In the evening, Su Fu received a phone call from Tang Sibo, saying that he needed to attend a banquet in the evening. If Su Fu was free, he would like him to go to No. 3 Waterside Pavilion to take care of Tang Luoke.

There's nothing for Su Fu to do, so he bought some food with Juan Juan and arrived at No. 3 Waterside Pavilion early.

When they arrived, Tang Sibo hadn't left yet. He had just changed his cloth and was saying some things with a young man.

Tang Sibo's usual dressing style was more casual, looking elegant and modest. Today, he wore an exquisite white suit. His hair was meticulously styled. His entire body was full of noble spirit, which amazed Su Fu who entered the door.

"Wow, Uncle Tang is so handsome today!" Juan Juan who was holding a Chinese cabbage, raised his small head to see Tang Sibo, and gave admiring gaze.

Tang Sibo laughed heartily. He wasn't afraid that the cabbage would spoil his formal suit and wrapped his arm around Juan Juan. He picked him up and asked, "Is Uncle Tang not handsome at ordinary times?"

"Handsome, uncle Tang is the most handsome!" Juan Juan sweetly said, and finally gave Tang Sibo a sweet kiss on his face.

"Be careful not to dirty uncle Tang's suit." Su Fu looked at them with a smile, put down the ingredients in his hand, and took Juan Juan.

Tang Sibo touched Juan Juan's hair. He didn't mind and said to Su Fu, "Xiao Ke is in the study. I will be back later tonight. You can stay for one night if it's more convenient. The guest room is usually cleaned. Just stay."

Su Fu also couldn't rest assured to let Tang Luoke stay alone in the evening as a child. Anyway, he stayed at a hotel with Juan Juan. It's no trouble for them to stay here for one night.

"Well, I'll take good care of Xiao Ke. Don't worry."

After watching them for a while, the young man suddenly showed a crafty smile, winking at Tang Sibo and asking in a low voice, "Is this Boss's madame? Boss, did you get a male stepmother for the little boss?"

Tang Sibo stared at him and knocked his head. In fact, it was a gently clap, but the young man exaggerated a loud cry and shouted for mercy.

Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed when he heard the young man's words. At this time, he also laughed and didn't mind the young man's nonsense. Speaking of this young man, he had seen him before, that was, when he first met Tang Sibo and his son. He was the sunny young man who was chattering while carrying bags.

"This is Xiao Ke's English tutor, Teacher Su." To prevent the young man from saying any obscene words abruptly to Su Fu, Tang Sibo reluctantly introduced him.

The young man was very familiar with him. He immediately reached out to catch Su Fu's hand, shook it and smiled: "Hello, Teacher Su, I'm a capable gold medal assistant to boss. My name is Fan Yao. Don't mind me. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you!"

"Hello." Su Fu smiled with great dignity but didn't withdraw his hand. Fan Yao's familiarity wasn't annoying.

Tang Sibo felt that his assistant had lost his face and didn't want Fan Yao to humiliate him anymore. He grabbed his back collar and carried him out.

After Tang Sibo left with Fan Yao, Su Fu went to the kitchen to make dinner with Juan Juan's cabbage. Juan Juan stood on tiptoe at the edge of the stool to watch Su Fu wash the ingredients. Su Fu was afraid that he might be hurt by the chopping later and let him go out to play by himself.

Juan Juan climbed up the stairs, secretly opened the door of Tang Luoke's study, leaned a small head in and saw Tang Luoke in serious reading. He showed a flat mouth, then obediently closed the door ready to go downstairs to play.

"Juan Juan, come to older brother."

Tang Luoke's voice came from the inside. Juan Juan was surprised then pleased. He raised his smiling face and went in.

Tang Luoke was sitting in front of the desk reading a book. He stood up, went to the bookshelf to find his old picture book, then led Juan Juan together to sit on the side of a small sofa.

"Read with older brother."

