When they arrived at the door of the Osbornes' villa, George pushed open the door very gently. The normally elegant Osbornes' villa had been decorated with liveliness. Pink balloons hung around the living room. Many children had already arrived and were drinking while laughing. Elizabeth wore a white ruffled skirt and looked like a princess from a distance.

Manman expressed admiration: "Liz, you're so beautiful."

"Thank you." After Elizabeth was praised, her chin raised slightly upward, like a small peacock. She took the gifts from Lin Yifei and Manman, then smiled after opening them. "Thank you."

She's really worthy of being the child of a large family. That smile made people unclear whether it's out of courtesy or because she really liked the gift.

Lin Yifei looked around but didn't see Chris. Since he didn't like crowd, maybe he would stay in his room all the time. This made Lin Yifei's heart feel slightly at a loss.

Everyone raised their glasses to wish Elizabeth a happy birthday. She then blew the candles and divided the cake. Among the people here, Lin Yifei only knew Manman. Most of the students here went to Griffith and appeared indifferent to them.

"Hey, Lin." Someone patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder.


The other party showed a gentle but anticipated smile. "The day after tomorrow, we will have a match with your school's sabre team. But today, we met here. Is this to let us vent?"

Lin Yifei laughed.

Andrew leaned his head close to Lin Yifei. "I don't think this place is suitable for you."

Yes, a group of arrogant Griffith students were eating cakes and snacks while discussing some very high-profile things, such as whose family bought another villa and whose parents bought a good New Zealand horse…

"It really doesn't suit us." Lin Yifei nodded his head.

"How about going to the fencing room with me?" Andrew looked at Lin Yifei. There was a hint of bewitchment in the little smile on his lips.

"Good!" Lin Yifei paused and looked at Elizabeth again. "But are we just going to leave the birthday heroine behind?"

"She's surrounded by so many people that she won't care if we leave." Andrew glanced at Manman, who sat awkwardly drinking. "You can also take your girlfriend. She can time us."

"Good!" Lin Yifei could hardly wait.

Andrew walked over and said a few words to George. The other side nodded and took them to the underground fencing room. The number of protective gears here were complete. Lin Yifei soon found the one he usually wore while Andrew changed into his.

"Do you need to warm up?" Andrew picked up the handle of his sabre.

"Then please help me warm up." After finish saying that, Lin Yifei's sabre split toward him.

Manman shouted: "I haven't called start yet!"

"It's already started!" Andrew was shocked when dealing with Lin Yifei. Although he knew long ago that this Chinese teenager was of high level, he didn't realize his superb skills until he faced it now.

After the first round, neither of them scored.

"You're amazing!" Lin Yifei sighed from his heart.

"I should say this sentence to you." Andrew resumed his position at the preparation line, "Your level must be among the top eight in the country."

"Hah?" Lin Yifei said half-jokingly, "You look down on me too much. How can I not be the national champion?"

"Well, if there's a chance, you can take down Chris Osborne!"

In the next round, Lin Yifei pressed on. Just as Andrew was about to fight back, a lunge from Lin Yifei scored.

Andrew was stunned. "You're a risk-taker. I must be careful of you at the competition."

Manman also ha ha smiled. Compared to eating those sweet greasy cakes and listening to rich people's talk, she preferred to time them and watch them fencing.

When Andrew stabbed him, Lin Yifei stepped back quickly but tripped on his shoelace. His entire body fell and sat down. Andrew moved his sabre to the side and tried to pull him up but ended up falling down as well. With a crash, Andrew laid prone on Lin Yifei.

"Ha, ha, ha…" Two seconds later, Lin Yifei laughed, "You might as well not pull me…"

"You still laugh after I kindly tried to pull you up!" Andrew directly put down his sabre and rolled into a ball with Lin Yifei there. Even Manman on the other side laughed and looked at Lin Yifei who was lying on the ground and shrinking into a ball.

"What are you doing?" The cool voice penetrated their nerves.

Andrew and Lin Yifei froze in place, "Chris…"

As he walked step by step toward them, Lin Yifei inexplicably felt his heart tighten and stood up.

"Come with me." Chris grabbed Lin Yifei by the arm and pulled him out of the fencing room.

Even through his gloves, Lin Yifei could still feel the strength of his opponent's fingers.

"Hey! What's the matter?" Andrew wanted to follow, but George stopped him outside the door.

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"Please let the young master and Lin have a good talk."

Chris pulled Lin Yifei all the way to the open balcony on the second floor and jerked him to the railing. "What were you doing just now?"

