The incident between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in City B hospital received extensive attention because of being on TV. At first, many netizens devoted themselves to finding out the kind-hearted person for Ms. Li. Later, somehow, the wind gradually changed, and the topic was mainly focused on the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Ms. Li's husband and her mother-in-law had been exposed by the netizens and had a difficult time recently, but Su Fu's life hadn't been affected at all except for being praised in the name of a kind person. Su Fu knew that this must be due to Tang Sibo's help behind the scenes. His heart was very grateful.

Because the injury on his face looked a little scary, Su Fu didn't want to scare the students. He took a leave these days and didn't go to Teng Yuan's office. Colleagues in his office did see the video on the internet, but because the picture was chaotic and Su Fu's usual character was very mild, it was difficult to associate it with him, so they paid little attention to it and saved Su Fu a lot of trouble.

These days, Su Fu was still staying at the hotel with Juan Juan and teaching Tang Luoke grammar at No. 3 Waterside Pavilion in the evening. Knowing that Su Fu hadn't been to work recently, Tang Sibo sometimes entrusted Tang Luoke to Su Fu when he was busy. After several times, the friendship between the two families had soared. There's no need to be as polite as before.

He Shaoqi hadn't contacted Su Fu since that night. It was false to say that Su Fu wasn't disappointed. After all, it was their feelings from the past ten years. Although these feelings were fading away day by day, they also felt nostalgic more or less. Now, they had been liberated. Since He Shaoqi didn't bother, this just gave Su Fu the chance to cut the Gordian knot.

Su Fu didn't think about whether He Shaoqi was around his new sweetheart recently or whether He Shaoqi would pester him anymore. He had been busy with one thing recently. He wanted to buy a house since he couldn't stay at the hotel all the time.

Over the years, Su Fu also had some savings. His parents didn't want his money. Apart from the fact that his sister went to college and he got her a bank card, Su Fu also gave her some living expenses every month. It didn't cost much every year. Now, he had 600,000 to 700,000 yuan of savings.

Regarding all this money, mother He had been paying attention to it. When he first entered the He family, mother He's words revealed the meaning of asking Su Fu to give her his salary. However, although Su Fu tolerated his elders, he still held his money tightly in his hand. He wasn't that stupid. He and He Shaoqi had no marriage guarantee. If he gave money to the He family, he would really become dependent on others. If mother He hated him more and more, he also wouldn't have any money to spend.

Housing prices in City A had been rising in recent years. Su Fu didn't have the ability to buy a house in the center of the city. It's also not necessary. He wanted to buy a 40 square meter single apartment on the edge of the city, about 300,000 yuan, which was enough for him and Juan Juan. Now Juan Juan was still small, but he needed his own room when he got older. By then, a 40 square meter apartment would be crowded. It wasn't cost-effective to buy it now. It was better to rent an apartment first. When Juan Juan was bigger, he would have saved more money to buy a bigger apartment directly.

On the question of Juan Juan, Su Fu also thought about it. The He family wouldn't take the responsibility to take care of Juan Juan. For them, Juan Juan was just a burden. He would find a chance to talk with He Shaoqi. He would raise Juan Juan. He believed that the He family would agree with this decision very much.

On this day, taking advantage of the fact that the wound on his face was almost healed, Su Fu took Juan Juan to see a house on the last day of his leave. After much hesitation, he decided to rent first and buy later.

Su Fu had seen a lot and consulted a lot recently. He finally took a fancy to a newly built residential area. The price was within the scope of his consideration, and it wasn't far from Teng Yuan. The surrounding environment was also good. The most important thing was that the old residential area where father Su and Mother Su lived was opposite to this residential area. Even though his parents were old and refuse to recognize him, Su Fu still wanted to live closer to them. He could take care of them in the future.

The small apartment with two rooms and one hall had been decorated. The owner bought a new apartment for his son. As a result, the son bought a larger one outside. He was ready to take his parents to live with him. So the owner wanted to rent out the small apartment.

He had a meeting with the owner at 9 o'clock. Su Fu took Juan Juan up by hand. He found apartment building No. 15 and took the elevator to the 6th floor. On the 6th floor, Su Fu glanced around and went to look for 609 mentioned by the owner. Because it was a new apartment, there're not many residents. The corridor was very clean and quiet.

Juan Juan looked around curiously, holding little dad's hand tightly, and asked, "Are we going to live in a new house in the future?"

Su Fu smiled. Since Juan Juan left the He family, he had never asked about the He family. He didn't seem to expect to return to the He family. His reliance on him made Su Fu feel that he wasn't alone.

