Mungo and Gulu were lying in the bushes not far from the Mila's group in the sun.

Gulu saw that Mila and her Dad were also lying in their group basking in the sun. They should have eaten enough. She seemed to be playing coquetry to her Dad.

Mila had put on a lot of weight. The round little fat Triceratops was really cute.

Gulu let Mungo hide well too. He didn't want Mila to see them. Mila's Dad was the leader of the group. He couldn't spend much time alone with her. Gulu didn't want to disturb their father's and daughter's happy time.

Mila would never act like this in front of her Dad before. Gulu knew that Bachu must have made a lot of efforts to make his daughter who wasn't close to him before behave so happily in front of him.

Gulu saw that Bachu would be a wonderful Dad.

Bachu was lying comfortably in the sun. Mila laid on her back in front of Bachu, with four chubby little legs kicking wildly in the air.

Mila liked to play with her Dad very much now. Since her Mom and her brothers died, Dad would accompany her whenever he had time every day and always accompany her to sleep at night.

The heart was also made of flesh. Not to mention Mila was just a little cub. Even if her heart was covered with a thick layer of ice, her Dad could warm her up.

Mila gently pedaled against Bachu's big head with her little feet and played with it.

Bachu saw a thick layer of dead cuticle on the soles of his cub's feet. So, he put his daughter's black little feet into his mouth and gently bit off the dead skin.

Almost all herbivorous animals needed to clean their feet and hooves regularly, especially those that lived in the wild and needed to walk for a long time, such as the later horses and elephants, etc. If the dead skin on the soles of their feet wasn't cleaned regularly, they would become very uncomfortable.

Most carnivorous animals didn't have such worries. Compared to a Tyrannosaurus rex, the sole of its foot was just a patch. There's no need to clean off the dead skin. Of course Tyrannosaurus rex also had stratum corneum, but their stratum corneum was very hard and didn't need to be replaced.

Many adult Triceratops had their stratum corneum regularly removed from the soles of their feet, but some did not. Triceratops cubs needed their parents or other companions to bite off these dead skins.

Bachu bit carefully. First, he licked it with his tongue to moisten the dead skin then slowly bit it. When he was licking, Mila felt a little itchy and kept shrinking her feet. Then she was caught back by Bachu.

Mila cried with coquetry: "Dad, a little itchy ~"

Bachu: "That itch is from Dad's teeth. Okay, it'll be over soon. Don't move…"

Gulu was very happy for Mila to have such a good Dad. He felt that the chubby clouds floating in the sky were lovely and everything looked beautiful.

At noon the sun was very big, but in such a high latitude place, it felt warmly comfortable and lazy.

There was hardly any wind, only a slight breeze that could blow their hair.

Gulu thought that the wind probably couldn't bear to disturb Mila's and Bachu's good times.

Mungo saw Bachu cleaning the stratum corneum on the soles of Mila's feet. He also dropped down and carefully watched if Gulu needed to clean the soles of his feet.

Gulu looked intently at the two warm scenes of Dad and daughter nearby and felt something licking his sole. He looked down to see Mungo.

Mungo didn't abandon Gulu's dark soles at all. He cleaned them carefully.

Gulu's soles were often cleaned by Pado and Babana. In fact, there wasn't much accumulation of old dead skins, but he liked to clean them very much. After cleaning, he felt very comfortable so he didn't stop Mungo.

Of course, Gulu also felt a little itchy and would unconsciously retract his feet.

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Tyrannosaurus rex's teeth were very sharp, but Gulu didn't worry about them hurting him at all. Tyrannosaurus rex's nose and mouth were very sensitive. They could control their strength when picking up their young ones. It's the same now.

In order to make it more convenient for Mungo to get his stratum corneum, Gulu simply laid down on his side with his four feet turning towards Mungo's big head.

If other dinosaurs saw a Tyrannosaurus rex biting the foot of a Triceratops, they would certainly think that this Triceratops would soon lose its little fat foot, but this was Mungo and Gulu. All dinosaurs around here had long been used to their sight.

