After Shi Chen cut off the video, Fan Yao was no longer as energetic as before. He said that it was late and went back first.

At this time, it was more than eight o'clock. Su Fu wanted to take Juan Juan back earlier, but Tang Luoke kept them.

Tang Luoke, with an expression of displeasure, looked critically at his father and said to Su Fu, "Teacher Su, can you stay here with Juan Juan for one night? Dad doesn't have the right atmosphere to have a little talk before going to bed. You can teach him again."

Su Fu smiled and looked at Tang Sibo. He appeared embarrassed and dissatisfied with his son's comments. Su Fu couldn't help suspecting that such a gentle and elegant person as Tang Sibo must change in private? Otherwise, why would Tang Luoke say he had no atmosphere? Obviously, he should provide a warm, gentle and nice atmosphere, right?

"But neither Teacher nor Juan Juan has any change of clothes." Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed. He felt that since Tang Sibo was straight, it wasn't very good for him to stay here all the time.

"It doesn't matter. Teacher can ear Dad's new pajama. Juan Juan can use mine. The dirty clothes can be washed and dried by dad. They can be worn again tomorrow."

Su Fu wanted to laugh. Isn't this using Tang Sibo as their nanny? But he didn't know why, after listening to Tang Luoke saying so, he inexplicably felt a little burn on his face.

Tang Sibo was also very helpless. He felt that he clearly tried his best to accompany his son to have a little talk before going to bed. But his son seemed so disgusted.

Seeing Su Fu's dilemma, Tang Sibo said with some seriousness: "Xiao Ke, don't embarrass your teacher. Teacher Su is very tired recently."

Tang Luoke's face suddenly sank. He stopped talking, but looked disappointed and nodded sullenly.  

Su Fu, who had never seen Tang Luoke deflated appearance, immediately felt distressed and bent down to pick him up. He smiled and coaxed, "All right, all right, Teacher and Juan Juan will stay with Xiao Ke. Don't be angry."

Tang Luoke didn't speak. He leaned on Su Fu's shoulder and ignored Tang Sibo. A child who was rarely reprimanded and had very strong demand of himself felt that his self-esteem had been hurt.

Tang Sibo suddenly became helpless. He just spoke to him. His tone wasn't even that harsh? Since when did this child have such a small temper?

Perhaps because he stayed with Juan Juan for a long time, or perhaps Su Fu was too gentle to him so the child learned some childishness. Tang Sibo felt that this wasn't a bad thing for his son. He always didn't want his son to live like an adult during his childhood. He should be like a child.

Su Fu caught a funny glimpse of Tang Sibo. He held Tang Luoke in one hand and held Juan Juan in the other, then took them to the guest room to wash up with familiarity.

Today, Su Fu was surprised that Tang Luoke was willing to let him help take a bath. Su Fu felt very surprised. In his impression, Xiao Ke had always been extremely independent.

Juan Juan who finished washing first sat on the bed in Tang Luoke's pajamas and played with Tang Luoke's cell phone. Tang Luoke developed better than Juan Juan and was older than him. His cloth was very large for the small Juan Juan whose body seemed to be buried inside. It was very cute.

Inside the bathroom, Su Fu sat on a small bench and carefully smeared body wash on Tang Luoke, gently circling it and smearing a lot of foam. Tang Luoke changed his serious expression and looked a little shy. After all, he always bathed himself after he could take care of himself.

"Xiao Ke is very different today," Su Fu said softly while wiping his face.

Tang Luoke's little face flashed a trace of embarrassment. He lifted up his head and replied, "Just for one time today. I will wash myself in the future. I just want to feel it."

"What do you want to feel?" Su Fu naturally asked.

Tang Luoke suddenly stopped talking. When Su Fu looked at him doubtfully, he whispered: "Feel the warm of a mother."

