The two went to the supermarket together and bought many hot pot ingredients. They returned home with a full load.

Tang Sibo drove Su Fu back to the Tang family villa. They just entered the gate of the villa when they heard the terrible piano sound coming from the villa. The magical sound pierced through their ears, accompanied by Tang Luoke's serious rebuke and the laughter of Fan Yao, who was not afraid of death.

Su Fu widened his eyes in surprise and turned to look at Tang Sibo. Why did he feel that the villa was now a world-shaking spot? (T/N: an earthquake spot?)

After he pulled the car into the garage and turned off the engine, Tang Sibo smiled and explained, "Assistant Fan is trying to die again."

Su Fu didn't understand what he meant. He was curious and followed Tang Sibo, who was carrying food, and approached the magical sound.

Thump, thump, thump! Thump, thump, thump, thump! Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump! – terrible piano sound.

"Not fun, not fun, Juan Juan ~"

"Fan Yao, don't let me say it again, put down Xiao Juan!"

"Won't put down. I like Xiao Juan. Let's dance to the wonderful music, little cutie ~" Thump, thump, thump! Thump, thump, thump, thump! Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!

Once they opened the villa door, Tang Sibo and Su Fu saw such a scene.

Fan Yao was sitting in front of a grand white piano, waving his hand with great amplitude, pressing the keys and making a terrible magical sound. Juan Juan were placed on the piano rack and sat on it with an innocent face. His eyes looked sadly at Tang Luoke below. And young master Tang, with his little face flushed with anger, angrily glared at Fan Yao.  

Seeing Tang Sibo coming back, Fan Yao's face of teasing a child suddenly froze. His hands trembled. They pressed on the wrong keys and gave a loud 'Thump!'. He then got to his feet in fright and scramble to lower Juan Juan from the piano to the ground.  

"Boss, you come back so early. Juan Juan said that he wants to sit on the piano, ha ha, ha ha…"

Juan Juan didn't deny it. He might not even know what Fan Yao was talking about. Seeing Su Fu come in, his little body happily ran toward him.

"Little dad, I miss you!"

Juan Juan came racing. Su Fu bent down to catch him. The bruises he had all over his body became very painful. He suppressed the sound of a groan, picked up Juan Juan and coaxed him with a smile: "Little dad misses you too. Were you good with Uncle Tang?"

"Good. Everyone likes Juan Juan ~"

"Juan Juan is great!" Su Fu indulged in laughter and kissed Juan Juan's cheek. He knew that Juan Juan had always wanted to be recognized and liked, because he had received too much cold reception in the He family and had come from an orphanage. He was especially sensitive.

Su Fu was also happy that the Tang family liked Juan Juan. He couldn't help thinking of what He Shaoqi said and felt that it was even more ridiculous. After listening to Juan Juan, he felt that the Tang family should be very friendly and easy to get along with.

"Don't you want uncle Tang?" Worried that Su Fu wouldn't last much longer due to his pain, Tang Sibo pulled Juan Juan into his arms and kissed his little cheek affectionately. Unfortunately, this little trick could seldom be done on his serious son. Therefore, Tang Sibo was willing to get close to Juan Juan and enjoy this soft and adorable feeling.

"I also want!" Juan Juan giggled, then gave Tang Sibo a sweet kiss.

"That's a good boy. Uncle Tang and little dad bought you cakes. Go and eat with older brother Tang. Let's have hot pot for dinner."

Hearing about the cake and hot pot, the big eyes of Juan Juan lit up, "Juan Juan is so happy!"

Tang Sibo smiled and put Juan Juan down. Tang Luoke came and took Juan Juan by the hand. He grabbed the cake in the bag, then went to the sofa to eat together. He also stared at Fan Yao with an ugly expression by the way.

Fan Yao was shocked. He always felt that the little Boss was too serious, not like a child, not cute. He should be as lively as him! Now there's a soft and adorable Juan Juan. He had a heart to amuse the children and wanted the little Boss to play happily together. Unexpectedly, the result angered the little Boss. Fan Yao felt that his professional life was bumpy.

