Long was still broadcasting at a very high volume. All dinosaurs on this mountain could hear his loud voice: "You big bad dinosaurs, Gulu will never tell you the news again! You can all drown and die! You dinosaurs are disgusting!…"

Gulu was afraid that Long was tired from shouting. It took a lot of vital lung capacity to make such a loud noise. It must be very tiring. He said to Long, "Long, forget it, don't say it. Anyway, I won't tell them again in the future so prevent such troubles again."

Long: "Humph, Gulu said, he won't tell you again in the future, lest you find him trouble again, big bad dinosaur!…"

Gulu: "Long, don't be angry. Let's eat fern plants too. These ferns are delicious."

Long stopped yelling and started eating ferns with Gulu.

Originally, every time Gulu chose to alert dinosaur groups, he would consider all kinds of factors before choosing to tell them or not.

Whether or not to tell these dinosaurs depended to a large extent on not interfering excessively with the natural and ecological chains. Any natural disaster would reshuffle the food chain by nature. Excessive human intervention may lead to very serious ecological chain imbalance and other problems.

Such as volcanic eruptions and floods. Gulu didn't tell the other dinosaurs, because if too many dinosaurs survived, it would result in severe food shortages and very serious consequences.

However, there're not many dinosaurs migrating with them on this migration route. They would also face danger after following him up the mountain.

Therefore, Gulu never wanted these dinosaurs to thank him. If they encountered any natural disaster again, he would still analyze in detail whether or not to alert these dinosaurs.

However, through today's incident, Gulu had learned some wisdom and would avoid similar things in the future. He must add the following sentence to the news: I, Gulu, am not responsible for the 100% accuracy of the news! Believing it or not is up to you!

Pachi and Dudu kept rubbing on Gulu's big head, "Wow! Brother, you're really strong. How do you know everything?…"

Mila was too small to rub Gulu's head, so she rubbed Gulu's belly, "Brother has always been strong."

Gulu quietly told his younger siblings. In fact, he wasn't sure. He also thought that the ice wall wouldn't collapse at all.

Pachi, Dudu and Mila replied, "No matter what, we all think Brother is the best. We'll always believe in you."

Babana rubbed against Gulu, "Silly Gulu, whatever happens, Mom and Dad will always protect you."

Gulu rubbed Babana back and said, "Hmm, Mom, I know."

Gulu felt that he was extremely lucky to have all these great dinosaurs around him.

Although the glaciers below the mountain were experiencing a terrible catastrophe, the dinosaurs on the mountain didn't pay much attention to it. They had to continue their migration and get out of the polar circle as soon as possible.

All dinosaurs walked while eating ferns.

Gulu followed Pado's group as he walked and ate. He looked back at Mungo's group from time to time.

Mungo and his brothers were still attacking the huge Argentinosaurus, then some Cryolophosaurus joined in. The Argentinosaurus was too big to fall down in a short time.

Being an herbivorous dinosaur was rather miserable. Even with the size of the Argentinosaurus, it's still inevitable to be hunted.

In addition, when hunting an herbivorous dinosaur of extremely large size, the fight would attract many carnivorous dinosaurs nearby to hunt together. These carnivorous dinosaurs would suddenly have an unprecedented tacit understanding, because killing a giant herbivorous dinosaur could feed the surrounding ecological chain for several days.

After more and more Cryolophosaurus joined, the Argentinosaurus soon fell to the ground.

Even if the number of Cryolophosaurus was larger, they dared not compete with Tyrannosaurus rex for food on land. They could only watch Mungo's group eat first while standing at a farther distance.

Mungo also called Gaya and her cubs to eat together. After they were full, Mungo took the group to catch up with Pado's group.

After these Tyrannosaurus rex left, the Cryolophosaurus swarmed and began to snatch the huge Argentinosaurus.

This Argentinosaurus and more than a dozen dead Camptosaurus were enough to feed all carnivorous dinosaurs on this mountain for five or six days.

Gulu could foresee that in the next few days, they wouldn't be attacked by any polar carnivorous dinosaurs. Who would give up ready-made meat?