Su Fu's hand holding the sponge suddenly shook. The sponge fell into the bathtub causing the foam to melt into the water. He felt a little pain in his heart. Xiao Ke looked like a young adult, but he's still a child and needed a mother's care. But he never said so. Maybe Tang Sibo and his family thought that it wasn't important.

Instead of picking up sponge, Su Fu picked up the shower head. He adjusted the water temperature, and gently rinsed Tang Luoke.

In order not to let Tang Luoke immerse in the sad atmosphere, Su Fu joked: "A mother should be a woman. Why did Xiao Ke ask Teacher to help you wash?"

Unexpectedly, Tang Luoke shook his head and replied: "No, a mother is a warm feeling. It has nothing to do with gender, just like Teacher's care for Xiao Juan."

Su Fu froze, then laughed. But he didn't know how to explain it to Tang Luoke. Of course, a mother should be a woman. He was father. However, even though he obviously didn't understand Tang Luoke's childlike ideas, he didn't argue much.

"Xiao Ke wants a mother? You can tell your father. Your father will definitely find you a good mother." Su Fu gently comforted.

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Tang Luoke, however, didn't appreciate it. He snorted and said, "I won't let those purposeful women in."

Su Fu who was holding a clean big towel to wrap him out of the water was surprised. Tang Luoke was still small but he already knew not to let a stepmother in?

"What's the purpose of those women? How does Xiao Ke know?"

"I used to have a piano teacher. Every time she taught piano, she asked about my father in a roundabout way. Later, I let my father dismiss her. As a hired teacher, she just wants to marry my Dad but doesn't even know him. Isn't she just taking a fancy to my father's handsome appearance and my family's money?" Tang Luoke narrated lightly while stretching out his small arm to allow Su Fu to dry him easily.

Su Fu felt surprised by the insight of this 5-year-old child. He thought that Tang Luoke was so cute that he couldn't help rubbing his little head.

"Then what kind of mother does Xiao Ke like? You can help your father to find someone?"

"I want someone like Teacher Su."

Su Fu was amused by him. He wiped him dry and put on his pajamas. He couldn't help laughing and said, "Teacher is a man. Your father will find you a woman to be your mother."

Tang Luoke didn't say more, and just nodded his head.

Su Fu kissed him on the cheek with mirth and carried him out of the bathroom.

At this time, Su Fu didn't know that this 5-year-old child had already started his scheme. After all, Tang Luoke knew from an early age that Uncle Li's lover was a man. Who stipulated that his father must find a woman?! There's no such rule! His father can find a man!

When Su Fu carried Tang Luoke out of the bathroom, he saw Tang Sibo had entered the guest room from an unknown time. He was sitting at the edge of the bed and playing Gluttonous Snake Battle (T/N: a mobile game) with Juan Juan. Juan Juan gave out giggles from time to time. It could be seen that the two got along very well.

Once Tang Luoke was carried to bed, Su Fu breathed a sigh of relief. The wound on his body was much better, but sometimes when he touched it, he still felt some pain.

Accompanied by the lament of "No!," their game failed.

Tang Sibo got up and said to Su Fu, "Are you tired?"

Su Fu smiled and shook his head. It was tiring to wait on the two buns, but he also enjoyed it.

After handing Su Fu the new pajamas and underwear, Tang Sibo said, "The new clothes may be a bit big, can you make do for one night?"

Su Fu looked at the underwear and blushed. This was really embarrassing…What does this underwear mean…

Seeing Su Fu's face reddened, Tang Sibo laughed very ungentlemanly, but spoke nothing farther to embarrass Su Fu. All he said was: "Go wash. You're tired. You can lie down as soon as you finish washing."

Su Fu gave a dry cough. He nodded and silently turned back to the bathroom.

Tang Sibo didn't return to his room to take a bath, but continued to accompany his two children. Just before, his son was showing a little temper with him. At this time, shouldn't he fix their feelings?

He took his son into his arms and gave him a kiss.

Tang Luoke felt goose bumps all over the body and rejected, "Disgusting!"