Juan Juan obediently nodded. He took Tang Luoke's picture books, and according to his meaning, sat beside Tang Luoke and look at the book. Tang Luoke saw him fine and continued to read his own book.

Su Fu simply cooked three dishes and one soup for dinner. The two little guys ate with relish and Su Fu was satisfied.

After eating the last bite, Tang Luoke put down his chopsticks. He sat down squarely, looked at Su Fu for a while, and asked, "Teacher, do you always cook for Juan Juan at home?"

As Su Fu filled Juan Juan with bone soup, he pondered over the question and smiled, "I'll make him food whenever I have time."

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In the He family, Su Fu got up the earliest, so he made breakfast. At noon, he didn't do it because he didn't go back to eat. For dinner, he made it later. Sometimes he went back to the He family and mother He already finished eating.

Tang Luoke didn't know anything about it, but thought that Su Fu was very virtuous and sighed, "That's great."

Su Fu was amused by him and asked, "Doesn't your father also cook? His cooking is very good."

"Dad seldom does it. At the main home, the cook makes food for us."

What kind of rich family might they be? There's a special person to cook them three meals a day. Su Fu smiled and asked, "Is the cook's food delicious?"

Tang Luoke never thought much of it. He frowned and said, "Other people's home has a mother to cook for them. I don't have a mother."

Su Fu's chopstick-holding hand shook. He didn't know the family situation of Tang Sibo and his son. He only thought that Tang Luoke's parents were divorced. He felt that he had provoked the child's sorrow. He felt distressed and self-reproached. He hurriedly comforted, "But Xiao Ke has a good father."

Tang Luoke had a straight face. He didn't like the sympathy in Su Fu's words. He knew how he was born. He never felt that he had anything inferior to others. On the contrary, he felt that his home was very nice and warm. As for the absence of a mother, it was just a fly in the ointment.

"I don't need a mother." Tang Luoke snorted and went to watch TV on the sofa in the living room.

"Is older brother Tang angry?" Juan Juan whom Su Fu gave bone soup, weakly asked.

Su Fu smiled and rubbed Juan Juan's hair. "No, eat quickly. After eating, go watch TV with your older brother."


In Su Fu's view, Tang Luoke was still a 5-year-old child. His family should spoil him. He believed that Tang Luoke didn't need a mother, but only envied others who had a mother. He was an awkward child.

However, Su Fu was shocked by Tang Luoke's absence of a mother. Judging from Tang Sibo's personality, he should be a good person to get along with. He was handsome, elegant and had a good family background. Why did Xiao Ke's mother divorce Tang Sibo? Su Fu sighed in his heart, completely unaware that he was off target.

Tang Luoke didn't get angry either. The child's emotions came and went quickly. He forgot about the topic of mother when watching TV with Juan Juan. Su Fu was also relieved. He accompanied the two children to watch TV for a while then went to Tang Luoke's small study to continue teaching grammar.

At close to 9 o'clock, after the teaching ended, Su Fu bathed the two children. He mainly washed Juan Juan. Tang Luoke was used to being independent and didn't like to be watched by others. He washed Juan Juan in the guest's bathroom. Su Fu then carried Juan Juan to the guest room.

After bathing Juan Juan, Su Fu felt somewhat uneasy about Tang Luoke and looked at him again. Young mater Tang was already lying on the bed, with the lamp on and a bedtime reading book above his head. This habit, like an old man, made Su Fu laugh again. Tang Luoke gave Su Fu the feeling of a mini adult with some rebellion, but also let a person couldn't help but marvel with love.

Knowing that Tang Luoke slept by himself every night, Su Fu went out, then closed the door for him. He returned to the guest room and coaxed Juan Juan to sleep.

It took little to coax Juan Juan in bed. Instead of singing lullabies or telling bedtime stories, he only needed to talk to him in a low voice to make him feel that someone was with him. He would gradually fall asleep. This was also a sign of insecurity. Accompanied by Su Fu, he developed this small habit before going to bed.

