The car was driving through the dim light of the night. It was already more than eleven o'clock, almost twelve o'clock at this time. Since Su Fu got on the car, his face hadn't recovered. He always looked pale, with his eyes closed and looking exhausted.

Tang Sibo sat beside him and reached out to touch his forehead from time to time. The night wind was cold tonight. After staying outside for so long, he was afraid that Su Fu's condition would lead to a fever.

"Is your stomach still upset?" The car was quiet for a long time before Tang Sibo asked softly.

Su Fu didn't answer, but slowly opened his eyes. He looked blankly at the roof of the car and asked weakly, "Why did this happen?"

His voice was very small, Tang Sibo had to read his lip to know what he was talking about. He frowned slightly, tonight's Su Fu let him love (care for) dearly.

"Don't think about it. They don't deserve your sorrow."

Su Fu shook his head slightly. He also didn't want to be sad, but why Su Jing and He Shaoqi? Even if it was someone else, he wouldn't be so miserable and disgusting.

He thought he could have a different life after breaking up with He Shaoqi. Unexpectedly, He Shaoqi still didn't let him go after breaking up. He managed to ease the relationship with his parents a lot, but now there's such a thing again. Wasn't this driving his parents and him to the end of the road?

For the first time, Su Fu felt that knowing He Shaoqi destroyed everything around him. "Why do I know him…"

What happened today was equivalent to denying their 10 years together. Although they broke up before, he still had fond memories of their past love. But today, Su Fu wished that he had never known He Shaoqi or had a relationship with him. He never knew that a relationship would destroy him this much.

While bitterly thinking, the tears that he endured all night finally fell down.

Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu's tears and thought about his words. He inexplicably also felt a little sad. He never experienced the deep-rooted love, but at this moment, he seemed to feel Su Fu's sadness and helplessness.

He paid so much for their affections through the years, but he got such a return.

Tang Sibo, who had always been talkative, didn't know how to comfort Su Fu at this time. He could evaluate and rebuke He Shaoqi and Su Jing, but he couldn't question their relationship (between Su Fu and He Shaoqi) at will.

He was still holding the handkerchief that had been used to wipe Su Fu's mouth just now. Tang Sibo folded it to hide the dirty place. Then he gently used it to wipe Su Fu's tears and hugged the man with his arms.

He thought, now all comforting words were just empty talk, not as good as a pair of warm arms. "You can cry, Teacher Su."

Su Fu was unable to react from this sudden embrace. Just hearing this sentence, his tears suddenly fell more violently.

Mr. Bodyguard drove fast and steady. At one o'clock in the morning, the car entered the villa's garage of No. 3 Waterside Pavilion.

During this period of time, Su Fu had been leaning on Tang Sibo's arms. He actually realized that this wasn't very good, but he didn't have the heart to think too much and didn't want to move.

Tang Sibo thought that he was asleep and called him softly when they arrived at the villa.

Su Fu turned to look out of the window blankly, only to find that they had arrived. He came out of Tang Sibo's arms and thanked him apologetically. His face was still unwell.

As soon as he got off the car, there's another stir in his stomach. Su Fu's face changed. He hurriedly entered the door and ran to the kitchen sink. Holding the edge of the sink, he vomited out painfully. At last, he even vomited out bile water.

Tang Sibo frowned and walked over, patting him on the back, while saying: "Don't think about that bad thing. You can't throw up anymore."

After vomiting, Su Fu gargled with tap water. He had to use the counter to support himself, as his entire body felt weak and limp, before he could say, "I feel sick and can't help it."

The thought of his sister falling in love with He Shaoqi, the thought of his sister being pregnant with He Shaoqi's child, and the thought of He Shaoqi's "I'm doing this all for you" face, he simply couldn't control the churning in his stomach.

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"Stop thinking and take a rest." Tang Sibo went to get a new towel. He wiped Su Fu's mouth and hands, then held him firmly upstairs.

Su Fu didn't have the strength to resist and was brought to the master bedroom by Tang Sibo.

"Fan Yao is in another guest room. You can't scare the children like this. Sleep here tonight." Tang Sibo said, then gave him the pajamas that Su Fu had worn that day.

Su Fu sat on the edge of the bed. He took the cloth, but didn't move.

