"Dream!" Lin Yifei was about to leave when Chris threw his arms around him.

His fingers continue to point, "Kim Kardashian. Now you still don't admit that your taste is vulgar?"

"What vulgar! Why is it not good to have such nice concavity and convexity?" Lin Yifei's face turned red.

"Ah, I know, you must think of her when you shoot your pistol."

"I don't need you to take care of it!" Lin Yifei reached for the mouse. Chris closed the file for the first time with great honor.

"Of course you do." One turn over, Chris almost pressure on Lin Yifei. The oppressive feeling let Lin Yifei swallow saliva.

"All I think about is you." Chris was about to kiss Lin Yifei when the other party turned his face, his red ears were surprisingly cute.

"…My character? Have you found it?" Lin Yifei struggled to get up. Chris didn't stop him.

After logging into the official website of the game, Lin Yifei realized that his character had really returned, "Wow! How did you do it?"

"I will do what the other party does."

Lin Yifei checked his equipment, but there was nothing missing: "Great! If it isn't for the timely return, it might have been sold!"

"Do you remember the promise you made to me?"

"Remember! You say!"

"Okay, first thing in the morning, get up and do morning exercises. Don't be lazy."

Lin Yifei suddenly collapsed, "All right."

"Playing games at night cannot exceed eleven o'clock, including bath time."

"Aren't you too harsh?"

"If you can't do these two things, no matter what game ID you play, I won't leave you with one."

"What?" Lin Yifei was stunned. He suddenly had a bad feeling. Was Christ the one who stole his character?

"Don't worry, I didn't steal your character." Chris saw through Lin Yifei's idea at a glance, "But I can't guarantee that it won't be stolen again."

"…Then what is the third thing?"

"The third thing is that I can't be left alone with Rex Gray, including during practice." Chris seemed very serious about this request.

"Ah?" Lin Yifei frowned. This request was a bit unclear, but on reflection…Pan once hinted that Rex might be interested in Chris…

"Do you also realize that Rex is interested in you?" Lin Yifei gloated with a smile.

Chris closed his eyes gently and said coldly, "I finally confirm that your head isn't filled with brain, but coconut water."

Lin Yifei only thought that the other party didn't know that Rex liked him, "Let me tell you! He might really like you. He always likes to fight with you! He loves winking at you! If you like someone, just say so. Only elementary school students are so naive as to find trouble with people they like!"

Chris no longer paid attention to Lin Yifei. He went back to his bed and picked up the unfinished book. Of course, he didn't forget to remind: "Go to bed on time at eleven o'clock."

Another month later, the fencing club ushered in a tense moment, which was the qualifying match within the fencing team.

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Coach Smith said to everyone in a relaxed tone: "I know that not all members of the team can represent Ghosn in the high school fencing competition. People who have no chance this year need not feel too sad, because…by this time next year, a master like Pan will have graduated, he will no longer take up a spot of Ghosn, so you will have more opportunities."

Pan smiled shyly in the front row.

"Fencing are divided into team events and individual events. The team competition requires four people, one of whom is a substitute. One of the other three people will be directly qualified to take part in the singles competition. Each school can send two people to take part in the singles competition, and the last one must be a contestant who does not belong to the team competition. Now we will start the ranking competition to select the members for the team competition and the individual competition. One thing to note: even if you are a student of Grade 11 or 12, if you are defeated by a Grade 10, you still have to give up your qualification. But you don't have to be too sad. This fall, there will be a U.S. Open Fencing Competition for high school students. As long as you are under the age of 16 and over the age of 14, you can take part in it. If you sign up, I will still guide you as a coach, as long as you don't think that my style is too extreme."

(T/N: hmm, under 16? High school age is usually from 15-18. Did I miss something?)

Everyone laughed, but the tension still spread.

The qualifying match was decided by lot. There would be a group match in one and a half hours of club activities. Judging from the group arrangement, Smith knew everyone's situation very well. There was almost no suspense about the candidates who would enter the final four: Pan, Rex, Lin Yifei and Chris.

This time the competition really started to be exciting. Lin Yifei played against Chris, while Pan naturally fought with Rex.

As Lin Yifei and Chris knew each other very well, the intensity of their competition was an eye-opener. They must surpass themselves, or get the point where the other party could predict but couldn't respond. Lin Yifei had not played with such gnashing teeth for a long time. Every hit made him tremble with fear. The final score was 13-15. Chris won.

