Pado was lying on the ground to rest after dealing with his injuries. Gulu laid beside him.

Gulu looked at Pado. Pado had many old wounds on his big head, but these old wounds made Pado appear more powerful and domineering, making other dinosaurs feel daunting to meet him.

Pado also looked at Gulu and said softly, "Has Gulu not been playing with Dad for a long time? Daddy's little Gulu is growing so fast. Is he embarrassed to play coquetry with Dad?"

Pado, like all parents in the world, hoped that his young cub would grow up quickly to be a very powerful dinosaur, but at the same he also hoped that his young cub would grow up slowly and still relied on him.

Gulu nudged Pado's big head and replied, "Dad, no matter how big Gulu is, he's still your little one. He loves you so much."

Pado liked Gulu like this.

Gulu looked at the nearby Parasaurolophus. Without the help of these Parasaurolophus today, he couldn't imagined how many more dinosaurs would die.

Speaking of which, he really should thank these Parasaurolophus. Compared with the death of many of their dinosaurs, being a "Green Dad" was nothing at all.

It's so lucky to meet these Parasaurolophus here. Gulu thought that he was really: A blessed person!

Gulu and Pado lied down together. He was completely unable to feel the cold. Pado's huge body became his warmest shelter.

The place where they were lying was far away from the entrance of the cave. The injured male Triceratopses needed rest and recuperate. They were all lying far away from the entrance of the cave. Moreover, the entrance of the cave was blocked by rocks. Only a few small gaps between them could let the wind enter through.

Pado also blocked the cold wind that might blow on Gulu. Gulu felt very warm and comfortable. The once terrible sound of the wind and snow outside turned into his lullaby.

Babana let Mila sleep tightly against her belly. Next to Mila was Dudu. And next to Dudu was Pachi. The three cubs felt no wind chill and slept soundly.

The sun didn't rise until noon the next day. The time of day in the polar regions would become shorter and shorter after the end of summer.

Pado looked out through the gap of the cave entrance. The snow had stopped.

One after another, many herbivorous dinosaurs walked out. The main reason was that herbivorous dinosaurs had to eat regularly and couldn't stay hungry for too time, especially the giant Diplodocus and Argentinosaurus. Even if the snow hadn't stopped, they still needed to go out for food.

The cave was very large and there're several exits. Large dinosaurs automatically exited from the bigger holes while smaller dinosaurs would exit from the smaller hole, so it wasn't crowded at all.

Today the weather was very good. The sun shone on the land. Last night's snow broke many big trees. All trees were filled with thick snow. Fern fields were also filled with thick snow.

Gulu saw many lovely Parasaurolophus foraging nearby.

Gulu looked around while eating. He's looking for Mungo's group. He believed that Mungo must have found a cave to hide last night.

These ferns and coniferous forests were extremely cold-resistant. These snows would nourish their quick growth.

One bite of the fern plant contained half of the snow. Gulu felt like eating smoothies, which was quite delicious.

When Gulu was getting full, he finally saw Mungo's group.

Mungo was running this way with his group in a hurry. It seemed that he was also worried that they wouldn't find a cave to escape last night. After all, Pado's group was too large.

Of course, Mungo soon saw Pado's group and Gulu.

Pado's group ate and unconsciously arrived at the cave entrance last night. They all stayed in the same cave. Each cave entrance wasn't far away.

The entrance of the cave should be white. Even if there're more casualties last night, given the heavy snowstorm, there should be no trace after one night.

However, there're a lot of blood, bones and meat residue at the entrance of the cave. One could vaguely identified them as the Camptosaurus because there're many completely Camptosaurus heads.

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Gulu knew that this Camptosaurus group must have been wiped out by the Cryolophosaurus after the snow stopped.

Gulu surmised that this must be the Camptosaurus who thought that the Cryolophosaurus had eaten enough of Pado's group. They quietly lurked back at dawn after all the fighting was done.

But Cryolophosaurus suffered heavy losses last night. They were unwilling to leave and had been lurking at the entrance of the cave.

Carnivorous dinosaurs all knew that herbivorous dinosaurs must eat regularly. They would come out in the morning.

The returning Camptosaurus happened to meet the Cryolophosaurus that had not yet left. There're too many Cryolophosaurus. The Camptosaurus had no self-defense or attacking tools and were easily wiped out.

Gulu thought to himself, these Camptosaurus were really "destroyed by their own cleverness".

Pado was completely indifferent to the death of so many Camptosaurus. He wouldn't feel that it was cruel. As long as his group survived, he wouldn't care how miserable other groups died because of them.

After eating, they continued to migrate. Gulu could intermittently see two or three frozen herbivorous dinosaur cubs along the way.

Then Gulu saw Ulam and her four young cubs digging in the snow looking for frozen herbivorous dinosaur cubs to eat. Just eating these cubs was enough for them to be full.

Gulu didn't know where Ulam found the cave to hide from the snow yesterday. Maybe she didn't find it and was frozen alive all night.

In fact, Ulam was alone with four cubs. Her life was very difficult. A Tyrannosaurus rex Mom alone with three cubs already had a hard life.

Gulu thought, fortunately, Heita was dead. If Heita wasn't dead, Ulam couldn't afford to raise five young ones, then Tata would be the first to die.

Mungo's group was too large to survive just by picking up the frozen cubs. They could only hunt. Fortunately, every adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group was a master hunter.

