"It seems to be…" Katherine could only see the back of the other's head. Chris stood out since there were no other people wearing Griffith uniforms here. Was Chris alone?

Soon, Katherine's focus returned to the competition. Ivey played again. After he and his opponent got to know each other well, the match was somewhat deadlocked and ended the round with a tie. This made Mark more and more nervous.

Lin Yifei smiled and hugged his shoulder, "All you have to do is try your best. Think about it, none of us were able to take part in the team competition last year, but this year, our entire men's sabre team manage to take part in the competition. How memorable it is."

Mark took a deep breath. "Thanks."

What was surprising was that Mark suddenly got very brave in this round and only lost a point to the other side. So they still had a three-point advantage of 26 to 22 (T/N: not sure why it's a three point and not four?). Lin Yifei thumped his shoulder and went on stage. Hayes' coach told the big guy a lot of words in his ear, saying that he should not be as impulsive as the last round. Sure enough, the big guy was much tougher this round than the first. Lin Yifei became more cautious. He knew that the big guy had always been impatient. How long could he keep such composure? Lin Yifei took the initiative to attack. The big guy was overwhelmed by his speed and strength. Indeed, this guy soon lost his patience and tried his best to suppress Lin Yifei, but Lin Yifei found a gap to score two points.

This annoyed the big guy. His subsequent cutting was very personal. When Lin Yifei scored another point from him and retreated, the guy came up two or three steps and cut Lin Yifei's arm. His strength was very big. It almost threw Lin Yifei to the ground.

There were gasps from the audience. The referee showed him a yellow card. Perhaps this calmed the big guy down. He did well afterwards, taking two points from Lin Yifei. However, the level difference between Lin Yifei and him was obvious. At the end of the three minutes, the score between the two schools became 32 to 27. The gap of five points was a heavy burden for Hayes Middle School. As an elite school, of course, they didn't want to lose the first team match to another little-known public high school without even a coach. The last round was a cross-over. Ivey only had a draw with his opponent in the third round, with a score of 36 to 31. The gap was still five points.

"Ah…ah…Mark, even if you suck, don't waste all five points…" Katherine folded her hands together and prayed quietly.

Perhaps due to it being the last round, Mark's nervousness was completely higher here than in the last two rounds. His limbs were stiff, and some judgments were wrong. Naturally, he couldn't avoid losing points again and again. Fortunately, at the last minute, the situation eased off and he won another two points. When Mark finished, the five-point advantage was left with three points, which was not too bad, 40 to 37.

Lin Yifei breathed out a sigh of relief. What he wanted now was to win five points ahead of the other team. The team match would be over with only five points more.

"I'm sorry, I didn't give you any advantage." Mark hung his head and sat back.

"It's fine." Lin Yifei stood up, and methodically put on his mask. Looking at his departing back, Mark suddenly felt the dazzling confidence of the teenager in front of him.

Lin Yifei's every attack shook his opponent and didn't give up any small chances. In the three-minute match, Katherine counted that the big guy only gave Lin Yifei three threatening attacks. The rest of the time, he was suppressed by Lin Yifei. There was no room for him to turn over. Seeing this kind of momentum, Mark and Philip both wanted to whistle.

The score was locked at 45 to 39. Washington No. 3 Middle School knocked out the famous Hayes Middle School. Mark and Philip almost cried with joy.

Mark said that he would invite everyone to eat pizza. Katherine smiled and said, "You lost most of the points. Of course you have to invite everyone to eat pizza!" This embarrassed Mark.

When they reached the gate, Lin Yifei was severely hit. Katherine tried to hold him, but it was late. Lin Yifei just stretched out his foot to go down the stairs and was hit by that guy. His entire body fell down the stairs. Although it was only three steps, he staggered to the ground.

If Chris was present, Lin Yifei wondered if he would tell him with a smile, "This is the modern usage of 'throwing your weight around' in Chinese".

The big guy stood not far away and looked at Lin Yifei with a contemptuous look. "What's the matter, can't you even walk?"

"Hello! Why are you such a low-level fellow!" Katherine was angry enough to go up and beat the other, but Chen Manman held her back.

Lin Yifei's right hand was scratched while propping himself up on the ground. He was just about to get up when his ankle suffered a pain. He sprained it.

"How are you?" Mark and Philip slowly helped Lin Yifei aside and untied his sneakers. Indeed, his ankle was swollen.

"What the hell!" Katherine felt even more that she really shouldn't let the B*stard go. Before she reached the guy, she saw a teenager strode up to the big guy and hit him in the face with a sharp blow. The teenager's movements were very large. His sports coat flapped up and down.