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Seeing that the big Boss came in and smiled, but ignored him, his heart became even more uneasy. He was too embarrassed to keep a flattering smile.

"It's half past six. If we don't come back, you'll leave the children hungry?" Tang Sibo looked at Fan Yao.

Fan Yao hurriedly look at the watch, F***! How time flies! It's 6:30! He didn't think about dinner at all…with the children like this, Boss will cut his salary!

"Boss, please listen to my explanation…"

"All right, let's have dinner together. You can cut the onions." Tang Sibo pointed to the shopping bag, with a tolerant and indifferent expression.

Most of the Tang family's members weren't picky about food. Tang Luoke also liked onions. Onions had a strong taste. Before buying them, Tang Sibo asked Su Fu. Su Fu said that he and Juan Juan were okay with them, so he bought them.

Fan Yao twitched his lips. He couldn't stand onions, parsley, garlic or anything like that. Are you kidding? What's the difference between this and abusing him?

Looking at his Boss's still elegant and modest appearance, Fan Yao couldn't help roaring in his heart: a smiling tiger is terrible! He'd rather work for the other Mr. Tang with his facial paralysis! It's a pity that Tang Sihuan's facial paralysis didn't require a babbling assistant like him at all.

He didn't dare to challenge the authority of Boss. Fan Yao went to the shopping bag silently and took out two onions. He went to the kitchen like a dying man.

Su Fu was so amused by his appearance that he couldn't stop laughing. Then Tang Sibo took out the pot. He put the seasoning together with him to cook the soup.

In the end, Fan Yao didn't stay for hot pot either. The two onions made him cry to death, not to mention eating. He cut the onions and left with tears in his eyes.

It was now in the middle of September. Although the weather was cooler, it still felt stuffy. Today was such a case.

It was a bit too hot to eat hot pot at this time. Besides, there's also the soup base that's spicy and hot.

As the result, the air conditioner was really turned on by Tang Sibo.

The temperature became moderate. Two adults and two children ate hot pot around the table.

Su Fu couldn't eat spicy food very well, but he liked to try it occasionally. At this time, he was eating the meatballs fished out from the spicy soup. Although he felt that it was delicious, he couldn't help sticking out his tongue.

Tang Sibo saw him like this and poured about 80% of the chilled coke into his cup that was almost emptied out. This was bought in the supermarket. He came back and chilled it in the refrigerator for a while.

It was probably due to the first time that he saw a refrigerator full of Cola, Sprite and Mirinda in Su Fu's office. As long as he had dinner with Su Fu and needed drinks, Tang Sibo immediately chose the Coke.

The hot and spicy hot pot and the icy and refreshing Coke were really a perfect match. Tang Sibo had to admit.

"Very spicy?" Tang Sibo poured Coke for him and asked with a smile. In fact, he thought that it was only slightly spicy.

Su Fu shook his head. He picked up the cup and gulped it down several times. His mouth felt tingly. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I don't like spicy food, but I think it's delicious."

Tang Sibo smiled slightly. He took a bowl, scooped up some spicy soup in it, then got two balls from the clear soup. He put them in and handed it to Su Fu.

"The spicy soup that cooked the noodles seeped into the balls. You will taste spicy. Eat from the clear soup. The balls can be dipped in the spicy soup before eating. It'll still be spicy but not too spicy."

"You really know how to eat." Su Fu smiled, then took the bowl and tried to bite one. It wasn't as spicy as before. He gave Tang Sibo a thumb-up sign.

"False praise." Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head. Seeing that the balls in the pan were almost gone, he put some more in.

"Dad, what did you do yesterday?"

Juan Juan actually preferred spicy food, but Su Fu was afraid that eating spicy food wasn't good for a child's stomach, so he wasn't allowed to eat it. At this point, the Tang father and his son gradually learned to shrewdly help Juan Juan. Taking advantage of the gap between questioning, they secretly used their small spoons to scoop some of the spicy soup in Su Fu's bowl and poured it into Juan Juan's bowl. Juan Juan then inserted a fork into his bowl to eat, with a face of satisfaction.

