The two came to the school field in their sportswear, where there were already many students doing morning exercises.

The sabre team had its own team, so whoever came could just join in.

"Hey! Lin! Chris! You two are here!" Ivey showed a lovely smile. Yesterday his application for admission to the club was approved, which made him full of energy all day.

"Ah, Lin this guy is eighty percent in bed again! Only Chris has the ability to get him up before seven o'clock!" As she ran, Katherine recalled the time when she, Mark and Phillips were waiting downstairs of Chen Lin Ji for Lin Yifei, who was lying in bed, to get up and do morning exercises. "Later on, you two quarrel and Lin became lazy!"

Ivey imagined it while stretching on his back and nodded with great disrespect: "Yes, that's right…Lin is like this!"

Lin Yifei was still a little sleepy, just wandering around with the running team.

"Hey, you actually don't have to force yourself if you don't want to get up." A slightly teasing voice sounded.

Lin Yifei turned away blankly. Rex ran past him and winked at the female classmate in the team.

This guy felt just like the mole on the corner of his eye, with the look of a playboy…

Sure enough, he had a good chat with girls at this time.

Lin Yifei was a little tired when he was running. He stopped and gasped. Chris followed him silently. The two teenagers walked slowly along the field.

Soon after, the sabre team already made a round behind Lin Yifei.

Pan patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder. He smiled and said, "Come on!"

When Katherine passed by, she made a gesture of "contempt" towards Lin Yifei.

"Hey, Chris, did that girl Katherine despise me just now?" Lin Yifei asked in disbelief.

Chris didn't answer him.

"She's a girl? How can she make such vulgar gestures?" Lin Yifei was still asking.

(T/N: did she raise her middle finger? O.O)

"In fact, you have had enough rest, so don't be lazy." Chris mercilessly debunked Lin Yifei.

"Why do you have to get up and run in the morning?"

"In order to make your body function well." Chris took Lin Yifei's hand and ran forward.

After a painful morning run, he felt sleepy throughout the classes. The day ended with difficulty. Fencing club activities started at 4: 30 p.m. and continued until 6: 00 p.m. Coach Smith basically took a laissez-faire attitude. He would let the players find their opponents to practice, then watch and comment. If he found that someone had a problem with their technique, I'm sorry, this guy would be pulled out to accept separate instructions and repeat that technique until Mr. Smith thought that this guy would not make the same technical mistake again. This was also why he said he was "harsh". Of course, this had never been Lin Yifei's concern, because he had no shortcomings at the technical level.

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Smith was a very pragmatic person. He didn't even take the time to let the new members introduce themselves. In his opinion, it's easiest for new members to know each other during the process of learning from each other.

Lin Yifei originally planned to compete with Chris. They hadn't competed since they came to Ghosn. This time, Pan came to Lin Yifei's side.

"Hey, Lin, I'm sure you already practice with Chris often, so can you give me this opportunity today?"

"Oh, of course!" Lin Yifei agreed without thinking. It was very interesting to see Pan and Rex compete that day. The two teenagers were neck and neck. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Chris looking at him with his head turning slightly sideways. Just now, his behavior was no different than dumping Chris.

"Then…I'll go…" Lin Yifei paused and watched Chris's reaction carefully.


Lin Yifei was relieved, while Pan found the two men's relationship interesting.

"You sleep in the same room with Chris, learn in the same class as him and join the same club. No matter how close friends are, don't you feel a little deprived of personal space?" Pan asked laughingly.

"…Because I have no choice."

He didn't choose the dormitory, he didn't divide the classes, and he had to come to the fencing club.

At this point, Rex hit Chris on the shoulder and said in a somewhat frivolous voice: "Ah, Lin and the other have left. Do you feel like you just got robbed of your partner at the dance?"

Just then, two girls gathered around Rex and asked to practice with him.

"I'm sorry. There is only one Rex in this world, so I can only practice with one person at a time. You two guess."

Lin Yifei, who was moving his joints, almost twisted his waist after hearing Rex's words.

"This guy is too narcissistic!"

Pan chuckled and crouched beside Lin Yifei. "Rex actually prefers boys."

"Huh?" Lin Yifei's waist gave a twist and it took a lot of strength to go straight back, "What did you say?"

"I don't mean that he doesn't like girls. I just said that he prefers boys. Don't look at him like that, he is also very popular among boys."

