After seeing Su Jing, Su Fu was not in the mood for lunch and drove straight back to City A.

By the time he got to City A, it was already over 2:00 pm. Su Fu was exhausted. He didn't go to No. 3 Waterside Pavilion to pick up Juan Juan immediately. He went back to Jinghe Apartment first and began to clean it.

While working, he was thinking about Su Jing, only to find out that he only knew a rough idea of her boyfriend. He didn't know what kind of person that man was, whether he was a classmate or a working member of society. What did the man think of the fact that Su Jing was pregnant. Was he willing to get married before the child was born?

The more he thought about it, the more worried Su Fu became. Their parents should know about this. It wasn't safe for Su Jing to give birth to a child outside. But if their parents knew, Su Jing would be finished.

Why were there so many bad things happening recently? Su Fu swept the floor while sighing helplessly.

In the evening, Su Fu went out and bought two Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, one for his parents tomorrow and one for the Tang father and son. With so much care from Tang Sibo, he should return the courtesy.

He swept through the supermarket and bought many new household items besides moon cake gifts, including all kinds of toys and study books for Juan Juan.

As soon as he finished settling his account, he put his bags in the trunk. Right then, his cell phone rang. When he looked at it, it was a strange number.

Su Fu sometimes received phone calls from parents. He didn't block unfamiliar numbers. He answered after a few rings. A child's soft voice came on.

"Dad, have you come back?" It was Xiao Juan.

Hearing the voice of Juan Juan, Su Fu's depressed mood improved a lot. Although he was separated by phone, he still bent up his lip and said softly: "Back. Little dad was tidying up our new home. I will go to uncle Tang's house later. Whose cell phone are you calling from?"

Regarding Tang Sibo's number, Su Fu had already stored in his cell phone. It's not this one.

Hearing that Su Fu had returned, Juan Juan laughed happily and said with a milky voice, "It's older brother Tang's. Juan Juan calls ~"

Su Fu remembered that this was indeed the cell phone number he had been reciting before.

Knowing that he was waiting for praise, Su Fu hurriedly smiled and praised: "Juan Juan is really clever."

Juan Juan giggled again. "Let's have dinner, little dad. Uncle Tang made a lot of delicious food. You come back. Uncle Tang said you can come here."

After saying a long sentence, Xiao Juan began to stutter again, but Su Fu could understand what he meant. He gave up the plan to eat outside and went to the Tang family's villa.

"Good, little dad is coming. You can eat first."

"Uncle Tang is still making soup. He's waiting for little dad."

"Good, good, little dad will be there."

Su Fu took the Mid-Autumn Festival gift to the Tang family's villa.

When Tang Sibo saw this, he thanked him and accepted it directly. He knew that it would be endless to act polite with Su Fu. Everyone was so familiar with each other that it would be easier to be more direct.

"As a parent of the student, I haven't sent any gift to Teacher Su, but you already send one over."

Su Fu smiled and replied sincerely, "Mr. Tang has helped me so much. I should have done it before."

Tang Sibo sighed helplessly and patted Su Fu on the shoulder. "We're all friends. Don't be so polite in the future. Let's have a meal."

Su Fu smiled and nodded. He listened heartily to Tang Sibo saying that they were friends. At last, he finally made a friend, which made him feel less lonely and also have someone to consult with when things went wrong.  

After a day's absence, Juan Juan missed Su Fu very much. As soon as he met him, Juan Juan stuck to him. Su Fu took him to the child's highchair to sit down. He rubbed Juan Juan's hair and helped him with food.

Tang Sibo really made a table of delicious dishes. Su Fu had eaten his spaghetti, friend eggs and boiled eggs before. Although they was delicious, he thought that this rich young man could only make some simple dishes. He didn't expect him to do some many things. He felt amazed and admired.

"Is there something wrong with your sister?" Tang Sibo knew that Su Fu was visiting his sister in City B. As for other details, Su Fu didn't elaborate.

