The Yutyrannus ran up and accelerated gradually. After running for some distance, he sped up sharply. Gulu felt that his entire ears were filled with the whirring sound of the wind.

Gulu buried almost all of his body into the thick feathers. They were so warm, soft and comfortable.

Yutyrannus originally lived in a world of ice and snow. They're very good at running and skating on the ice.

Gulu felt that he was flying as he sat on this two-ton bird. The bird was flying. There're fluffy feathers to enjoy. It's super cool.

However, Gulu didn't notice Mungo's eyes as he stared at the Yutyrannus from a distance. He wanted to eat this Yutyrannus alive.

Gulu knew that it's getting late. It's time to go back. There's no time left to play with the Yutyrannus.

Mungo was actually very unhappy, but he didn't show it in front of Gulu.

Mungo felt very contradictory. He thought that he should be very happy to see Gulu playing so happily, but Gulu liked feathers so much. He couldn't grow feathers, so he was very unhappy. He wished that Yutyrannus would become a bald dinosaur.

Gulu certainly didn't notice Mungo's unhappiness. Mungo hid it deeply. He didn't want Gulu to give up his enjoyment because he's unhappy.

Kangkang told Gulu that he and the Yutyrannus would live in this coniferous forest. When the herbivorous dinosaurs started migrating again, they would migrate together.

Gulu was very happy for Kangkang. It's really great to have a Yutyrannus willing to migrate with him.

Yutyrannus belonged to the Tyrannosauroid family. It was a very powerful carnivore and could hunt the 20 meters long Dongbeititan as prey. Of course, Triceratops was also one of Yutyrannus's favorite food.

Gulu: Jue really has true love for Kangkang! Like a wolf "strangely falling in love" with the sheep!

Even Gulu had begun to imagine that when Kangkang grew up, Jue and him would find each other to be their true love. Then they would really be together! How cool was that!

Gulu: I have already completed a 300,000-word novel about "Immortal Love during the Cretaceous Period"!

Mungo first sent Gulu back to Pado's group, then returned to his group with his brothers.

It's already late at night, but Gulu was still excited. He whispered to Pado about all of the interesting things he saw today. Pado listened quietly. He liked Gulu to say these things to him.

In the next few days, Gulu and Mungo took all members of Mungo's group to the glacier. Each Tyrannosaurus rex must know how to walk and skate on the glacier, how to stop, how to stand up quickly if fallen down, etc.

Because only by learning these things could they better protect themselves and fight back if they encountered danger in the future.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers learned very quickly. On the first day, they could skillfully glide around like Mungo. After all, a small Tyrannosaurus rex wasn't as heavy as an adult. It's easier to control their own bodies.

Gulu and his brothers had a good time.

Triceratopses didn't need to go do glacier training. The adults had migrated countless times. They knew how to cross these glaciers.

As for young Triceratopses like Gulu, who migrated for the first time, they would be protected in the center of the group. If they fell, they would be helped up by the adults. They would stand up and continue. After crossing a glacier, the young ones would learn how to walk and wouldn't fall again.

Every time he went to the glacier with Mungo's group, he basically returned in the middle of the night, but he didn't feel tired at all. He liked to go to the glacier with Mungo's group. Young cubs like Gulu, who were growing fast, were always full of energy and needed nowhere to vent them.

Mungo, however, felt distressed that Gulu followed them and became tired every day. After every Tyrannosaurus rex in the group knew how to move freely on the ice, Mungo decided not to go any more, at least they should rest for a few days.

On this day, Gulu was eating with the Triceratops in the fern field. He had already eaten enough and started to play with Pachi and Dudu.

While playing, Gulu saw a creature very similar to a Tyrannosaurus rex, but was covered with thick white feathers all over its body. He was shocked. What kind of dinosaur was this?!

Gulu had never seen or heard of such a dinosaur. As a paleontologist, Gulu knew that Yutyrannus was the largest feathered dinosaur. At least at the present time, no feathered dinosaur larger than a Yutyrannus had been found.

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This hairy dinosaur was actually as big as a Tyrannosaurus rex, even a little bigger than Mungo! Mungo had a super-scary and super-large body weight of more than ten tons. How could there be such a big feathered dinosaur?!

Gulu could hardly believe his eyes.

It wasn't until Gulu heard Mungo's familiar roar did he realize that this huge furry creature was Mungo?!

Gulu: Oh no! I haven't seen him for a day. Why is Mungo so hairy?! Oh, my god! What's wrong with Mungo?

After thinking like this, Gulu became so worried. He didn't go to find Pado but ran straight in the direction of Mungo.

Pado was also shocked. What happened to Mungo? He quickly caught up with Gulu.

Only when Gulu stood in front of Mungo did he see clearly that Mungo was covered with the white feather skin of a Yutyrannus. Although a Yutyrannus wasn't as big as a Tyrannosaurus rex, its skin could also cover many places.

Pado felt very incomprehensible: "Mungo, what's wrong with you?"

Mungo: "Gulu likes long-haired dinosaurs. I have hairs now."

Pado: …

Gulu: "Mungo, of course, my favorite is you. I like you no matter if you have long hair or not."

Pado didn't want to talk to a long-haired Tyrannosaurus rex. It just looked too strange, but he was also happy. Mungo even got himself a skin of feathers because Gulu liked the long-haired dinosaur. Pado was very happy about this.

Pado didn't care about where Mungo came from as long as he could always be kind to Gulu. Pado went back to his group.