Herbivorous dinosaurs ate while walking, so they couldn't walk fast. Mungo's group soon caught up with Pado's group.

Gulu found that wherever Pado's group went, the best fern fields were always empty, as if waiting for them to eat.

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This was the other groups' way of apologizing to Gulu. They apologized in their own way by leaving the best fern field to Pado's group.

Pado came to Gulu after securing the group. He rubbed Gulu's big head and asked, "Gulu, were you scared just now? There were so many dinosaurs."

Gulu looked at Pado and answered, "Yes, I was scared. So many dinosaurs can trample on many, many dinosaurs in the group."

Pado spoke very solemnly: "Gulu, remember. Dad is the leader of the group. Dad will protect you at all times and the group will listen to Dad."

Gulu nodded heavily.

Pado knew that Gulu had saved the group so many times. Now Gulu's prestige in the group was as high as his. Even if he didn't order it, the group would protect Gulu, just like protecting the group leader. He's very proud.

On this afternoon, Pado stayed with Gulu. The father and son talked while eating.

Gulu found that Mungo had been running among various herbivorous dinosaur groups, not to hunt, but to look for a dinosaur. He guessed that Mungo should be looking for the Camptosaurus.

Mungo was indeed looking for the Camptosaurus. He had experienced the lessons of the last Moke incident. He wouldn't let go of any dinosaur that threatened Gulu.

But the Camptosaurus was too clever for Mungo to find him.

By evening, they still hadn't walked out of this vast fern field, so they just ate and rested there.

Mungo had been wandering outside Pado's group. Pado immediately gave Gulu to Mungo.

Gulu told Pado that he would spend the night in Mungo's group. Pado agreed.

Mungo and Gulu returned to the Tyrannosaurus rex group together.

Gaya and the three cubs rubbed endlessly on Gulu to express their thoughts and worries. Today, so many dinosaurs were going to trample Gulu to death. This really scared them.

Gulu also kept rubbing back on them.

Although there was no snowstorm tonight, the temperature in the polar region was very low. They still needed to sleep closely together to keep warm.

All Tyrannosaurus rex slept in a circle, close to one another.

Gaya and her cubs slept in the middle of the circle. In the past, Munroe and Gaya used to sleep together to protect the cubs from the cold. Today Mungo wouldn't let Munroe sleep here. He wanted to sleep here himself.

Munroe wasn't happy: "Brother, I want to sleep inside. Gulu came back today. I want to sleep with him. Didn't I sleep inside before?"

Mungo said nothing and glared at him, so Munroe slept outside.

Gulu hadn't lived in the Tyrannosaurus rex group for a long time. Mungo was very gentle when he was in front of him. He thought that after so much experience, Mungo had become gentle. As the result, Mungo hadn't changed at all and was still as fierce as before.

Gaya laid down. Guga slept next to Gaya. Guji and Gudong stayed in the middle. Gulu slept next to Mungo.

Since it's still relatively early, Gulu couldn't sleep and said to Mungo, "Mungo, in fact you shouldn't migrate with us. You can just stop after coming out of the volcanic ash cover. You can re-establish your territory there and won't have to encounter so many dangers with us."

Mungo rubbed his snout against Gulu's big head and replied: "What if the mainland is divided? You said the mainland will be divided. We must move with you."

Guji, Gudong and Guga also scrambled to say: "That's right. Brother, if the mainland is divided, we'll never see you again, then we'll be sad to death…"

Gaya: "Gulu, Mom wants to see you grow up and become a Triceratops leader. If the mainland is divided, Mom can't see you."

Munroe: "Gulu, you're my big brother! We must all follow big brother! Even if my brother doesn't follow you, we will, Gulu. Let me tell you quietly. We all recognize you as our big brother` now. My brother is too fierce."

Gulu: Are you really telling me quietly? Mungo isn't deaf…you can wait to get beaten tomorrow!