Su Fu looked at them helplessly. He didn't stop it because they didn't give Juan Juan much.

"Little dad went to see his parents. They are Juan Juan's grandparents. Little dad can take Juan Juan with him later." Speaking of this, Su Fu felt very happy and couldn't wait to count the days when he could back again.

Juan Juan was very happy when he heard "go together". He asked eagerly, "Why didn't we go before?"

"In the past, little dad did something wrong. Grandparents ignored little dad."

"Oh ~ then Juan Juan will be good. Will grandparents like Juan Juan?"

"Grandparents would definitely like Juan Juan who's so good."

Su Fu answered. His eyes were full of luster, which showed how happy he was. He felt it was worth the beating.

Tang Sibo suddenly cut in and told him softly, "Su Fu, you weren't wrong."

Just because he had a different sexual orientations and liked a man. He wasn't wrong.

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Su Fu was stunned. The smile on his face froze. He only felt that eyes were suddenly a little hot and sour. He thought then of how much he liked this sentence and how grateful he was to Tang Sibo for saying it. Maybe this sentence wasn't absolutely right, but it made him feel very intimate, warm and relaxed.

Perhaps this was a sentence that everyone all loved to hear, especially Su Fu, who had endured alone for so many years. He had shouldered his burden for so many years, with no one to talk to while silently keeping up his feelings for He Shaoqi, who gradually ignored the fact that he also needed recognition and comfort.

Su Fu bowed his head. He took a sip of spicy soup, and shed tears to hide his emotions. He wiped his tears with a paper towel and poured down some Coke before he calmed down and laughed heartily.

"Thank you, Mr. Tang is always so warm."

"Warm? This is the first time that someone has said so about me." Tang Sibo smiled and scooped two more balls for Su Fu.

Su Fu felt warm in his heart. He poked a hole (through the ball) with chopsticks, forked it up and ate it. He smiled then asked, "What do others think of you?"

"A smiling tiger? Kind-looking but ruthless? And so on." Tang Sibo answered, shaking his head helplessly.

Su Fu sniggered and smiled. He thought that Mr. Tang didn't look like a ruthless person, did he? He clearly had a very good heart? What exactly had he done to get this evaluation?

When he tried to comfort with a few words, Tang Luoke, who had been eating the hot pot silently, suddenly spoke up, "Dad is such a person."

Tang Sibo was eating a spicy bean curd fished out of the spicy soup. He gulped down a mouthful of spicy soup at the same time. Hearing his son saying so, he choked and coughed awkwardly.

"Xiao Ke, why do you say that about your father?" Su Fu blamed Tang Luoke with his mouth, but he was actually trying to endure not laughing. Seeing Tang Sibo coughing badly, he got up and went around to pat him on the back.

Tang Sibo coughed and glanced at them, looking helpless, but he just smiled and said nothing.

After their meal, Su Fu was going to leave. Juan Juan's happy little face drooped down immediately. He felt that Su Fu had left him here all the time and didn't want him. His big eyes had small tears rolling around.

Su Fu was really afraid that he wouldn't be able to take good care of Juan Juan with his body these days. While holding Juan Juan, Su Fu coaxed him. Then they made a pinky swear to guarantee that it would only be two days. After two days, he would take Juan Juan back to their new home. He promised that he would see Juan Juan every night when he came to teach his older brother Tang. Juan Juan felt much better.  

After canceling the teaching and comforting his student, Su Fu left. Originally Tang Sibo wanted to send him, but there're only two children in the family. Su Fu didn't trust them, so he left Tang Sibo to take care of them and took a taxi home.

In the end, Tang Sibo took the two children with them. In the name of walking to help digestion, they sent Su Fu out of No. 3 Waterside Pavilion together. After seeing him getting into a car, they returned to the villa.

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