Because the current mountain was relatively high, at least higher than the opposite ice wall, they could all see that the 100 meters high big ice wall that was completely frozen had a length of at least 10,000 meters.

Previously, when they looked at the big ice wall from the coniferous forest, they couldn't see the end at a glance, but now standing on the mountain, they could see that the big ice wall was an entire frozen glacier that have been spreading for a long time.

The shortcut for migrating herbivorous dinosaurs was the Big Glacier right below the 100 meters tall ice wall. Once the ice wall burst, all glaciers below would be submerged.

Across from them, the 100 meters tall ice wall was really broken. The crack in the middle spread longer, followed by all kinds of littering cracks. Suddenly a huge block of ice fell down. It looked terrifying.

Gulu knew that this entire glacier breakup phenomenon was called "ice calving" and because this ice wall was very large and its length exceeded 10,000 meters, this breakup could definitely be regarded as "ice avalanche".

Ice avalanche was very terrible. Not only would there be a large amount of glacier water pouring down in torrents, but also thousands of large ice blocks would fall down. Each block of ice was like a bomb that could smash the ground into a deep pit. When falling into the water, it could lift a thousand-layer wave to push a 10,000-ton ship far away. Smaller ship could be overturned directly.

Large-scale ice avalanches would produce strong erosion and scraping force on the cliffs or depressions below them. Gulu saw the forest edge beside the Big Glacier being directly cut off and sunk down into the ice water.

Huge blocks of ice fell into the Big Glacier below, giving out incessant banging, as if they had entered the most exciting battlefield filled with earth-shattering explosions.

The Big Glacier below had already started to melt from the bottom in addition to being constantly smashed apart by the falling ice blocks. These ice blocks came in all shell sizes and blew up pieces everywhere.

The huge torrent of ice water, mixed with large and small ice blocks, poured down and instantly flooded the dinosaurs migrating on the Big Glacier below.

At the same time, the ice surface of the Big Glacier below also rapidly broke apart, revealing the vast amount of ice water that had melted and appeared bottomless.

Out in the distance, Gulu could even see the dinosaurs at the end of the Big Glacier since he stood high up and could look far away. These dinosaurs were almost out of the Big Glacier, but they suddenly fell into the icy water because of this instant burst.

Of course, any dinosaurs who reached the shore and managed to get out of the glacier could still save themselves, as long as they managed to withstand the freezing cold of the icy water and desperately struggled to climb ashore.

Gulu saw some dinosaurs who had the strong willpower to climb ashore starting to run. They still had to run through the torrent of glacier water and dangerous ice blocks that were pouring down throughout the thousands of meters range. Because of the large distance, the dinosaurs below looked very small.

In front of mother nature, even terrifying creatures such as dinosaurs would look very small.

Even for the dinosaurs that had already reached the shore, some still sank into the ice water because they couldn't run faster than the speed of the ice crack.

Gulu saw that several Cryolophosaurus and Yutyrannus still hunted on the ice. He couldn't understand the hunger of these polar carnivorous dinosaurs! How hungry were they to still hunt at this time?!

Several Triceratopses ran after a very strong adult Triceratops. The ice behind them was splitting apart at rapid speed. These Triceratopses ran fast in order to take refuge at the foot of the nearby mountain before the ice completely separated.

The strong Triceratops should be a Triceratops leader. He ran the fastest, but his group had all fallen into the ice water, leaving him alone.

Cryolophosaurus were chasing this strong Triceratops.

Gulu wanted to help the chased Triceratops yell, "Brother, this place is poisonous! Go ashore and fight later. Let's escape the poison first!

But these Cryolophosaurus didn't care. They soon surrounded the Triceratops.

The Triceratops was completely angered. He roared and ran into the Cryolophosaurus. The Cryolophosaurus also pounced on the Triceratops from all directions. At the same time, the ice suddenly made a cracking sound.

Then there came a loud thud. The strong Triceratops leader fell into the ice water. The Cryolophosaurus also fell into the ice water but continued to attack the Triceratops. In an instant, the surrounding ice water turned blood red.

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The Triceratops had always been very strong. Even after he fell into the freezing cold water, he still desperately swam to keep himself from sinking while hitting the Cryolophosaurus crazily.

The safe refuge at the foot of the mountain was still a little far away from this Triceratops. He knew that he wouldn't be able to swim, so he decided to pull his enemies to die together.

Triceratops wasn't as cold-resistant as polar carnivorous dinosaurs. Cryolophosaurus could still hunt in ice water, but it's very painful for Triceratops.

These Cryolophosaurus frantically bit the Triceratops, and directly tore half of Triceratops's head that was still on the surface of the water. The bones could be seen and the bloody pieces of meat hanging on his bare bones looked horrifying.

Gulu couldn't believe it. He saw this Triceratops leader, brimming with the intense discomfort brought by the freezing ice water and enduring the sharp pain of having half of his head bitten off by the Cryolophosaurus, rammed his horn into one of the largest Cryolophosaurus.

The Triceratops leader's long horn pierced the Cryolophosaurus's neck instantly. Right after that, the two dinosaurs sank together.

Gulu recognized that Triceratops leaders always had the toughest willpower and the most indomitable fighting spirit.

The rest of the Cryolophosaurus couldn't dive into the water to eat the Triceratops. Although Cryolophosaurus were very powerful, they were not aqueous predators and couldn't breathe underwater, so they had to swim to the shore.

Gulu really couldn't understand these Cryolophosaurus. How was hunting in the water useful? It's still impossible for them to eat their prey after the kill.

