"How do you know Tang Sibo?" He Shaoqi felt a little irritated at the moment. He was also frowning. He didn't smile like he did just now.

"He's the parent of my student." Su Fu explained lightly.

He Shaoqi thought for a moment and suddenly realized, "Is he part of the night tutoring that you mentioned?"

Su Fu nodded, "We broke up. You don't have to worry too much."

He Shaoqi wrinkled his brows, "How can I not care? Do you know who you're teaching now? The little golden grandson of the Tang family, a century-old family in City B. Is he someone that you can afford to teach? Do you know how serious the consequences are if you accidentally hurt him? You can't compensate even with ten more lives!"

"I am only a teacher, teaching and educating people, regardless of wealth or poverty."

Su Fu's indifference made He Shaoqi angrier.

"You tutor at night. What about Juan Juan? Is he with you? You let him play with Tang family's golden grandson?! What's the status of Tang family's golden grandson? What's the status of Juan Juan? You don't understand! They are just like a prince and a servant! The gap is too big! You let my He family's child be a servant to a noble child?!"

"He Shaoqi!" Su Fu was angry. He didn't want to mind the other's words, but He Shaoqi finally angered him by saying this about Juan Juan.

"Juan Juan is only a three-year-old child. He doesn't understand the difference between the rich and the poor. He just hopes to have a playmate. He gets along well with Xiao Ke and isn't as miserable as you say!"

"Su Fu, you are too naïve. Regardless of the fact that letting a child play with a noble child will make others think that you want to climb up, Juan Juan is the child of my He family and I am an employee of Duan Group. What do people outside think of me when you let him curry favor with Tang family in City B?"

One word talked about climbing up and another word accused him of currying favor. Su Fu felt his ears hurt. He used to think that He Shaoqi attached great importance to his work and was a steady man at his workplace. That's why he moved step by step from an intern to the current position of marketing manager.

He never knew that He Shaoqi had such a superficial view. Did He Shaoqi look down on him (Su Fu) or himself? Su Fu was burning a fire in his heart. He took a few deep breaths and gradually calmed down. Then he hissed.

He realized that He Shaoqi felt inferior! He didn't dare to play with Tang Sibo, so he also refused to let Juan Juan play with Tang Luoke. He was afraid, afraid of being compared in all aspects.

"No one will think about it. It's only you. He Shaoqi, I'm naïve? You're naïve!"

He Shaoqi didn't miss Su Fu's slight hissing sound and the hint of sarcasm in his eyes. At that moment, He Shaoqi felt both scared and embarrassed. He felt that he had been seen through by Su Fu.

In fact, Su Fu's guess was very close. He Shaoqi valued his job. He always wanted to continue climbing up. But the more he looked up to that high position that was hard to obtain, the more he realized the gap between him and those high-level executives, and the more he involuntarily felt inferior and refused to be compared with them.

He Shaoqi enjoyed the pride of being promoted step by step. On one hand, he looked down on the employees under his care who had less ability than him, on the other hand, he looked up at the top of the company where he secretly worked hard toward but felt inferior.

Tang Sibo was exactly the kind of person that He Shaoqi looked up to but couldn't catch up with. The kind of person who was of noble birth and had outstanding ability. One who could easily talk and laugh while attracting people's attention on every occasion.

However, what worried He Shaoqi most was that Su Fu had such a good relationship with Tang Sibo! The inferiority complex in his heart made him instinctively feel danger. He even felt that compared to Tang Sibo, why would Su Fu still stay with a small white collar like him?

He looked down on Su Fu and himself.

"In short, I forbid you to tutor the Tang family. You have to quit." He Shaoqi, who was silent for a while, became firmer.

Su Fu showed a rare sharp gaze, "He Shaoqi, we broke up. How many times do you want me to remind you? You have no rights to make any decision for me!"

Seeing that Su Fu was really angry, He Shaoqi sighed. He softened his tone and advised, "Xiao Fu, I have no right to decide your affairs, but Juan Juan is my He family's child. I forbid him to be involved with a prestigious family. This isn't conducive to his growth, do you understand?"

Su Fu remained silent and didn't answer.

It wasn't easy for Juan Juan to find a small partner. Juan Juan also liked the Tang father and son very much. Su Fu wouldn't deprive Juan Juan of this joy. Moreover, he didn't know what other prestigious families were like. He only knew that Tang family wasn't the kind of family who cared about his status and their status. Otherwise, how could they have raised such a friendly and elegant character as Tang Sibo?

He Shaoqi, seeing that Su Fu didn't want to agree, added: "If you can't do it, please send Juan Juan back. I'll let my parents take care of him."

Hearing this, Su Fu suddenly looked up at He Shaoqi and asked, "Are you threatening me?!"

