Gulu found that the outermost Edmontosaurus were pretending to sleep. They were the "night-watch dinosaurs" that would rotate. Some of them were pretending to sleep while others were really asleep.

The night-watch dinosaurs found the anomaly and immediately issued a rapid roar. Soon, all Edmontosaurus woke up and looked around nervously.

The Deinonychus immediately rushed into the Edmontosaurus group. They first confused the group then selected the target to hunt.

In the end, they chose a cub of Edmontosaurus that was separated from the group. A dozen Deinonychus concentrated on attacking the cub. The remaining dozen Deinonychus prevented other big dinosaurs from coming to save the cub.

Gulu: It seems that no matter where you go, "no group" can be "impenetrable". During a predators' attack, a cub's separation from the group basically means death.

The Deinonychus was too small in front of Edmontosaurus, but they were very flexible and jumped onto their prey to bite. Although they couldn't let the prey die immediately, they could make the prey covered with blood.

Deinonychus' teeth were sharp, serrated and bent backward. If they bit down, they could tear off a large piece of flesh from their prey.

Deinonychus had more powerful claws than teeth. Their forelimbs were very long. Each forelimb had three fingers with long pointed claws. Their hind legs were also very strong and had four toes. The second toe had a claw of 12 centimeters.

The cub besieged by more than a dozen Deinonychus was soon dying. Some Deinonychus jumped to its back toward its neck and scratched its throat with claws, while others stood on its back and tore at it.

But that's not the deadliest thing.

Gulu found that the Deinonychus had a very powerful killing ability. Deinonychus was relatively short. So, it could grab its prey with its long forelimbs, stood on one foot and used the sickle-like claws on its other foot to directly gut the prey.

This was how this young Edmontosaurus was killed.

Their hunting speed was very fast. Deinonychus was undoubtedly a very successful predatory dinosaur, winning with speed.

After hunting one cub, they were not satisfied, and were eyeing another cub who was preparing to return to the group alone.

More than a dozen Deinonychus stopped this cub. This cub let out loud cries, which immediately attracted the attention of the Edmontosaurus.

Immediately several adult Edmontosaurus rushed up. They couldn't see clearly and stepped around blindly. It would be best if they could step on these Deinonychus.

After seeing a few Deinonychus being trampled to death, the rest sped to the side in an instant and were not hurt at all.

In particular, there was a Deinonychus who ran out from under the feet of an Edmontosaurus at an oblique angle. The angle between the its body and the ground may be less than 20 degrees, but it didn't even fall down.

Gulu thought that Deinonychus' speed and balance were really a bug. It's too fast. They used their straight tail like a stick that made them very balanced.

The cry of the cub allowed the Edmontosaurus, who had poor eyesight in the dark, to find the cub's position and immediately protect the cub under it in an instant.

Gulu thought to himself, what about the other dead cub. Was it because it's too far away, invisible and its cry was too small, so the bigger dinosaurs didn't find it besieged?

The other Edmontosaurus were on a rampage toward the Deinonychus. This was very dangerous for the Deinonychus given their smaller size.

However, they jumped and ran flexibly between the dinosaurs, jumping down from the dinosaurs, then jumping up before coming back down, always avoiding them.

The Deinonychus was determined to win its prey. It rushed directly to the cub protected under the dinosaur.

The Edmontosaurus slammed into several Deinonychus that rushed over. It suddenly fell to the ground, pressing many Deinonychus with its own body. These Deinonychus didn't expect the dinosaur to fall down. They wanted to jump onto the Edmontosaurus, but they were all pressed on.

All five Deinonychus were crushed to death. The Edmontosaurus also vomited blood from the force of its own heavy weight.

The rest of the Deinonychus didn't dare to fight any harder and left quickly with their prey.

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The Edmontosaurus struggled to stand up from the ground. Five Deinonychus were crushed into flat meat. Even their internal organs burst out and were crushed into pieces.

The cub kept rubbing on the Edmontosaurus's body, shaking with fear.

Gulu felt that strictly speaking, the night hunting of these Deinonychus was a failure, since they lost five members, which was one fifth of the army's strength.

In the next several nights, Gulu could see the Deinonychus and Edmontosaurus "falling in love and killing each other" as long as he rested beside the Edmontosaurus group.

Gulu found that the Edmontosaurus indeed had high sociality. They had special "night-watch dinosaurs" that would rotate their posts. There're also many small teams under the leader. The small teams included team leaders, charging death squads and even cubs. The stronger the cubs and the higher the rank, the more protection these cubs would receive.

Only then did Gulu realize that the cub that could be successfully hunted was probably of lower rank in the group and were not worthy of the Edmontosaurus's desperate protection.

The sociality of the Edmontosaurus group was indeed very high. Of course, it couldn't be compared with human society, but it's already much higher than that of most dinosaurs.

At noon on this day, the sun was very high. Mungo let the young cubs rest under the luxuriant tall Alsophila tree. Leaving Gaya to take care of the young cubs, he took the rest of the adult Tyrannosaurus rex to go hunting.

This was a lush fern field. Gulu could eat as much as he liked.

Gulu was eating when Gaya suddenly shouted at him, "Gulu, come back!"

Gaya's voice sounded very nervous. Although Gulu didn't know what was happening, he hurried to Gaya's front.

There was nothing around and it's very quiet. Gaya kept all four young cubs under her and was very alert.

