"Hey, Rex, what have you been looking at for so long?" Pan also bent down.

"The change rolled under your feet."

"I'll help you." Pan picked up the coin at his feet and clasped it on the table. "Don't make your pocket look like a treasure chest and put everything in it," he said half-jokingly.

"Well, I know. I'm not eating anymore." Rex stood up. He still smiled faintly, but his displeasure was obvious.

"What happened to this guy?" Lin Yifei looked at Pan.

"I don't know, maybe the set meal isn't appetizing?" Pan frowned slightly. After all, Chris and Rex would take part in the individual round robin competition in the afternoon. There would be three consecutive matches in one afternoon, so he didn't want Rex to have any unstable emotion.

Fortunately, Pan's worries were unnecessary. The match in the afternoon went extremely smoothly. Chris and Rex both advanced to the quarter-final. Next week would be the semi-final.

During the break-up, Lin Yifei saw a familiar figure in the crowd. He was slightly taller than his peers. When everyone broke up, he still looked at the students who were packing up after the match.

"Er! That guy is here!" Lin Yifei took Katherine aside, "Look! That's the big guy!"

"Ah…I remember him. He gave you a push after the match and made you twist your ankle! Watch out! This isn't good. You're taking part in the team match. He's also in the team match and will play against you!" Katherine patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder.

"I just don't like him very much. He can't take a loss and even wants to solve the problem with violence. It insults the spirit of fencing."

"Yes, every man who take up a sabre must be at least a gentleman." Speaking of gentlemen, Katherine had to mention Kevin Phil again.

"Do you know that Kevin is going to represent Britain in next year's Olympics? It's so exciting. I really hope that next year will come soon!"

Lin Yifei smiled slightly. He knew that next year, Kevin would be on the real throne, surrounded by the envious eyes of his peers. He stood at the top and showed an elegant smile, waiting for someone else to pull him down from that lonely place.

In fact, Lin Yifei could have gone home this week, but because of the competition, he was too lazy to go back. But if he also skipped dinner with his parents on the weekend, his mother would go straight to school to see her son.

When everyone got on the bus, Lin Yifei told the driver to stop near Chinatown.

"I'll come down with you." Chris spoke up.

"Ah? Aren't you going back to the Osbornes'?"

"No." Chris said this sentence in a bland tone, but Lin Yifei regretted that he asked. After the death of Mrs. Osborne, Mr. Osborne also went on business trips all year round. Even Elizabeth was sent to a boarding school for girls. Chris had nothing to go back to.

Lin Yifei suddenly hung from Chris's arm like a monkey. "Can you take both of us back to school after dinner? I don't want to take the subway…it's super long…"

"Yes." Chris reached around Lin Yifei's shoulder and patted him on the head.

The school bus stopped two stops away from Chinatown. The two walked out side by side. Chinatown was still very lively. Chen Lin Ji's business was so good that they didn't even have an open seat, but mother Lin who sat in front of the cash register didn't look very energetic.

"Mom! I'm back! Is there anything delicious for dinner?" Lin Yifei, who was leaning on the cashier's counter, suddenly asked. It almost scared mother Lin out of her mind.

"You this bad thing! I thought you were so happy at school! And didn't even want to come back!" Mother Lin scolded him, but the expression on her face was completely happy.

"Don't be angry. There was a busy match recently. You also know that I rely on my fencing to reduce my tuition fees. If I don't perform well in the competition, the school might want us to pay back the tuition fees, wouldn't that be a loss?"

"All right, don't make excuses! Now that you have Chris to play with you, how can you care about me and your father?" Mother Lin looked at Chris as if she discovered something. "Chris seems to have grown taller again. Is it 175 cm now?"

"It's 176 cm."

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"Hah?" Lin Yifei frowned. When did this guy grow so tall? However, it's not surprising. Chris was 1.86 m tall at the age of 23, which was 10 cm higher.

Manman came down from upstairs and saw both of them. Her eyes turned into crescent shape as she smiled, "Brother Yifei! Chris! You're here!"

"Oh, look at Manman. She's been asking when you'll come back this month! Then your uncle Chen made fun of her and said what's the rush, when the time comes, she'll be able to see you every day."

"No! Auntie, don't listen to my father!" Manman waved her hand to clarify.

Of course, Lin Yifei knew why. Manman always had a crush on Chris.

"I only take Manman as my younger sister. Mom, some jokes can't be said."

"Okay, okay, I know you're shy with Chris here!" Mother Lin blinked at Manman and continued, "Manman, go make some of your specialty dishes and let them try!"

Manman smiled and went upstairs. The upstairs kitchen was for the Chen and Lin family. While listening to the sound of cutting vegetables, Lin Yifei leaned against the kitchen door and couldn't help praising: "Wow, this move is like Chef Liu downstairs!"

It was only half a minute before three small dishes were served. Mother Lin brought a plate of dried ham and rice from the restaurant's kitchen. After chatting, she naturally talked around Manman again.

