The Parasaurolophus leader nuzzled Gulu, "Our little cub…"

Gulu looked at the Parasaurolophus leader and rubbed his neck back. He replied sincerely, "Dinosaur, thank you, thank you for saving my group, thank you for saving us."

Parasaurolophus wasn't as big as Triceratops. Adult Parasaurolophus generally weighed 3-4 tons. Gulu now weighed 1 ton. Parasaurolophus also wasn't as tall as Triceratops. Gulu was now about the same height as the Parasaurolophus leader to rub the other's neck.

Although Parasaurolophus was generally not as big as Triceratops, this Parasaurolophus leader was really large, probably weighing 7 tons. Gulu was still a Triceratops cub. In front of the Parasaurolophus leader, he was still relatively small.

(T/N: I guess the author means that Gulu is smaller, but he can still reach the Parasaurolophus leader's neck?)

Babana also thanked the Parasaurolophus leader: "Thank you. Without you, we wouldn't know how many dinosaurs in our group would have died."

The Parasaurolophus leader first replied to Babana, "Don't thank me, I should help Gulu. Although I hate him at first, now that I had figured it out, I can't hate him anymore."

After that, the Parasaurolophus leader said to Gulu, "Gulu, my name is Long, not big dinosaur and our little cub is called Fruity."

Gulu felt very tangled. The Parasaurolophus leader had helped him so much. But now he couldn't agree to such a thing. Even if he tried to reason, the Parasaurolophus couldn't understood it, but he couldn't recognize this little cub.

Babana: "Long, why do you say this little cub is Gulu's? Gulu is also a Triceratops's cub. He can't give birth to other dinosaurs besides Triceratops."

Parasaurolophus carefully explained a lot of "fallacies" to them.

To sum it up, Gulu watched them not too far away all night that night. Gulu was at a higher ground than the Parasaurolophus leader.

According to the Parasaurolophus, when making group performance, the higher the dinosaur was, the more dominant.

Parasaurolophus leader was usually pushed to the highest ground when the "music festival" entered the high tide part, which was a great honor for the leader.

That night, the Parasaurolophus leader actually looked at Gulu and Mungo all time. Gulu took part in the process and was higher than them. So, the Parasaurolophus leader thought that his cub was also part of Gulu.

The reason why Gulu and Mungo felt so strongly that day was also because the Parasaurolophus leader was communicating with them, but they didn't understand this way of communication.

Gulu was stunned after hearing this and could only sigh – sometimes, he really couldn't look straight at this dinosaur.

Parasaurolophus leader: "I'm not making it up."

Babana and Gulu: …

Gulu: "Big dinosaur, no, Long, I mean, I'm not the only one who watched you. There were Mungo and so many other dinosaurs. Why do you think this cub must be mine?"

Long: "Because you were there all time. Mungo left later. The other dinosaurs didn't look at us all the time like you did. They were eating ferns, hunting or sleeping…"

According to Long's explanation, Gulu knew that the Parasaurolophus judged based on who was watching them intently and participating in the entire process, probably using eye contact, but he didn't pay much attention at that time.

Long also explained that he stared at Gulu the next morning because he thought that Gulu was a different dinosaur from him. He's very angry about why he wanted to participate in their activities.

But Long was very afraid of Mungo at that time. Mungo was too dangerous as a Tyrannosaurus rex for him to find trouble with Gulu.

Later, for more than a year, Long had been doing ideological work for himself. It's only recently that he figured out how to forgive Gulu.

In fact, during this period, Long's group had been moving around Gulu. When they saw Gulu go to Nanshan, they also went to Nanshan. When Gulu migrated ahead of schedule, they also moved ahead of schedule. Because of this, they managed to avoid repeated natural disasters.

Gulu: Eye contact can give birth to cubs?! Is this the legendary "becoming pregnant by getting stared at"?!

Gulu felt that these Parasaurolophus's operation was just like that of newly hatched birds, such as ducks and swans. They would treat the first living animal they saw after breaking the shell as their own mother, regardless of whether the animal was of different species from their own.

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Long pushed the Parasaurolophus cub toward Gulu and said, "Fruity, don't you want to see your Dad every day? He's your Dad. His name is Gulu and he's amazing…"

This Parasaurolophus cub was only 200-300 Jin. It's still very small one. Compared with Gulu's huge body, it's really too small. He's a little afraid of Gulu and dared not approach. He hid under Long and timidly looked at Gulu.

Long: "He was conceived at the berry forest. So, I named him Fruity. Isn't that nice?"

Gulu remembered that it was indeed a large berry forest. Mungo took him to eat it. Unexpectedly, he met these Parasaurolophus.

Even Pachi, Dudu and Mila felt that the dinosaur named Long might had a real brain problem, but this dinosaur did save them just now so they couldn't say anything.

What else could Gulu say besides: "Good, it sounds good."

At this moment, Pado who was covered in blood came along. He wanted to thank these Parasaurolophus.

Gulu looked at Pado covered in blood and felt very distressed. It's very painful to be bitten by Cryolophosaurus.

Pado stood in front of the Parasaurolophus leader and expressed his gratitude very sincerely.

Of course, the Parasaurolophus leader said he didn't need to thank him and told Pado about his relationship with Gulu.

After listening more than once, Pado still remained puzzled and stunned: ???!

Then the Parasaurolophus leader explained a lot events to Pado. Gulu looked at Pado helplessly. He didn't know what to do now.

Parasaurolophus's head was small and their brain volume was also very small. The "crest" on top of their head that made sound accounted for a large part of their head. No matter how Gulu explained it, Long couldn't understood it.

Gulu didn't know how to explain that he couldn't give birth to this cub. Even if he told Long about "reproductive isolation" and that Triceratops couldn't give birth to Parasaurolophus, he wouldn't understand.