"Xiao Fu, this is for your own good. You aren't from the same world. Don't get involved too much with them." With that, He Shaoqi sighed again and pinched his brows. "I don't want to make you angry. I'm probably too tired recently. You don't mind too much."

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He Shaoqi said that he was too tired recently. If the two people had disputes in the past, after he said so, Su Fu would surely worry and care about him. He waited for Su Fu's worry and comfort. However, after waiting for a long time, Su Fu only looked at him with anger in his eyes and didn't show any concern.

Su Fu actually knew He Shaoqi's habit. He used to only regard it as the other's kind interest toward himself. He knew that He Shaoqi said this just because he didn't want to argue. At that time, Su Fu thought that it was a way for He Shaoqi to stop quarrelling and protect his feelings. He would often let out some air and cooperate with him.

But now, Su Fu suddenly felt that it was a little disgusting that after breaking up, he still did this. He Shaoqi always seemed to not understand that they had already broken up. Su Fu disliked the feeling of being taken as a possession after they clearly broke up, as well as the feeling of being threatened with Juan Juan.

Su Fu still remembered that when he said goodbye that day, his heart was still very reluctant to part with He Shaoqi. But now, He Shaoqi had gradually worn away this kind of feelings. He didn't expect it to happen so soon.

"Excuse me, Teacher Su, it's our turn." Tang Sibo came over and gently interrupted the strange atmosphere at this time.

During their conversation, Tang Sibo walked a little farther with politeness and courtesy. He didn't hear what they said, but when he occasionally looked at them, he felt that the atmosphere was getting worse and worse. Later he saw Su Fu's anger and that they stopped talking. He couldn't help interrupting them.

Su Fu saw Tang Sibo. He restrained some anger and saw several people still waiting from the corner of his eyes.

He was somewhat surprised. Tang Sibo was going to cut line.

Since he didn't want to do a tasteless quarrel with He Shaoqi again, Su Fu nodded his head.

He Shaoqi was dissatisfied with Tang Sibo's interruption. He thought with some displeasure that 'the upbringing of the prestigious family was just so'. Su Fu was obviously angered by him. Since Su Fu seldom got angry, He Shaoqi felt that he had little temper. He regretted that he was too impulsive today. They were still at the stage of separation. This was very bad for their relationship.

He also didn't want to continue to quarrel and further hurt their feelings. Regardless of whether Su Fu cared to listen, He Shaoqi told him softly: "Go, take care of yourself. We'll talk about this matter later. Today is me being impulsive. Don't take it to heart. I'll leave first. My mother is waiting."

Su Fu nodded lightly, then followed Tang Sibo whom He Shaoqi had ignored and went to the exam room.

He Shaoqi looked at them walking side by side. He ruthlessly grinded his teeth for a long time before turning to leave.

After entering the exam room, they saw a person just finished the exam and went out. Dr. Zhou saw Tang Sibo and smiled.

"Mr. Tang said that he'll come to the hospital. I didn't know that he would come so soon." Dr. Zhou looked sunny and handsome. He smiled and showed a pair of dimples. He appeared very good-looking.

"Why wouldn't I come soon?" Tang Sibo asked with a smile.

"Tsk tsk," Dr. Zhou clicked his tongue. He then shook his head and turned to Su Fu, "Is this Mr. Tang's golden friend? One who can make Mr. Tang escorts?"

Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed and said hello to Dr. Zhou.

Dr. Zhou laughed again and looked Su Fu up and down. "Where's the injury? I'll examine it for you."

Su Fu hurriedly shook his head. He looked at Tang Sibo then at Dr. Zhou. "There're more people waiting outside. I'll wait."

"It doesn't matter. The check up here is fast. You'll have to go to another department later for follow up. Mr. Tang is a man of gold. This small one can't afford to delay his dinner."  

While talking and laughing, Dr. Zhou quickly began to examine Su Fu. Su Fu was very helpless and had to tell his own situation to the doctor. He didn't want to waste the other's time.

Tang Sibo only saw that the atmosphere between Su Fu and He Shaoqi was very bad. So, he lied that it was their turn to rescue Su Fu. He didn't mean to jump the queue either. He only wanted to take Su Fu into the exam room. Now that Dr. Zhou had started checking him carefully, he wouldn't insist on leaving anymore. Dr. Zhou was also used to doing this kind of things.

The hospital did a few tests. Fortunately, there's nothing wrong with Su Fu's body.

It was already over five o'clock when the two men left the hospital. Tang Sibo knew that Su Fu was hungry. When Su Fu was doing the exam, he went out and bought some milk and bread. It was just enough to pad his stomach as they traveled in the car.

"We're going to the supermarket to buy some hot pot ingredients. We can eat them when we get back."