Pado's group walked fast ahead. They had to hurry a little more during daytime.

Mungo's group ate on the spot after the hunt was successful. Soon, Gulu couldn't see them at all.

One didn't know how long. Only when the sun was going down again did Mungo's group finally caught up.

There was no snow that night. All dinosaurs rested in the forest.

If there was another snowstorm, these herbivorous groups would have to find shelter on their own strength. There was no cave as large as the one before that could accommodate so many herbivorous dinosaurs.

Although it's much colder to rest in the forest than in the cave, it's still within the acceptable range of the cubs. Dinosaurs had a strong ability to regulate body temperature. They had been slowly adapting to the cold climate. The longer they stay in the polar regions, the better their adaptability would be.

The sun came out the next day. They continued to move, eating while walking.

After walking for five or six days, they arrived at the front of the largest glacier.

This glacier was too big to see the end at a glance.

Some herbivorous dinosaurs immediately crossed the glacier, but Pado decided to rest for a day before leaving.

Gulu thought that Pado's decision was wise. This glacier was too big. In case of any accident in the middle, they would be dead.

Pado took the group to eat and rest in the forest.

Mungo's group had a rest not far away. They were very full yesterday and didn't need to eat any more until now.

Carnivorous dinosaurs wouldn't die after not eating for up to seven days, but herbivorous dinosaurs could starve to death after a day of not eating.

In extremely cold environment, their metabolism would slow down. Carnivorous dinosaur could even not eat for ten days, but long-term lack of food would lead to extremely thin body that could only be said to barely not starve to death.

Of course, if the food was sufficient, it was best for carnivorous dinosaurs to eat every day. However, in the cold climate, dinosaur body circulation would slow down. It wasn't easy to get hungry after eating, so there's no need to eat every day.

The energy consumption used for hunting was extremely high. Mungo's group now basically ate once every 2-3 days.

Gulu wanted to walk around. Of course, only Mungo could take him. Pado felt very relieved with Mungo and was always willing to let Mungo take Gulu out.

Mungo and Gulu wandered around in the forest.

Mungo certainly heard about the Parasaurolophus leader and Gulu. All dinosaurs in the cave were laughing at the Parasaurolophus that day. How could there be such a stupid dinosaur?

That night Mungo's group hid in a small cave, far away from the big cave where Pado's group hid. It's impossible for them to know the danger of that night. Mungo heard of it the next day.

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Mungo: "Gulu, you don't really think that the little dinosaur is your cub, do you?"

Gulu found it strange. Long never looked for him again after that night. He wanted to talk to Long and express his thanks again, but Long seemed to have forgotten the matter and looked like he didn't know him at all.

Mungo also didn't know why, he felt very strange, There were other dinosaurs then, but Gulu became the little dinosaur's "parent". Mungo just feel very uncomfortable. Just thinking of it made him uncomfortable.

Gulu thought about what happened to the Parasaurolophus leader and casually answered, "Of course not."

Mungo no longer asked.

There're many herbivorous dinosaurs eating in the forest. They wanted to be full before they crossed the glacier.

Gulu and Mungo walked deeper into the forest.

After walking for a while, Gulu felt dizzy. At the same time, he saw some big dinosaurs lying in the forest at a distance, including Diplodocus and Stegosaurus.

In addition, Gulu found that there're no wounds on these dinosaurs, which proved that they were not attacked and killed by carnivorous dinosaurs.

On closer inspection, Gulu also saw several Cryolophosaurus lying beside a Diplodocus. There was no wound on them.

Gulu immediately realized that there might be a high concentration of some deadly gas that's colorless and tasteless in the forest.

Realizing this, Gulu immediately took Mungo back. They needed to go to an open space.

Gulu couldn't figure out what kind of gas it was until he saw a tiny crack on the huge ice wall next to the forest.

Glacial fissure would release a large amount of methane, which was colorless and tasteless. If the density was too high, it would kill people and, of course, dinosaurs. The forest was too dense, resulting in numerous entrapments of methane gas.

A large amount of methane in the air was the precursor of the glacier melting!

Gulu ran very fast and met the Parasaurolophus on his way back.

These Parasaurolophus had saved their lives. Gulu immediately ran to Long and said, "Long, follow Pado's group and don't go anywhere else. It's very dangerous now. You must follow Pado's group. Come with me."

Although Mungo was a Tyrannosaurus rex and stood so close to them, these Parasaurolophus were not afraid at all.

Since these Parasaurolophus had a low IQ, only if their leader think that the Tyrannosaurus rex was dangerous and release the information to them would they be afraid. If their leader didn't think so, they wouldn't be afraid. (T/N: how can such a species manage to survive?)

Right now, their leader didn't think that the Tyrannosaurus rex was dangerous. As long as Mungo didn't attack, they wouldn't be afraid.

Long looked blankly: "Gulu, how do you know my name is Long?"

Gulu was shocked: "No way, have you forgotten? Just before in the cave…"

Long slowly seemed to recall something.

In fact, Gulu also understood that animals with low IQ usually had very poor memory. The memory time was very short. They may only remember some very important things or forget them at any time.

Now there was no time to say too much, Gulu could only command him: "Long, you are taking the group with us now, now!"

Gulu then saw Laurence galloping towards them with his group, looking worried.

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