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On the sixth day, the most seriously injured Deinonychus was able to move. Laurence led the group away quietly in the middle of the night.

In fact, Mungo and Gaya had long been aware of the departure of Laurence's group, but they didn't stop it. Laurence's group were now able to hunt again and wouldn't starve to death. Deinonychus and Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't live together for long.

Gulu also didn't know why. He suddenly woke up.

All adult Tyrannosaurus rex of Mungo's group stood up and watched Laurence's group leave.

Gulu saw Laurence's group raced under the stars. They ran very fast. The stars near the polar circle were extremely clean and looked very low. Gulu couldn't tell whether Laurence's group was running on the ground or in the sky, just like stepping on the vast Milky Way.

The day after Laurence's group left, Mungo took Moluo out, leaving the rest of the Tyrannosaurus rex to protect the cubs.

Mungo and Moluo came back very late. They smelled of blood.

Gulu knew that Mungo and Moluo were looking for the rest of the female Tyrannosaurus rex and cubs in Moyi's group. Even the cubs were not spared, and all were killed.

Mungo didn't let the female Tyrannosaurus rex and their cubs suffer any pain. He directly bit their necks and killed them in one bite.

In fact, Mungo knew that the female Tyrannosaurus rex and the cubs from Moyi's group didn't do anything wrong. Moyi wasn't good to them. But these cubs were the cubs of the male Tyrannosaurus rex in Moyi's group.

What if one of these cubs grew up to avenge its Dad? What if there was another female Tyrannosaurus rex or cub that was crazy like Moyi? Mungo couldn't allow this to happen.

Tyrannosaurus rex was originally killers. Killing a few female Tyrannosaurus rex and small cubs was nothing.

Moyi was very good at hiding, which was his unique skill for survival. But, Moyi obviously didn't teach this unique skill to these female Tyrannosaurus rex and young cubs. Mungo could easily find them and solve them all in one day.

Mungo didn't move on but waited for Pado's group. Gaya was injured. Mungo wanted her to have a good rest.

On the third day after Laurence's group left them, the migrating herbivorous dinosaur army reached them, including Pado's group.

They saw Pado's group approaching at noon. The sun had just risen. The daytime around the polar circle would become shorter and shorter after the end of summer.

Mungo sent Gulu back to Pado's group.

Pado came out to receive Gulu and immediately delivered Gulu to Babana toward the center of the group.

Gulu hadn't returned to the Triceratops for two or three months. He missed Pado, Babana, Pachi and Dudu very much. Of course, they also missed Gulu a lot.

As soon as they met, the three cubs had endless words to say to each other about the interesting things they had experienced in the past few months.

Of course, Gulu wouldn't tell them that he was almost eaten by a very hateful Tyrannosaurus rex. Gulu would only tell his younger brother and sister interesting things and automatically filter out any dangerous things.

Gulu found out that Pado had sent him to Babana's side then went out to find Mungo. He didn't come back for a long time.

Pado must be asking Mungo in detail about what they experienced during this period of time.

Gulu's guess was right. Mungo told Pado in detail about all of things they encountered, especially about Moyi almost eating the young cubs and almost killing Gaya. Mungo specifically talked about this.

After that, Mungo said to Pado, "Pado, hit me."

Mungo felt very guilty about not protecting his cubs and Gaya. He couldn't beat himself up. His brothers didn't dare to beat him, only Pado dared to.

Pado looked at Mungo for a long time.

The two most feared Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops looked at each other for a long time.

Although Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex were similar in weight, the average Triceratops wasn't as tall as a Tyrannosaurus rex, but Pado was the strongest Triceratops in the entire continent of Yukan. He could make eye contact with Mungo.

At last, Pado rubbed Mungo's neck lightly and replied: "Don't blame yourself. You're already the best Tyrannosaurus rex leader."

Pado had never praised Mungo so directly. More so, after he couldn't protect Gulu and almost let Gulu be eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex. This surprised Mungo very much.