Parasaurolophus believed that only doing group performance could give birth to cubs, not because of other steps.

Pado: "Long, thank you very much for saving us, but Gulu can never be the Dad of your cub. He's still a cub."

Long: "Pado, yes, yes, I said yes, yes."

Pado: …

Gulu felt that since the Parasaurolophus had saved his group, he should keep his word and be the father of the cub, even though he's still a cub himself.

So Gulu said, "Long, I mean what I promise. I'll be the Dad of the little one."

Long didn't want Gulu to live in his ethnic group either. For more than a year, he had already realized clearly that Gulu couldn't live in his ethnic group. He just wanted his cub to know his Dad. This was enough.

The young cub approached Gulu tentatively. It rubbed on his stout forelimbs and whispered: "Dad, Dad, I miss you so much…"

Gulu also rubbed his cub back and replied, "Fruity, how lovely."

Any dinosaur cub was very cute, even Tyrannosaurus rex cub was very cute, not to mention other gentle herbivorous dinosaur cubs. Gulu really thought that this Parasaurolophus was lovely.

Little Parasaurolophus was very happy and turned to rub against Long and said, "Mom, Dad said I'm cute."

Gulu felt really strange. Could Parasaurolophus not distinguish between male and female? Why called him Mom when this Parasaurolophus was clearly a male?! Which female Parasaurolophus gave birth to this little Parasaurolophus?!

After a series of inquiries, Gulu finally figured out the breeding method of Parasaurolophus.

The Parasaurolophus leader had the highest rights to mate and reproduce with any female in the group.

Every "music festival", the strongest female Parasaurolophus in the group would stand beside the leader. The leader needed to mate with at least three or more female dinosaurs at a time in order to give the best inheritance of the leader's excellent genes.

These females would hatch many cubs, but only the strongest cub could be approved by the Parasaurolophus leader. This cub would become the next leader.

Parasaurolophus didn't have a gender concept. The leader could be either be a female or a male. The largest one would become the leader.

Long didn't even know that many of the cubs in the group were his own. He only thought that Fruity was his cub and Gulu was his cub's Dad. So he's a Mom. The female dinosaur that hatched Fruity just shoulder the responsibility of hatching.

The female dinosaur that gave birth to the Fruity didn't even know that these eggs were her cubs. She just raised them instinctively.

Gulu asked Long, "Why am I the father and you are the mother?"

Long answered, "You can also be the mother and I'll be the father."

Gulu: emmm………pretend that I didn't ask.

In a word, Parasaurolophus belonged to a dinosaur with very low IQ and was often confused.

Like right now, for example. Long slept with his cub while Gulu just returned to Pado's group as if nothing had happened just now.

It's very late. Most of the dinosaurs in the cave were asleep. Only Pado's group had not slept, mainly because too many male Triceratopses were injured. The dinosaurs in the group were cleaning up their wounds.

Pado cleaned up his wound with his brothers while Babana coaxed the cubs to sleep.

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The three cubs couldn't sleep at all. They all saw that their Dad's injury was terrible. It must have hurt. They felt very distressed.

Gulu returned from the Parasaurolophus and went directly to Pado's side. Babana didn't stop him. The other three cubs also wanted to go. But Babana didn't let them go.

In fact, Pado and Babana both knew that Gulu was very different from other Triceratops cubs.

Babana wouldn't let the three cubs go to Pado's side because she was afraid that Pado's injury would frighten them. The wounds didn't looked too terrifying when covered in blood, but without the coverage of blood, they would look even more extremely shocking. The way to deal with these wounds was also terrible.

Gulu had seen everything and knew many things. Babana didn't need to stop him. If there was no Gulu today, they wouldn't know how much more serious their group's injuries would be. Gulu could always think of ways to save the group again and again.

The injuries on Pado's body looked terrible. Some of the meat that had not been bitten off had turned into rotten meat. After the blood had been cleaned, these glistening rotten meat appeared very ferocious and horrible.

Tears rolled in Gulu's eyes. He choked and said, "Dad, you must be in pain."

Pado rubbed Gulu softly, "Dad doesn't hurt, as long as you're all right, Dad doesn't hurt."

Gulu lowered his head. His tears pattered down to the ground. He felt stupid. Why didn't he think earlier that Parasaurolophus could bring down the rocks? If he had thought so earlier, Dad wouldn't have been hurt so much.

Pado knew what Gulu was thinking. He told him: "Gulu, you're already very smart, much smarter than Dad. Dad will soon recover from this minor injury. Gulu has helped Dad and the group a lot. Why are you crying? Dad and the group will be miserable today without you…"

Gulu: "Dad, once I grow up a little bit more, I can help you guard the group. I can kill those disgusting carnivorous dinosaurs."

Pado: "Gulu is still a cub, but Dad knows that Gulu will be very strong and powerful in the future."

Although male Triceratopses weren't always able to avoid injuries, they were not afraid of injuries. As long as they could protect their groups, they would feel the pain at all. They liked fighting. Blood and victory fascinated them.

Triceratops's aggressiveness was the basis for them to be among the strongest and most hard-core herbivorous dinosaurs and also the basis for them to compete with Tyrannosaurus rex, the number one terrestrial overlord.

Then Gulu saw Pado rub down the meat bitten by the Cryolophosaurus on the sharp stone, rubbing it down raw. Gulu felt pain just looking at it.

These rotten meat couldn't grow well again. They must be rubbed down, otherwise the wound wouldn't heal. The process of rubbing them down was more painful than the wound infection, which was life-threatening.

Pado looked as if he didn't feel the pain. He didn't make a sound. This minor injury was nothing to him.

Gulu knew that it's these large and small new injuries and old injuries on Pado that made him the strongest Triceratops leader in the entire continent of Yukan.

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