While the two people were embarrassed over here, Tang Luoke and Juan Juan also got a fright.

Tang Luoke then saw that nothing bad happened to them. When seeing his father touching Teacher Su, he first felt shocked then became surprised. But he soon calmed down and went back to teaching Juan Juan how to swim.

Juan Juan didn't have as many thoughts as Tang Luoke. After getting a fright, he hurriedly kicked and fluttered in his swimming ring toward Su Fu. But no matter how he fluttered, he still couldn't swim over. His mouth went flat and was about to cry.

Tang Luoke had no choice but to take his small hand and swim over there with him.

The spring water where Su Fu fell in wasn't too deep or shallow. It just reached his chest. If Tang Luoke was to actually stand there, the water would just barely reach his nose.  

Tang Sibo no longer cared about their embarrassment. He hurriedly picked up his son and conveniently pulled Juan Juan over.

Juan Juan whose body was inside the swimming ring kicked up his leg to let Su Fu hold him.

"Little Dad, does the fall hurt?"

Su Fu also came back to himself at this moment. He stretched out his hands to pick up Juan Juan from the swimming ring and patted his head. He smiled and answered, "Little Dad is okay. It's a little deep here. Go to the shallow place to play with your older brother."

At the same time, he moved Juan Juan toward the shallow water. Tang Sibo also carried his son there.

Even though they quieted down over here, the indescribable voice next door continued.

Su Fu watched the children playing, but his face was red. This was almost the same as listening to an adult movie! With Mr. Tang! When Mr. Tang's sexual orientation was unknown! Wasn't this even more embarrassing?

After watching others kissed during the day and listening to the papapa at night, Su Fu felt that today was truly exciting. Under such circumstances, Mr. Tang who didn't know his sexual orientation should be able to determine his, right?…

While Su Fu's mind was still clouded, Fan Yao's voice next door changed from the initial hiss to the charming panting that produced an unspeakable feeling. The burn on Su Fu's face radiated to his ears. At the same time, he was puzzled. Could it…be so comfortable…like this?

Tang Sibo wasn't as embarrassed as Su Fu. He had encountered many people who tried to seduce him before. Some even panted like this in front of him without any reason. Therefore, Mr. Tang was relatively calm.

Seeing that Su Fu's face was burning red, he couldn't help lifting the corners of his mouth and handed him a coke.

"Drink some to lower the fire? You're going to emit smoke."

Su Fu was absentmindedly thinking about Tang Sibo. When he suddenly heard Tang Sibo speak, he was shocked. Then his face became hotter as he took the can awkwardly. Seeing that the straw was useless, he tilted his head up and gulped the drink down before breathing out a sigh of relief.

"The sound insulation here isn't good." After putting the can down, in order to avoid the awkward silence, Su Fu finally let out a suppressed word.

Tang Sibo looked at the direction of the sound and smiled. "Maybe because the two hot spring pools are close, only separate by a wall. In order to imbue outdoor feeling, the wall was made of stones. There's no guarantee that no gap exists between them, so the sound insulation effect isn't good."

Su Fu looked at the wall. It was indeed made of many irregular stones, which gave people a natural outdoor feeling.

"Sit here and soak for a while." Tang Sibo took Su Fu's hand and led him to another area.

Su Fu followed, only to find that it was a relatively shallow place. The cobblestones at the bottom seemed to be specially paved into a reclining chair. It was just right to sit up and rest.

After sitting down with Tang Sibo, Su Fu noticed that Mr. Tang took his hand again just now. He didn't know if it was caused by the atmosphere from the next room. He secretly put his hand into the spring water and shook them while feeling that they're a little hot.

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"They're…in the hot spring…not good?" Su Fu thought that this was after all part of the resort. What if someone else used this hot spring pool?

"It's really uncivilized," Tang Sibo chuckled. "But that room is Shi Chen's. It doesn't matter what they do."

Su Fu raised his eyebrows. "He bought it?"

Tang Sibo shook his head. "There're people behind this resort. You can't buy one. However, Shi Chen personally settled a lawsuit for the resort last year. In order to express their gratitude, they gave him a hot spring room."

"So that's how it is." Su Fu nodded. He looked at his two hands in the spring water and clasped them together.

The panting in the next room continued.

Tang Sibo knew that he was embarrassed and smiled. Suddenly, he spoke in a clear tone, "Fan Yao, can you lower your voice?"

Su Fu was surprised and turned to look at Tang Sibo. His heart asked: Is this okay? Isn't it telling the others that they're eavesdropping?

After Tang Sibo's voice sounded, there was a sudden pause in the next room.