"Yes, you and little dad will live together, okay?"

"Good, little dad is the favorite of Juan Juan!" Juan Juan replied with a happy smile, his small hands slightly shaking Su Fu's big hands.

"Little dad also likes Juan Juan best." Knowing that Juan Juan like to listen to these words, Su Fu smiled and lowered his head to him.

At the door of 609, he was about to ring the doorbell when the opposite door was suddenly opened, and a familiar voice came.

"Go in, your ass doesn't hurt?"

Su Fu frowned, turned to look with his eyes, and sure enough, if this voice wasn't He Shaoqi, who else could it be?

"Pain, not to satisfy you. Do you feel distressed?"

With his husky voice, it could be seen how much he shouted last night. The man had no clothes on and was only wearing a loose robe. The vague trace on his chest was exposed and was very charming. Seeing the line of sight across the hall from Su Fu, he didn't shy away from it.

Instead, he embraced He Shaoqi more boldly. He lingered close and kissed his lips for a while before he laughed foolishly.

"Let's go, we've scared the little brother across the hall."

He Shaoqi grimaced, looked back with one glance, only this one glance let his entire body become stiff. He instantly pushed the seductive man far away.

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The man was first stunned, then understood. He still leaned on the door frame and looked at Su Fu, still smiling, without any embarrassment from being caught.

Su Fu was a little angry in his heart, but he calmed down after his anger. If it was a few days ago, he might had asked He Shaoqi why, but now, they had all separated. He wasn't qualified or interested in asking about what happened to others.

"Xiao Fu, why are you here?" He Shaoqi head was shocked, wait for a while then asked a meaningless word.

Su Fu ignored him and rang the 609 doorbell. He had originally come to see the apartment, but now he wanted to tell the owner that he no longer wanted to rent the apartment. He Shaoqi's lover lived across the hall. He Shaoqi would inevitably come here in the future. Even after breaking up, Su Fu also felt that he should maintain a good relationship. Besides, Juan Juan was still small. He didn't want Juan Juan to see these nasty things.

"Xiao Fu, listen to my explanation!" He Shaoqi seemed a little worried. He took a few steps to come over and hold Su Fu's hand.

Su Fu pushed Juan Juan behind him, shook off He Shaoqi's hand, frowned lightly and said, "You have someone outside. I knew it a long time ago. There's nothing to explain. We have already broken up. This is your own business."

"Don't mention breaking up! I didn't agree!"

Looking at He Shaoqi's angry appearance, Su Fu was somewhat amused. "While refusing to break up, you are also looking for someone outside?"

He Shaoqi turned to look at the man leaning against the doorframe who radiated various amorous feelings. He frowned and said, "He and I aren't what you think. I won't agree to break up."

When the man heard this, he sniggered and said, "So you're his lover. He said that you can't do well in bed, like a dead fish. You're boring."

The words just fell. He Shaoqi threw out a slap with a 'pa' sound. He sank his voice and said angrily: "Who allowed you to say that about him!"

The innocent Juan Juan was startled. He tightly clutched Su Fu's hand, eyes formed with small tears, scared. Su Fu was also frightened by He Shaoqi's sudden attack. He then frowned, bent over and hugged Juan Juan, ignoring them.

The man was beaten, his eyes darkened, he laughed in derision, but he still smiled in various ways. He said disdainfully, "Manager He is just looking for the pleasure of the body. We have a physical transaction of money and goods. Don't hurt the innocent."

After saying this, the man lazily stretched himself, went into the room and closed the door.

At this time, the 609's owner came up in a hurry, apologizing repeatedly and saying, "Mr. Su, I'm really sorry I'm late. I'll show you in."

"No, Uncle Zhang, I was just about to talk to you. Just now I met an acquaintance. His apartment is empty and he's looking for a roommate. Thank you for your care but we won't be bothering Uncle Zhang." Su Fu held Juan Juan and made an excuse to refuse.

Uncle Zhang sighed and said sorry. Su Fu and he said a few words of courtesy, then he held Juan Juan and left.

He Shaoqi followed Su Fu downstairs and got into Su Fu's car.

Su Fu put Juan Juan in the back seat, then sat in the driver's seat, waiting for He Shaoqi to speak.

"Xiao Fu, I love you, you know." He Shaoqi's eyes were tightly fixed on Su Fu. He wanted to stretch out his hand to hold Su Fu's hand, but was avoided by Su Fu.

"Shaoqi, I don't accept cheating, either mentally or physically. You make me sick." Su Fu looked straight at the front of the car, without looking at He Shaoqi, and said flatly.

