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It was a gentle kiss. There was no erotic move at the touch, but Lin Yifei's hands still felt weak.

The tip of his tongue slowly lifted his upper lip. When it got entangled, Lin Yifei subconsciously retreated back. The other party just followed him. Lin Yifei wanted to stay away. Chris's kiss had retreated to the lip corner, but it was deceiving. When Lin Yifei retreated again, he had reached the window. Chris didn't give him more pressure, but Lin Yifei felt that it was inevitable to surrender.

Chris turned him around and reached out a hand to untie the curtain. His ear was filled with the sound of curtain falling, which isolated them from the outside world.

Chris finally let him go. Lin Yifei bowed his head and gasped slightly. When he finally reacted, he pushed Chris.

But his hands were gripped by the other and pressed to the side of his ears. The scent of lust spread in the air, vaguely revealing some danger.

"…Chris…don't do this…" Lin Yifei looked at him. He just lost his mother. At this time, Lin Yifei shouldn't refuse him.

Chris sucked his lips again, pressing against his mouth.

"Um…um…" Lin Yifei wanted to avoid him, but his head was firmly fixed on the windowpane because of this kiss. All thoughts were swept away by this crazy kiss. Lin Yifei's struggle became futile. When Chris's knee pushed his legs apart, Lin Yifei was trembling…He didn't think Chris would treat him like this one day.

When Lin Yifei was thinking about how to kick Chris away, the other party let him go.

Chris's head rested on Lin Yifei's shoulder. His entire body trembled. Lin Yifei finally realized that Chris was crying.

Mrs. Osborne passed away in Switzerland. Chris had not cried since then. He resisted such emotions, but they were finally released.

Lin Yifei just stood and slowly reached out to hug him.

It was Chris's first and last cry.

After the funeral dinner, Lin Yifei was invited to Mr. Osborne's study.

"This is a letter from my wife to you. She has been in poor health. I think this letter has been written for a long time. I have not read the contents, but I know what she wrote." Mr. Osborne walked away from the desk. "I think I should leave this place for you to read quietly. No matter what your final choice is, as Chris's father, I'm very grateful to you."

Lin Yifei sat at the desk. He slowly cut open the envelope with a letter opener. Mrs. Osborne's delicate handwriting appeared before his eyes:

Dear Lin, when you see this letter, I should have left Chris forever. As a mother, I have an intuition the first time I saw you. I knew that you would be special. What you gave Chris is something that I as his mother couldn't do. I know that even close friends will drift apart with age, but I think I can guess why you are estranged from Chris. You are a traditional Chinese child with delicate feelings and a sense of responsibility, but Chris's pursuit and persistence will surely make you afraid and want to retreat. If one day you think that you have to leave him, I only hope it's only because of one reason, that is, you really can't accept him at all. Because there are some things that are very difficult to make up for after losing them, and time can never turn back. In the end, may you and Chris be happy forever.

(T/N: Rest in peace, Mrs. Osborne 😭)

After reading the letter, Lin Yifei stretched out his hand and propped up his chin.

It turned out Chris's mother had already seen it. So, could she have predicted this result when she saw the beginning?

Perhaps no one could predict the result, but Lin Yifei recalled his regret before his rebirth.

At night, Lin Yifei and Chris lied in bed. Neither of them felt sleepy.

"I will go back to class after this weekend."

"You're angry with me because I kissed you."


"I will not say sorry to you for this."

"I know, you will do it again." Lin Yifei rolled over and looked at Chris's face. He then suddenly smiled.

It was that little smile that shocked Chris. When Lin Yifei was about to sleep with his eyes closed, Chris raised his chin and kissed it. It was a very tender kiss. For the first time, Lin Yifei felt awkward and didn't know where his hands should be or whether he should respond.

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Chris's kiss was getting deeper. He slowly pressed on Lin Yifei's body, clasping his fingers and pressing his hands against his pillow.

When the kiss was over, Chris moved on to Lin Yifei's cheek and earlobe, then held his chin and licked it gently.

Lin Yifei wriggled. He was not used to such intimacy. Chris released his hand but pressed down his waist and thigh. "Don't move."

At this time, Lin Yifei breathed a sigh of relief, then something was rubbing against his lower abdomen, hot…


"This is a natural reaction." Chris thought that Lin Yifei didn't know the current situation, but how could Lin Yifei not know? They were both 15 years old!