Su Fu blinked, feeling a little strange. But Tang Sibo only smiled at him and told him not to care.

At this time, they heard a roar from the next room…

"Ahhh!!!!! Damn it, we're overheard!!!!! Shi Chen, die!!!!! I lost all my face!!!!! Ahhh!!! !!"

The roar was so loud that it scared ghosts and gods. Su Fu cupped a handful of spring water. His heart was filled with bitter tears for Fan Yao.

Tang Sibo smiled and closed his eyes to enjoy the hot spring while ignoring room next door.

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Su Fu looked at the handsome face next to him and suddenly smiled. He followed the appearance of Tang Sibo and closed his eyes while leaning against the stone behind him. He calmed down and enjoyed the water.

The rustle of voices coming from the next room was probably Shi Chen coaxing Fan Yao. Then he heard Fan Yao gasped and another unspeakable movement began.

Only this time, Fan Yao dared not make any noise! He savagely bit Shi Chen shoulder to endure!

They couldn't go back to City A tonight. After soaking in the hot spring, they went out to a night market together. They ate some midnight snack then stayed up late before going to an apartment in City B, where they washed and slept.

When they did the small talk before going to bed at night, Tang Sibo felt that his son's face wasn't very good-looking. He always twisted his little face in order to not look at him.

Tang Sibo felt strange. He didn't mess with this little guy?

Tang Luoke felt uncomfortable but couldn't say it out loud. He just thought that the Tang family's main residence wasn't far away. Since Dad touched Teach Su today, why didn't he take Teach Su and Xiao Juan there to sleep? Humph, so angry!

Tang Luoke was still a small child. He didn't know much about adult emotions and just looked forward to Teacher Su meeting the Tang family's people quickly. He thought, Teacher Su is so good, Grandpa, Grandma, big Uncle, Aunt and little Uncle would certainly like him. He couldn't wait for Teacher Su to become part of his family.

However, Tang Sibo had his own considerations. It's so late. Everyone in the main residence should be asleep. Of course, it's not suitable to disturb everyone's sleep. Besides, after what the child said about his unclear sexual orientation, if he really took Su Fu's home, wouldn't Su Fu die of embarrassment?

Little gentleman Tang didn't think so! He angrily slept opposite from Juan Juan and shrunk into Su Fu's arms to sleep. Only when Teacher Su held him did he feel better!

Tang Sibo looked at his son's awkward appearance and guessed his thoughts. His heart felt somewhat helpless. When did LaoZi's feelings require the help of his son?

However, looking at Su Fu gently patting Tang Luoke's back to coax him to sleep, and his long eyelashes, Tang Sibo felt something tickling his heart.

Then he looked back at his son again and snorted in his heart. This little fellow exploded many unreasonable facts, which made his heart itchy now.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Tang only helped Su Fu because of his gentlemanly upbringing. He didn't think much about their relationship before his son said those words. After all, Mr. Tang never fell in love with anyone and never thought much about such matters.

But now, Tang Sibo recalled the feeling in the hot spring earlier and subconsciously shook his hands. How do you say, Su Fu seemed to…really suit his heart?

Because they were just staying here for one night, they didn't bother dividing into the master bedroom or guest room to sleep. Anyway, they both had to talk and take care of the two little guys before going to bed. Since the main bed was also big, all of them just slept on it.

Tang Sibo looked at the sleeping Juan Juan in his arms emitting his snoring bubbles, then at Su Fu who was also hugging Tang Luoke and fell sleep with his head resting above Tang Luoke's head.

Watching their peaceful sleep, Mr. Tang's mouth involuntarily curved up. His heart became very hot and soft.

He slightly lifted up his body to cover the blanket for them. Afterward, he also lied down and hugged Juan Juan in his arms to sleep.

What kind of feeling was this? Perhaps it's the warmth of a small family that he's searching for.

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The next morning, Tang Sibo took them to eat a special breakfast in City B, then all of them returned to City A.

Once they arrived at the Tang family's villa, Su Fu moved his things in the trunk of Tang Sibo's car into his own car then returned to Jinghe with Juan Juan.

After opening the door and windows for ventilation and tidying up Jinghe's small apartment, Su Fu breathed a sigh of relief. They hadn't stayed at this small apartment much since it's rented. From tonight on, they could finally start living here.  

Due to the unclear sexual orientation of Tang Sibo, Su Fu always felt that it's not good to stay at the Tang family's villa.

He made a phone call to his father and learned that the restaurant also had a three-day rest. At this time, his parents were also at home. So Su Fu took Juan Juan to send some clothes to them.

He stopped at the bank along the way and paid 300,000 yuan to his parents' card to ensure they had enough for food and clothing.  