Gulu suddenly remembered that Mungo's skin of feathers was almost pure white. It's very rare for Yutyrannus to have pure white feathers. At least Gulu seldom saw one. The only Yutyrannus with pure white feathers that Gulu ever saw was Jue.

At the thought of this, Gulu shook with fright and hurriedly asked, "Mungo! You wouldn't have killed Jue, right?! This can't be Jue's skin!"

Mungo: "No, it's the skin of another Yutyrannus that I found."

Although there're many long-haired dinosaurs in the forests around the glacier, Mungo took a long time to find a long-haired dinosaur like Jue. Gulu liked Jue's white feathers.

Gulu breathed a great sigh of relief. Although he knew that there're many Yutyrannus in the polar circle, there're not many with white feathers. Gulu didn't know how long Mungo had been looking before finding one.

Mungo: "I have become a hairy dinosaur. I can take you skating."

Gulu was very touched, but what he was more concerned about was, how did Mungo skin that Yutyrannus so well?!

He carefully observed Mungo's Yutyrannus's skin. The entire skin was very complete. Only the neck was cracked. It should have been the fatal bite. Then, he slowly stripped off the entire skin.

But this was too difficult for a Tyrannosaurus rex. A Tyrannosaurus rex's bite force was very severe, a veritable bone grinder. They couldn't be used to do such a delicate job of skinning. It's like using a cannon to hit a mosquito. Wasn't that no good?

Moreover, Gulu found that there was no blood on the skin, which was very clean. This showed that Mungo must have washed it in water then dried it in the sun, probably for fear that he didn't like the smell of blood.

Gulu, of course, immediately asked a series of questions.

Mungo's answer shocked Gulu. Mungo took many days to slowly bite off the entire skin, soaked it in the river and dried it once the blood blisters disappeared. Mungo knew that herbivorous dinosaurs didn't like the smell of blood.

Gulu: How much patience does it take? A Tyrannosaurus rex isn't a patient dinosaur, not to mention Mungo!

Mungo looked so happy that he even jumped twice and said, "Gulu, become a human being. I'll take you skating."

Gulu couldn't let Mungo wear this stuff all time, which was too inconvenient for Tyrannosaurus rex.

He said: "Mungo, in fact, I don't like long-haired dinosaurs. I just their furry feathers. I can use this skin to make a suit for my human body. It must look beautiful and feel comfortable. Once I put on this cloth, I won't be cold. You can also take me skating."

Mungo thought that it was reasonable. He nodded his head.

Gulu only realized at this time that Mungo was so bothered when he let the Yutyrannus took him skating that day. He was so bothered that he even wanted to become a long-haired dinosaur!

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However, Mungo didn't show any unhappiness that day. At least Gulu didn't see it at all. He told him solemnly, "Mungo, if you think that I'm too good to another dinosaur in the future and you're not happy, you have to tell me directly, okay? If you don't tell me, I'll be sadder."

Mungo: "Do you prefer me or that hairy dinosaur?"

Gulu: "Of course I like you more, Mungo. What a silly question you asked."

Mungo: "Then I lost my tooth for nothing. I'm going to beat up that hairy dinosaur!"

Gulu was extremely puzzled: "Why do you have to beat up Jue because you lost a tooth?"

Mungo: "Look at you, you don't care why I lost my tooth!"

Gulu: ???! This problem is so familiar that I feel Déjà vu. Isn't this a routine that young girls who are deeply in love use to test their boyfriends?

For example, the girlfriend said to her boyfriend: I met your boss at the hospital today and beat him up.

If the boyfriend asked why she beat up his leader, there would be no end in the future. His girlfriend would definitely say, why didn't you care why I went to the hospital? After that, she would be obsessed with the problem that her boyfriend no longer loved her.

Gulu: Do Tyrannosaurus rex now have such an advanced routine?

Mungo: "You really like the long-haired dinosaur more."

Gulu: "Mungo, I don't, I don't, I really don't…"

No matter how Gulu explained it, Mungo must take Gulu to skate before he believed that Gulu liked him more.

So Mungo, under Gulu's guidance, managed to bite the skin of Yutyrannus into a cape and skirt. The cape and skirt were easier to make. The two pieces could be worn by tying them together with a rope made of fern.

A shirt and trousers were too difficult to bite into shape. Gulu couldn't bear to tire out Mungo.

The next day, Gulu stayed in the form of a Triceratops. He put his cape and skirt into his personal space and went to the glacier with Mungo. Of course, Mungo still took four of his brothers including Moluo with him.

(T/N: I thought the space can only hold his human or Triceratops body?! o.O)

Even though there're no dangerous dinosaurs during their past visits, Mungo wasn't willing take any chance as long as it came to Gulu.

Before they reached the glacier that they used to play on, they saw a large group of dinosaurs besieging a group of Deinonychus in front of them.

After taking a little closer look, Gulu saw that the besieged Deinonychus's group was Laurence's group, while the ones that surrounded them were the Cryolophosaurus!

Mungo said nothing. He just left Moluo to protect Gulu. The rest of the Tyrannosaurus rex followed him and rushed toward the glacier to help Laurence's group.

Several Deinonychus in Laurence's group had been killed. Laurence didn't expect Mungo and Gulu to be here now!

However, Gulu was still very worried. Cryolophosaurus was too strong on the ice.

Cryolophosaurus would never dare to attack Tyrannosaurus rex on land, but it's different in the glaciers. This was their territory.

Gulu saw a Cryolophosaurus leader looked at Mungo and pulled down a pile of excrement on the ice.

Before a carnivorous dinosaur fights, pooping was a provocative act.

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