Tang Sibo looked at him for a while then sighed. He squatted down in front of him and looked up at him.

"Su Fu, what are you sad about? Sad that He Shaoqi did such a thing? But you have already broken up. You should be glad to get rid of him. Pity that your sister did such a thing? But she doesn't treat you like a brother. You don't have to pity her. They don't deserve your sorrow at all. They will bear the consequences for their own mistakes. You aren't wrong. You don't need to pay for their actions, understand?"

Su Fu waited for a while before looking at Tang Sibo with his eyes hanging down. His turbid head now had some clarity.

"I can ignore them, but what about my parents? Once they know this, they'll collapse, right? At the beginning, I got thrown out of the house for He Shaoqi. Now Xiao Jing is in love with him and pregnant with his child. If it wasn't for me, there wouldn't be so many things. They wouldn't have to bear so much."

"Your sister is an adult. How to choose is her own thing. It has nothing to do with you. To speak harshly, any girl with a little good upbringing wouldn't do such a thing. Without He Shaoqi, there will be Wang Shaoqi and Li Shaoqi. As for Uncle and Aunt, paper can't contain fire. There's no use crying over spilt milk. It's all the more necessary for you to cheer up. The two old people still need your care, don't they?"

Su Fu clutched his pajamas tightly and listened to Tang Sibo's words. He dissected the cause of the incident layer by layer. In the end, he found that Tang Sibo was right.

Why was he sad? He Shaoqi was none of his business. His sister this time had completely hurt his heart. He saw the real Su Jing who disregard their siblinghood. Whether they got married or abort their child was their own business. It had nothing to do with him. The only ones he needed to worry about was his parents.

Seeing Su Fu gradually loosen the cloth being pulled, Tang Sibo thought he should understand more now. Seeing Su Fu's stretched eyebrows, Tang Sibo stretched out his hand and placed it on his forehead.

"Don't think about it. Their behavior let you lose a lover and a younger sister. But you see, look around you, there're still lovely Xiao Juan, your parents who're willing to accept you again, and a bright future. Those things are just rotten past. They're disgusting enough and not worth worrying about. People should look forward and move forward."

Tang Sibo gently comforted Su Fu's injured heart little by little. Su Fu's mind involuntarily emerged a lovely little face, his mother's enduring love, his father's awkward attitude, Tang Luoke's serious concern and Tang Sibo's considerate care.

He found that his current life was really beautiful. As Tang Sibo said, the business between He Shaoqi and Su Jing could only be regarded as a rotten past now. He felt sick, but it hadn't destroyed his current life.

Su Jing's obstinacy was bound to hurt his parents. He should be more energetic to take care of his parents. Whether his parents blamed him or not, who else could support them?

Having thought of here, Su Fu finally lessened his sadness and nausea. He looked at Tang Sibo, then firmly nodded.

Tang Sibo smiled slightly, then held the edge of the bed to stand up. Having squatted for a while, his legs were numb.

Su Fu got up to help him and said apologetically, "Thank you for spending so much time with me and enlightening me."

"Who let you be my (son's imperial) teacher?"

Su Fu chuckled and recalled that Mr. Tang had said this before.

After easing his leg numbness, Tang Sibo saw that Su Fu was in good condition and said, "I'll fill some hot water for you. You just blew the cold wind for too long, soak in the tub for a while then sleep."

Su Fu felt somewhat embarrassed and replied, "Don't bother. I'll do it myself. You're tired."

"What else can you do in this state? Sit down and have a rest." With a light smile, Tang Sibo pressed Su Fu to the edge of the bed to sit down. He went to the bathroom to fill hot water for him.

At this moment, Su Fu's mind suddenly jumped. He twisted his head and looked around Tang Sibo spacious bedroom, somehow feeling a little unreal.

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After a while, Tang Sibo came out and went to the cupboard to get a new towel.

"Go and soak for a while. You vomited too much just now. I'll cook you some rice porridge to eat it later."

"No, it's late. I'm fine now." Su Fu really felt that it was too much trouble for Tang Sibo. This trouble caused him some panic in his heart.

Tang Sibo didn't feel anything, but smiled, "Your stomach can't bear it." Saying so, he went out of the master bedroom and went downstairs to cook porridge.