In fact, what Pado wanted wasn't Mungo's 100% guarantee of Gulu's safety. What he wanted was Mungo's sincerity toward Gulu.

Pado and Babana always had the same worries. They were afraid that Mungo was good toward Gulu only when foods were abundant. When a Tyrannosaurus rex became hungry, it would even eat its own cubs, let alone Gulu.

Therefore, as long as Mungo would rather die than to not protect Gulu, Pado's worry would be reduced by one point.

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Pado wouldn't be angry with Mungo for his mistake this time. Instead, he felt gratified by Mungo's attitude. Even Pado himself dared not say that he could guarantee Gulu's 100% safety. How could he ask Mungo for this?

Mungo insisted that Pado beat him. He repeated firmly, "Pado, hit me."

Pado certainly didn't want to, but Mungo always asked for it. Pado knew that Mungo was upset and finally satisfied his request.

Mungo felt much more comfortable after he was beaten by Pado. Of course, Pado didn't really hurt Mungo. It was just a little lesson.

(T/N: Oh no, Mungo is becoming an M in front of Pado [ĆŽè‰žĆŽ])

After that, Pado and Mungo spent the night lying outside their groups together.

Gulu woke up the next day and saw Pado returning to the group. He's very curious about what Pado and Mungo had said outside that required him to be there all night. This was simply unprecedented.

When Gulu asked Pado, Pado didn't tell him anything.

Pado had observed this place for a long time. Ferns were very flourishing. Pado decided to let the group rest here for a while before continuing their migration.

Now the planet's dry season and rainy season alternate about every two years. Pado had migrated many times. After becoming a leader, Pado had also migrated once with his group.

So Pado knew when and where to go at the most appropriate time.

They moved ahead of schedule because of the volcanic eruption and walked through a long area covered by volcanic ashes. The Triceratopses in his group were all in poor health now. They needed fertile fern fields to recovery themselves for a period of time before they could set off.

Pado also knew that the ice in the polar circle wasn't thick enough. His Triceratopses were too large. Walking on an ice that wasn't thick enough may break the ice, which would kill many dinosaurs.

Gulu fully supported Pado's decision. If Pado didn't take initiative to rest here for a while, Gulu would have given him such an advice.

In the following period of time, Gulu often moved to live back and forth between Mungo's and Pado's group every several days.

Because there're no other Tyrannosaurus rex here, Mungo's group could easily hunt.

The fern plants here were very flourishing. Pado's Triceratopses were originally very thin. But they gained weight in just a few days.

This kind of life was very comfortable.

However, during this time, Laurence's group never appeared near them again.

After more than half a month, Gulu decided to let Mungo take him to explore the terrain in the polar circle.

Although Pado had very rich migration experience, Mungo didn't have it. And Pado's migration experience was only applicable to Triceratops, not Tyrannosaurus rex. Gulu must explore the road with Mungo before he could rest assured.

Mungo also took four male Tyrannosaurus rex, including Moluo, to explore the road with Gulu. Mungo was so frightened by the last incident that he was afraid of nothing else but Gulu being in danger.

As a Tyrannosaurus rex, Mungo had never been to such places before. He was afraid that he didn't know enough about the dinosaurs here. In case a dinosaur was especially strong, he must ensure Gulu's safety.

Of course, Mungo must also ensure the safety of the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and Gaya. He left half of his brothers with Gaya to be safe.

Gulu greatly appreciated Mungo's wise decision. Although he knew that Tyrannosaurus rex was invincible in the dinosaur world, there was indeed a terrible carnivorous dinosaur called Cryolophosaurus in the polar circle.

Although the size and bite force of Cryolophosaurus couldn't be compared with Tyrannosaurus rex in all aspects, Cryolophosaurus was very good at hunting on the ice. Tyrannosaurus rex didn't have such genetic advantages.

In fact, according to human studies, it was impossible for Cryolophosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex to meet. Cryolophosaurus lived in the early Jurassic period while Tyrannosaurus rex lived in the Cretaceous period. This was a difference of tens of millions of years.

