Li Chao yawned and asked, "Where are you going to play next?"

"Will you and Liu An go to the hot spring later?"

Li Chao yawned again. "No, I just got back this morning. I'm exhausted. I'll sleep first then have a good exchange of feelings with my wife tonight."

Tang Sibo understood the meaning behind this exchange of feelings, of course. He no longer cared about this beast and got up to call Su Fu and the two children to go to their next stop.

Meanwhile, Li Chao hugged Liu An with a yawn and went back to the small building to sleep together. After sleeping enough, who knew if they would do something else?  

Two big and two small people went out of the Beijing Opera Theater. Since it's still early, Tang Sibo led them to the busy shopping street in City B. Su Fu also wanted to buy some autumn and winter clothes for Juan Juan and his parents. The four of them strolled slowly along the street and bought delicious food that they saw to eat with their hands. They behaved extremely relaxed.

Two hours later, Su Fu bought a lot of clothes but didn't spent much money because when he went to pay at several stores, the salespeople said that the stores were owned by the Tang family. Since Mr. Tang brought them here, how could they pay?

That's also what Tang Sibo meant. He said that he's the host. Once he brought them to City B, he must do his duty as the host.

Hearing these words, Su Fu became embarrassed, but he didn't dwell on them too much. He just needed to treat the Tang father and his son better in the future.

It's past five o'clock when they put the bags in the trunk. Tang Sibo took them to eat Japanese food.

After dinner, they no longer drove around. Tang Sibo said that the Hot Spring resort wasn't far from here, so we went for a walk together. It would also help with digestion. It's not good to soak in the hot spring right after a meal.

While walking slowly and leisurely chatting, they arrived at the Hot Spring resort 20 minutes later. Su Fu looked up and saw a very ordinary resort. Its outward appearance could only be evaluated "elegant."

The two men led the children in and met one row of handsome men and one row of beautiful women on two sides smiling at them.

Su Fu thought, this place could get some many handsome men and beautiful women as attendants. Its cost can't be cheap.  

At this time, the head of the attendants came to them with a smile like seeing his long-lost relatives.

"Mr. Tang, your room is still reserved. Please come this way." The attendant smiled and walked to the front to lead the way.

Su Fu turned to look at Tang Sibo and asked with his eyes – Is this place also owned by your family?

Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head. "I just come here often," he said.

Su Fu nodded.

Just now, he saw the lobby's decoration looked ordinary, so Su Fu thought that it's just an ordinary resort. However, once they walked in and saw the attendants, it's like entering a new world. The corridor showed the same feeling as walking through cave tunnel. Its decorations looked colorful, beautiful and unique. Further down the road, he saw various hot spring rooms. They entered a room that looked like a stone chamber on the outside only to find that it's actually a normal room.

The room's material was mostly made from mahogany. There're dressing room, bathroom and resting room. The resting room had a bead curtain. When looking inside, Su Fu found that it's where the hot spring was located. It's also decorated with various stones and felt very outdoor.

The attendant left after ensuring that all the services were in place.

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Tang Sibo opened the wardrobe of the dressing room and saw some clothes and bath towels ready for several people to use later. He made a phone order for them while they were shopping this afternoon.

"This is a private hot spring room. There's a public hot spring on the other side of the corridor." Tang Sibo introduced while taking out two boxer shorts. He looked at their sizes, then handed the smaller one to Su Fu.

Su Fu took over, blushing…

Tang Sibo was amused and teased him, "Let's wear these shorts. I think you'll be shy without them."

Sure enough, Su Fu's face became redder…

Tang Sibo handed the children's shorts to Juan Juan and Tang Luoke to prevent Su Fu's face from burning up more. Tang Sibo led his son to the resting room with a smile and asked Su Fu to take Juan Juan to shower in the bathroom first.

When Su Fu and Juan Juan came out wrapped in bathrobes, Tang Sibo had ordered many drinks, fruits, and snacks to prevent the children from being thirsty or bored.

Once everyone was ready to go behind the curtain, Su Fu closed his eyes and immersed himself in the atmosphere. It's really like being in a hot spring on the mountain.

The shape of the hot spring looked irregular, but its bottom and surroundings were relatively smooth and wouldn't hurt people. The spring water near the shore was relatively shallow. It's convenient for children to play. There're also two swimming rings beside it. The attendant probably knew that they came with children and specially prepared them.

Tang Luoke could swim, so he didn't need a swimming ring. He had been to this hot spring many times and was very familiar with it. He took off his bathrobe and put it on the reclining chair beside him before slowly going into the water.

After he reached the place where the spring water didn't rise past his belly, Tang Luoke held out his hands and called out, "Xiao Juan, come to older brother. It's not deep here."

Juan Juan looked interested. He took off his bathrobe as well and went in. Su Fu was worried that he might drown since he's so young, so he placed a swimming ring around Juan Juan then held him to enter the water slowly.

The water temperature wasn't too hot. A child could adapt to it. As soon as they entered the water, Juan Juan rushed toward Tang Luoke once he landed on his feet.

Tang Luoke swam over to lead him and took him to a shallow place to play.

"It's very shallow there. Don't worry." Seeing Su Fu's worry, Tang Sibo comforted with a smile.

Su Fu nodded. He took the coke lying on the side and swallowed two times. He felt a little thirsty from the steaming mist.

Tang Sibo looked at him with a smile and joked, "Take off the bathrobe and leave it by the bar. After soaking, you'll feel more relaxed. Is Teacher Su shy?"

Don't say, if Tang Sibo was a straight man, Su Fu wouldn't feel anything, but now his sexual orientation was unknown, so Su Fu somehow felt a little uncomfortable.

However, after being told so by Tang Sibo, Su Fu cleared his throat. He couldn't act so melodramatic, could he? Weren't they all men?

So Su Fu went out of the hot spring and took off his bathrobe.

At this time, it seemed that there came a strange cry from next door…

"Don't! No more water! Hot!"

"Where is it hot? Are you hot?"

Then he heard more rustling sounds. It's quite vague. Su Fu didn't know what to say. Suddenly, the voice became loud again, and it was extremely indescribable.

"Ah…Shi Chen you special…Ahhh…" A little gasp.

"Don't…too deep…Ahhh…" A loud scream.

Su Fu, who had just taken off his bathrobe and was about to enter the water, suddenly opened his eyes. What did he hear? In shock, he twisted his head to look at Tang Sibo. Because he didn't pay attention, his feet slipped, and his entire body fell into the water.  

"Su Fu!" Tang Sibo was also surprised and hurriedly pulled him up.

However, this side was slippery. Instead of pulling the other out, both of them fell into the water together.

Tang Sibo didn't know if Su Fu could swim. After Su Fu fell down and couldn't get up after drinking a mouthful of water, he swam down to get him.  

Su Fu's swimming was still acceptable but he just couldn't react immediately and choked on some water. When he realized that Tang Sibo was coming to get him, he also reached out and grabbed him.

After the two men came out of the water, Su Fu laid almost all over Tang Sibo and coughed.

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Tang Sibo happened to have taken off his bathrobe, so the two were had a skin-to-skin contact.

Once Su Fu finished coughing, he found out their current situation. He looked at Tang Sibo and became embarrassed. He hurriedly stepped back and thanked him.

Tang Sibo placed one hand behind his back and used the other to take a fist and made a cough. Why does his hand feel so comfortable?…

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