The next morning, as usual, Su Fu got up at 7 o'clock and went downstairs to make breakfast. When he went downstairs, he could already hear the crackle of oil sizzling in the kitchen.

It was Tang Sibo who was cooking at the moment.

Although he would like to try Su Fu's delicious breakfast again, he was a guest. There's no reason why the host would bother the guest. Just after 6 o'clock today, Tang Sibo got up and went out to run in the morning. This habit was formed when he was young in the army. He ran every day when he was in City B. Now that he's on business in City A, sometimes, he felt lazy and just stayed in bed.

Today, he went out for a morning run and brought back hot breakfast by the way. Recalling that Su Fu and Xiao Juan like fried eggs, Tang Sibo cooked two more, then made two boiled eggs for him and his son.

Su Fu walked to the kitchen door. He stood by the door, looked at his sportswear, and smiled as he asked, "Does Mr. Tang run in the morning?"

"Yes, morning run is a good habit." The eggs were fried well. Tang Sibo put them on a plate and handed them to Su Fu. He smiled and went on, "There's also the breakfast that I brought back on the table. See if you like it."

"I'm not picky. I like it all." Su Fu smiled and served the fried eggs on the table.

Tang Sibo also brought over the boiled eggs that had just come out of the pot.

"Eat more if you like. I'll take a shower first." Tang Sibo looked at his sportswear. Just now he was cooking after sweating. It now smelled of sweat and smoke. He couldn't stand it. After taking a few steps, he turned to Su Fu and said, "Wake up the children. Breakfast is still a little hot. When they come down, the food will be ready to eat."

Su Fu nodded in response. He followed Tang Sibo upstairs and went back to the guest room to wake up the two children. When he reached the door, Su Fu suddenly paused. He looked toward Tang Sibo's master bedroom, then at the hot breakfast on the table downstairs.

For a moment, Su Fu realized that this was the life that he longed for. He and his partner would wake up together to make breakfast, then woke up the children. Afterward, the family would sit together to eat breakfast. After breakfast, they would leave for work or school.

This was indeed what he once imagined, his and He Shaoqi's future. Funnily enough, He Shaoqi had never been able to fulfill such a small wish for him. Now the person who gave Su Fu this feeling was the parent of a student whom he hadn't known for long.  

As he opened the door of the guest room, Su Fu smiled helplessly. He must be really confused. What was he thinking? Mr. Tang was a straight man. The woman who could marry Mr. Tang must be very happy. Why did Xiao Ke's mother divorce Mr. Tang?

The two adults and two small ones had breakfast together again.

Tang Luoke was in a good mood today, thanks to the small talk before bed last night. He now had his handsome father, a gentle and easy-going teacher and a soft younger brother. Tang Luoke thought that this was too perfect! This kind of warm feelings to the bones, even if the Tang family spoiled him, he had never felt it so strongly. Wasn't this the most wonderful mood in the world?

Today, Juan Juan was also very happy to know that the fried eggs were fried for them by Tang Sibo. The smile on his face couldn't fade away. He kept praising uncle Tang's fried eggs for how delicious and tasty they were. They were the best Juan Juan had ever eaten. They're even more delicious than the ones fried by little dad. Tang Sibo burst out laughing. Su Fu rubbed Juan Juan's head helplessly.

After breakfast, because his car was still at Teng Yuan, Su Fu wanted to take a taxi with Juan Juan, but Tang Sibo didn't let them go. Instead, he sent them in person.

At Teng Yuan, Su Fu called He Shaoqi and told him that he would pick up his things at noon. He hoped that he had time to go home. Su Fu let He Shaoqi come home, because he completely didn't want to face mother He alone, even if he had already broken up with He Shaoqi.

He Shaoqi immediately agreed. He seldom saw Su Fu now. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he also wanted to say something to him.

At noon, Su Fu entrusted Juan Juan to his colleagues and asked them to take him to lunch. Juan Juan had some fear at first. He was afraid that little dad would leave him. Su Fu softly coaxed him for a while, telling him that he was moving some things to the new home. At night, he would take him to decorate their new home. This just made Juan Juan barely feel relieved. He obediently followed the two aunts to dinner.