"…We just played a match." Lin Yifei didn't understand why Chris was angry.

"Were you really competing?" Chris looked at Lin Yifei. "I only saw you fighting in my fencing room."

"…" Lin Yifei opened his mouth, "I'm sorry, I thought you wouldn't mind us using your fencing room."

Chris was silent and stood there with a cold face.

Two seconds later, Lin Yifei raised his eyes and grinned like a bad boy: "Hey, I said you shouldn't be jealous of Andrew and me…"

Chris frowned. The night wind lifted his hair, making him look handsome, "I don't mind you practicing fencing, but I do mind you…"

At that moment, Lin Yifei pressed against Chris and kissed him on the cheek.

Suddenly everything was silent. In addition to the sound from the party downstairs, only the night wind passed softly by their ears.

Lin Yifei's arm leaned against the wall. They stopped talking. He lowered his head and kissed his mouth. What a big deal, I'll just kiss you back. Meanwhile, Chris merely stood there.

One didn't know how long. Both of them stood next to each other and didn't move, as if to make this atmosphere last forever.

"Hey! Here you are!" Elizabeth dragged her skirt and came up behind them, "Come down quickly! We're going to play games!"

Lin Yifei looked aside at Chris: "Go down. Today is Elizabeth's birthday."

Chris didn't speak but followed Elizabeth downstairs.

The cheerful Elizabeth walked in front. Chris followed behind, but his mind remained on the balcony. When his finger touched the place where Lin Yifei had kissed him, Chris took a deep breath.

Lin Yifei went back to the fencing room to change out of his protective gear. Andrew and Manman were still there.

"Hey, are you okay?" Andrew went up to him and said, "That's how Chris's temper is like. It's usually cold. But when he suddenly gets angry, it really makes people scare."

"Forget it, he just misunderstood that we were fighting in the fencing room." Lin Yifei smiled. "He's a serious guy who thinks that playing slapstick in the fencing room is disrespectful to fencing."

The three people went downstairs, only to see Elizabeth put some gift boxes on the table.

"Oh, what kind of game is this?" Andrew leaned over to Elizabeth and asked.

"There are three boxes here. The first box contains the name of the person, the second box contains the place of where and what to do, and the third box contains the name of the other person."

"Can you write about places you can't reach or things you can't do?" Andrew asked with amusement.

"No, no, no!" Elizabeth motioned with her hand, "All of the places written here are in the Osbornes' villa. All of the things here can be done. All right! Who will be first!"

Everyone was in high spirits. Two of Elizabeth's classmates unexpectedly had to do a handstand in the bathroom. This was good. Another two had to use their feet to wipe the floor then lick the floor. This made some people here sick.

"Who on earth wrote such disgusting things!" The guy who drew this was about to collapse.

"It doesn't matter, I will allow you to go to the bathroom and wash your feet before continuing!" Elizabeth, on the other hand, looked like she was unafraid of the world.

Finally, Manman also got a turn. This made everyone opened their eyes waiting to see the Chinese girl making a fool of herself.

Manman took a deep breath, then walked to the second box. What she drew was 'sliding down the banister'. At that moment she opened her eyes wide. The banister of the Osbornes' villa was very long. Although the width wasn't big, she was a girl…

She looked helplessly at the people around her, but Elizabeth still said excitedly, "Hurry up! Draw someone else to accompany you down!"

"Can we not do it? It's too dangerous…"

"What are you afraid of? Someone is doing it with you anyway." Elizabeth looked impatiently at Manman's cowardly appearance. "Quick!"

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Manman was watched by all. She could only crustily put on a thick skin and pulled out a piece of paper from the third box. Then she slowly looked at Lin Yifei, "Brother Yifei, it's you…"

"Hah? What a coincidence?" Elizabeth reached for the note and said, "It's true! That's also quite good! Lin will certainly protect you!"

In fact, when Lin Yifei saw that Manman had drawn him, he was relieved.

"Let's go, Manman." Lin Yifei took her hand. If they don't slide down once today, he's afraid that Elizabeth wouldn't let them go. "I'm good at sliding. I'll take you."

Manman nodded. Although she was still nervous, compared to other people, she's most reassured doing it with Lin Yifei.  

"No." Chris whispered.

Everyone froze. They slowly looked up.

"Chris? Why not?" Elizabeth asked.

"Because it's dangerous." Chris said coldly.

"Today is my birthday. I just want to stimulate the fun a little!"

"Stimulation and danger are two different things." Chris looked at Elizabeth. His voice sank even colder.

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