When it came to his sister, Su Fu's mood that had just improved a lot sunk down again.

Although Tang Sibo said that Su Fu could talk to him about things on his mind in the future, this involved a girl's reputation. It's impossible for Su Fu to tell him about Su Jing.  

"It's okay. Nothing wrong. She's in love and doesn't want to go home."

Tang Sibo smiled and said, "Sounds like my younger brother. Nowadays, college students are so attached to a love affair that they can't split apart for a second to return home."

Su Fu also smiled, just that his smile was little forced.

First, what Su Jing meant wasn't the same thing as what Tang Sibo said. Second, he remembered his college days with He Shaoqi. Although not as exaggerated as what Tang Sibo said, he was always together with him when he had time. This was the purest appearance of initial love, wasn't it?

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Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful such love was at the beginning, it wasn't enough to last a lifetime. Love could never be just love, nor could it always rely only on affections.

"Dad, little uncle broke up yesterday." Tang Luoke cut in.

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows, but he wasn't surprised. His younger brother was used to being fond of flowers.

"Did he call you again?"

"Yes, I told him that I'm busy studying. Studying makes me happy, but little uncle said that he can't find anyone else to talk to."

Tang Luoke accused his little uncle of disturbing his study so seriously. Su Fu was amused by him.

Tang Sibo told Tang Luoke that if he was harassed again in the future, he could turn off the phone directly, and Tang Luoke seriously agreed.

After two or three sentences, this topic was soon concluded. Su Fu had just broken up. So, Tang Sibo carefully avoided the topic of breaking up.

"Which university in City B is your sister at?" Tang Sibo changed the subject.

Su Fu laughed at Tang Luoke's loveliness while helping to Juan Juan to peel shrimps. "Big V, the flight attendant major. It's very famous, so she went to that one."

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows: "Major in Big V's flight attendant? Coincidentally, so is my cousin. I heard you say your sister is a senior. Then maybe they're still in the same class."

The number of students in Big V's flight attendant class was relatively large. One major was divided into two classes. As for whether Su Jing was Class 1 or Class 2, Su Fu wasn't very clear.

"What a coincidence?" Su Fu was also a little surprised.

Tang Sibo nodded and looked mild. "Now you don't have to worry. I'll ask my cousin to take care of her."

Su Fu froze. He didn't think to ask about this, but Tang Sibo volunteered. He felt warm in his heart. "Thank you, I am a little worried about her."

Now Su Jing wasn't in school and he couldn't take care of her. Since Su Jing wanted to give birth to the child, she must go through the suspension procedure. Su Fu could only sigh at such inconveniences.

"Don't worry, my younger brother is also at Big V. My family is also in City B. I'll ask my older brother and younger sister to look after her."

Su Fu froze. He just found that this Tang father and son turned out to be from City B.

"No, no, it's too much trouble." Su Fu shook his head repeatedly. It's enough to take care of problems at school. He couldn't bother Tang Sibo's older brother and younger sister.

Tang Sibo smiled but didn't insist.

That night, Su Fu returned to Jinghe Apartment alone.

Tomorrow was the Mid-Autumn Festival. Teng Yuan also gave the teachers two days off. Su Fu was going home to visit his parents. This time he was determined to endure a protracted war with them.

Father Su's character was stubborn and obstinate. Although Su Fu knew that his attitude had shown signs of softening, he would never show it to him on the surface. Su Fu might be beaten tomorrow. He couldn't bring Juan Juan with him, which would frighten the child.

Su Fu wanted to trouble Tang Sibo one more day to take care of Juan Juan, but he didn't know that Tang and his son would go back to City B tomorrow for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It wasn't good to bother others anymore. Su Fu was worried about whom he could entrust Juan Juan to. He was absolutely not at ease with the He family, and it also too troublesome for his colleagues and their families. After all, he was just a colleague. He couldn't trouble them to take care of his child during their holiday.