Munroe continued, "Gulu, you're really strong. How do you know that the glacier will melt? How do you know so much? My brother isn't as good as you except for fighting. You're our big brother, really…"

Gulu wanted to joke with Munroe: "Munroe, have you ever heard of a sentence, 'If you become a licking dog, you'll end up with nothing!'"

Mungo's group had lived with Gulu for a long time. Gulu often told them about things in the human world and they gradually learned a lot.

Munroe: "No, Gulu, the phrase should be 'If you become a licking dog, you'll end up with everything!' I'm going to be a licking dog for Gulu. Gulu is the best…"

Gulu: Another crazy Tyrannosaurus rex…

Mungo: "Sleep."

After Mungo gave the order, no dinosaur dared to speak again. Although Munroe was very excited and wanted to speak many words to Gulu, Mungo was really too fierce. He dared not provoke him and could only sleep.

Gulu was also a little sleepy. They needed to get up early tomorrow to continue migrating.

The next five or six days were very peaceful. There're no polar carnivorous dinosaurs to hunt the migrating herbivorous dinosaurs. That Argentinosaurus and those Camptosaurus were enough for the carnivorous dinosaurs on this mountain to eat for many days.

On this day, they reached another canyon.

The canyon was very narrow and surrounded by high mountains. There was no snow on these high mountains, but there were very thick frozen ices. These thick frozen ices appeared just like someone had put white ice caps on top of the high mountains.

Every tall ice cap was shining brightly under the sunshine.

Canyons and valleys were always dangerous terrains, but there was really no other way to go around it. Before entering the canyon, Gulu had carefully observed the surroundings. There was really no other path.

All dinosaur groups were moving very fast. They wanted to pass through this small canyon as soon as possible.

Mungo's group wasn't far behind Pado's. Gulu could always see them, so he could rest assured.

Gulu, of course, was still walking in the middle of the group with Babana and his siblings.

Just as Pado's group was about to leave the canyon, Gulu heard a very small sound of scratching. He looked up at the mountain's ice cap. The ice f**king collapsed!

Gulu shouted, "Run!"

Countless huge ice blocks mixed with large stones rolled down. In an instant, the surrounding mountains collapsed.

The situation was so urgent. Pado's group had already run to the exit of the canyon. The Triceratopses in the front part had already run out.

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However, the exit of the canyon was very narrow. Only about ten Triceratopses could run out at a time.

Gulu saw a boulder smashed down and immediately blocked half of the junction, killing several Triceratopses, but they still had to run. If they couldn't run out, they would be buried alive in the canyon!

Just as Gulu was about to run to the canyon exit, more boulders smashed down. Babana pushed Gulu out with a hard push.

Gulu rolled several times and rolled out of canyon. He looked back and saw that the canyon was completely blocked.

But Babana, Pado and Mungo hadn't come out! Only he made it out!

Gulu was very anxious. He couldn't move such a big stone and couldn't smash it.

There're so many boulders falling down that in a short time, numerous boulders piled up to a high stone wall. Gulu couldn't even see the situation inside!

Bang. Bang. Bang. Gulu could only hear the loud noises of boulders and ice blocks falling.

At the same time, Gulu saw a mountain in the distance, the same one where they entered the canyon, had basically collapsed by half. This meant the road out of the other side of the canyon was also blocked!

Gulu was running around in a hurry. If everyone was dead, he didn't see the point of staying alive!

Tears swirled in Gulu's eyes. He ran back and forth, not knowing what to do.

At this moment, Gulu saw Laurence running up from the nearby fern field!

In an instant, Laurence reached Gulu and said to him, "Gulu, I'll take you through another road. The mountain is falling down. There's another path. I'll take you there."

Laurence actually followed Gulu all the time. Previously, the only road he knew was this small canyon. But he discovered another extra path after the mountain collapsed. However, the dinosaurs trapped in the canyon certainly couldn't find the newly made path.

Gulu ran after Laurence. They needed to bypass the fern field and go around to the other side of the mountain.

But Gulu, as a Triceratops, couldn't run as fast as Laurence. He immediately turned into a human being and rode on Laurence.

Laurence ran so fast that Gulu heard the wind buzzing around his ears.

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