Moreover, Cryolophosaurus lived in the South Pole. They were now in the Arctic Circle.

However, the dinosaurs that he encountered so far all came from Jurassic to Cretaceous period. Some were even from Triassic. There was no distinction between the northern and southern hemispheres. It's very likely that there was only one continent on this planet.

Then they were very likely to meet these Cryolophosaurus.

Gulu only hoped that these Cryolophosaurus were better off living in the South Pole and wouldn't come to join the fun in the Arctic Circle.

Mungo and Gulu walked all way to the Arctic Circle. They started out before dawn. After entering the Arctic Circle during the day, they saw snow everywhere and an endless glacier.

Fortunately, there're also very cold-resistant coniferous forests besides the glacier.

These extremely cold-resistant coniferous forests and ferns provided food sources for migrating herbivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu and Mungo's pathfinding vanguard were now walking in these coniferous forests.

While walking, Gulu saw a group of dinosaurs huddled together in the forest as if they were dead.

Gulu recognized these dinosaurs immediately. They were called Leaellynasaura. They lived in the polar circle all year round and had their own way of avoiding the cold during the coldest time – fake death.

Leaellynasaura's fake death during winter was very strange. When the super-strong cold wave swept through them, all members of the group would tightly stick together. Their appearance looked no different from real death. Even their breathing was weak and imperceptible.

However, this kind of suspended animation could only last for two days and was only adopted when the cold wave was strongest.

Leaellynasaura were feigning death and hadn't woken up yet, which indicated that a super cold wave swept through here a day or two ago.

Because of this, Gulu could be sure that the current glacier should be very strong.

Leaellynasaura were a plant-eating dinosaur. They were one meter long and weighed less than 30 Jin. The place where they chose to feign death was usually hidden from other carnivorous dinosaurs.

Mungo's group wasn't hungry now. So, they're really not interested in such small Leaellynasaura. There were not enough meat to even plug their teeth.

Gulu led Mungo through the forests to the glacier.

The glacier was really very thick and could be stand on.

Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops didn't usually walk on ice. When they first descend into the glacier, they would walk unsteadily and need a certain amount of time to adapt. Tyrannosaurus rex, in particular, had smoother soles than Triceratops.

Gulu told Mungo and his brothers, "You should be careful. It's slippery, but it doesn't matter if you fall. I've seen the glacier. It's very thick and can bear the weight of dinosaurs. It's easy to fall down. You should practice walking on the glacier in advance."

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After saying this, Gulu himself went down first with a swish. He immediately fell then slid away.

Mungo saw Gulu fall down and immediately jumped down. He also slid a long way.

Gulu stood up and walked to Mungo, but Mungo couldn't stand up. Mungo looked a bit stupid.

Mungo's brothers were no exception. One by one, they fell and slid faraway before they could walk down the glacier. For a while, none of them could get up.

Gulu knew that they could walk slowly on the ice as long as they received some training. This was a skill they must learn.

It wasn't easy, but Gulu finally reached Mungo's side, but he slipped and fell directly on Mungo's body.

Gulu felt that the place where he was lying was very hot, when it's clear that the rest of Mungo was very cold.

At this moment, Gulu saw a group of Deinonychus running from the other side of the glacier. No, to be more accurate, they skated.

The leading Deinonychus shouted, "Gulu, why did you come to the glacier so soon?"

Gulu recognized them as Laurence's group.

Wow, Deinonychus skated so fast on ice. They're so fast and beautiful. The scene looked super beautiful. It's like a waltz on ice!

Gulu and the other dinosaurs used the thick calluses and cuticles on the soles of their feet as skating shoes, while the dinosaurs in the polar circle used their tiny granular soft cuticles as skating shoes. Obviously, the "shoes" of the dinosaurs in the polar circle were super anti-skid shoes for ice and snow.

Deinonychus had such inherent advantages.

T/N: Not sure how much about the Leaellynasaura faking death is true. According to new data, they don't hibernate. But they do burrow together. Three huddled skeletons were dung out of a cave.

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