Su Fu drove to the He family alone. He didn't bring Juan Juan because he was afraid that the He family would take him away. He used to think that mother He didn't like to Juan Juan and would definitely not want custody of him. But after He Shaoqi threatened Su Fu last time, he realized that Juan Juan's custody was still in the hand of the He family. He had no choice.  

On the way to the He family, Su Fu's thoughts raced a thousand times. He was thinking, would there be any way to get custody of Juan Juan? He had been taking care of Juan Juan for too long, and Juan Juan depended on him most. The He family didn't like Juan Juan. He couldn't leave Juan Juan to the He family at all. He personally loathed to give up. He was afraid that Juan Juan also couldn't stand it.

The car hadn't arrived downstairs of the He family's apartment. But Su Fu saw He Shaoqi waiting there from far away. Su Fu was somewhat sad. He Shaoqi seldom waited for him these years. He seemed to have endless things to do and had no patience to wait. Unexpectedly, now that they were separated, he seemed to return to his original self.

Since he would leave soon, Su Fu stopped the car by the roadside. He took a deep breath to calm down his mood. He Shaoqi greeted him.

"Xiao Fu, have you had lunch yet?" He Shaoqi asked, with a rare gentle smile.

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Su Fu opened the door and got out of the car. Before he could answer, He Shaoqi added, "I asked my mother to make your favorite dish. Please go upstairs to eat first."

A burst of disappointment filled his heart. Su Fu wasn't happy about the meal. He just thought, look, He Shaoqi still hadn't changed. He always wanted to make decisions for him.

"I won't eat. I'll take my things and go. There's not much time. I have classes in the afternoon."

"It doesn't take much time to eat a meal. My mother made it herself. It took a long time to make it. Isn't it bad to waste her efforts?" He Shaoqi frowned. He didn't like the feeling that Su Fu didn't want to spend more time with him, which made him feel powerless beyond his control.

Su Fu saw him like and felt helpless in his mind. Always because of mother He, because mother He did it, he couldn't refuse? Although, as a younger generation, since the elder made the meal, he should eat it, but he really didn't have that much time. Plus, he also didn't want to deal with this family anymore.

He went to the trunk and took out two boxes of moon cakes and two boxes of supplements. Su Fu spoke, "Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is for uncle and aunt."

Su Fu's kindness made He Shaoqi's mood improved again. He felt that since Su Fu was still preparing the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for his parents so attentively, he still regarded him as a family member. With such a thought, He Shaoqi felt a bit more relieved. He and Su Fu, after all, had nearly ten years of feelings. He was very confident. Their separation for half a year was nothing. Su Fu still had him in his heart. They would be back together after half a year.

"Xiao Fu has the most filial piety. Even I, as a son, can't match it. My parents will be happy. Let's go in together." He Shaoqi smiled and took the two boxes of moon cakes from Su Fu. His other hand wanted to hold Su Fu's hand. But Su Fu went wide and got out of his way.

"Shaoqi, we broke up." Su Fu reminded helplessly. Although he was a soft-hearted person, he was also a person who made a decision and wouldn't regret it.

He Shaoqi's move, in Su Fu's view, was a joke about them breaking up.

Besides, he seldom held his hand before. What's the point of holding it now?

He Shaoqi's footsteps paused. He sighed: "Well, we broke up, but don't forget about our six-month agreement."

"I didn't forget."

"I hope that you won't forget, Xiao Fu. I believe that we will be back together in half a year. During this half a year, we aren't allowed to find anyone else, ok?"

Su Fu frowned slightly. He had just come out of a 10-year-long relationship. How could he have the heart to look for a new one? But He Shaoqi made this request, he felt very uncomfortable. No matter what the agreement was, breaking up was a fact. Why should they interfere with each other after breaking up? What's more, when they were together, He Shaoqi had someone outside. Now that they had broken up, he asked him not to find anyone else. Wasn't it ironic?

"I'm fine alone. I don't have as many needs as you do." Su Fu couldn't help choking He Shaoqi. He didn't agree 'not to' in his words.

He Shaoqi knew that Su Fu was talking about his infidelity. In fact, he didn't feel that he was cheating. He only loved Su Fu, but Su Fu didn't get any pleasure in that aspect. In order to take care of him, he solved his needs outside. (T/N: Humph)

"Xiao Fu, I know that it hurt you. I promise that I won't do it again. I won't go outside to look for it." Su Fu didn't answer. He just thought that He Shaoqi's promise came too late. They already reached this step.

