Mungo and Gaya immediately let out a loud roar to frighten that group of fast runners, hoping to increase the possibility of Guga surviving this way.

Then Mungo's group raced after them.

Gulu ran the fastest, because he was a "four-wheel drive", unlike Tyrannosaurus rex, who could only run on two legs. In addition, adult Tyrannosaurus rex were very heavy. It's impossible for them to run fast. Gulu's current weight was an optimal weight that allowed him to run the fastest.

Since he was followed by more than a dozen very large Tyrannosaurus rex, it looked just like a Triceratops cub was leading these Tyrannosaurus rex to the battlefield, which appeared very mighty and fierce.

Guji and Gudong had also grown very strong. They could run at the speed of an adult Tyrannosaurus rex and even maintain long-distance running endurance better than an adult. Since their weight was far less than that of an adult, it resulted in their greater endurance.

It's now nighttime. The area was surrounded by dark patches, but Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops had very good eyesight. They could run through the night.

Gulu could barely see that the group of things were some small dinosaurs that were very good at running, but as an paleontologist, he didn't know which dinosaur could run so fast.

In paleontology, it had always been believed that Gallimimus was the fastest dinosaur, with a speed of 60-80 kilometers per hour. This was the same speed as a racing horse, but the speed of Gallimimus was still lower than these dinosaurs.

Moreover, Gallimimus was an omnivorous dinosaur. They generally only ate insects, small lizards and plants and never hunted dinosaur cubs.

The main reason was that Gallimimus had no teeth and couldn't tear apart the meat. This prevented them from hunting dinosaur cubs, let alone provoking the Tyrannosaurus rex.

This group of fast-running dinosaurs made a turn at a nearby hillside and disappeared.

However, Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops had a good sense of smell. Tyrannosaurus rex could smell their prey 5 kilometers away. Triceratops could also smell Tyrannosaurus rex several kilometers away in order to survive and avoid their attack.

Mungo's group was too familiar with the scent of Guga. Even if these fast-running dinosaurs had disappeared in front of them, they could still find him by smell.

Gulu found that the fast-running dinosaurs not only ran fast, but also had very good endurance. That was to say, they could keep running at high speed for a long time. Cheetahs could only ran at their extreme speed for a few seconds.

Although the speed of this dinosaur wasn't as fast as that of a cheetah at its maximum speed, it's much better than that of a cheetah overall, proving that they may have a large heart or have multiple cardiopulmonary respiratory systems.

Gulu also found that the fast-running dinosaurs seemed to be deliberately leading them somewhere.

Once the group of dinosaurs found that the Tyrannosaurus rex group behind them couldn't keep up with their speed, they would slow down a little to avoid losing the Tyrannosaurus rex's group, but they still kept a large distance between them at all time, possibly because they feared that the Tyrannosaurus rex could close the gap with a speed burst.

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In the end, this group of dinosaurs stopped near a huge fern field and waited a long time before Mungo's group found them by smell.

Gulu saw Guga standing among the dinosaurs, but he didn't look scared at all.

This group of dinosaurs seemed to be very good to Guga and gave him meat.

When Guga was suddenly captured, he appeared very frightened. But after running all way here, Guga was no longer afraid of these dinosaurs. This proved that under the condition of rapid running, these dinosaurs still had the vital capacity to say so many words and "brainwashed" Guga.

In addition, some of the dinosaurs in this group had been running with a large piece of meat in their mouths.

In particular, the dinosaur with Guga in its mouth must have a very large vital capacity to hold the entire body of a cub and still ran so fast.

While Gulu ran, he observed them carefully. Because the distance between them was still relatively far, he couldn't see the details of these dinosaurs and couldn't judge what kind of dinosaur they were.

When Mungo's group ran to the vicinity of the dinosaurs, the dinosaur that held Guga in its mouth took the initiative to bring the small Guga who was eating meat to Mungo's group.

Gaya and Mungo were going to kill these little dinosaurs immediately after catching up, but Guga shouted at them while eating meat: "Mom, Mungo, don't kill them first…"

The dinosaur with Guga in its mouth came to Mungo and Gaya and gave them Guga, who was very happy to eat meat. It then lowered its head to the ground, which was a sign of submission.

Under such close observation, Gulu could see clearly that this group of dinosaurs should be Deinonychus but with a "variation".

Deinonychus belonged to the dromaeosaurid family. Generally, it had a lower body length of 3-4 meters, a height of 1.5 meters and a weight of about 100 Jin.

In fact, paleontologists had been disputing about the fastest dinosaur. Some people thought that it's Gallimimus, while others believed that it's Deinonychus. It's generally believed that Deinonychus and Gallimimus ran at similar speeds.

However, it's obvious that these Deinonychus had "genetic mutation". This Deinonychus with Guga in its mouth should be the largest one, with a length of about 5 meters, a height of nearly 2 meters, and a weight of at least 300-400 Jin. Its hind legs were particularly strong and suitable for fast running and its endurance was amazing.

Gulu knew that the largest Deinonychus must be the leader of this group.

The average weight of this group of Deinonychus was 200 Jin, which was twice that of the general Deinonychus. They definitely belonged to a variant.

According to Gulu's visual observation, these Deinonychus should be able to run at a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour, which was much faster than modern marathon. It's normal for them to flash by without one seeing their afterimage clearly.

Although the Deinonychus had no intention of attacking, Gaya immediately protected Guga with his own body.

Mungo was very angry. He roared at the Deinonychus. If Mungo wanted to, he could bite the Deinonychus into two pieces. Even if a Deinonychus could run much faster, as long as it's caught by a Tyrannosaurus rex, it would surely die.