Gulu rubbed Mungo's head with his spare foot. Mungo also rubbed Gulu back with his head.

On such a sunny afternoon, a Tyrannosaurus rex with "20 years of professional pedicure experience" clean his stratum corneum. It's really too comfortable. Gulu fell asleep unconsciously.

After falling asleep, Gulu was very dishonest. He kept putting both feet into Mungo's big mouth, then rubbing on his teeth in order to rub off the thick mud layer that made his feet uncomfortable.

Mungo who ate a mouthful of mud: Um… the mud on Gulu's feet is fragrant!

Although a Tyrannosaurus rex's mouth was large enough, it could barely take in two feet of Gulu. Mungo stepped back a little and had to take out the other foot first, otherwise he couldn't continue to "work".

Mungo was very meticulous. He had already cleaned Gulu's feet many times. He had rich experience and wouldn't even let go of the gap between Gulu's thick toes. He made them extremely clean.

Gulu had a good sleep. When he woke up, the sun was still shining. He felt that he had slept for a long time. In fact, it's just a comfortable nap. It's too comfortable to sleep. He soon entered deep sleep state. That's why he felt that he had slept for a long time.

By this time, Bachu had already finished cleaning Mila's feet and Mungo did the same to Gulu.

Gulu lifted up his sole and looked at it: Wow, this is too clean, just like a brand-new sole, the kind that is pink and tender. In fact, their sole is always pink and tender, but they turned dark on Triceratopses after walking too many roads every day.

Looking at it like this, Gulu felt that his feet were so cute, beautiful and tender.

Triceratops had a very flexible leg structure, with many joints. Their small feet could be bent up completely. There're joints between their sole and legs, just like elephants.

Moreover, Triceratops' cocked feet looked very cute, with large soles and thick thighs. They were very cute.

Gulu took a piece of cycad leaf and placed it in front of Mungo, saying: "Sister, your pedicure technique is still as good as before. I'm very satisfied. I'll give this to you. Take it. I will return to you next time!"

Mungo had performed such scenes with Gulu many times. He picked up the cycad leaf with his shorthand and pretended to put it away. He replied, "Remember to let me take care of you often."

However, no matter how many times Mungo spoke this sentence, he still said it in a very rough and indifferent tone. This was due to the voice of Tyrannosaurus rex. He couldn't speak softly.

Gulu thought that Mungo was like a master, a strong and overbearing military master. However, he was very happy to play such childish human games with him.

After seeing Mila and her Dad live so happily together, Gulu no longer worried.

Mungo and Gulu played together outside on this day. He always likes to walk around and take a look when he was free. Only Mungo could take him out. Pado couldn't leave his group for too long.

While walking, Gulu saw Ulam and her four cubs not far away eating an Edmontosaurus cub.

Mungo and Gulu hid together in the fern bush to observe.

Perhaps because Ulam hunted very easily during this time, Tata had grown up a lot and looked almost as big as his three brothers and sister from the distance!

This shocked Gulu but he was also pleased for Tata.

Tata hid behind his prey's butt to eat while trying to be a "transparent dinosaur", as to not let Ulam see him and become upset. It was also to prevent his brothers and sister from thinking of bullying him.

The bottom of the prey was the most disgusting part of the entire body. It was mainly smelly, but Tata didn't care at all, as long as he had something to eat. The bottom meat was still fresh meat. He was already very happy to eat this meat.

In the past, when food wasn't enough, he wasn't even qualified to eat with his brothers, sister and mother. The current situation was quite good for him.

A Tyrannosaurus rex's eating speed was very fast. In a short time, the entire Edmontosaurus cub was completely eaten.

Ulam was full. Tata was almost full. He had been hiding to eat. Since he was young, he had been eating faster than his siblings. This was forced out of survival instinct.

However, Tata's older brothers Hongta and Luta and his older sister Lanta didn't have enough to eat, because this was a young Edmontosaurus. There was not much meat.

The three brothers and sister were very angry. They glared at Tata once they realized that if Tata hadn't eaten so much, they wouldn't have been short of food.