Su Fu laid on the side of the bed, put his arms around Juan Juan and patted his stomach gently.

He said some irrelevant gossip. The light in the guest room was turned off. Only the desk lamp was left on. In the dark light, the figure of father and son was very warm.

"Does little dad not sleep?" Juan Juan's hands held Su Fu's fingers. He lifted up his head and asked.

"Little dad will wait for uncle Tang to come back before sleeping. If we all sleep, uncle Tang will feel cold and cheerless when he comes back." Su Fu said softly.

"When will uncle Tang come back?"

"He will be back soon."

"Uncle Tang doesn't sleep with older brother Tang? Not like me and little dad?"

"Older brother Tang is a young adult. Adults sleep on their own. When Juan Juan grows up, you will have to sleep alone."

"When will Juan Juan grow up? Will Juan Juan be as strong as brother Tang?"

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Before Su Fu could answer, the guest room door was opened. Tang Luoke stood at the door in his pajamas, watching Su Fu lying on his side in bed while patting Juan Juan's stomach gently, and softly coaxing Juan Juan with his voice. He was very envious in his heart.

Although Tang family elders all loved Tang Luoke very much, Tang Luoke had shown a high IQ different from ordinary people since childhood. He was also influenced by Tang Sihuan, his big uncle with facial paralysis. He wanted to be an excellent successor to the Tang family. His grandfather Tang Youxue also held great expectations for this lovely grandson. As a result, Tang Luoke had a heart much more mature than other children at an early age.

His family naturally loved him, and their words were full of love. But as Tang Luoke grew up, there're very few people like Su Fu who would coax him. Besides, little master Tang didn't like children who liked being coaxed by grownup. In fact, he normally didn't want be coaxed. But now, he also envied them.

Little master Tang didn't know that when he slept, his father also patted him gently to help him sleep well. But he didn't feel it since he was asleep.

"Xiao Ke, what's the matter? Can't sleep?" Su Fu sat up straight and looked at Tang Luoke who was standing at the door but didn't come in.

Tang Luoke hesitated and was embarrassed. It's not that he couldn't sleep. He just wanted to see how the Teacher who could cook take care of the Xiao Juan's sleep. Now that he saw it, he envied Juan Juan again. The teacher not only cooked regularly for him, but also coaxed him to sleep. He was so gentle. Tang Luoke thought that Su Fu was too good and virtuous.

Seeing Tang Luoke's embarrassment and envy, Su Fu felt soft and distressed in his heart. He said before that the child was still very young. How could he be like an adult everywhere? The child's heart was still very sensitive and needed to be cared for. Su Fu thought that Tang Sibo looked at Xiao Ke very affectionately. Xiao Ke and Tang Sibo also had good feelings. As a father, Tang Sibo didn't neglect his duty. This was just the result of a lack of mother's care.

Su Fu speculated that Tang Luoke was abandoned by his mother at an early age. Su Fu was very distressed of him and didn't add to his embarrassment. He walked over and brought him in.

"Sleeping alone is boring? Why don't you sleep with Juan Juan tonight?" Holding Tang Luoke to the bed, Su Fu asked with a smile.

When Juan Juan saw Tang Luoke coming, he no longer slept and sat up. When he heard little dad's words, he was very excited and echoed, "Older brother Tang, sleep with Juan Juan. Juan Juan is good (when) sleeping at night."

Tang Luoke was somewhat embarrassed when he was picked up. Juan Juan's words made him even more embarrassed at this time, but he didn't want to refuse. He suddenly wanted to experience the feeling of being coaxed to sleep. Although he felt a little ashamed, he finally nodded his head.

Su Fu put them together with a smile, covered them with a thin blanket, then laid on the bed side as before and began to chat with them before going to bed, coaxing them to sleep gradually.

One second before falling asleep, Tang Luoke thought that he would also like his father to chat with him before going to bed. This was just a normal chat and communication, not coaxing him to sleep! It's not shameful!

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