Su Fu stood still, tugging at his cloth. It took a long time before he sighed and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Downstairs, the two bodyguards were still waiting in the living room. Tang Sibo went over to say something to the bodyguards. They nodded respectfully then both left.

By the time the rice porridge was cooked and brought to the master bedroom, Su Fu had already bathed and looked much more relaxed. His head felt less painful and his stomach also hurt less. He was sitting at the edge of the bed with uneasy hands and feet. Just before, Tang Sibo told him to sleep in the master bedroom, he replied without thinking. Now that he was awake, he didn't feel very well.

The villa consisted of one master bedroom and two guest rooms. The rest of the rooms had been changed into rooms for other purposes. If he slept in the master bedroom, what would Tang Sibo do? There's no reason to push the host out of the master bedroom. So Su Fu sat on the edge of the bed with restraint and didn't lie in bed for a long time.

When Tang Sibo came in with the rice porridge, he saw that Su Fu was somewhat distressed, but his face looked much better.

"What's the matter? Waiting for food?" Tang Sibo walked over with a smile. He put the small tray on the bedside table, then picked up the porridge bowl. After touching the bowl, he felt that the outside wasn't too hot. So, he put the spoon in and handed it to Su Fu.

Su Fu was embarrassed and thanked him after taking the porridge bowl and took a sip silently. "I'll go to the guest room and sleep with Juan Juan later. You're tired too and need a good rest."

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows. "You're not in good condition. You also blow the cold wind tonight. I don't know if you'll catch a cold. Be careful not to pass it on to the child. Just sleep here, it's okay."

Su Fu also agreed. The child's resistance was poor. It was better to be careful.

"That you…" He wanted to ask something. But thinking that they're two big men, there shouldn't be a need to be so melodramatic. After weighing his words, Su Fu didn't know how to say it.  

Tang Sibo smiled at his distress and joked: "Don't worry. It's getting late. I'll just lie on the sofa. I won't eat Teacher Su's tofu."

Hearing this, Su Fu's face flushed. He hurriedly said, "No, no, that's not what I meant. You know I am…I'm afraid you'll be uncomfortable."

"All men, why will I be uncomfortable?" Tang Sibo asked with a smile.

Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo and thought of his usual care for him. He really didn't care about his sexual orientation. Thinking of this, Su Fu felt relieved.

"Nothing. You should also go to take a bath. You're also tired. We'll make do with it later. Don't sleep on the sofa. There's no reason to let the host sleep on the sofa."

Tang Sibo thought at first that Su Fu had this sexual orientation and was afraid of sleeping with men. Since he didn't care, Tang Sibo didn't have much to care about. He was used to smelly men sleeping together in the army. This was nothing. So he nodded and took a bath in the bathroom.

When Tang Sibo came out in his nigh clothes after taking a bath, Su Fu had finished eating. The bedside table was clean. The bowls and spoons were all gone. It was estimated that Su Fu took them downstairs and washed them.

Su Fu was still sitting on the edge of the bed, holding his mobile phone and playing the game of Juice Splash downloaded for Juan Juan.

Tang Sibo guessed that he was embarrassed to sleep first and was waiting for him. Looking at the way he sat at the edge of the bed, Tang Sibo suddenly came up with a word in his heart – little wife.

Then, Tang Sibo inwardly laughed.

"It's almost three o'clock. Go to sleep. Do you want to take a day off tomorrow?" In order to avoid Su Fu's embarrassment, Tang Sibo acted very naturally. He walked to the other side of the bed and got on the bed.

Su Fu withdrew from the game and saw that he had already gone to bed. His face was somehow burning, and he slowly got into bed.

"No, I'll just sleep for a little while. It doesn't matter, but I set an alarm clock, will it bother you?"

Tang Sibo smiled. "It's okay. I happen to have something to do tomorrow. Let's get up together."

Su Fu nodded and saw that he was already lying down. He picked up the remote control on the bedside table, turned off all the lights in the room and laid down silently.

The bed was a big bed, and the two sleep on each side in an orderly manner. Even their sleeping posture looked proper.  

After lying down for a while, Su Fu felt he had forgotten something and said softly, "Good night."

Tang Sibo smiled and replied softly: "Good night, Teacher Su."

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