Su Fu nodded as he ate the bread, thinking that Tang Sibo had waited with him for so long, and was probably hungry, so he handed him a piece of bread.

"You should eat too, because you have been with me for so long."

Tang Sibo didn't refuse either. He used his free hand to eat.

"It's my honor to be with a great teacher." Tang Sibo smiled and gave Su Fu a look.

Su Fu sniggered and knew that Tang Sibo didn't want to hear so many thanks, so he stopped talking.

He remembered what He Shaoqi said today, about them not being of same world, about prestigious family and about the gap in their status. He extremely disliked He Shaoqi's comments. In Su Fu's eyes, friends were people who could get along well with each other and didn't need to have so many requirements. He looked at Tang Sibo and felt that the other should have the same view.

He remembered that He Shaoqi threatened him with Juan Juan to give up the tutoring. He felt afraid and bitter. His speed of eating bread slowed down.

Tang Sibo was the first friend he could talk about his troubles in so many years. Tang Luoke was also the first small partner that Juan Juan made. This wasn't only about a family's education, but also two friendships. Su Fu was unwilling. He didn't want to listen to He Shaoqi, but he was also reluctant to part with Juan Juan.

The bread in his hand was unconsciously clenched up. As Su Fu looked at the bread, an idea loomed in his heart – he wanted to fight for Juan Juan's custody!

"What's the matter? Are you trying to eat the bread through your hand?" Tang Sibo noticed the change of Su Fu's mood and spoke softly.

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Su Fu froze. He realized that the bread was really going to be 'eaten' by his hand. He was embarrassed and let go.

"Today," Su Fu didn't dare to look at Tang Sibo. He still looked at the bread in his hand and wanted to tell him his troubles and listen to his opinions. "He told me that your family is a prestigious century-old family. I am not suitable to be a teacher for Xiao Ke, and Juan Juan is not qualified to play with Xiao Ke."

Su Fu spoke softly, but his hand involuntarily clenched the bread again.

Tang Sibo looked at the poor deformed bread. He smiled helplessly, pulled the bread out of Su Fu's hand and put it aside.

"What isn't suitable? Aren't prestigious families also people? Don't they need to learn as well? Don't worry about this nonsense."

Tang Sibo's voice was still magnetic and gentle, which inexplicably added to Su Fu's confidence.

"He said that Xiao Ke is a prince, and Juan Juan is a servant. I was very angry. Juan Juan is so small. He actually said such things."

Was He Shaoqi such an outspoken person? Tang Sibo once again reduced this person's score. He didn't quite understand how such a person was worthy of the gentle and polite Su Fu.

"If Xiao Ke is a prince, aren't you a prince's teacher? As the son of a prince's teacher, how can Juan Juan not be distinguished?" Tang Sibo laughed and joked.

After hearing this and thinking, wasn't it true? Indeed as expected, some words from Tang Sibo's mouth made things clearer. Even if Juan Juan was an orphan, he could make him a distinguished child, no worse than anyone else.

Just as he was thinking about this, he heard Tang Sibo whispered in his ear: "It turns out that I'm still an emperor in his heart. He (He Shaoqi) really gives me face."

Su Fu didn't resist and laughed again.

He picked up the bread and continued to bite it for two more times, then added: "Juan Juan is an orphan. The He family brought him back. I actually have no custody. Juan Juan isn't allowed to play with Xiao Ke or He Shaoqi will take him away."

Tang Sibo frowned slightly. Adoption had legal effect. Su Fu had no custody right, which meant that he really had no advantage at all.

"No one in their family really loves Juan Juan. I don't want to give Juan Juan to them. I wonder if there's any way to take Juan Juan's custody?"

Su Fu asked this and clenched the bread again. He was a little uneasy, afraid of Tang Sibo saying that there's no way. After several times of gaining his help, Su Fu subconsciously felt that Tang Sibo was omnipotent.

Tang Sibo's brows didn't spread out, which made Su Fu's heart thumped. The He family had adopted Juan Juan. Su Fu had neither blood relationship nor custody. What could he fight with?

"Juan Juan was adopted by the He family's parents?" Tang Sibo asked.

"No, He Shaoqi adopted him. It's in his name." Su Fu anxiously answered.

"He's 30?" Tang Sibo frowned.

"No, they know people at the orphanage. The procedure was simplified. What's the matter?" Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo. While holding the bread, his heart beat fast. He felt that since Tang Sibo asked so carefully, was there a way?

Sure enough, Tang Sibo's brows suddenly spread out. The corners of his mouth also bent upward. "It's okay. There's a way. I'll take you to meet someone in a few days."

Su Fu was immediately excited. He forgot to ask what method could be used since he never doubted that there would be a way. He was holding the bread and was too excited to say anything. He subconsciously felt that there must be a way for Tang Sibo to say so.

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