"Do you think I want to do this? You think I don't want to touch you? What about yourself? You don't know? Have you had any pleasure since we first started? I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. The number of times has been reduced one after another. Later, I can't do much. But I am a man. I have needs. What else can I do except to look for people outside?"

Su Fu's grip on the steering wheel was tight. In fact, the man was right. He was like a dead fish in bed because he had no pleasure at all. He couldn't enjoy it and didn't expect or love such things. His only pleasure came from the fact that the man who made love to him was the one he loved, so he was willing to give and endure, that's all.

For this reason, he also secretly went to the gay forum to register an account for inquiry. In the reply posts, there're also many people who said that they couldn't feel the pleasure, and those who said that they could do more than once. Gradually, it went off topic. Later, he also let go. There's no pleasure but it wasn't intolerable as long as He Shaoqi was comfortable. But unexpectedly, his patience didn't satisfy He Shaoqi.

"Shaoqi, I can endure it. This isn't a reason to cheat."

"What can you endure? Can I be happy to see you miserable?" He Shaoqi stared at Su Fu, stared for a while, then let out a sigh. His hand covered Su Fu's hand that was holding the steering wheel. He sighed, "I won't go out to look for him in the future. Can you forgive me this time?"

Su Fu didn't answer. He pulled out his hand and said, "We are over."

"I don't believe it! You still love me, Xiao Fu." He Shaoqi strongly tore his gaze through Su Fu's body, let him look at himself, he kept staring at Su Fu's expression, wanting to see a flaw.

Su Fu sighed helplessly and felt exhausted. "Love isn't the only thing in life. If I live too tiredly, that love will be consumed. I am very tired and don't want to continue. Let me have some quiet days, ok?"

He Shaoqi suddenly remembered another thing and asked with a cold face, "Were you looking for an apartment? Are you moving out?"

Without the strength to explain anything more, Su Fu only nodded lightly.

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He Shaoqi seemed to have a rude awakening. He didn't know how serious Su Fu's breaking up was until this time.

The atmosphere suddenly became depressed. There's a silence in the car. Juan Juan in the back seat was holding his little hand all the time. The atmosphere was so tense that he dared not speak.

For a long time, He Shaoqi said, "I said I will give you time to think, Xiao Fu, can you also give me some time? I agree that we should separate temporarily. We should all have time to calm down, but don't let go of each other's hands and give each other some room to turn back, ok?"

Su Fu looked at He Shaoqi and said nothing.

He Shaoqi felt that Su Fu was hesitating and continued: "It won't take too long. Only half a year. We'll give each other an observation period. After half a year, if we still don't fit, we'll part way. Otherwise, we'll move out together. I won't let my mother embarrass you anymore. If you really decide to break up, I won't disturb your life, okay?"

Su Fu suddenly thought, move out to live together? If He Shaoqi had made this decision earlier, maybe they wouldn't have come to this step, would they? However, taking He Shaoqi's mother as the first consideration, he didn't expect anything from his promise. Mother He wouldn't allow He Shaoqi to go out and live.

The six-month observation period didn't make much sense to Su Fu. Since he decided to break up, he never thought that he would regret it. It just took some time to get used to the life without He Shaoqi. The meaning of this half year to Su Fu was nothing more than that. He Shaoqi was unwilling to let go. Su Fu also didn't want to irritate him by saying too much. He finally nodded his head and let his feelings clam down during this half a year.

He Shaoqi finally breathed a sigh of relief, he thought, half a year was enough, half a year later, he would have a child carrying his own blood and Su Fu. He would hold on to Su Fu and never let him say goodbye. He just didn't expect that the child that he originally intended to appease his mother would be used to contain Su Fu.

After the talk, both of them were silent. Su Fu looked in the rearview mirror at Juan Juan who was carefully sitting at the back seat. Since He Shaoqi happened to be here, he also decided to ask about Juan Juan.

"I'll take Juan Juan. Your mother shouldn't want to look after the child."

He Shaoqi looked back. Juan Juan didn't dare to look at him. There's no affection in He Shaoqi's eyes, but suddenly there's a flash of calculation. He didn't expect that Juan Juan was also a useful chess piece.

"Well, take him with you for the next six months. But he's a He family's child. We will discuss in detail what to do in the future."

Hearing this speech, Su Fu frowned. Did He Shaoqi mean, six months later, they would see if they were together, then decide what to do with Juan Juan? What would he do if Su Fu was determined not to get back together? Did he want Juan Juan to stay at the He family?

Su Fu's anxiety increased by one point.

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