Chris lowered his head to continue kissing the tip of Lin Yifei's nose, but Lin Yifei's entire body froze at this moment.

"Then…how do you want to solve your 'natural reaction?" Lin Yifei swallowed hard and let out a loud glug.

Chris's palm kneaded Lin Yifei's waist through his pajamas and slowly went down along his legs, stroking his hip. His fingers wandered between the gaps.

"…You…Do you want to do something to me?" There was a panic in Lin Yifei's eyes, and Chris smiled.

"What are you smiling at?"

"You look so lovely now." Chris bowed his head and kissed his eyes. "I'll go to the bathroom alone."

Looking at Chris's back, Lin Yifei froze. Did Chris smile just now? Chris, who seldom smiled?

When Lin Yifei recovered from that little smile, he began to think about another important thing. It's obvious that both he and Chris had begun to develop. Chris obviously also began to have demand in that aspect.

Although Chris was very concerned about Lin Yifei's thoughts, he also got hard?

What happened if Chris got hard? Did he have to be forced by Chris!

Lin Yifei abhorred his own self-belittling. However, according to the strength contrast between himself and Chris these days, it's obvious that Lin Yifei didn't have any advantages.

He really didn't want to do it…not before he reached adulthood.

While Lin Yifei was thinking about everything, Chris already pulled back the quilt.

"Haven't you ever done that?" Chris held Lin Yifei from behind and breathed on his neck.

"…" How should Lin Yifei answer such questions?

"Not yet?" Chris's palm slowly fell down, moving into Lin Yifei's pants to touch his little brother`.

"No!" Lin Yifei grabbed his hand and asked, "What do you want?"

"Help you with the pistol." When Chris said this, his voice was calm, and his face looked like he was saying 'help you pour tea'.

"I don't need it!" Lin Yifei clung to his hand and didn't let go.

"Have you never done it?" Chris's side face was almost next to Lin Yifei's ear, which made him feel hotter.

"I have, okay…" Lin Yifei didn't dare to move. The most exasperating thing was that his clever little brother` seemed to perk up just now.

Chris looked at Lin Yifei's red face. "Well, I won't tease you anymore. Let's sleep."

After feeling that Chris's weight on him had disappeared, Lin Yifei could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Once he relaxed, he realized that his part was really up there.

Lin Yifei remained frozen and didn't dare to move, while Chris was leaning against him.

All senses became acute. Lin Yifei listened to Chris's slow breathing until he thought that the other party was asleep, then he slowly got out of the bed. He went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

He began to fantasize about all the sexy actresses he liked, but still couldn't release.

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Lin Yifei cocked his head and closed his eyes slightly. Chris kissing him appeared in his mind. His lips, his temperature and the touch of his fingers.

All of a sudden, a force knocked on his lips with wild kisses that made him suddenly awake.

Lin Yifei opened his eyes and realized that Chris had come in since an unknown period. He must have seen what he looked like just now.

Chris was half kneeling in front of Lin Yifei. He was very persistent in kissing Lin Yifei. His fingers slipped down and held on to Lin Yifei's little brother`. The moment his finger touched him, Lin Yifei trembled. Lin Yifei didn't know when Chris became a master player. The temperature of his palm was so hot that Lin Yifei almost instantly released.

"Are you comfortable?" Chris asked softly in Lin Yifei's ear. The cool voice seemed to stir up Lin Yifei's nerves and let him pour into Chris's palm at this moment.

Lin Yifei came back to absolute being. He looked at the liquid between Chris's fingers. He hastily cleaned himself and pulled up his pants.

"You…you have gone too far!" Lin Yifei glared at Chris.

The other party just turned on the faucet tap to flush down the white stuffs.

After turning off the water, Chris raised the corner of his mouth toward Lin Yifei, just like the first time Lin Yifei walked to him with his lunch box, "It's because you looked so sexy just now."

"What?" Lin Yifei followed behind Chris with a very tangled expression.

"Go to bed, or do you want to do it again?" Chris patted the position beside him.

"I won't sleep with you again tomorrow!" Lin Yifei drilled into the quilt, leaving Chris only one corner.


T/N: *Sigh*, they're growing up. I already miss their simple childhood friendship.

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