After taking a bath, Su Fu wore Tang Sibo's pajamas and underwear, which was indeed a larger size…

But it's also good. The cloth was bigger, so it's ok. The underwear…although there're extra rooms, fortunately it's elastic, so it won't falling off…

When he came out, Tang Sibo was still playing (mobile) games with the children. At this time, he looked up at him and raised his eyebrows. It was rare for him to play around.

(T/N: Lol Tang Sibo knew that Su Fu wouldn't fit his larger underwear, so he's making fun of him)

Su Fu felt so uncomfortable at his self-evident glance that his face burned up again.

Fortunately, Tang Sibo wasn't a person with bad character after all. He didn't embarrass Su Fu and went to the master bedroom to take a bath.

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Su Fu cuddled with the children in bed and had a little talk with them before going to bed. The atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

After washing, Tang Sibo joined them and surrounded the children with Su Fu on the left and him on the right as before.

Tang Luoke looked around. He was extremely satisfied and gradually fell asleep.

As for Juan Juan, he had already fallen asleep early with dozens of snoring bubbles.

Once all of the children went to sleep, Tang Sibo and Su Fu went downstairs together.

They were still sitting on the same sofa at night with a glass of warm milk each and gently chatted.

"What do you think of Shi Chen's words today?" Tang Sibo asked.

Su Fu froze. He didn't understand what he meant. Was Shi Chen not going to solve is privately with the orphanage?

Seeing that he didn't understand, Tang Sibo spoke more clearly, "The He family's custody has no legal effect. But who will adopt Juan Juan? You're only 27 this year."

Su Fu was holding a milk cup and being lost in thought. This was indeed a problem. He wasn't old enough and there're no suitable people around him. Speaking of his parents, their relationship was still somewhat strained. His parents would have their own grandchildren from their daughter. They might not be willing to adopt Juan Juan.  

"I don't know."

Tang Sibo smiled helplessly and touched him with a milk cup. He said softly: "I thought so. You need to find a suitable person to adopt Juan Juan as a transition. Once you're old enough, you can go through the legal procedure."

"I've thought about it, but can't find the right person. I'm afraid that outsiders will make mistakes." Su Fu frowned slightly.

Tang Sibo nodded in agreement and added: "I have a personal choice. If you trust me, I can let my oldest brother adopt Juan Juan first. He's 31 this year, which is just right."

"Your oldest brother?"

"Yes, he's unmarried and can go through the procedure. Once the adoption procedure is completed, you can still keep Juan Juan."

"So…is that ok? Your oldest brother will agree?" Su Fu was a little excited. He held the cup tightly, looking at Tang Sibo with eager eyes.

"If you agree, he can do it," Tang Sibo laughed.

Su Fu nodded repeatedly, "Of course, I believe you."

Having said that, Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed. "This will trouble you again. Since we met, you have helped me too much."

"Isn't this my value?" Tang Sibo joked.

Su Fu laughed. He learned from his behavior and clinked glasses with him.

"As for your sister, my cousin said that she dropped out of school, do you know?"

Su Fu frowned. Although he had expected it earlier, he was still worried and nodded, "I know she has something."

He didn't elaborate, and Tang Sibo didn't ask much, only saying, "Then you need to be more attentive to your parents."

When it came to parents, Su Fu's eyebrows relaxed. "Good, I'm going to go home and see them some other time."

Tang Sibo looked at him and smiled. "The old wounds are still not good enough. Do you want to go back and get beaten again?"

Su Fu felt embarrassed and touched the cup. His father did say that he would be beaten once he went back next time.

Tang Sibo smiled softly, "Tomorrow night, we can go to the restaurant opened by your parents for dinner. It's in public. Uncle can't beat you."

Su Fu's eyes brightened. Yes, go to the restaurant to have a meal. He can see his parents and avoid a beating.

"Mr. Tang is really resourceful!"

"False praise!"

The two clinked glasses. They drank all of the milk then went upstairs to sleep together (T/N: in separate rooms lol).

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