The big guy crashed to the ground with his eyes wide open. While covering his nose, he looked at the impassive teenager in front of him with blood flowing down between his fingers.

"Ah…ah…you hit me…"

"So what?" The teenager was Chris. He raised his head slightly and looked at the big guy like he was garbage. "I'll kill you next week."

Katherine really wanted to applaud him for his domineering manner.

But Lin Yifei froze. He didn't expect Chris to show up, let alone beat the big guy.

Chris walked to the front of Lin Yifei and squatted down with his back against the other. Lin Yifei was still stunned, but Katherine came to herself first and put Lin Yifei's arm on Chris's shoulder. Then Chris piggybacked Lin Yifei.

"I'll take him for treatment."

"Oh, good." Katherine nodded. Chen Manman and Mark were stopped by Katherine when they tried to follow "What are you doing? Chris has a car. We can't all squeeze in it."

"But…" Chen Manman had some worry.

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"Stop it!" Katherine just felt that Lin Yifei might have a chance to make up with Chris. She didn't want the others to create trouble and prevent the two from talking.

Chris was carrying Lin Yifei behind his back. It suddenly made Lin Yifei not knowing where to put his hands. Chris's silence made the atmosphere between the two somewhat embarrassing. In front of him was Chris's head. His hair still smelled of light shampoo.

"Why don't you let me down? I should be able to go by myself."

"Dr. Brown will look at you, then I'll send you home via George." Dr. Brown was the family doctor of the Osbornes.

"In fact, it's just a sprain. Don't bother…"

"Do you still want to continue your sport career? Or do you not want to take part in the team competition next week?" Chris's voice sank with coldness. Lin Yifei had to shut up.

When they reached the parking lot, George saw Chris carrying Lin Yifei. He took the initiative to open the door.

"Go home first." Chris helped Lin Yifei into the car and said.

As the car drove out of the parking lot, Lin Yifei tightened his mouth and looked out of the window. The dull pain in his ankle was not as serious as Chris's careful considerations.

After getting off the car, Chris was going to carry Lin Yifei again, but Lin Yifei insisted that he could walk.

In the living room, Lin Yifei was sitting on the sofa. Dr. Brown examined his ankle. His face was very optimistic. "It's not very serious. Don't do any exercise these days. Don't massage casually. Just apply ice to relieve swelling."

Elizabeth, who heard that Chris was coming back, rushed down from her room excitedly and saw Lin Yifei.

"Why did he come…" Elizabeth found Chris sitting beside him, his brow still looking somewhat nervous.

"Is it really just a slight sprain that will not affect his fencing practice in the future?" Chris asked.

"I'm sure." Dr. brown shook his head in a funny way. "You have to believe in my diagnosis."

At this point, George had come up with a towel wrapped in ice.

Chris bent down, raised Lin Yifei's leg, laid it across his lap, then took the towel George had handed him. He carefully placed it on Lin Yifei's ankle.

"Psst…" Lin Yifei frowned.

"Just bear with it and wait for the swelling to subside." Chris's downcast brow and gentle manner made Elizabeth who stood not far away very envious.

She didn't understand. Whether as a girl or as his cousin, why did Chris never show that expression to her, as if she was something fragile that might break upon touching.

While Lin Yifei was sitting on the sofa, George prepared some snacks and put them on the tea table.

"Did you give up the individual competition to avoid me?" After a long time, when Lin Yifei calmed down and forgot the time, Chris suddenly spoke.

"…" His heart shook. Lin Yifei hurriedly motioned with his hand, "No, of course not! It's only with Ivey's participation that we finally have a sabre team, so I decide to focus on the team competition."

Chris's head leaned slowly toward Lin Yifei. "If you avoid confronting with me because I confess to you, I will press you against the changing room locker and kiss you."

Clearly there was no expression on his face. But the imposing manner shocked Lin Yifei and almost made cold sweat form on his back.

Chris said nothing more. When Lin Yifei's ankle got better, he slowly lowered his leg.

"If you're hungry, eat something. George will take you home." With that, Chris went upstairs to his room.

Against the door, Chris lifted up his head with a sigh. His breath dragged out. He stretched out his hand to hold the position of his heart. There still seemed to be a faint pain. He resisted the urge to kiss him with great force.

"That fool!"

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Elizabeth stood and looked at Lin Yifei. "Hey! When did you know Chris?"

Lin Yifei had long been used to Elizabeth's arrogance. He just took the snack on the table and ate it slowly. "When he hasn't come to the Osbornes yet."

"Oh…" Elizabeth counted the time in her head. "It's been a long time. I'm still wondering how Chris could have friends like you!"

She meant that Lin Yifei's family wasn't rich. The school that he attended wasn't as prestigious as Griffith.

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