already entered the top 16. This drew Katherine's indignation, "Ah, why should I start with the qualifying match! When you can just enter the top 16!"

Lin Yifei laughingly patted her on the shoulder, "Isn't this good? We can go to cheer for you since the entire fencing club doesn't have to compete!"

On the day of the qualifying match, Katherine routinely had three rounds, all in the afternoon. Lin Yifei and they immediately occupied the seats with less than half the audience. Katherine's performance was naturally much better than that of last time. This summer's practice really showed, not to mention her sparring partner was still Lin Yifei, a master.

The last two matches of the men's sabre round-robin competition in the other court were over. One guy won very aggressively. Lin Yifei didn't need to find out to know who he was. The other party slowly untied his mask, revealing an impassive handsome face that let many middle school girls secretly adored. He seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, then shook his sabre and his shoulder. When he raised his head and scanned the audience, Lin Yifei somehow tensed up.

Did he…see me?

One didn't know if it's an illusion, Chris's brows seemed to knit together. They hadn't seen each other these days. After the confession, there was a little embarrassment. It happened that Lin Yifei still felt at a loss. Chris seemed to be very patient and let Lin Yifei struggle with his stupid embarrassment. However, his patience had never been much. When Lin Yifei's ostrich way reached his bottom line, he would definitely drag him back to his own range and force him to accept the changes between them.

At this moment, he looked at Lin Yifei very seriously, hard enough to poke a hole through him.

Then, his eyes casted aside. Lin Yifei took a deep breath. With so many viewers, how could this guy find him so easily? Also, why was this dead child's eyes always so destructive?

Lin Yifei felt deeply depressed for his personal lack of aura.

Katherine's three straight wins made her jump in the same spot. She kept making a proud appearance to Lin Yifei and them. Mark laughed and said, "Look at her. She's as happy as having won the championship."

This morning's round robin was over. Katherine changed out of her protective gear and walked out with her bag. In front of the corridor, there was a teenager leaning against the wall. Katherine chuckled, "Hi, Chris. If you're waiting for Lin, you don't have to. He won't take part in the individual competition.

Chris's eyes didn't waver. "I'm not waiting for him."

At this time, Elizabeth walked out of the women's dressing room with a sad face. When she saw Katherine, she didn't forget to stare at her severely.

"Chris…" Elizabeth saw her cousin and was about to hug his arm with a face of injustice. Who knew that Chris would just turn away. Elizabeth moved from New York to Griffith to study this semester and joined the fencing club at the school, in hope of having more chances to be with her cousin. She also hired a personal coach. If she could reach the final all the way, maybe her cousin would look at her. But who knew, Katherine this girl brutally disrupted all her plans.

Katherine looked at Elizabeth and shrugged her shoulders. Of course, she still couldn't help telling Lin Yifei about it.

"Ah, I didn't expect Chris's taste to be a soft flirty type. If I was him, I would rather choose Lin!"

Lin Yifei didn't know that Elizabeth had transferred to Griffith. What he thought was that Chris had a girl beside him.

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"What nonsense! I'm not a girl, why would he choose me!" Lin Yifei said funnily.

According to principle, if there were girls around Chris, Lin Yifei should be relieved. Instead, faint sadness spread along the gap of his heart.

Was this jealousy? He, Lin Yifei, was jealous because of a child who hadn't grown any (pubic) hair? Looking back on his carefree days until the end of college, he really had to pay his debts to that guy in this life. It's so miserable.

"However, Chris really hasn't called or visited in a long time." Chen Manman looked at Lin Yifei and said, "Apart from that meeting at the amusement park, there are fewer and fewer contacts."

Lin Yifei patted Manman on the shoulder. "Well, we're all in different schools and have different things to do. No matter how good friends are, they will get bored with each other after being together every day. Go home!"

Chris and Elizabeth got into the car. George, who was driving, asked softly, "Master, did the match go well today?"

"Mmm." Chris responded gently and looked out of the window with his head propped up. Elizabeth looked at Chris. She never understood why Chris would rather look at the scenery than say more words to her.

The car drove into the street.

Elizabeth kept saying how rude Katherine's attack was. She glanced at Chris with her eyes, but the other side didn't respond at all.

Outside the window, a young teenager was riding a bicycle. A girl was sitting on his back frame. The girl's hand was on his waist. The two teenagers seemed to be talking about something and laughed happily. Even the air radiated with their joy.

Chris's eyes were chasing their back. For an instant, they appeared to be burning. He turned around and closed his eyes.

Elizabeth stopped her chatter, "…What's the matter, Chris?"

The other party didn't speak, just kept his head down and remained silent.

Chris's ear echoed with what Lin Yifei said on the phone that night.

" 'Like' is…when compared with those famous cars in the world, I feel the most happiness sitting at the rear frame of your bicycle."

Then, Chris's lip curved up. No one detected his smile.

This week, Lin Yifei, Ivey and Mark started very tight training. Although Philip was a substitute, he didn't feel sorry. He was very happy to watch the fencing match at the closest distance.

At the weekend's team sabre quarterfinals, Katherine and Chen Manman occupied the perfect position in the audience early on. Their Washington No. 3 Middle School was competing against another famous private school, Hayes. The first sabre fencer was Ivey Lance, representing No. 3 Middle School. Ivey was the second-best player in the team. They put him in the first match, hoping to lead the other team by one or two points, then Mark would take over. If Mark couldn't get his 15 points, Lin Yifei would take over.

Ivey played quite well, leading the other side two points in the first round. Then Mark went on stage. The guy was extremely nervous and turned to Lin Yifei and asked, "What if I lose all five points, even Ivey's two leading points?"

While looking at his trembling hands and feet, Lin Yifei refrained from laughing and covering his stomach. "Don't worry, I'll win them back. Big deal. We'll start again next round!"

"I feel like such a drag…" Mark looked at his opponent's shoulders moving briskly and felt cold all over, "The other side is Hayes…from a prestigious school, with a first-class venue, a first-class coach, a first-class student…"

"Go on, you're first-class too." Lin Yifei patted Mark on the shoulder.

Although very nervous at first, once the bout started, he seemed to calm down. Hayes Middle School's standard wasn't bad. Mark had a hard time winning points. When the other side got 5 points, Mark only got 2 points. Three minutes later, the other side ate up Ivey's lead of 2 points at the beginning. The score was 7 to 10 (T/N: 7 for No. 3 and 10 for Hayes). Mark came down dejectedly. Lin Yifei patted him on the shoulder. "Calm down, there are still two rounds left."

Lin Yifei walked to the front of the preparation line, only to find that the figure of the other party was somewhat familiar. It seemed to be the big guy he met in the last competition who bumped into him at the corridor of the dressing room.

He's afraid that the other side also recognized him since his attack was extremely fierce as soon as they opened. Lin Yifei responded with considerable composure and soon scored.

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Lin Yifei's skill and poise immediately became the focus of the entire competition. His calmness was a contrast to the other side's impatience. By the end of the three minutes, the score between the two schools had been reversed to 15 to 12. Mark and Philip hugged each other. This score also made Ivey, who played again in the second round, more confident.

Katherine in the audience clenched her fist and whispered with her mouth: "Mark, I will give you a hell of a special training when I get back. I can't let you lose all the hard-won points earned by Ivey and Lin."

Chen Manman tugged at her and pointed to the next row. "Is that Chris?"

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