When Su Fu and Juan Juan arrived at his parents' apartment, it happened to be lunchtime. Mother Su happily asked her son to have lunch here with her little grandson.  

Mother Su liked the clever Juan Juan a lot. She had been holding him in her arms to feed him. Her eyes were full of love.

Juan Juan also thought that this grandma was different from the one before. This grandma liked him, so he's also very happy. He always showed a cute face and kept calling grandpa and grandma sweetly.

Father Su still kept a straight face and looked stern. He thought that this was the normal expression for an old teacher. Although he would like to hold the small radish head, he just couldn't pull down his face and stretch out his hand to grab him. So he ate alone and sulked.

Su Fu bought many autumn and winter clothes, including trousers and shoes of various sizes for his parents. The day before yesterday when he was with them, he secretly memorized their sizes and kept them in mind. After the meal, he let his parents try them one by one to see if they fit.

Mother Su was much more softhearted than father Su and still felt distressed for her daughter. However, seeing her son being so thoughtful, she felt very warmhearted. Her little grandson also made her laugh.

Father Fu was also trying on his clothes. Although he felt warm in his heart, his face didn't show it. He repeatedly criticized in front of the mirror about how ugly his clothes and shoes were.

Knowing that he had an awkward personality, Su Fu wasn't unhappy but amused.

After listening to his grandpa's muttering, Juan Juan ran to hug father Su's leg and said with adoration: "Wow, grandpa looks really handsome."

This sentence sounded so nice! Father Su involuntarily raised his head and looked in the mirror.

He then looked at the radish head then secretly glanced at his wife and thought, "Hehe, I got a chance."

He bent down to pick up the radish head and went to the living room to play with his grandson. At last, his straight face showed a smile and his sulking finally subsided.

Su Fu and his mother looked at each other and couldn't help laughing. This awkward old man.

In the afternoon, Su Fu stayed with his parents to watch TV and chat with them after seeing that they were curious about Juan Juan.

The atmosphere was just right when Su Fu's cell phone rang. It was a text message, from a strange number.

[Xiao Fu, my mother is preparing for my wedding on October 7. I don't want to marry Su Jing. I only love you. Come out and let's talk about it, okay?] There's also a location below.

Su Fu frowned. He couldn't even get angry. It was all their business.

He thought that it's useless to blacklist He Shaoqi's number since the other knew his number. He could call him or text him with a different number every time. It's annoying

So, while his parents and Juan Juan were having fun, Su Fu went out to do some shopping and went to the business district to change his sim card.

He didn't have a lot of contacts. Most of them were the parents of his students. He would tell them in class tomorrow, as well as some related friends. The problem wasn't big. This way, he should have more peace.  

After changing a new sim card, he finally didn't receive any text messages from He Shaoqi. Su Fu thought that this was really worth the change.

However, probably because he couldn't contact Su Fu, He Shaoqi suddenly came to him the next day while Su Fu was working at Teng Yuan.

He Shaoqi led his cousin who wanted to study English at Teng Yuan to go through the formalities. He's also helpless. He was stopped from approaching Su Fu by the two bodyguards. Su Fu's cell phone number was suddenly disconnected and couldn't be reached. The wedding would arrive soon. He had to meet Su Fu and thought of this way.

However, Su Fu still didn't see him and went to the Boss's office to avoid him.

Coincidentally, the Boss happened to want to talk to Su Fu about something.

It's about Teng Yuan educational institution in City B, which was set up by Teng Yuan's head office the year before last. However, there's great competition in City B, Teng Yuan was always unable to gain the upper hand among the major educational institutions. In addition, there's a shortage of qualified English teachers.

It wasn't that there's no recruitment, but the applicants were mainly newly graduated college students or some office workers with little teaching ability. Therefore, they wanted to transfer two teachers from City A.

Su Fu was a top-notch figure among Teng Yuan's English department in City A. The Boss thought that sending Su Fu might improve the development of Teng Yuan's English department in City B, so he consulted with him.

After hearing this, Su Fu hesitated. His parents were still in City A, and his foundation was also here. It wouldn't be good to go to City B? But on second thought, He Shaoqi came to harass him every two or three days. It's really annoying. If he could get rid of this, it'd be a good thing.

Besides, he just visited City B a few days ago. All aspects there seemed attractive to him. Su Fu was indecisive. His main concern was his parents. They're old and need someone to take care of them.

Su Fu couldn't make up his mind at this time. His Boss wasn't in a hurry either. He let Su Fu think it over and waited for his reply.

Su Fu agreed to think about this and tell him later.  

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