The Big Glacier area was very chaotic, being full of dinosaurs struggling to survive.

Since Gulu himself was a Triceratops, he paid more attention to the Triceratopses. He saw a very strong male Triceratops and an adult female Triceratops pushing a large ice block on which lied a small Triceratops.

Gulu realized that the Triceratops parents must want to send their cub to the shore at the foot of the mountain, but they were too far away.

The Triceratops parents desperately swam to push the big ice forward, behind them were swirling large and small ice blocks, ice debris and a big iceberg that was drifting towards them at a rapid speed due to the flood.

One didn't know whether the little Triceratops who's lying on the big ice was scared or too cold. His entire body was shaking. He kept rubbing his little head against his parents' big head and asked, "Are you tired? I can swim too. I'm not cold. I'm not afraid…"

The Triceratops parents rubbed their young one and replied: "Dad and Mom aren't tired at all. Don't be afraid. We'll always be with you…"

Suddenly there was a loud bang. An ice block as huge as a boulder crashed down and instantly stirred up huge waves amidst the broken glacier. Countless pieces of the broken glaciers were smashed upward then fell back on the water surface.

Gulu saw a large ice block hit the parents of the little Triceratops. The speed was too fast to escape. The Triceratops Dad hit the Triceratops Mom with his own body to knock them away. The Triceratops Dad was hit by the large ice block and instantly sank into the water. This happened in the blink of an eye.

The little Triceratops watched helplessly as his Dad sank into the water. He cried and shouted: "Dad, don't go! Don't go! Don't leave Mom and me! You said you'll take me out of the polar circle to eat berries. You can't go back on your words. I don't want you to become a big bad dinosaur who goes back on his words. Dad, I don't want to eat berries. Don't go…"

The Triceratops Mom desperately swam. She didn't have time to look back. Her eyes only had one goal, to send her young to shore.

But gradually the Triceratops Mom could no longer swim. The water was too cold, and the ice block was too big. She couldn't keep pushing it toward the foot of the mountain with all her strength. She was still only in the middle of the glacier. However, she was still pushing hard. She wouldn't give up until the last moment of her life.

The little Triceratops saw his Mom looked so tired and started to close her eyes. He kept crying and shouting, "Mom, don't sleep in the water. The water is too cold. Come on up. Can you come up to sleep? Mom…"

The female Triceratops used her last breath to say, "Mom isn't cold. Mom is just too tired and will sleep. Don't be afraid. Mom will always be with you. Don't be afraid…"

After saying this, the female Triceratops hung on the ice and closed her eyes forever.

The little Triceratops bit the big horn shield of the female Triceratops and tried to drag his Mom onto the ice. Of course, he was too small, and every action was in vain.

In fact, the small cub knew that his Mom was dead, but he wasn't willing to acknowledge this fact.

The little Triceratops leaned his small body on his Mom's big head and said, "Mom, the water is too cold. I'll hug you. I'll hug you. You won't be cold. Don't sleep too long, Mom…"

Gulu knew that this little Triceratops was bound to die.


Gulu wasn't the only one watching everything below. All dinosaurs on the mountain were stunned. They realized that if they hadn't followed Gulu to migrate up the mountain, they would all be dead now. None of them would survive.

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If they had gone down on the Big Glacier to migrate, it would take them at least half a day more to get out even if they try to move faster. The ice surface of the entire Big Glacier was broken. All of them would drown since they couldn't make it to shore.

Now these dinosaurs had to admit that Gulu did save them, so they immediately scattered away.

Dinosaurs were not human beings, they didn't have high EQ. They wouldn't apologize after finding out that they had done something wrong, especially given that it was a group incident.

Not only dinosaurs, human beings who committed wrongs collectively as a group would never feel that they did anything wrong. At most, there would just be some feelings of guilt.

Gulu looked at the scattered dinosaurs. He never expected them to apologize to him.

The dispersed dinosaurs were so excited that they kept shouting and stepping on the ground. They were glad that they had listened to Gulu. If they had gone below, they would be dead now.

Gulu looked at these excited dinosaurs: Crazy, crazy, crazy…

Long suddenly issued a loud roar and said: "You dinosaurs are so annoying. Our Gulu kindly saves your lives. But you doubt him and want to trample him to death. See, the glacier really melts! If you were below, you would be dead, dead, dead! Oh, you big bad dinosaurs deserve your death!…"

Gulu looked askance at the angry Long. He thought that Long was really cute.

Mungo's group was still attacking the giant Argentinosaurus, but Gulu had no concern. Tyrannosaurus rex were supposed to hunt herbivorous dinosaurs.

This Argentinosaurus originally joined another Argentinosaurus group, but now the group had abandoned him.

Gulu wanted to thank those who had just stood by Pado's group and chose to believe him, but they had already dispersed.

Ray took his group into the forest to eat. Sofu's and Hongdun's groups also went to other places to find ferns. Blunt's and Tudor's group went even further…

These groups didn't need Gulu's gratitude. Gulu had saved them more than once and they trusted him anyway.

Then Gulu watched carefully to see if any of Pado's dinosaurs were trampled to death. Fortunately, the "ice calving" came in time, before Pado's dinosaurs were too injured. So, their lives were not in danger.

But other groups suffered some injuries. Pado's group just suffered some head injuries. Some smaller dinosaurs with little defense were trampled to death in the accident.

Gulu counted roughly more than a dozen dinosaurs that were trampled to death. Most of them were Camptosaurus that didn't have many defensive or offensive capabilities.

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