Guga rubbed Mungo's stout hind legs and appeased: "Mungo, Mungo, don't be angry. They're not really bad dinosaurs. They were very kind to me…"

The Deinonychus looked up at Mungo and said sincerely: "Mungo, I'm sorry. I never mean to hurt Guga. I really can't help it. My cub is surrounded by many big dinosaurs. Only you can save him. As long as you help me save my cub, I'm willing to do anything for you."

Gulu had to lament that this Deinonychus, as the "smartest" dinosaur, was indeed worthy of its name. He actually knew that it's impossible to directly request a Tyrannosaurus rex's help. So, he forced these Tyrannosaurus rex to chase after their cub to the place where he needed help while brainwashing the cub along the way, so that the big Tyrannosaurus rex might agree.

Deinonychus was a small carnivorous dinosaur. It's really too small compared with Tyrannosaurus rex and Mapusaurus, which weighed more than ten tons. However, it's also a very terrifying carnivorous dinosaur. The collective action of its group was very fast, and its teamwork was strong. It behaved especially clever and even used traps.

For these herbivorous dinosaurs living near the polar regions, swarms of Deinonychus were as terrifying as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

As a Tyrannosaurus rex, Mungo wasn't willing to deal with any other carnivorous dinosaurs. As the existence at the top of the food chain, he didn't need to lower himself and be "friends" with any carnivorous dinosaur. All dinosaurs were his prey.

If Guga hadn't interceded for these small dinosaurs, Mungo would have eaten them one by one now.

In Mungo's eyes, they were just some small cubs, not even as big as the two or three-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. He's simply not willing to deal with them.

The Deinonychus knew that it's difficult to persuade a Tyrannosaurus rex to help him. It was already lucky that he wasn't eaten. He looked hopelessly at the fern field nearby.

There was a dinosaur group in the fern field. The dinosaur group encircled a Deinonychus cub and five or six adult Deinonychus in the middle.

Gulu knew the dinosaur group in the fern field. These dinosaurs, called Edmontosaurus, were a very famous hadrosaurid near the polar circle. Since they were large herbivorous dinosaurs that resided near the polar circle, they didn't need to migrate. They were also the staple food of Deinonychus.

Edmontosaurus, at 9-12 meters in length and 4-5 tons in weight, was one of the heaviest dinosaurs in the hadrosaurid family. Moreover, Edmontosaurus was a "high sociality" dinosaur, living in groups. They had special "night-watch dinosaurs" that worked in shifts. They also possessed extremely high defense and were very aggressive.

No wonder the Deinonychus leader wanted to beg for a Tyrannosaurus rex's help. Edmontosaurus could crush a Deinonychus cub with one foot. It's too late for more Deinonychus to rush in to save the cub. It may irritate the Edmontosaurus and cause the cub to die faster.

When Deinonychus hunted Edmontosaurus, they only chose adolescent or young Edmontosaurus. They would separate the prey from its dinosaur group to reduce their own casualties.

After all, adult Edmontosaurus could crush four or five Deinonychus with its own body.

If a Tyrannosaurus rex rushed into the Edmontosaurus group, it could quickly rush to the center. That way, the Deinonychus cub could survive.

Now that the Tyrannosaurus rex wasn't willing to help, the Deinonychus leader still decided to save his little cub.

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He was very clever and immediately organized dozens of Deinonychus to rush in from all direction. As long as a gap opened in the solid "wall" surrounded by Edmontosaurus, there would be a slight possibility of rescuing the young cub.

Guga was brainwashed by the Deinonychus very successfully. He rubbed Mungo carefully and gently said: "Mungo, Mungo, please help his cub, please. He only has one cub. If the cub dies, he will be very sad, very sad…"

These Deinonychus were really smart. Their group's attack was very strong, what's more, they were a variant type.

In addition, Deinonychus had a strong understanding of "gratitude". They were the most loyal and united dinosaur. Even when facing destruction together, not one of them would choose to flee.

Gulu felt that if they could help them with such a small favor, they might as well do it. After all, it's really just "lifting a finger" for a Tyrannosaurus rex.

So Gulu asked, "Mungo, can you help them?"

Mungo immediately rushed over with his brothers after hearing Gulu's words. Tyrannosaurus rex's staple food was Triceratops, which weighed more than ten tons. Edmontosaurus only weighed three or four tons. Normally, Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't even care to eat them. In contrast, the Edmontosaurus were absolutely afraid to fight against them.

The Deinonychus leader with more than 30 Deinonychus had rushed into the Edmontosaurus group. They were very flexible and fast. They directly jumped on the back of the Edmontosaurus, stepping over their bodies to run to the center.

The cub was protected by several adult Deinonychus, but Edmontosaurus was too big. Soon, several of the adult Deinonychus were trampled to death one by one.

The Deinonychus leader was very anxious to see that his cub was going to be trampled to death, but he couldn't stop it.

At this moment, a group of Tyrannosaurus rex rushed in and the Edmontosaurus immediately scattered in fear.

The Edmontosaurus, who was going to trample on the young cub, also escaped.

The Deinonychus leader and his brothers immediately jumped down from the fleeing Edmontosaurus. Some Deinonychus were thrown down and hit the ground with a loud bang. They stood back up and shook themselves as if nothing happened.

Gulu wasn't surprised at all. These Deinonychus were also called "balanced dinosaurs" for their ability to resist falling and their strong balance. They could even jump off a fast running target moving at extreme speed, fall flat to the ground and immediately got up to continue their running.

The Deinonychus cub immediately jumped onto the Deinonychus leader. The cub was trembling all over and said, "Dad, Dad, I know you would come and save me…"

The Deinonychus leader wanted to thank Mungo, but Mungo already turned around and left with his brothers. He didn't care to associate with these smaller dinosaurs.

So, Mungo quickly left with his group.

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