When they arrived at the door upstairs, He Shaoqi added: "You will come back later. Just take some of the usual clothes. Leave the rest. It's too much trouble to move them."

"They're just a few clothes." Su Fu returned.

He Shaoqi always believed that they would still be back together. Su Fu couldn't tell what it felt like. He felt a little sore, confused and funny. No one could say for sure what would happen in the future. Toward this matter, Su Fu only wanted to live a good life in the present and let nature take its course.

They entered the door to the living room. Father He and mother He were sitting on the sofa watching TV. Seeing Su Fu come in, mother He's face became ugly, but she didn't say anything. Su Fu didn't know what He Shaoqi told her.

"Uncle and aunt, this is a little Mid-Autumn Festival gift." Su Fu brought up a gentle smile and put the gift on the tea table.

Seeing the gift, mother He's face was much better, but her tone still wasn't very good. "Why are you so slow? The food is cold."

Su Fu turned to look at the food on the table. It was indeed a very rich and rare treat.

"Aunt has worked hard, but I won't eat. There's still class in the afternoon. I'll take something and go. You can eat."

"Won't eat? Why didn't you say so earlier? I spent so much time, all in vain?" Mother He wasn't happy.

Although He Shaoqi was full of confidence about the six-month agreement, Su Fu was still a little upset after the breakup. He also didn't want mother He's attitude to add fuel to the fire. He hurriedly said: "Mom, Xiao Fu has something to do. Can't I finish all the dishes you made? They won't be wasted!"

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Mother He's face became a little better. She snorted.

Seeing that Su Fu was going to get something, mother He added, "Isn't it just to go out and live for a few months? Just take a few clothes and don't move like that. I don't know what I did to you."

Su Fu froze, then looked at He Shaoqi. He didn't know this. He Shaoqi didn't tell mother He that they broke up.

In the room, Su Fu tidied up his clothes. He only had a few simple daily necessities in the He family. There were nothing else to take away.

He Shaoqi watched as Su Fu took out his clothes one by one from their common wardrobe. He felt uncomfortable.

"I didn't tell my parents. You were coming here. I'm afraid that if I tell them now, my mother will have more words to say to you."

Su Fu nodded and said nothing. Breaking up was their business. He Shaoqi telling father He and mother He or not, he didn't care. In short, it had nothing to do with him.

The two men remained relatively silent until Su Fu packed up all of his and Juan Juan's things. He then looked at He Shaoqi with a slight sigh and said, "Take good care of yourself in the future. If your mother doesn't make breakfast, go outside and buy some. Don't be hungry. Try to eat less fast food at noon. Work is endless. Take some time to have a good meal. Socialize less at night. Drink less wine. Come back after drinking wine and cook some sobering soup for hangover. The weather is getting colder. Put on more clothes. You still have a coat at the dry cleaner. The ticket is in the drawer, remember to get it…"

At some point, Su Fu felt that he had a lot to say, but now he didn't know what to say. He stopped and thought for a moment.

He Shaoqi wait for a while. He looked at Su Fu and suddenly stepped forward to take him into his arms. He said nothing but held him tightly. All of a sudden, he found out that the world before him was full of Su Fu, so he was used to ignoring many things. Now, after listening to Su Fu saying one by one, he felt a dull pain in his heart. He suddenly regretted that he promised to break up, even if it was only half a year.

Su Fu leaned against his arms in silence. His heart was sore and aching. He could only think over and over again. How did they get to this point?

The two people each had worries in their heart. He Shaoqi also didn't say anything to make Su Fu even more unhappy. He helped carry two bags. Su Fu dragged out a suitcase and said farewell to father He and mother He, then left together down the stairs.

After all of the things were put in the trunk, Su Fu sat in the driver's seat. He Shaoqi looked through the window for a moment and bent down to say to Su Fu, "Xiao Fu, I love you. I'll wait for you to come back."

Su Fu moved the steering wheel. He only smiled slightly but didn't promise anything. He said goodbye then drove away.

He smiled because he knew that He Shaoqi still loved him. He felt that at this moment, he was satisfied and had no regrets.

He didn't promise because he knew that their love for a decade was over. New developments would happen in the future.

He never made empty promises.

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