Lin Yifei took off his mask and gasped. He was so hot that he fanned himself with it.

Chris walked slowly up to him and whispered, "So it's good to exercise your body more. Only when your body keeps up with your brain can you beat me."

Lin Yifei nodded, "You may not win next time."

On the other hand, Pan's match with Rex was over. Rex won 15-14.

Mr. Smith clapped his hands to signal the end of today's match.

"The best is always saved for last."

Chris's and Rex's match was set for Friday.

After the club ended, Lin Yifei and his friends were on their way to the restaurant.

Katherine took the poster and patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder. "Do you know there is a very important festival at Ghosn in September?"

"What festival?" Lin Yifei looked up, "Thanksgiving Day is in November, April Fool's Day is in April…None of them are in September…"

"Dong Dong!" Katherine unfolded the poster in front of Lin Yifei and solemnly introduced, "This is a special campus festival set up by Ghosn for girls – the Girls' Festival!"

"Oh…since it's the Girls' Festival, why do you need boys there? Is there a boy's festival?"

Lin Yifei's reply knocked Katherine out.

"If there is no male service, how can girls celebrate the festival?"

"Ha ha….." Lin Yifei laughed until his mouth cramp, then he suddenly had a bad feeling.

"So, remember to pay attention to the campus announcement this week! Don't look like a dead fish. It's not like you need to sell yourself. This is a normal social activity. You can't stick to Chris forever. Take this opportunity to make more friends!" Katherine patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder while Lin Yifei looked aside at Chris from the corner of his eye.

The other party had no extra expression, but Lin Yifei felt chilly.

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So when the homeroom teacher and everyone discussed the Girls' Festival after class, Lin Yifei felt strange. In particular, there was an after-school program at the Girls' Festival, where each class chose a boy as reward. The girl who won the game could date the boy she likes. The date included entertainment activities such as eating, watching movies, etc. It didn't include kissing and hugging. Of course, more outrageous things couldn't be done.

Lin Yifei pulled up the corners of his mouth, thinking that as expected of Ghosn, the school spirit was very open. It even wanted to host this kind of things.

"Lin, what are you thinking with your head down?" The homeroom teacher sat on his desk and asked with amusement.

"Ah…I wonder if there's a boys' festival…"

A dozen students covered their mouths and laughed in a low voice.

"Well, there are six girls in our class, so please ask the leading ladies of the Girls' Festival to choose a boy for us. This boy will be the reward of the entertainment program."

The homeroom teacher thought for a moment, then added: "Don't worry, everyone, this is a secret ballot. I will only read out the one with the largest number of votes, so if any boy here eat zero egg, there is no need to worry about it being known by others."

Everyone laughed again.

The girls wrote a note and handed it to the teacher, who counted it then smiled and said, "Oh, the answer is expected and reasonable."

In his heart, Lin Yifei requested that this ridiculous election be ended quickly, then he could go back to his dormitory and play online games for a while.

"Chris Osborne, you are elected."

Most of the boys sighed slightly, but Lin Yifei didn't feel strange. After all, Chris had both appearance and temperament. Before his rebirth, Chris attracted the attention of all girls, so after his rebirth, Lin Yifei was not surprised by such result.

"Ok, Chris, be a gentleman during the Girls' Festival." The homeroom teacher smiled and went out.

"Ah…finally done." Lin Yifei breathed out a sigh of relief.

For Lin Yifei, the Girls' Festival was a boring thing, full of pink bubbles, and he himself wasn't part of this pink.

"Hey, Chris, don't look so cold that day and scare the girl." Thinking of here, Lin Yifei still had some schadenfreude.

Chris didn't speak, but Lin Yifei vaguely felt that he was a little unhappy.

"Ok, don't worry about the girl. Just accompany her to have a meal or something. The place is still the school cafeteria. You don't need to give flower."

"That's enough. Go and have dinner by yourself." Chris picked up his book and left the classroom.

Lin Yifei grabbed his head and met Katherine and Ivey at the cafeteria.

"Hey, why don't we see Chris? It's rare that he's not with you!" Katherine asked.

"Oh…that guy was chosen as a bonus for the sideshow program, so he's very upset."

"He isn't happy to be liked by girls? Other boys will feel happy!" Ivey was puzzled.

"Idiot, is Chris an average boy? Boys like him generally have the taste of looking above the top. Only goddesses can make him lower his head!" Katherine slapped Ivey on the back, causing him to almost choke on his spit.

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