After a long time, Gulu saw six very strong male Tyrannosaurus rex appearing not far away. He immediately recognized them as part of Moyi's group.

Moyi and his brothers quickly rushed to Gaya's side.

Gaya let out a loud roar. She was calling Mungo to come back quickly. It was also meant to shock Moyi.

Moyi: "Gaya, don't bother. I saw Mungo go hunting far away. He can't hear."

Gulu realized that it's too dangerous now. Gaya could never beat so many male Tyrannosaurus rex alone, but they had no other way.

Guji, Gudong and Guga were trembling uncontrollably. With so many male Tyrannosaurus rex, it's too easy to kill them.

Moyi continued, "Gaya, you know I like you very much. These Tyrannosaurus rex cubs are too weak. Let me bite them to death. We will give birth to our cubs. Our cubs must be the strongest. Oh and this Triceratops cub. I'll just send him to you as a bride price. Although he's a little small, you can still eat him. Tomorrow, I'll hunt a big Triceratops for you."

Gaya roared: "I won't allow you to hurt my cubs even if I die!"

Moyi: "Then you can't blame me."

As soon as he said this, Moyi and his brothers surrounded Gaya. Gaya shouted, "Little ones, don't run out. Hide under me!"

Although the four cubs, especially Gulu, Guji and Gudong, were already very big, they were still able to squeeze under Gaya. After all, an adult Tyrannosaurus rex was over 15 meters tall.

Gulu, brimming with fear, quickly organized his three younger brothers, leaving himself standing in front, under Gaya's head. The weakest Guga stood in the safest place between Gaya's strong hind legs while Guji and Gudong hid under her tail.

The six male Tyrannosaurus rex immediately launched an attack on Gaya. Under the leadership of Moyi, three of them attacked Gaya. The other two looked for opportunities to kill the cubs beneath her. Moyi himself was mainly responsible for killing the cubs.

Gaya was very brave. A male Tyrannosaurus rex bit her back. She didn't care because she saw another male lowering his head to bite Gulu.

Gulu hid under Gaya's body with almost no shelter. He saw that the mouth of the male Tyrannosaurus rex was going to bite his butt. His mouth was full of fangs while he had no ability to resist.

He heard a loud pa noise, then saw Gaya's tail heavily slapped the head of the male Tyrannosaurus rex, knocking out more than a dozen teeth. There was a blood streak from his forehead to his jaw.

The male Tyrannosaurus rex took the painful hit and retreated.

Gaya completely ignored the bites on her. She only wanted to protect her little cubs, regardless of the cost!

A male Tyrannosaurus rex tried to bite Guji and Gudong. Gaya endured the pain of having the flesh torn of her back and bit its head. She tore off a large piece of meat. The male Tyrannosaurus rex started to attack Gaya crazily in pain.

Gulu saw a lot of blood flowing down from Gaya, lots and lots of blood… He didn't know how badly Gaya was hurt. Tears blurred his sight.

Gulu kept roaring and praying in his heart: Mungo, come back quickly. We're going to die. Come back quickly. Eat this Moyi alive. Wu wu, Mungo, why aren't you coming back…

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The four cubs hid under Gaya. They were so anxious that they couldn't wait to rush out and tear the Tyrannosaurus rex alive, but if they rushed out, they would surely die.

Moyi tried to bite Guga, but Gaya's strong hind legs completely blocked him. He couldn't succeed. He found it difficult to kill the young cubs if Gaya wasn't knocked down first.

So under the orders of Moyi, all Tyrannosaurus rex changed to concentrate their attacks on Gaya.

Moyi grabbed Gaya's hind leg and several other Tyrannosaurus rex grabbed Gaya's neck and back respectively, knocking her to the ground in an instant.

Gulu shouted, "Ahhh, I'm going to kill you!"

After saying this, Gulu crashed into the Tyrannosaurus rex that was biting Gaya's neck, his horn poked through the other's eye. The Tyrannosaurus rex roared in pain and loosened its bite on Gaya's neck to stand up.

Gulu's horn went in too deep. His horn was seven or eight centimeters long and all of it had sunk into the Tyrannosaurus rex's eye.

The Tyrannosaurus rex desperately shook his head under severe pain. Gulu was thrown far away and slammed to the ground.

Guji and Gudong jumped up to bite each of the male Tyrannosaurus rex's two forelimbs respectively. With a click, they broke them. Only the skin and tendons were still attached. The male Tyrannosaurus rex suffered severe pain, but he couldn't bite Guji and Gudong. He could only try very hard to swing his short hands.

Soon Guji and Gudong was thrown out, with his forelimbs in their mouth.

Guga hated Moyi very much. He jumped up like his brothers and bit Moyi's forelimb. However, his biting force wasn't enough. He knocked off several of his teeth but couldn't bit it off. Instead, he was severely thrown out.

Four male Tyrannosaurus rex went after the four young ones each. The remaining two held down Gaya on the ground.

Gulu got up and ran. He wanted to protect Guga, but it's too late. He's going to be eaten by the Tyrannosaurus rex behind him.

At this moment, Gulu heard a loud noise, then he saw more than 30 Deinonychus running up, led by Laurence.

More than 30 Deinonychus were divided into six teams, each with six to seven Deinonychus. Each team was responsible for dealing with a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu knew that six or seven Deinonychus couldn't beat a Tyrannosaurus rex. Laurence had come here to die!

But Laurence's group didn't hesitate. They resolutely went to die.

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