"You see how nice Manman is, how delicate she is, how kind and clever she is, and how delicious the food she makes is."

"Mom –" Lin Yifei laughed. With a glance from the corner of his eye, he saw Chris's chopsticks standing at the side of the bowl, seemingly frozen there. "Manman is great, but she's not my type."

"Oh, what kind do you like? Do you like the ones who look like big stars in the movie?"

"Of course not! The type I like is the kind of person who's a little stubborn and a little indifferent. The kind of bad person who doesn't care about the entire world, but is gentle toward me."

"Is there such a girl?" Mother Lin didn't understand her son's taste.

"What about you Chris? What kind of girl do you like?" Manman slowly asked.

"Yes, Chris, what kind do you like?" Mother Lin felt that she had been chatting with her son and almost neglected the guest, so she quickly found a topic to include Chris.

"Like Yifei."

The answer was still Chris style, simple without any extras.

Mother Lin froze hearing this answer.

"Oh, Chris, you like Chinese girls." Manman's voice brought mother Lin back to herself.

"Yes, I remember. Chris also grew up eating Chinese food! It isn't surprising that you like Chinese girl since you have come into contact with many of our Chinese cultures. When you want to find a girlfriend one day, tell Auntie. I'll find the most beautiful girl in Chinatown to meet you!"

"Mom! What are you talking about? Does Chris need your introduction to meet girls? There's so many chasing him. Besides, isn't Manman the most beautiful girl in Chinatown?"

Mother Lin was immediately made to laugh by Lin Yifei.

When returning to school at night, mother Lin also packed tea eggs and glutinous rice chicken in sealed boxes and asked him to take them back to school.

"Mom, I'm full. I can't eat these at night. What's more, there's no refrigerator in the dorm. What if these things turn bad tomorrow?"

"Alas……" Mother Lin showed a sad look.

"Take them with you. They won't spoil." Chris took the lunch box and sat in the car.

Lin Yifei was stunned. When did they get a refrigerator?

As soon as he got into the car, he heard Chris calling to order a refrigerator and a microwave.

"Hey, can we use these appliances in the dorm?"


When they arrived at the dorm, a special delivery company was already waiting for them at the door. The refrigerator was installed and ready to use in less than 20 minutes.

Lin Yifei opened the refrigerator door and sighed with emotion: "When the weather gets too hot to stand, you can buy a box of Coke and put it in it here. It'll taste so cool and refreshing!"

The dormitory door had been closed. Chris half knelt behind Lin Yifei. He gently opened his back collar and kissed his neck. He neatly unbuttoned his plaid shirt, and reached inside with his finger to touch the tiny bulge.

Sure enough, Lin Yifei shrank up again, "Stop that now…"

But Chris's kiss on his neck was very strong, as if to suck out all the blood.


With this provocative, Lin Yifei soon had a reaction.

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Chris pulled up Lin Yifei. He walked into the bathroom in two or three steps and turned on the hot water that spilled on both of them. Chris looked at Lin Yifei. He intently took off his shirt, then slowly pulled his jeans off.

Lin Yifei looked at Chris's drooping brow through the curtain of water. He knew that what mother Lin said today upset him.

"I don't like others…Don't worry…"

Chris's kiss fell again, along with the warm water. His palm slowly descended along his back, stroking the two buttocks through his completely wet underpants. The intensity of kneading was very obvious.

Lin Yifei wanted to step back, but Chris pressed his hip to force them to stick together.

"…Let me in."

"…No. Not yet." Lin Yifei swallow saliva, he knew that Chris was hard for him.

"When will that be possible?"

"Adult…" Lin Yifei's brain couldn't think. He just subconsciously said the answer.

"Good." As soon as Chris's voice fell, Lin Yifei was pulled over and pressed against the wall. His wet underpants were pulled off and hung on his knees. Chris's huge size just entered between his legs.

"Chris!" Lin Yifei was shocked. When he was about to fight, he was held down by each other.

"I won't go in unless you say so." Chris's burning breath was sprayed on his neck. It was an uncontrollable impulse that had already surged out. The skin between Lin Yifei's legs is about to burn up because of Chris's entry and exit. Whenever the other side rubbed over the most hidden place, Lin Yifei felt quite nervous. He didn't know how long this process lasted. Lin Yifei, lying prone on the wall, felt like he was going to lose his legs.

"…Chris…" Lin Yifei even had some fear. With Chris's large size in that place, if he one day entered his body, wouldn't he have an urge to die?

Chris kissed Lin Yifei's skin. His body movements became larger. Lin Yifei quickly began to groan and moan. Even if Chris promised not to come in, why did he still feel so stimulated?

One didn't know how long, Lin Yifei only felt that his skin was almost blistered, before Chris suddenly crashed Lin Yifei against the wall and released between his legs.

The two people gasped.

Chris's palm touched that place. Lin Yifei subconsciously wanted to close his legs.

"Don't be afraid. I'm just cleaning it up for you."

The two teenagers rinsed simply then returned to the room.


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