Lanta was a female Tyrannosaurus rex, but she was as strong and domineering as Ulam. After the death of Heita, she was now the strongest of all Ulam's cubs.

Besides Tata, the weakest cub was Luta.

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It seemed that Luta only realized today that his youngest brother had grown so big unconsciously and was approaching his size directly, which made him feel very threatened.

If Tata grew bigger and stronger than he was, then he would become the one who was bullied and abandoned.

Luta was the first to attack Tata. He must prove himself stronger than Tata and completely suppress Tata before he could survive.

However, Tata didn't flinch this time. He had "secretly" grown to such a large size. He could no longer be bullied like before. He would no longer be the weakest cub. This was the most crucial first battle that would affect his future survival.

If Tata won against Luta, he wouldn't be bullied in the future.

The two cubs fought fiercely. Soon, they were covered in blood. Ulam looked at them but she didn't stop them.

Lanta and Hongta were also watching. They wouldn't stop the fight. If Tata won, they would crowd out Luta together.

Gulu was frantically cheering for Tata in his heart. Of course, he hoped that Tata would win. He had no feelings for Ulam's other young ones. So, he hoped that Tata could survive.

One didn't know how long it took. Tata was like the most courageous fighter. Even though he wasn't as big as Luta for the time being, his perseverance was much stronger than Luta.

In the end Tata won. He pushed Luta to the ground and bit him in the neck.

At this moment, Ulam came running up and hit Tata with her head.

Tata looked at Ulam incredulously. He couldn't believe it! He had won! Why did Mom still want to help his brother?!

Luta stood up from the ground. He looked at Tata proudly. Although he lost, Mom helped him and whoever Mom liked could survive.

Gulu saw despair in Tata's eyes.

In the past, Tata looked at Ulam with warm eyes. She only disliked him because he wasn't strong enough.

But now, Tata's eyes that stared at Ulam were extremely cold. He knew that Mom wouldn't like him no matter what he became.

At this moment, Gulu noticed that Tata had changed. Tata used to be a cute Tyrannosaurus rex that could still harbor sunshine even in endless darkness. But now, he wasn't.

In fact, Gulu speculated that it's the moment Tata saw Heita die so miserably that he had changed.

Later, Tata was surrounded by his three siblings and beaten violently.

Gulu saw that although Tata didn't show any response, the deepest part of his eyes revealed the ferocity that Mungo had when fighting.

At this moment, Gulu knew that maybe Tata would survive. Only a Tyrannosaurus rex as cruel, violent and bloodthirsty as Mungo could survive the best.

However, the variable from Ulam was too large. She may still be angry with Tata because of Heita's death. Once they crossed through the polar circle, food would become less and less. Tata would face extreme danger at that time. He was likely to be eaten by Ulam and his siblings.

Gulu couldn't bear to watch it any longer and stood up with Mungo to leave together.

But Gulu couldn't help looking back at Tata. Tata was also looking at him. Gulu saw that the way Tata looked at him was still as warm as before.

He could even read the innocence of the past from Tata's eyes, as if to say: "Brother, you don't have to worry about me. I have become very powerful now. I won over Luta just now. I'm very happy…"

Gulu doubted whether he was wrong before. Perhaps Tata had not changed. But Gulu hoped that Tata had changed.

Soon, they no longer saw Tata.

When they passed by a Triceratops group, Gulu heard several Triceratopses gossiping. Then he heard the news that made him very scare.

"Badi and Bachu are fighting. Bachu will be killed soon…"

"Bachu can't win against Badi. Badi broke his horn. He can't win."

Gulu was so scared. He immediately asked Mungo to take him to the place where Bachu and Badi were fighting.

If Bachu died, what about Mila? Mila no longer had her mother and her brothers. How sad would she be without such a good Dad!

Gulu knew, however, that he couldn't help Bachu, nor could he ask Mungo to help. He could only stand and watch from a distance.

Bachu could only survive if he won against Badi.

When recalling the day when Bachu and Mila were basking in the sun, and Bachu gave Mila a pedicure, Gulu's tears rapidly streamed down his face.

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