Just when Su Fu was in distress, Tang Sibo said with a smile that it was okay. He could take Juan Juan to City B. Su Fu had always been vaguely aware that Tang family was either rich or expensive. At ordinary times, he could bother Tang Sibo. But it wasn't good to disturb their family during the holiday, so he shook his head and refused.

However, in the end, Juan Juan was left behind to the Tang father and son.

Originally, they also wanted Su Fu to stay, but it wasn't good for him to stay at other people's homes all the time. Eventually, he declined and returned to Jinghe alone.

Su Fu didn't sleep well that night.

Perhaps because the new home still felt a little strange, perhaps he was a little uneasy about going home tomorrow, or perhaps there're worries about Su Jing, and worries about Juan Juan. In short, he tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep.

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At eight o'clock the next morning, Juan Juan called again with Tang Luoke's cell phone, telling Su Fu that he had set off for City B with uncle Tang and older brother Tang. He talked about how awe-inspiring the bridge across the river was and how beautiful the scenery along the way was, which relieved Su Fu of his nervousness.

He asked Juan Juan to give his mobile phone to Tang Sibo and thanked him again.

Tang Sibo reassured him that he wouldn't let Xiao Juan be bullied, and finally let Su Fu not embarrass him too much (T/N: with Su Fu's excessive thanks).

Su Fu listened. He held the phone tightly. Even after the phone was hung up, his heart hadn't calm down.  

Tang Sibo's gentle care fascinated him somehow, even though he knew that it was just the care between ordinary friends. He had probably not experienced such care for too long that he was extremely addicted to this feeling.

After hanging up the phone, Su Fu sat on the sofa in the small living room, looking at the gifts that had been readied for his parents on the tea table. He slowly calmed down his nervous mood. He finally took a deep breath, picked up the things, and went out with the determination to die.

He parked his car on the side of the road outside the old residential area. Like countless times before, Su Fu rolled down the window and looked anxiously at a window on the third floor of Building 2.

Coincidentally, it was very thrilling. When Su Fu looked at the window, there's also a person looking out of the window.

It was Su Fu's father.

Su Fu was shocked. He almost jumped up and hit the car's roof. He felt uneasy. His hands on the steering wheel unconsciously trembled slightly. He kept telling himself that his father's attitude had softened and that his parents missed him. Don't be afraid and don't flinch.

After repeating this several times, Su Fu opened the door and got off. His head didn't dare to look over there again. He kept a slightly stiff posture as he went around to the back of the car and took something out of the trunk. He took a deep breath, then walked toward the community.

As he walked along, Su Fu couldn't help himself and secretly looked up at the window.

However, the window was now closed and empty.

Su Fu breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, he felt a little lost. Was he wrong just now, or did his father not want to see him?

Following the path in memory, Su Fu slowly climbed up the stairs of Building 2 one step at a time.

This community had been built for many years. The stair handrail had rusted.

Su Fu still remembered that when Su Jing was young, he took her by hand and taught her to climb the stairs. At that time, little Su Jing was very scared, one hand tightly holding his own hand, the other hand rigidly holding the vertical railing of the stair handrail. He softly comforted her while also praising and encouraging her.

At that time, his mother stood at the top of the staircase and said with a smile that Su Fu was really a good older brother. The son of the family opposite from them robbed his sister of snacks every day.

Su Fu walked slowly up the stairs and touched the rusty handrail of the stairs. His nose was slightly sour, and his eyes were hot.

He was neither a good older brother nor a good son.

When he reached the third floor, Su Fu who didn't come back from his memory till then suddenly froze.

The apartment door was open?!

It seemed that his father really saw him just now. He now opened the door. Did he mean that Su Fu was allowed to enter?

Su Fu became a little excited. The corners of his mouth bent up, and his steps became more urgent.

Who knew that just as he got close to the door, a teacup came flying straight Su Fu's face. Su Fu's reaction wasn't good. With a loud sound, the teacup hit his forehead. He was shocked and his head felt painful.

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