"…Aren't the boys in the fencing club in danger?"

"Ha ha, don't worry, Rex has his own aesthetics. He isn't the kind of guy who likes to pick up any boy." Pan thought for a moment then whispered to Lin Yifei, "But go back and tell Chris to be careful. Don't you think that Rex is always looking for trouble with him?"

"…" Lin Yifei had a feeling of being awakened. Looking at Chris, he's definitely a beautiful teenager of the highest quality. How many people dream about him…

Because of the limited space, there could only be two sets of competitions at one time, so everyone either watched the students who were competing or practiced the basic movements on the side.

When the match between Lin Yifei and Pan began, all of the members who were practicing and sparring gathered around.

Pan's fencing philosophy was 'attack is defense'. If it was ordinary people, they would have been overwhelmed. However, Lin Yifei enjoyed the fast paced feeling.

Chris once summed up Lin Yifei's fencing as he couldn't give Lin Yifei a chance, even in one out of ten thousand moves. Lin Yifei would use his opponent's smallest gap to do the most damage. The match with Pan also confirmed this point. Although everyone pinched a cold sweat for Lin Yifei, he always won by surprise and scored when others least expected.

At the end of the match, Lin Yifei won Pan by one point. Of course, the difference was not obvious. Lin Yifei didn't even score 15 points. When Pan took off his mask, he breathed out a long sigh and said in a half-joking tone: "Lin, with an opponent like you, I will have a heart attack!"

Everyone froze for two seconds then burst out laughing.

"No, I'm the one who will have an attack if I have an opponent like you!" Lin Yifei touched his hair and laughed.

Chris turned his head and saw Rex not far away. He still wore an unruly smile and held the two most beautiful women in the sabre team, Lily and Nova.

When he returned to his dormitory at night, Lin Yifei was horrified to find that someone had hacked into his computer and stole his character from his online game. His points and tools were all gone.

"How did this happen? How can this happen!" Lin Yifei growled at the computer, but Chris turned a blind eye.

"Isn't it just a character and some tools?"

"Do you understand how deeply I feel about this name? I played for a year and was finally promoted to the rank of knight! I'm going to die! I want to die!" Lin Yifei almost smashed the screen with his head.

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"Don't spend as much time on online games as you do on training. Otherwise, even if you won Pan by one point today, once you compete with him again, you won't necessarily win." Chris had no consolation for the loss of Lin Yifei.

With a long sigh, Lin Yifei suddenly felt that no matter how many times he was reborn, the way Chris spoke would not change.

"I'm not in the mood to practice fencing now. I will only think about my equipment…"

"Do you remember your character ID?" Chris asked.

"Yes." Lin Yifei quoted a string of numbers. He remembered his character ID even if it turned gray.

"If I help you recover your character, can you promise me three conditions?" Chris still looked at the book with his eyes.

"If you can really get it back, don't say three conditions, I will promise you three hundred conditions." Lin Yifei promised.

"Good." Chris closed his book. He walked over to Lin Yifei and patted him on the shoulder. "Go take a bath. Your character will come back when you come back from the bath."


"Have I lied to you?" Chris made a gesture of 'letting go' to Lin Yifei. Lin Yifei immediately jumped to his feet and rushed into the bathroom with a change of clothes.

Chris sat in front of the computer, his fingers tapping on the keyboard.

Hearing the sound of water in the bathroom stop, Chris increased his voice and called out, "If you don't use body wash to clean up, forget about getting your character back."

Lin Yifei heard the sound, and angrily squeezed the body wash to wipe on his body.

It wasn't easy to wash clean. When he came out, he saw Chris sitting in front of his computer looking at Lin Yifei's collection of photos.

"Hey – how did you go through my photos!" Lin Yifei shouted.

"Do you like these?" Chris mouse clicked one by one. There were some European and American actresses' sexy photos, "Penelope Cruz, don't you think she's too fat? She should go to the gym more."

"Is that fat?" Lin Yifei was not satisfied with Chris's criticism of his taste.

"Jessica Bell? Her shoulders are like swimmers. Do you like King Kong Barbie?" Chris titled his head and saw Lin Yifei half kneeling beside him while looking angrily at the screen.

"Do you understand appreciation? How perfect her hips are!"

"I don't understand," Chris leaned toward Lin Yifei, his lips almost touching his ears. "Yours is good. I want to kiss it."

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